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    It was a beautiful day (Or as beautiful a day could be with a sun literally glaring over your head) in Death City, Nevada. The doors to Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School, or, the DWMA for short, were open, welcoming a group of newly enrolled students. Shinigami himself wasn't there to see the new students, but there would be a meeting later in the day. For now, new students would have to follow the guides through the halls of the academy to get accustomed to it, and see their dorm locations. Guides could, and likely would answer any questions the new students might have.

    "So, Welcome to the DWMA!! I'm Jessie, and, I'm here to show you around! Feel free to ask questions as we go along, but, please be respectful of other students passing through the halls, and those in class. Stay close!", the girl of probably 19 said. She was wearing some sort of formal attire which consisted of gloves, a black long sleeved shirt and undershirt with tie, and a black, thigh length skirt, long white socks, and black dress shoes. She had black hair, and was fairly attractive. She seemed pretty cheery too. She was likely an older student. She watched as the crowd gathered, and she checked names, before heading off to a large board with papers with ribbons on them of various sizes and colors. Some students were gathered around it, looking at the various pages.
    "This is the Mission Bulletin, and, Reception. Here, you can select missions to take, and, bring them over to the receptionist, who will approve your mission."
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  2. A sound soul
    The DWMA was nothing like Sigrid had even seen. A hierarchy presided over by the manifestation of death itself with absurd architecture, claimant to mysteries as old as life itself. A place that collected that strange and unique, the souls of those who possessed abilities beyond the normality of man. For the youth, it was reminiscent of his home in the Servita, though lacking the zeal and phobia of magical wytchkein.

    "So, Welcome to the DWMA!! I'm Jessie, and, I'm here to show you around! Feel free to ask questions as we go along, but, please be respectful of other students passing through the halls, and those in class. Stay close!"

    It had not been long while he'd been in awe for a duration before his pensive thoughts were interrupted. He was still in a hazy state of disbelief, following a gathering of other prospective students through the various halls, past rooms littered with other curious youth and instructors, mind addled by the drone of friendly chatter. He was not used to it; silence and constrained order were the foundations of his past training, with aggressive and demanding authority figures. It was relieving, though unsettling.

    "This is the Mission Bulletin, and, Reception. Here, you can select missions to take, and, bring them over to the receptionist, who will approve your mission."

    The raven haired woman stopped the group, motioning to the massive academy lists with long rolls of parchment littered with rank missions and various jobs. He was taken aback, clearing long pale bangs of hair to get a better view. Sigrid hadn't expected to be offered work so swiftly. He was starting to think it might have been best to attend in full regalia instead of his 'casual' uniform.

    Young Komenskar looked about, the halls ever ominous. He was supposed to be meeting his weapon here too, wasn't he? Yes, that's right. An entirely new concept that, the idea that his weapon was a living individual here too. He was not a soldier any more, but a Meister.
  3. Jazz had been in awe of the DWMA the instant he had seen it once entering the Death City limits. He had spent most of his life surrounded by the comforting seclusion of Minnesota forests, so the lack of trees had already been a jarring prospect for him. Now he took in an impossibly large and outlandish building where he would be living and learning for the foreseeable future. Elsa, having visited it from time to time in the arms of her mother when they came back to catch up with old friends, was significantly less awed but appeared excited by the prospect nonetheless and practically danced in her seat.

    After saying their goodbyes, Jazz and Elsa had joined the gathering of new students pulling their rolling luggage bags behind them.

    “I hope my partner is cute,” Jazz nudged Elsa “after looking at your mug for hours I need a pretty face” He joked to her and received a raspberry and a punch to his shoulder in response.

    “I was gonna say the same to you!” Elsa shot back. The two had done some practice with each other before departing, but fate had other partners in mind for them.

    “Including the cute partner bit?” Jazz teased his smaller friend and once again got a punch to the shoulder he laughed off. Elsa had her lips pressed together and her face was slightly red. Then Elsa looked around, and saw they had been bickering long enough to fall slightly behind the group.

