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  1. Underworlders, not demons. We simply live "under the world". And like any people we have to go to go to school. Except the main purpose of our school is simple.......stay alive by any means. And that is not a easy task.
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  2. Daten heard the all too familiar announcement of the rules as he walked under the black stone arch.

    1. Killing is only allowed during gym and free time.

    2. Guilds must have at least 5 members no more then 15.

    3. All guild applications must be placed in the box beside the office door. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!

    4. Any form of killing is allowed.

    5. Stay alive

    Daten smirked as the announcements concluded. Just another year at Underworld High.

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  3. Chloe Grace was a normal girl. And by normal she was completely weird. Chloe had the ability to shape shift into any animal of her choosing, which came in handy when trying to defend herself from the killing spree of Underworld High. Chloe walked into the classroom and sat down at a desk in the middle of the room. Surprisingly she felt quite safe in a room with a teacher, even though they could kill you at any second if they so chose too. Chloe sat at her desk flicking the soft tail that clung to her lower back and twitched her cat like ears.
  4. Daten walked into his class room. He smiled as he passed Chloe, a friend of his and then sat in his usual seat in the back. He pulled his recent carving of a dragon. Being a Ikazuchiryu, or ice and lightning dragon, he lengthened his claw and began to slowly work the piece into better detail.
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  5. Istra proceeded through the imposing basalt arch of her new school, looking around with trepidation. She'd worn her best dress and jumper, both modified to accommodate the four nubs of flesh and bone protruding from her shoulder blades. Her clothes, charcoal grey, contrasted with her flesh. Her long hair was the color of clotted cream, and her skin had the same slickness and color of the belly of some deep-sea creature, rubbery with a little sheen to it. Even her eyes were the color of eggshells, lacking pupils and irises.

    Istra shouldered her school bag and headed for her classroom. There were a few teachers and students about, but the hallways were sparsely populated at the moment. She'd made a point to arrive early after hearing her mother's horror stories--Fond reminiscing, she called it--about what they did to late students. Like all of her mother's children, Istra had been trained to use her physical gifts to defend herself, but she had a merciful, caring streak that her mother felt needed curing. So she'd been shipped off here, where neck-breaking was as integral to the curriculum as trigonometry.

    Her classroom was just up ahead, and Istra approached with clenched knuckles and a dry mouth. She stepped inside and took immediate notice of Daten and Chloe, not to mention the teacher. Both f the other students looked a little bit on the beastly side, with furry tails proudly on display. She, by contrast, looked like someone had vulcanized a corpse and stuck a few extra ribs into its back. The pale creature managed a weak smile, tried not to make eye contact, and failed. She glanced away from Daten's face and sat one or two desks away from them, keeping to herself for the moment. She produced a notebook from her bag and began arranging it on her desk, opening it to the first page, closing it again, wiggling her pencil nervously between her fingers.
  6. Aniela Jaeger was from a race that completely consisted of females. She was an Empousai, a vampire-like creature from Greek myths, they had several powers. They were immortal and could see, run, and hear better than any vampire or werewolf. Their appearance consisted of fire-like hair, completely black eyes (no iris or pupil, not even whites. Just black), half metal half goat legs (meaning that one leg is made from metal and the other is basically a goat leg), sharp claws, and fangs. They can feed off of human food and blood. Despite that, they have a human form as well. Despite their looks, Empousai were basically Greek Vampires.

    In Underworld High, Aniela was like the Alpha-dog of most of the females. Being one of the highest ranked females for the killing sprees, she was often praised because so. Stepping into her first class for the day, she looked with black eyes around the classroom for any of her friends before finally fully entering the class room. A sigh escaping her lips. Aniela gripped onto her bag as she took a seat next to Ishta. At the moment, in her true form. Her firey hair blazing up behind her.

    She pulled out her journal and pencil, tapping her claws against the desk. She hated going to class and would much rather be in the gym killing. It was her specialty after all.

