What gifts did you get this holiday season?

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  1. I've seen one of these threads pop up every year on forums I use, and this year I decided to be the nerd who starts it. It's a bit on the early side for this question for most folks in the US, but Europe exists so here we go.

    What stuff did you get for Christmas or Hanukkah or your choice of gift-giving winter holiday? What's your favorite thing of the lot?
  2. what r these 'gifts' you speak of??
  3. I only got one thing for Christmas this year, and that's these babies:


    They're fucking rad as hell and I couldn't be happier.
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  4. First book of the Foundation series, Earth Defense Force 2 for my Vita, Gypsy Danger figure, some candy, and a bunch of little knick knacks from my wife. Haven't seen what I got from family though.

    And since I'm an adult and most family sends me money, I spent it on books!

    BOOKS! (open)
  5. @Hatsune Candy
    You got Axent Wear! That is so cool. I absolutely adore the artist who designed those.

    I shall post what I got later.
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  6. [​IMG]

    • $400 in spending money (Going straight into Gaben's Pockets)
    • 20 Dollar Tim Hortons Gift Card
    • Cards Against Humanity
    • Kylo Ren Mug
    • Headset (Compatible with everything except PC's so I'll need to return this)
    • Ipod Headphones
    • Star Wars Slushie Glass
    • Mini-Red Flashlight
    • Hairbrush
    • Hand and Toe Warmers
    Assortment of Candy

    • Tin of Lindor Chocolate
    • Tin of Ferro Chocolate
    • Sour Patch Kids
    • Dentyne Ice
    • Skittles
    • Tic-Tacs
    • Storm Trooper Pez
    • Jolly Rancher
    • Ring Pop
    • Bag of Hershey Kisses
    • Giant Candy Cane
    • Hot Chocolate Powder
    • Jerry's Orange
    • Santa Style Caramel Chocolate
    • Wine Gums

    Assortment of Clothes

    • Fuzzy Star Wars Original Trilogy Blanket
    • <sarcasm> T-Shirt
    • Stormtrooper T-Shirt
    • Stormtrooper PJ Bottoms
    • Black Sweater
    • Red/Grey Stripped Long Sleeved Shirt
    • Underwear
    • Millennium Falcon T-Shirt
    • X-Wing T-Shirt
    • Winter Hat
    • Normal PJ Bottoms
    • 2 Blank T-Shirts
    • 1 Stripped T-Shirt
    • Two Denver Shirts
    • 2 Pairs of Jeans

    And I still haven't seen extended family.
    One side today, which normally averages 150$ and some more misc clothes.

    The other side later on (not sure when) which averages around 100$

    Ok, just got back from one side of the family +visiting a grandparent in the retirement home (she outright refuses to leave the home... ever).

    And with it I got a total of $230 extra and some heat warming socks.
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  7. I got the greatest gift of all: a full day shift at work while it's -25 Celsius out.

    I did get a tea infuser thermos that is super lovely, 4 hours later and that shit is still too hot to drink.

    I will be doing my gift giving and getting after work.

    ...assuming I don't freeze to death first.
  8. Good luck at work Dervish.

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  9. Thanks! Almost done, and I am thankfully almost done with the outdoor stuff. It's damn cold.
  10. You should definitely get yourself a Coffee or Hot Chocolate after that outdoor stuff finishes.
  11. Maze runner boxed set (books)
    A pen for my touch screen phone
    Flash season 1
    Surface (Full TV-series)
    Grimm season 1

    And I'll get my last present on Sunday when me and my friend will meet :3 Christmas aint over yet ^^
  12. Money, which I shall then convert into vidya gaems, maybe even a Wii U if I get enough of it.
  13. my father in law gave us 300 bucks. O_____O
  14. Candy dispensing R2-D2, socks, and twenty bucks.
  15. I hopped on Steam and had some gifts from people I didn't expect. That was nice.

    My estranged half brother sent me the usual gift card.

    Aunt is bringing me to see a "the science behind Pixar" thing. Which is super awesome, because I daydream about making games and animating and coding.

    A friend sent me some earrings (her good intentions and thoughts make me smile)

    Another friend gave me a super cool mug with a Tetris pattern that when you fill it with hot water, expands so it looks like its actively playing Tetris.

    And I still have a couple more from friends to come! Honestly the best part is seeing their reaction to your own. Can't wait for that.
  16. Well I'm pretty sure my Christmas present part is over (For now anyway XP)

    I got 20 dollars
    A scratch ticket with the winnings of!!!!!!!!!! 3 dollars.

    I got
    Front mission evolved
    Lara Croft and the temple of Osiris
    Blade Kitten
    Shadow Warrior

    My friend might be getting me an Australian mini gun in team fortress 2 (An overpriced virtual item. A reskin of the stock item that's over 100 dollars)
    And am getting some training weapons too from him :D

    And I also got a Kershaw pocket knife. Pretty cool.
    Also watched True romance. Why a chick flick? Because it was written by Quentin Tarantino. Yeah, and I assure you that the movie has what makes him popular as a writer ^^

    I almost got RWBY playing cards, but they were sold out at their online store -_- And my friends cousin (Also friend XD) Got movie tickets so we're probably gonna watch force awakens with them in the near(ish) future.

    Now I just need a Christmas miracle and hope that Nintendo announced Metroid prime trilogy HD/Metroid prime 4 :D :D :D
  17. I got the Ghost in the Shell game from @Rainjay (completely unexpected, made my day!)

    From my parents, I got a pre-release copy of The Worlds of Android (the only, and best, fake history book for a fictional world I will ever need) and a BB-8 bobble head. Best astromech ever.
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  18. About those server upgrades... :P

    A little toy quadcopter, gaming keyboard and money were the main things this year.
  19. My sister bought me axe products just to tell me I'm now 100% fuckboy. Must say, that's the most I've been rekted all year tbh.
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