    “We’re behind!” Elsa nudged Jazz and they ran to catch up. They rejoined the group just in time to catch the explanation of the mission board.

    “Geez Jazz, making us late already” Elsa said to the older boy.
  4. Ellen stood staring at the DWMA. Her father had shown her old pictures of the school; but she never thought it would be this huge. Ellen gulped, she'd been preparing her whole life for this and yet she felt as if she knew nothing. Suddenly feeling nervous, she began to fiddle with the edges of her bright green dress. Ellen's father had insisted she wore it, even though it classed horribly with her red hair. She took a deep breath and rushed inside, finding a guide to follow.

    Ellen walked along quietly, glancing around and trying to guess which one of the many meisters in the crowd was her meister. She'd never trained with a meister before, but she had studied it a lot back home. She wondered what it would feel like to really resonate souls with someone, rather than practice. She barely paid any attention to the black-haired girl who was acting as their guide. She kept looking around at the others. One of them had to be her meister.

    "I just hope they aren't some kind of slob." She muttered to herself. Ellen couldn't stand slobs. She had to have things clean and orderly. But she wouldn't have much a choice if her meister was a slob or not.

    Ellen's train of thought was interrupted when their guide introduced the missions board. This was the part that she was looking forward to the most. Her dad had told her about all the missions he and his meister had gone on back in the day. She stared at all the missions, eager to find her meister and get started.
  5. Tartarus sighed as he rode the bus to the academy. This was his first year and to be frank, he was excited. Although, you couldn't tell the way he always seemed so composed. He glanced at the school as it came into view and sighed.
    He had no idea of who his partner was, or where he was supposed to go.

    As he exited off the bus, he heard a teacher talking about a mission board. Figure that's my cue. Tartarus walked over and joined the group. As he stood listening to the teacher explain how the missions worked and getting approval for that, he kept glancing around for his partner. Someone had told him they met his partner and that he would be pleasantly surprised, but wouldn't tell him any more than that.

    He sighed as he reached into the pocket of his trenchcoat and pulled out a piece of wrapped jerky, but then put it back.
    better wait and pay attention first. Don't want to miss anything important.
  6. Maria Gale

    Softly, the girl sighed as she stood at the bottom of the steps to the academy she had seen multiple times while going out with her mother. As usual, she was struck by the complexity and beauty of the building itself, the light playing across the glass covering her eyes as she gaped. Such a reaction was common to her by now. For a few moments she was still, arms clutching at the book she was given about the rules of the school, clutching it tightly to her torso as she bit her lips. Both terrified and excited, the girl only now realised she was late.


    She gasped, eyes wide as she groaned before bolting it up the stairs towards where she was to meet, at least where the letter told her to anyway. She took two steps at a time as she hurried, huffing slightly as she finally got there. One purple eye remained closed as she groaned. Luckily, she knew the different parts of the school through intense research but now she missed the introduction! Tears began to perk in the corners of her eyes as she remained at the back of the crowd, fingers digging into the book til small crescents were beginning to form.

    'Damnit Maria! You got distracted! Again!' She whined mentally, hanging her head as she heard the faint words of the woman up front. Maria perked up, staring ahead as she continued to speak, a small smile gracing her lips. 'I shouldn't complain...this is where it all starts...' She paused, turning her attention back to the woman for a moment. 'I will be an official meister...with a weapon...a partner!'




    Reaching over, the woman had grasped the bright red mug resting upon her desk. That was if one could call it a desk with all the papers spread across it, pencils poking out from under occasional stacks with some scrunched up sheets laying about. Sayako often ignored the state of her desk mostly since she would end up cleaning it later when she became irritated at the sight of it. Bringing the hot espresso to her lips she leaned back, looking around at the infirmary for a moment before she sighed. To be honest, she was always worried about the start of a day since it meant a child could return back injured from the missions she once did at any moment.