    The Empousai looked over at Ishta with completely black eyes, a smile on her lips which revealed fanged teeth. "Any idea when this silly little class will be starting, Istra?"
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  7. Chloe smiled at Daten and watched Anielia out of the corner of her eye, she was quite known for her killings and Chloe was very impressed and scared by her. She never wanted to be on HER bad side. Istra was a lovely looking creature, Chloe thought and flashed her a smile. Chloe tried to be kind to everyone while secretly watching her back at every moment. She didn't really trust anyone, how could she. Looking at Daten, one of her friends, he was detailing a sculpture of what looked to be a dragon of some sort. She looked at Istra and said a soft "hello"
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  8. "Can't be late, can't be late, can't be late!" An strange boy hurriedly maneuvered through the halls with a worried expression on his face. He could easily navigate the halls with his tall lean body and sharp cunning eyes that could quickly make out routes in even the densest of crowds. He wore a large bunny hug that hid his physique, with a baggy pair of jeans to match. His hood was down displaying his kind ocean blue eyes that had a certain sparkle to them, surrounded by strange fierce fire red hair with bangs that, if positioned correctly, would easily reach down to the bottom of his nose. After reaching the classroom he took note of the students that filled the four walls that, depending on the circumstances, could become his confinement. Where to sit, where to sit..... He scanned the class looking for a spot to sit, Just pick a place already you nitwit. It's not rocket science. A voice deep inside his mind snarled at him. He rolled his eyes, and crossed the room to an open desk he'd spotted. Once seated he pulled out a notebook and a pen, ready for the class to start. After realizing he had some time before hand he looked to some of his classmates that sat nearby. His eyes scanned over Chloe, Istra, Daten, and Aniela. Punk. She better watch her back The voice inside his mind spat upon looking at Aniela, who looked rather fierce and dangerous, Could you shut up please? The boy retorted to the voice inside his mind. He scratched his chin Some of these people look really familiar. I swear I've seen them before, like perhaps we'd met in some other world He pondered that thought for a moment, then laughed it off, That's ridiculous.
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  9. Daten kept carving on his dragon, his crimson slitted eyes glancing up to see Anielia walk in. Of all people to walk, Anielia on all people. She was a known fighter and was quite deadly. He felt bad for the first year.
  10. Istra smiled at the empousai when she sat down next to her, though her expression was a little fixed and obviously tense. There were no free periods or gym classes at the start of the day, but that only prevented outright killing, not fighting or maiming and she didn't want to take any chances. Most startling of all was the revelation that there was someone who already knew her name. Had the fiery-haired girl gotten a look at the enrollment papers? Maybe she was a prefect or an hall monitor or someone else with a position of responsibility. She was so focused on Aniela that she missed the intense looks everyone else in the room gave the empousai and the danger she represented.

    "I'm afraid I don't," Istra replied. "It's my first day and I only just arrived. I'm afraid you have me at a bit of a disadvantage," she continued, apologetic. "You seem to know me already, but I don't know your name." Whoever this empousai was, she certainly looked imposing with her flaming locks and powerful frame. Until she had gauged her classmates abilities and the average strength of the student body as a whole, Istra was going to remain on the sidelines and not pick any fights. This young woman had to be fairly strong to walk around with her strength on full display like that. Maybe they could be friends.

    Speaking of friends, Istra noticed Chloe smiling at her and returned the gesture with a smile and a nod. She was about to turn back to Aniela and give her her full attention when the door swung open yet again and a young hooded man with a shock of red hair ran inside. Istra was glad she hadn't been in his position. She'd never be late if she could help it, not here. Mother had told her a story about one of the more disappointing members of her brood who'd arrived late to her first class and had been decapitated by his homeroom teacher. Istra had laughed along nervously at the end of her mother's story, but the point had been made. Follow the rules or expect bad things.
  11. A giggle escaped Aniela's lips, "That's fine. I totally understand. Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing you in gym class. It'll be fun." said the creature as she turned back around. Her true form seemed to shimmer until it was replaced by her human form, a slender female with dark brown hair aand even darker eyes. Her skin was a rather ghastly pale as well. The Empousai's friends had finally arrived, and they were sitting near Aniela, one behind her, one in front, and the other on the other side of her. They were a variety of races, from actual vampires to a Chimera. Aniela only befriended the best of the best, and in her opinion, her friends were one of the best, after her of course.

    A relaxed sigh escaped her lips as she leaned back into her chair, feeling the plastic press into her back. Before she had came to school, her mother told her, quite fiercely too, "Dominate everyone this year. Make your race proud." Oh she would, she was sure she would.
  12. Pandora had calmly entered into the school her eyes looking at everything as if she were at a regular school.She stopped to read the paper she had been given then she walked until she saw the class with the room number that she had been assigned to.Once she found it she slowly walked in and looked at everyone in the class with her ice blue eyes.She was a 5 foot 7 female with a slender body and she had pale skin almost like that of a vampire.Her hair was black with red streaks in it and only long enough to rest on her shoulders.She had two black demon horns and a long back demon tail which made her look like a full a demon to most people.The expression on her face was one of someone who was completely calm and slightly reserved.Yet when she spotted the male a hint of curiosity filled them and she gave a barely visible smirk in his direction.Then she walked and sat at the 2nd desk at the front.The desk was in the row next to the row that the male was sitting in.

    She wrapped her long tail around her waist and tried to stay focused but she had already been distracted the moment she laid eyes on him.She could already tell that she would have a hard time staying focused and her dad was be angry with her if she repeated her last mishap at this school too.She had to do her best to avoid that but being in gym wasn't going to make it easy for her.The whole reason her father sent her to this school was for her to get stronger while learning self control.With her craving starting up again self control wasn't going to be easy for her at all and she had a feeling that things could go down hill today very quickly.She tried to keep her mind off of her craving and she had noticed the other females but she figured it was for the best if she didn't get to close to anyone.

    It was for their own good.
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  13. Chloe watched as The clan assembled around Anielia. Chloe shivered at the thought of the new girl, Istia, being killed in the first few seconds of gym class. She turned her attention to the new people who had walked in. A boy in a hood and a girl. Both seemed focused and she would rather not make any enemies on the first day. So she quietly sized everyone up as she flicked her tail back and forth in a slow soothing method
  14. image.jpg Snow sat in her classroom quietly, head bowed and keeping to herself. Her hood was pulled low. It squished her ears but she didn't exactly want them seen. She didn't have a name for what she was, really, but she had thick furry ears and a long tail hidden under her clothes.

