What are your fetishes / kinks ?

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  1. Inspired by Diana's thread about sexuality.
    Keep in mind that kids can also see this thread, so don't get too detailed.
    That aside; don't be shy!
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  2. pregnancy and roleplays, I know that sound really really weird.
  3. Jussayin' You're opening Pandora's Box here, mate.

    Not the ordinary, but Pandora's special Box of Victoria's Deep Secrets.
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  4. Tentacles.

    So many tentacles.

    Nothing but tentacles.
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  5. I.

    I am dating a Dominatrix. That is all I will say on the matter.
  6. All I have to say is that you are very fortunate. Finding a (good) dom is difficult.
  7. These threads are beginning to get a little personal..
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  8. Limited Experience = Limited Knowledge

    But this my understanding of my own kinks and fetish's so far.

    1. Neck Biting
    -> I don't know why, but I'm a big fan of this. Both giving and receiving.

    2. Being Submissive
    -> I'll have some moments of eagerness and excitement to take over, but generally I prefer to be the one being led/dominated.

    3. Kissing/Making Out
    -> Now to clarify. By this I mean the idea of sex is great, and still something I would still like. But for some reason the idea of simply going at it with each others lips turns me on a lot more.

    4. Cuddling
    -> I highly doubt this actually counts. But enough people seem to be a "Fuck and go" attitude that I feel this at least deserved mention.
  9. OTTERS. Mating with them mating like them.


    No, not really.


    If you're a weak male cuttlefish, you pretend you're a girl cuttlefish so the strong Manly McMan-Mann cuttlefish don't kill you. Then you delicately take the female's face and surprise her with your manhood and impregnate her.


    Nah, I ain't got any fetishes.

    But I know too many mating habits of animals.
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  10. Surprise Level: -1000000000000000000
  11. 8 years in the lifestyle. I finally struck gold ^^
  12. Threesome
  13. Amputations.

    it's a shame you can get charged with "assault" just because you want to explore your sexual desires :(
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  14. That gives me hope.
  15. I was tempted to join some of the others in making a goofy response, but nah, I'll be serious. For the sake of context, I am a heterosexual male.

    Stockings and thigh highs and knee high socks. Just all sorts of long leg wear like that does it for me. Bonus points if it's paired with a skirt (there's a Japanese term for that combo as well, which makes internet searches a breeze). I'm not just talking about seeing women wear such things around normally (though I do enjoy that as well), I'm talking about wearing this stuff in bed. However, sort of counter to most people who are into this apparel kink, I'm not really into the Catholic schoolgirl look.

    I like dom/sub play as well. I'm cool with both sides of it, but I generally prefer dominant women. Fun fact: I realized that this preference was not the norm when I was talking to some 6th grade friends about celebrities we thought were hot and they gave names like Britney Spears and Jennifer Love Hewitt, and then I said Lucy Lawless (dat Xena, mmm) and got a lot of weird looks. Good times.

    Light bondage is real neat too. A little bit of rope to secure the hands, or maybe some cuffs instead? I'm down. Full body leather suits and crazy extreme rope setups that make it so the person can barely move? Nah, I'll pass.

    That's all I can think of for the moment. Nothing super exciting, but there it is.

    EDIT: Diana makes a good point. The above is just things that excite me in real life contexts. I have a wide array of other weird shit that I like to see in fictional areas, but I feel like this isn't the thread for that stuff, so I'll leave my post as is. 8D
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  16. Um... there's REAL LIFE THINGS that I like and would do.

    And then there is ROLEPLAY THINGS I like and write, but would never ever do in real life because I am only a psycho in writing.

    And I won't talk about them, because it will ruin my reputation is a nice sweet mommy figure. >:[

    As for SAFE things, a lil hair pulling, a lil power play, bitings, I'll admit tentacles on occasions. >>;

    Cowboys oddly enough. O_____O

    blind folds, ties, whispery things.

    There, a nice safe list. 8D
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  17. The question should be, what isn't?
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  18. H'okay, sport.
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  20. Wow these are getting reeaal personal

    I'm a casual BDSM Switch. I like to dominate and be submissive.
    Older men and women.
    I prefer to be with a dominant woman but with men I'm more switchy.
    Aggression is neat.
    Heels on anyone. Thigh highs on anyone.
    Booty Spanking.
    And these are my nice semi-vanilla ones...
    I'm not gonna elaborate anymore heh.

    As for in a fictional sense, Fuck it I'll check nearly all the boxes on the list.
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