    Once she had lazily sipped at her drink she set it down before she began to clear up the mess she had created after the past few hours of research on medical treatments. Since the year of her graduation she had began to collect knowledge of medicine and applied it, allowing her to be quite comfortable with this job and the silence it brought her. So, by this point she was qualified to act as the nurse of this school. She finished, piling the last few sheets in a folder before she stood up, brushing her clothes down.

    Not wearing her mission clothes, Sayako was adorning a navy dress that reached just before her knees, a thin black belt around her waist as the top held a chiffon black floral design that reached just before her neck, reaching the soft navy material just above her torso. A fresh white and crisp coat was resting around her, falling from her shoulders as her hands fell into place in her pockets. Brown hair was pinned up into a high ponytail, two strands falling down to frame her face as the outfit was completed by a pair of black heels.

    After making sure everything was away the weapon yawned before heading out of her office, her eyes occasionally closing before opening with a slight shock. The occasional murmur escaping her lips as her steps echoed down the halls. "Tired...I should sleep more..." After a while, her thoughts had long since changed to the topic of her favourite snack. "Pocky." She added, eyes wide before she sighed, the air around her seemed colder at the woman's sudden depression. She headed towards the hall, muttering complaints every few minutes.

    "I can believe I ate it all..."
  7. "Ugh... Whaaa?" Jack sat up, and looked at the clock. "Shiiit!! Aww crap, come on, not cool!" He sat up, in just a t-shirt, and boxers. He was a few minutes late already... no time! He slid on a cloth pair of shorts, of the kind you'd walk around a house in, and ran out of his dorm barefoot. He missed the beginning of the tour! He sprinted down the hall, his uncombed brown hair waving about on his head, as he tried to make up for lost time. He had admitted early, and therefore, already had a dorm and ranking. For an EAT student, he sure wouldn't set a very good example for the newcomers at this rate! He had even promised Jessie that he would be there on time to help escort the students... she would probably be aggravated!

    As he sprinted down the corridor, he earned a ton of weird looks, and laughs. He really should have rethought not putting on some public clothing. This was kind of embarrassing... And he wouldn't have time to get dressed later today... Well, maybe when everyone visited the dorms... As he mulled it over, he bumped into one of the faculty.Well, not technically bumped, as much as ran into without even looking. In his defense, she had just come out of one of the other hallways and he didn't slow down fast enough. The brown haired woman toppled over, and he realized it was the nurse! "Aww maan, I'm so sorry Sayako! I-I didn't see you!" He helped her back up, and looked to see if he had to pick up anything her made her drop. "Are you hurt? Please forgive me..." He said, worriedly. He didn't want her to be mad at him! What if he got his ass kicked, and she wasn't there to heal him because she got upset!? She could probably even set up a punishment for doing something like this, or, send him to the office! He didn't have time for that... "I-I'm sorry! I have to go, I'm late for something! I guess I'll visit you later!" He ran off. Yeah, she would surely have some grueling task ready for him later... Right now he just had to make it to the front hall... So, he carried on running that way. He finally stopped, and slid into view, out of breath. Jessie looked over at him, and gave him a disapproving look. She pointed over at him, and said "This is Jack Weiss. One of the newer students like you. He has had a bit of a taste of the DWMA already, and I asked him to come with us. He is late."

    "Uhh, yeah, I'm Jack! Pleased to meet you all..." He looked down at his rather informal attire... there wasn't a single person in sight who was dressed as badly as him. His face lit up red, and he ust walked to the back of the group, feeling eyes follow him the whole way. "Wow... Way to make an impression, Jack." He muttered to himself as he stopped in the back, next to some girl who also just made it here. "Late too, ehh?", he said teasingly to her. She began to tear up with her head hung... "Ah! I'm sorry! I didn't realize that would hurt your feelings!" He said, and hung his head. 'Oh great... another screw up, Jack, you are on a roll! And to think you were just fine with everyone before! What an off day!' He frowned, and began following the students through the next hallway.


