What do you like in the opposite gender?

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  1. I vaguely remember watching an anime in which some guys are chatting about how, sometimes, there's just one feature of a girl that is really... Important, attention grabbing, to them, even though it's not sexual. One example a guy made was that he loved girls with slim calves.

    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone on Iwaku would like to share any random traits on the opposite gender that are just, maybe for no reason at all, extremely attractive to you?

    I really appreciate any person who can dance, even though I can't. I could never dance... But I really find it kind of hot/awesome when a guy can dance, and dance well. But alas, they are usually social creatures, and I enjoy silence too much.

    And I could go on about what other things I'd like in a guy, but that's me.

    How about you?
  2. Guys with big swords/weapons... D: And it's not a euphemism! t___t

    ...I dunno. XD I always thought it was hot when dudes could use good old fashion weapons like that!
  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Cracking an egg with one hand.
  4. I'm a pro-but I'm taken.

    For me? Eyes. It's totally cliche'd but I love eyes, green (My favorite) or blue.

    Also, noses. I love women with curved noses.
  5. The ability to cook.

    Then again that is what I look for in everybody.
  6. I'd have to say eyes. Gateway to the soul. You can learn so much without anyone having spoken a word...
  7. Let's see, most important mental trait would have to be both intelligence and (call me old fashioned) honor as well.

    (Again called me old fashioned) But physically the bosom I find appealing. Although I'm not talking extravagent out of this world. Honestly I like them a bit smaller but have some definition. *prepares for praising and shunning*
  8. I do both of the things Diana and Ocha said.

    I don't know what I like. Lots of things, sometimes not on every girl.
  9. I love eyes, like many others. Smiles, as well. It's nice to see how well a man takes care of his teeth. :] Means that kissing won't be a nightmare! I hate kisses from smokers or guys who just flat out don't brush their teeth...

    Oh, also: Arms. They don't have to be too muscle-y, buuut hey... I wanna know if I'll be safe whilst trembling in a guy's embrace. c__c Be it from cold or fear. It's a very important thing to me. He also shouldn't be afraid to punch somebody. It's not just because violence arouses me.


    EDIT: And it helps if he's a nerd. Because I'm a nerd too. I don't get along very well with any other type of dude...
  10. I like my women like I like my women, with a vagina.

    And if the walking vagina likes music, all the better. I don't mean silly ass shit that everyone listens to but like, you know, good music.
  11. Physically I like my mens with abs and dark hair/bright eye combos (typically) but I can be completely ignorant to those facts if they have a personality I adore.

    Mentally I like a guy that's nerdy and quiet because I like being the mouth. Also they have to be able to deal with my OMFG MOMUSU stuff >_>
  12. The ability to laugh at themselves. That's my big thing.
  13. Hehe, guys. Okay. I'll share a bit more.

    I like shoulders and backs, specifically. Man chests are eh, with me, nothing special. But a guy with good arms and a back I could melt on... That's great.

    Erm, my most recent ex (oh, haha, I have to say that because I only have, like, TWO, haha) is a US Marine (woot woot, oorah and all that) and had really, really nice arms, and a back to die for/on. Then again, I got a lot of crap for dating him because he had (still has) a rep for being a jerk, kind of, and he's a redhead. <.<


    As for a personality, I ADORE a guy who is witty and romantic, but what I know I NEED (am most compatible with) is a guy with quick enough wits to understand a situation. A guy with... Intuition, I suppose. I can be very vocal about my needs and what I hate, but I really hate confrontation, and I'd need someone who is... smart enough to understand basic... anything...

    Only guys who hit on me are too socially awkward!! The extreme nerds hit on me!! WHYYYYYYY

    (I think it's because I'm asian and here, I am a novelty)


  14. Oh, I could think of an Asian who totally ruins that novelty...
  15. Pao doesn't count he's brown

  16. A neck that feels good in a choke-hold.
  17. Asmo take that kind of talk to the smut club!
  18. Girls who outwardly look feisty or aloof, but end up being the types who share my interests or can talk with about things I don't normally talk about with my normal group of friends. Because of their outward demeanor, they're most likely not taken. (In my country anyway) And most of my female friends who act that way tend to be really nice once you get to know them!


  19. I like a nice pair of tits

    on my men.