    Not to mention she could turn into a snow leopard. There was also that. This school scared her, she knew she wasn't very powerful compared to everyone, but she was very agile and escaped harsh situations easily.

    Surviving and blending in was her goal. She could typically handle a fight and was much stronger than your typical human. But compared to these beasts, did that really matter?
  15. Punk. Loser. Nobody. Wannabe The boy's conscience mocked everyone in sight. The boy sighed, I thought I told you to shut up. He looked up to the clock and his conscience went silent. This sucks why couldn't you torment someone else's mind? He thought placing his head down into his arms that rested on his desk. After a short while he looked behind him, trying to do something to occupy himself and deciding that observing people was as good a past time as any. When he looked behind him his eyes cringed, adjusting to the sudden change of color in the otherwise dank dark room. The one who sat behind him was best described as, well, white. Like snow. Pale skin, white hair, and he was certain that had her hood not been pulled low over her face her eyes would've been white as well. It intrigued him a lot. He placed his arm onto his chair so he could get a better angle to see her. He blinked a few times, at a lose as to what to say to the person under the hood. His thoughts of coming up with a cheesy pick up line or something corny were quickly disregarded as he realized something "Say, ain't it hot under that hood?" He cracked a smile, speaking from personal experience. His eyes stared straight towards the opening of her hood, showing concer. He felt a strange feeling towards the girl, one he'd rarely ever felt before. What is this? The voice in his mind laughed maniacally, mocking him. Just when I thought you'd finally shut up.
  16. The first thing to register in her mind was shock. Why was someone talking to her? Was she sticking out? "It doesn't bother me." Though she seemed shy, her voice was clear and strong, fairly confident as well. Her eyes went to his arm, tempted to take a look at who was speaking to her, but leaving an impression was unwanted.

    She took a soft sniff, the sound mimicking that of a sniffle. Stress. That was what he smelled like. A few other smells weren't worth her concern, but he was definitely stressed. Her head stayed down and she tugged on her hood again, revealing her gloved hands as well.
  17. Aniela smirked as she watched the red headed male turn around and begin talking to the girl she could only describe as incredibly white. Aniela hated her, everything about her. erhaps she had some power inside of the snow suit she was wearing, then maybe Aniela would have use of her. But right now, the other female was rather annoying with her white self.

    It was as if the Empousai was keeping track of her next kills. She already knew how she was going to kill them before she would do it, like the boy with the green skin across the room, she was going to possibly rip his head off. Unless she had a strange desire to feed during gym class, that was what she would do. She felt absolutely no guilt for what she was going to do, and she felt no guilt for the ones she had already killed. It only motivated her to do more killing. In a way, Aniela could be considered a sadistic and crude creature.

    Tapping her fingers on the desk, she looked at the teacher. She then leaned her head on her other hand, looking incredibly bored.
  18. The boy simply smiled and nodded, “Right. I’m sure it doesn't.” He stared at her gloved hands as she went to pull the hood further down. Although this confused him, as he actually found it quite hot in the room, perhaps thanks to the Empousai That sat not far from them who changed to her human form, he didn't question it. Maybe it’s a fashion choice. He began to tap his fingers on the chair, making a steady beat as he did so, “You know living your life under a hood can do strange things to your mind.” He noted, finding a sudden yearning to see the face under the hood. He looked briefly across the room, a chill running down his spine as his eyes rested on the dangerous girl who was staring at the teacher. “or maybe hiding yourself is a good idea.” He said in a small voice, hoping the girl wouldn't catch the last part. Coward. He did nothing to retaliate as his conscience insulted him. The less he gave off the impression of the demented voice in his head the better. It was always pleasant to have something in your back pocket to rely on after all. He turned back to the girl, “At any rate, the name’s Yang. Or Yin, depending what er… mood I’m in” He quickly recovered from his mistake. He turned to the girl, though he highly doubted he’d get to hear her name. She seemed… quiet. Definitely more reserved than the students around them.
  19. Her breath was lost when she felt the malicious glare from the other girl. Great. Just what I need. "I'm aware, trust me." What did that mean? Depending on his mood? She shook her head, everyone here had their oddities.

    She couldn't fight her curiosity any longer, hoping the old saying didn't prove true. Being both a cat and curious seemed to be pushing her luck with fate. He seemed to get what he wanted, because she looked up at him, his assumption about her eyes being proved wrong. Her eyes were a cold, pale blue, and now he could finally see them. "My name's Snow."
  20. Daten saw the malicious glare that Anielia was giving two of the students, so he figured it was time he came forward. He put away his dragon, then got up and walk to the front sitting between the girl that seemed full demon and Anielia. If there was one thing Anielia hated, it was him. Last year, they had a little fight and Anielia lost....badly. Soon after she had tried to befriend him, and he had refused. After glancing over at her with his crimson eyes glowing, he turned and looked at the demon girl. " I don't think we have met, I'm Daten nice to meet you." He held out his hand politely.
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