    "So, now that that's out of the way, lets carry on down the hall. On the side here are classes. You all will be assigned classes based on your class-test score, and star rank. Mind you, it's rare that anyone makes it into EAT on their first testing, so you will likely all end up in a NOT class at the start. More in-depth details will be given to you by a teacher. Now, let's carry on." She walked further on, and showed the library. "This is the library. The floors are divided into ranks. Rank one is for one and two star meisters and weapons. You will likely only be able to read from these. Level two books can only be read by three star meisters, and weapons, and above. There is also rank 3. Only staff and above can read these. Rank four books can only be checked out by death weapons, and senior meisters..."
  8. Maria Gale

    Hesitantly she looked up, curious to whose voice interrupted her current and very motivational, in her own mind anyway, thoughts. In addition to that, she rarely spoke to or was spoken too. Pink eyes widened at the sight of Jack Weiss, as the woman had introduced, standing in front of her, talking away. 'Why...?' After a few moments of thoughts she went pale, gaping slightly. 'T-talking....to me....' To say the least, the girl looked like she was on the verge of crumpling to the ground for some odd reason.

    Jack began to walk off after mentioning that he did not want to hurt her feelings. 'My feelings? OH!' Panic flooded through her as she began to over think it all before she groaned, rubbing her wrists slightly. "O-overcome..." She nodded, a small flicker of determination flaring in her eyes before she ran over to him, reaching out to grasp his arm. "E-excuse me..." Her voice was quiet, once again tormented by the torture of her stutter.

    It took her a couple seconds for her to calm down enough to speak again and so she pursed her lips slightly before taking a deep breath. "I...U-um...You didn't hurt m-my feelings." She replied, pushing her glasses up so she had a reason to close her eyes momentarily. "I w-was late ...T-that's the r-reason I was upset." She added, scratching her cheek softly as she felt the urge to hide. She really did not know how to interact with others. So, taking a method she had seen many times in books she held out her right hand, the left clutching the book to her chest. "I'm M-maria Gale." She paused. "P-pleasure to m-meet you Jack Weiss."
  9. These people were so focused on the teacher and her speech that almost no-one saw this kid speed up and stand next to the teacher until he got there. He was introduced as Jack Weiss. He seemed to be either lazy or unprepared as he looked absolutely embarrassed to be there..and his clothes reflected that.

    He came to the back of the group near where he was at and started talking to a girl who looked lost in her thoughts. After a very strange interaction, he barely overheard her mention her name was Maria Gale.
    She seems so withdrawn and shy. She must be extremely nervous.

    He wanted to go and introduce himself but decided against it. She's already flustered enough it seems. Better wait until she gets relaxed again.
    He turned his attention back to the teacher and her speech.
  10. Creaking, laughing and the smell of new people, Yeah they were pretty familiar to Akuma as being a teacher here he enjoyed the new kids that came into the school and to see them prosper and go out into the unknown world and enjoy missions...When was the last time he did a mission...when was the last time he held his weapon. Then another creak and then the sudden rush of air, His eyes ramming open as he was met by the floor his body curling over itself as he laid there on his neck. Groaning a bit in pain, His suit jacket curling up as his body did. He rolled over and climbed up slowly, his palm slamming onto the desk and breaking off the corner causing him to fall off again body first. This time he just hoisted himself up slowly. Running a hand through his hair, and letting a sigh escape his parted lips, he rolled his neck in a circle and walked to his door opening it and looking out at who he thought was jack zoomed by. He looked down the hallway to see what looked like a confused Sayako. Walking over to her his left hand placed on her shoulder firmly as he spoke, " Morning Sayako " He let her shoulder go and slid his hand into his pockets as his other hand followed in the opposite pocket. His stance lazy.
  11. Sayako

    Pausing when a hand landed on her shoulder she nearly panicked as she glanced over towards the cause. Akuma, Her Meister. She paused, tilting her head to the side as she smiled slightly. "Good morning Akuma." She replied calmly. It was rare that the woman seemed to do anything but sulk or be indulged in study. It was important after all. Yawning softly she raised a brow to him as she grinned. "Are you prepared to have a new batch referring to you as Sensei, Akuma?" She asked, grinning slightly. She mostly ignored some of the other staff, specially since they weren't remotely interesting and wasted her time.

