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What if there was an Iwaku Con?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gwazi Magnum, May 25, 2015.

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  1. Now, considering Iwaku normally just reaches it's 100$ month requirements to pay the fees I highly doubt such a Con would become a thing anytime soon.

    However, assuming hypothetically it did what would you guys want to see/do there?

    I figured it'd be fun to generate ideas for this sort of thing, because Con's are fun. :3
  2. PLANT THINGS WITH @Isabella Hime !!!

    And make Staff dress up as their favorite characters.
  3. If I had time, I'd go. I don't have anything better to do. I'd cosplay as myself.
  4. Let's just hope, if it happens, that it doesn't turn out like tumblr's Dashcon.

    Otherwise it sounds like a pretty chill idea.
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  5. Lot of sexual tension would be relieved.

    People would hook up and break up faster than a middle school dance.

    The admins and staff would be usurped and replaced three times over minimum.
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  6. I'd have to find a way to cut off my head, leave it at home, and still be able to walk around.

    Or maybe I'd just wear a horse mask or something in my suit.

    I'd need a noose for a tie, as well.

    But anyways, I'd love to see just all the general chatting people all shitpost in real life, if that makes any sense at all.
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  7. Oh God that would be a sight to see! XD
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  8. Obvs to bobs LARPing

    Maybe some LAN tourneys

    Panels/workshops on writing and role playing

    Ooh, what about a grammar nitpicking contest? Like 'find all the errors in 5 minutes'
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  9. We could also have a Snapchat education panel.
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  10. I love all of those.
    But this one specifically has me imagining people doing it just like in this video.

    I second this.
    This is vital.
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  11. Can we just sit around, arguing over who has the biggest ego and then throw rainbows at people? :D
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  12. We would also need a ball pit. /brick'd and shot repeatedly
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  13. No no. Koschei is onto something. A ball pit is like the cbox/General Chatting. We need a babysitter though. *touches her finger to her nose* >_>
  14. We also need an event where we all fight each other with foam LARP swords.

    Revolution, Debate Thread, call it what you will.
    But we need to hit each other with boffers. :3
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  15. An opportunity to yell at everyone in real life?

    Count me in, I'll bring the megaphone.
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  16. I'm positive that con would end in a murder.
  17. LARPing murder?
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  18. I'd bring red stickers with the word debate on them, then slap them on the backs of people so that approx ten minutes later I can point at them, hand any staff member an old-fashioned chain-lock and tell them things have gotten out of hand.

    Possibly display the fruits of my efforts in the libertine sections so people may draw their own conclusions.
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  19. Have a game of "Who had the debates moral high ground?". Nobody will win. XD
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