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  1. All relevant information here.

    As mentioned in the link, PC's will be drawn from either the X-Files agents or the Inquisitorial Team. The difference between them is this.

    The agents are Mundane(non-magic folk) who while having an open mind(the reason they're in the X-Files to begin with), currently know nothing about magic in the sense of the Hidden. Giving them an interest in mythology and such is alright, but if you have ideas you wanna implement, talk to me first via PM.

    The Inquisitorial Team is led by Inquisitor Kyrus. All the players in this group are Acolytes, fresh newbies or mercs with some experience in the Hidden World. All of whom are sworn to secrecy and known for their discretion. If you want to know more about this, be sure to discuss here, so everyone can see.

    That said, here be the profile!


    Mundane or Hidden?:

    Equipment(To be discussed first or provided by the GM. Do not fill this till then.)

    Traits(Choose four. These will characterize your Player Characters in a unique way. 'Wonderful Singing Voice', 'Parkour Enthusiast', 'Fledgling Psychic'. You get the idea.)

    Bio(Background on your character. As well as a place to name whatever skills they may have. In terms of magic insofar as races go, we'll discuss that in our PM.)

    Here's an example profile for what I'm looking for.


    Name: Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu

    Mundane or Hidden?: Hidden

    Equipment: Colt Revolver, Blessed Silver Ammo(42 bullets), Military Scriptures, Black Keys(12), Silver Crucifix, The Shroud of Job.

    Traits: 'Blood of the Dragon', 'The Huntsman Student', 'Executor-in-Training', 'True Believer'

    Bio: Lucifer Anghelscu is a Damphir, who as an infant was all that remained of a botched rescue attempt from the Scholomance in Europe. Raised by another Damphir who made her home in Texas, she brought him up as her own and trained him to control his dark bloodline. At age sixteen, she sent him out to Las Vegas to train beneath a certain trickster for the Summer and at eighteen, he discovered religion. At twenty-two years old from the time of this story, this mission should it be successful will be his first one in the field as an Acolyte. His goal is to gain the rank of Executor, one of those Church Agents who act as Diplomat and Protector for certain magical territories.

    His powers all run the gauntlet of the classic archtype. He can see in the dark, his senses are keener then most, strength and speed is at least at this current time, five times stronger then a normal man at peak strength. He can climb walls like his full-blooded cousins, but beyond that? Due to him not depending on his powers, he has nothing more at this time.

    Running Water if immersed will hurt him, Sunlight will weaken him. To counter the latter, he was given the Shroud of Job: Patron Saint of long-sufferers, which protects him from it so long as he wears it. He generally wraps it around under his shirt.


    Now here is where the Traits come in. Say I'm using Lucifer in a situation. We're all trapped in a cave, a wraith is attempting to kill us. I invoke the trait 'True Believer' and describe it as Lucifer grabbing two planks of wood to make a cross, in an attempt to repel it.

    As it falls under the description, the action proceeds and succeeds more then likely. See? Easy.

    Have fun brainstorming!​
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Elaina "Lane" Murphy.

    Mundane or Hidden?: Hidden, though for all intents a purposes a mundane due to the hidden nature of her own legacy.

    Equipment(To be discussed first or provided by the GM. Do not fill this till then.)

    Traits(Choose four. These will characterize your Player Characters in a unique way. 'Wonderful Singing Voice', 'Parkour Enthusiast', 'Fledgling Psychic'. You get the idea.)

    Sharp as a knife: Lane tends to notice details very quickly both in a fight and in her work. In a fight she's good at dodging and counterattacks because she's usually paying attention to the way they're moving, and out of combat she usually notices small details faster than most people would, that being what gained her a position of detective so quickly in the LAPD.

    Tough as sin: After going through rehab with her shoulder and learning how to shoot again, Lane has a high pain tolerance. Not that she can't be hurt by any means, it just means she's better at managing it. Her pain tolerance is still at a mundane level however.