    After a few moments the nurse frowned, eyes narrowing. "Poor children...they are going to get hurt." She whispered, shaking her head as she kept her hands in the pockets of the white doctors coat. "I can't even recall the number of times I was in the infirmary after missions. Meisters and weapons...both are in danger by their jobs." She sighed. She often got depressed by her thoughts, fearful of the children's future. Pausing she forcefully put a smile to her lips. "Shall we go see the new group?~" Sayako was already blaming her lack of her pocky for her current mood.​
  12. "Oh, I didn't? That's a relief... Well, I've already been introduced, but still." He smiled, and brushed a stray hair out of his face, his confidence returning. "Weiss," he held out a hand, "Jack Weiss. At your service. Jessie isn't being very thorough with tour... if ya ever need to know more, feel free to ask. By the way... Why were you upset? You shouldn't be! This place is the best, I bet you one of my souls on it! So, Relax. The only thing you have to worry about most is your test Tomorrow... and even then, it won't be that dangerous! Just make sure you and your partner mesh well. I know me and mine do." He grinned further, showing a bit of his teeth, before noticing he hadn't let go of her hand. "Oh, sorry!" he withdrew the hand, and nodded to her before walking back up to the guide. "What Jessie means to say is, you won't often visit the library, if you pay attention in class!" He ribbed her, and chuckled. Must be an in-joke... She smiled, and shook her head before walking further down the hall.

    "Ok, well, here is the cafeteria. Meals are held at 6-8 am, 11-1, and, 4-6. We have a wide variety of foods from all over the world. The space is large, and, you can even eat in other places besides here." She carried on walking with Jack and the group for a while, before stopping at the Dorms. "Ok, this is where I bid you Adieu. Anything else you need to know, Jack can tell you. He will hand out the letters for rooms and pairings, and you can visit your rooms before he brings you to the meeting with our Lord Death. The Dorm Leader here for women is me, and I'll be able to be contacted before breakfast, and after dinner. Jack is the male leader, and you can contact him likewise." She bows, before leaving Jack with the group. "We didn't agree to that... Slacker..." Jack mutters before Taking the letters. "Ok, ladies, line up to my right, gentlemen to my left. Tell me your names as you approach. I'll give you your room numbers, and you'll meet your partner then. From then on, you should have to become great friends!" He Smiles wide.
  13. Maria Gale

    Listening carefully she nodded, smiling slightly. Maybe...it wasn't that bad? Then again, five minutes from now she would forget such words and continue hiding form everyone once again. A circle. Definetely a circle. "I-its okay." She replied softly before taking a slight step back, looking back to the ground. "A-ah! I wasn't upset d-due to that...I f-felt bad a-about being late." She pointed out quietly before watching him head over to the lady to talk. She sighed softly in relief before pushing the hair from her face, pulling her arm back down to hug the book to keep herself calm.

    Once they were told to line up, Maria did so quickly due to her urge to be released from this large group where she was practically surrounded constantly. Reaching Jack she paused, scratching her cheek. "U-um...You know my n-name." She whispered, waiting to get her room number, in a hurry both to see her partner and go and read in silence. "S-sorry to be a n-nuisance...c-could I have my r-room number?"
  14. He shivered at the idea of them calling him Sensei, " O man, Sensei " he chuckled trying to brush it away from his mind, He took his hands from his pockets as she had began to talk about how the kids would get hurt and and the possible dangers for them. It was a scary thought that, they could go out there and actually become seriously hurt and possibly not return. He feared it when he was younger, but he survived she survived and plenty of others did and on the occasion they lost someone then...it was a sad moment. Her thoughts sometimes depressed him also, but he had learned to deal with it as being her meister so he they had to able to work together but he also could see past her facade at times. But as it lightened up and she asked about seeing the students he nodded " Why not, this will help me find out who to pick on first " he chuckled.
  15. Jack split his souls to lighten the load, having one of him hold female, and one hold male. Right Jack nodded. "Yeah, I know your name, Maria. No need to be nervous." He gave her a sunny look as he handed her a folded piece of paper with a seal on it. "You aren't troublesome at all... Just, try to adjust. Relax, ok? You are too worried. If anybody in the dorms gives you trouble, talk to Jessie or me. I am not a very experienced student, only first year, like you all, but, I know how to handle things." He let her walk away, and carried on the process. Everyone came up to him, one at a time, and he handed them their papers, which led them to their rooms.
  16. What in the name of the Fatherland.

