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    What’s the Password?

    A boarding house in the small town of Pine Valley holds eight uniquely gifted individuals. Orphaned since a child, Magdalene Anderson has finally been transferred into the boarding house to stay until her eighteenth birthday arrives. While inside, Magdalene becomes acquainted with seven desirable and unpleasant individuals that prove to be vital to her survival in the boarding house. For things aren’t what they seem. Magdalene comes into her gift: the ability to speak, see, and communicate with the dead, when the other seven learn of this it becomes clear that each of the teens have an ability unlike the other, and Magdalene’s might just help them escape this horrible nightmare.

    I will be playing as Magdalene, but the other seven spots are open along with the den mother.

    Let me explain the significance of the den mother! The den mother is crazy, well kind of. She practices dark magic and is using the eight. Little to the eight's knowledge she knows about their abilities and is in fact siphoning them in order to achieve eternal youth. The reason a spot opened up in the boarding house was because the den mother killed the old resident in order to cover her own ass, especially since the kid caught on to her practices. Also, the reason the eight will need to escape is because the den mother is slowly killing them as she siphons their mana away from them, but it isn't till Magdalene sees and communicates with her first ghost that the children know.

    Now let me explain the significance of the other seven. EACH resident has a unique ability: control over fire, telepathy, the ability to slow time, the ability to duplicate anything, the ability to phase through objects, precognition, and the ability to be a human voodoo doll. Each ability will prove vital in order to escape the boarding house without fear of the den mother's return into the eight's lives. Also to note the power will be highlighted in a color when it has been taken AND abilities can't be used all the time, it does drain the character's a lot, but of course all but, Precognition and Magdalene's gift, can be used on command - this meaning that if someone asks to demonstrate your gift (after the start learning about each other) that only those two powers can't.

    To explain the title to you would be horrible thing lol, but it has something to do with the den mother and it will be important to know the password when things begin going south. Hint: Ghost won't be so friendly towards others eventually. If you are playing the den mother PM, this is important to do because I will need to talk with you since you will be helping to drive the plot a lot! And of course you get to know the purpose of the password, and come up with it cause I am lame at those.

    Yes, this is a thriller/horror/mystery/supernatural roleplay. No the kids do not attend school as a major part of the roleplay, but they will go. Though the story starts out during winter break!

    The age group is between 14-18 (Freshman to Senior)

    The rooms will be assigned. Two in each. Also genders do not need to be even as this isn't centered towards romance, though if you want you guys can have romantic interest in each other. However, if the girls out weigh the boys I would like the ratio to look like [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]6[/BCOLOR] : [BCOLOR=#0000ff]2 [/BCOLOR]or vice versa. I do allow LGBTQ+ in my roleplay!

    Also please note that I do not wish for you to join if you are going to drop! Make sure you have room for this because this is my favorite plot I have come up with. Thank you for understanding!

    Okay and on the last note - there is a two character limit, however one is allowed to start with until it is clear we are no longer achieving more players.

    OH! Okay this is the last note - feel free to inquire about anything to help your understanding!

    OPEN SIGNUPS - What's the Password? (SIGN-UPS ONLY)
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  2. We haven't rped in a while (It's me xD) and if you'll have me, can I snag a spot? Summer time is around so no college for me and only work will keep me busy and I don't work everyday.
  3. Can I get Duplication?
  4. Yes you can snag a spot, and yes duplication works fine! I will be posting a sign-up thread with the rules in it shortly! I will link that as soon as I can.
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  5. Okay cool, reserve me resident 2 and this weekend they'll be up, guy or girl don't know yet^^, haven't made a girl in awhile lol and this might be the perfect place for a bitchy girl char XD
  6. YuP! Doing bitchy girl! xD
  7. This shall be quite interesting lol
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  8. Yeah it will, you know how my bitchy chars can be and since I haven't made one in a while... prepare for a total bitch and with Emma Roberts as FC XD lol
  9. I will look through my friends and tag some peeps, want to tag ones that will actually stick to the rp... some of the friends we both know have been flaky so trying to not tag them XD lol
  10. How old is the den mother?
  11. To most she looks to be anywhere between 30's to early 50's (people can't really pin point her age), but she is far older which the player may decide!
  12. Finally a free life and finally able to write more again now that work has slowed down. Is control over fire still available or not?
  13. May I talk Den mother?
  14. Well nevermind, the ones I was going to tag have already joined XD lol hey Pasi and Shay XD. Goodnight for now everyone^^
  15. I actually switched that one out, sorry
  16. Yes you may
  17. Than I will take up Human Voodoo Doll than. ^^
  18. That will work!
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