    Well Versed: Lane has walked many walks in life, from amateur mechanic to soldier to detective to supernatural cop. She has an open mind and isn't quick to shrug anything off as impossible. She's usually willing to learn anything new as long as it doesn't involve sex rituals or dead things >.>

    If I'm allowed to, I'd like to choose my forth trait later. I'm drawing a blank on what I should put down.

    Bio: Lane lost her father when she was seven. As cliched as it sounds, and she'll be the first to admit it, it toughened her up. She has one older sister that took over her mother's mechanic shop when she died from a traffic accident a few years after the only sister graduated. When Lane graduated however, she joined the military with her then boyfriend. They of course were separated when they were sent on their various tours, but they tried long distance, which worked better than you would think. Gave both of them a reason to stay alive all that harder. After a single tour in Afghanistan they returned to the states and got hitched.

    Part of Lane's reason for leaving was that she was injured, shrapnel from a fragmentation grenade injuring the muscles in her arm and making her hand shake when she stops paying attention.

    She became a cop, and he joined private security. She eventually divorced him when she found evidence in a case that linked him to a major Russian crime ring, but she didn't pursue him, and instead let him get away without ever revealing her evidence.

    A short time after, she came across a routine mugging in an alley. When she attempted to intervene, she was attacked by the interloper and passed out suddenly. When she awoke, both the person being mugged and the mugger were gone and she had a strange set of matching daggers in her hands. She promptly locked them away in her attic and tried never to think about them again.

    A few years later, she was sent on loan to Archangel, Russia to help investigate a disappearance. This was recruitment by the B.R.P.D. to introduce her to the magical world, but the B.R.P.D. agent (posing as a fellow on loan police officer) was killed by a member of the Russian Bratva (it was a magical section of it that isn't exactly true Bratva) in a retaliatory strike against the officer. It was all a big misunderstanding and a bit of racism against one of their own for being 'Suka'.

    She then joined the B.R.P.D. where she was assigned to work with a top tier operative called Jack. Now, Jack's story is something for another time, but suffice it to say that enough dirt was thrown her way that she had to quit. Now, stuck in the Hidden World, her eyes far too open to go back, she works as a mercenary for the church.

    May expand more later.​
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  3. Looks very good Thuro. Promising and exactly what I'm looking for in player characters. And you'll have till next Friday to think of a fourth trait so no worries. ​
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  4. To those who hadn't posted theirs yet, you have till this Friday. At which point I'm just going to run for whoever is ready and insert late arrivals however I can.

    @Forrest @The Silver Paladin @Michale CS
  5. Cool cool!

    Been kinda busy/sick/having problems lately, I'll really try and get something in before Friday.
  6. NP. Hope your hand feels better btw.
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  7. Working on the CS, just going a bit slow due to business.
  8. [xtable=skin1|612x@]
    Careful: +3
    Clever: +2
    Flashy: +0
    Forceful: +1
    Quick: +4
    Sneaky: +3{/td}

    Name: Tai
    Race: Doppelgänger
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 140
    Hair: White
    Eyes: Amber
    Alignment: Scrupulous (Good) or Chaotic Good
    High Concept: Hopeful Young Doppelgänger
    Trouble: Tabula Rasa
    Aspect: A Form For Every Occasion
    Aspect: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better
    Aspect: And I'm A Social Chameleon Too
    Stunt: Because of my diffuse liquid form, I reduce any stress that would affect a solid object by two shifts, but I increase the stress that would affect a liquid mass by two shifts.
    Stunt: Because I am a Perfect Mimic, I gain a +2 when Quickly Attacking or Defending if I have witnessed an attack or defense this exchange in order to copy it.
    Stunt: Because my form is totally under my control, I gain a +2 when Carefully overcoming obstacles where my shapechanging would help{/td}
    {td}Bio:Tai is a Doppelgänger, and does not know who their parents are. Tai woke up one day with a lack of memory of everything before that point. Being a Doppelgänger Tai has no gender, and would only need another of their race to reproduce without reducing their own mass. As such, so far Tai is unclear on the whole concept of sexual attraction and dating, but can fake it well enough if it's for a cover.{/td}
    {td} {/td}
    {td} {/td}
    Just using her FATE Accelerated profile for now. I can adjust accordingly.