    This tour had grated against everything young Komenskar had ever been taught. The looseness and openness of nearly every aspect of the DWMA left him in spells of uncertainty. How was he going to integrate himself into this wild new society? The idea made him anxious, he was groomed in consistent, ordained scheduling and his old peers were dedicated to the cause of anti-sorcery. He'd tap his fingers together behind his back, listening carefully all the meanwhile.

    And then the crowd was bullrushed by an under dressed, messily haired assistant, of sorts.


    Sigrid was. . . truly at a loss for words. The woman explained he was late, and in a position to better introduce the young group to the DWMA. But. . . how? Truly, the very presence of a person in undergarments, arriving in an untimely manner, was the dividing sight of his hold life to new. Something like this was unheard of in the Ordum Servita. It was blaspheming, even. Lateness? Out of uniform? You might as well have asked the Offizars to whip you into a bloody pulp.

    Were things really this lax?

    Processing this outlandish arrival, Sigrid followed along with the rest. There were certainly a variety of people about. Some far more nervous and anxious than others, and some reserved and distant. A natural reaction to new surroundings, young Komenskar did not blame them. The Library was fascinating and inclusive of knowledge no doubt useful in the fu-

    "Ok, this is where I bid you Adieu. Anything else you need to know, Jack can tell you. He will hand out the letters for rooms and pairings, and you can visit your rooms before he brings you to the meeting with our Lord Death."

    Eheh. No, that's a joke of course. Right?

    "Ehm. Mm. What?" Sigrid muttered to himself. She had said Lord Death, supposed incarnation of the concept itself. He'd heard stories about him, rumors and that, and figured, such a person or thing bearing a title was likely an individual he'd never meet. The important are oft too busy, of course.

    No, apparently this was a thing. Day one, arrive, day two, meet Death. Sure, not a problem.

    "Ok, ladies, line up to my right, gentlemen to my left. Tell me your names as you approach. I'll give you your room numbers, and you'll meet your partner then. From then on, you should have to become great friends!"

    His slight sense of panic was interrupted, the undressed "Jack" was calling a line. Rooms and dorms? Well, that wasn't too far off then. He bunkered with other trainees before, so perhaps here he could find out more of this whole. . . meeting Death thing.

    Waiting in line, the androgynous youth stepped up to receive the appropriate number. "Sigrid Komenskar," he intoned clearly.
  17. Albina Turan sets at her desk, wearing her yellow sweat jacket and pants with the classic twin white strips. She has her cellphone up to he rare talking to someone on the other side. "Okay I hear you." she said a little annoyed. She checks the time and smiles. "Well we wasted enough time sweetie, The new student have must have started there tour already." She closed the phone and pushed away from her desk and slid away on her chair. She walked out of the door that lead into the gym and out one of the gym doors to catch up with students and other teachers. She was in no rush to get there, She will see what shes working with soon. When she arrived they were just about to assign rooms. She lined up with her fellow teacher s and greeted them.

    "Morning Sayako, Morning Akuma, I hope you too are enjoying this beautiful morning as much as I am. The student look very strong this year don't you think." She said reaching in her pocket. She pull out a purple lolly pop and placed it into her mouth and smiled.
  18. Annie had been with the group. She'd actually gotten to where she needed to be on time. Given, she didn't sleep at all that night before, but still. She made it on time. She followed the group, expression dazed, just barely paying enough attention to absorb (some) of the information the guide was giving them and not run into anyone. Her hand came up to cover her mouth as she stifled a yawn. She'd been nervous and excited the night before, enough so that she had packed and re-packed her bags countless times, danced around, stretched, played a computer game and several other activities she could no longer remember, to try and wear herself out enough to sleep. It hadn't worked. At all. So the now the redhead was nearly in full on zombie mode as she trudged along with the rest of the new students.