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  9. This is good. Just format it to fit the other two prior profiles and we're all done here.
  10. Headache at the moment. Will look at this tomorrow earlier in the day before I've tired myself out. Doesn't seem to be drastically different.
  11. No rush. You got till Friday after all.
  12. Name: Ashton Ferris (Am still thinking about the name.)

    Mundane or Hidden? Hidden. He's a Psychic.



    Benedictus Fortunae (Blessing of Fortune): He has the ability to manipulate probability. Anything from the simple flip of a coin, to the results of an entire lottery. This power has limitations, however, with the limits being:

    1. He can not change something that has a 100% chance or a 0% Chance.
    2. He can not change something to 100% chance or 0%. He can only change it to be a 95% or 5% chance, or closest equivalent depending on the odds.
    3. As he uses these powers more and more, more power is exerted, weakening the ability. It slowly gets less and less successful the more it is used until a day has passed since the last use. (I.e. Can not make the Impossible Possible, and the Absolute impossible. He is limited by things that are already possible.)
    4. Overexertion can also cause medical issues, starting with a nose bleed and slight headache, leading to unconsciousness, to a coma, to death after too many uses. This also wears off.

    Paranthropologist: He's an anthropologist, and therefore can identify artifacts. This also extends to supernatural artifacts. He has knowledge of the various branches of Anthropology, but where he really excels is in Paranthropology. He also has some training in Cultural and Forensic anthropology. Because of his abilities, he didn't want to train in linguistic.

    Photographic Memory He is very observant, and can notice and retain details. He can also call up these details at a moment's notice, and recall them as if they were right in front of him. This can be crucial depending on the situation, as you never know when something might come up.

    Out of Babel: He can take and interpret all languages. If he hears the language spoken or sees it written, and as long as he is in the general vicinity of the language., he can speak, read, write, and understand it fluently. This even stretches to languages such as Dead languages, Enochian, and computer code. If he can no longer see or hear the language, he can not speak it, read, or write it, unless it is a phrase that is in common usage by non native speakers.

    Bio: Born to an upper Middle Class family in New York, he was found to have strange abilities. The family kept these abilities hidden, so that their child could live a relatively normal life. He was raised in a Catholic School, and has always been a faithful Christian.

    His Family was first aware of his Blessing of Fortune when they played a game of war, and his cards always beat out theirs. The family assumed cheating, but after several tests, they found he had the ability to change probability. They became aware of his Omnilingualism when they found him speaking in fluent Korean to a girl at his school. When they asked him to repeat what he had said, they found he couldn't do it without her around.

    He had to live with his abilities hidden. He occasionally used them in public, such as the language ability, or a minor use of the Probability Control, but not enough to get him noticed. He knew of The Hidden World, but generally tried to stay away from it, as he just wanted to live normally.

    He studied Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis. Mainly to see if the past held any connection to why he had these powers. He studied the powers of the gods, and found he had a connection to Fortuna, the Goddess of Luck. He graduated as Valedictorian due to a mix of hard work and probability manipulation.

    After graduating, he got a job as an anthropologist. He grew increasingly interested in the Voynich Manuscript, thinking that he could maybe translate it if he could get his hands on it. He got access one day, and was able to translate the entire text. This once again opened him up to the Hidden World, and lead him to become a paranthropologist.

    He recently started working for the Church. He started working as a language interpreter, translating texts into languages. He now works as a Lore expert on finding ancient magical texts to translate for them. He travels around the world studying the paranormal as well.


    I finished this when I was tired. I'll proof the it in the morning.
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  13. Very nice. Approved.
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  14. When I was reading that, this was on:

    Which made me feel cooler for some reason.
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  15. Another day slipped past me with being busy IRL. Tomorrow is a no go. Sunday is the earliest I can get anything done.
  16. Wanted to add, seeing how nobody posted on Friday, I guess I'll just post as/what I can for anyone who does.
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  18. I'm really sorry about not showing up. I sorta passed out after work. I really regretted not being able to show up since I'd been looking forwatd to this for a while. Sorry guys :(
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