    When it came time, Annie joined the line at the right of the Jack guy along with the rest of the females. She waited her turn and jostled forward along with everyone else. Annie pushed her slipping glasses back up to the bridge of her nose before rolling her shoulders. Come on, Annie, look alive! she lectured at herself in the safety of her own mind as she took another step forward, a couple people away from the kid handing out dorm information. Finally it was her turn.

    "Annie Larkwood." She flashed a dazed smile as she was handed her paperwork. After that, she got out of line and looked it over, taking note of the room number, she began to walk towards it, pushing her glasses back up again. She glanced back down at the papers in her hand. Rhoan? That's a weird name. She thought to herself before stopping at the door with the number 4 on it. Without bothering to knock, she just pushed the door open and waltzed in. She glanced around before with a shrug, she threw her backpack on the bed at the right. Then let herself fall down onto it right afterwards
  19. Sayako

    She raised a brow at him before she laughed softly, shaking her head. "Occasionally, I pity the students who get your class." She replied, bringing her hand from her pocket to rub at her eyes as she headed off towards the place she knew the new students would be, knowing that Akuma was going there to now. A smile came to her lips as she leaned back, looking over at him. "Although they will be in good hands with you." She added before continuing her journey to see the students she would probably be teaching in the future.

    After a few moments she reached the large mob, causing her to raise a brow as she hummed. "They...look interesting." She added, tilting her head as brown hair fell in front of her face. She spent a while to look over them before she turned to glance at Akuma. "What do you think of them?" Was the question she put forwards, still smiling happily. "I mean a lot of them will probably be your students very soon and they will be coming to you for help and advice." She added. "You will hear them complain when you declare that there will be a test." She paused. "Excited?"

    She turned to Albina when she arrived, causing her to purse her lips slightly before nodding in greeting. Other than Lord Death and Akuma, she rarely spoke to anyone else. So when her fellow teacher arrived she just seemed to shift further behind Akuma, turning her gaze to glance at the students. Despite her lack of words, she agreed with her. This year, there was more determination in the kids eyes and it settled her nerves a bit.

    Maria Gale

    She smiled shakily before taking the paper, bowing her head before she hurried off. Once she was a good distance from the crowd she paused, leaning agaisnt the wall as she pressed the pads of her fingers to the seal on the paper, smiling faintly. "O-one step closer." She murmured before breaking it, unfolding the paper before she looked at the number of her room. "T-three huh?" She nodded before heading off, folding the paper up before she placed it within her pocket before she headed off to her room.

    Reaching the room she paused, looking at the door before she pushed it open and stepped inside, a smile coming to her lips. Closing the door behind her, not locking it since she knew that her partner would appear soon. She glanced around before heading over to the desk, a smile on her face as she set the rule book for the school down, running her fingers against its cover before she sat down on the bed. "I-Im so happy..." She quietly said before leaning back, quite content with the silence.​
  20. “Wow. I thought the library back home was stacked” Jazz mused aloud to himself when they passed the library. He had never seen so many books. And when the guide had said only certain people could read the books on the higher levels, he’d taken that as a personal challenge. Not today. But soon he’d take up the challenge.

    Elsa had been far more enthusiastic about the cafeteria. Her thin-lipped mouth starting to salivate at the prospect of expanding her diet. She was one of those people blessed with a high metabolism. She could gorge herself and not worry about gaining a single unsightly pound. The floor was quite enjoyable to her bare feet as well. She would love walking these halls barefoot every day.

    When the group arrived at the dorm hall, Jazz was surprised, to say the least, to see the kid named Jack split in two. After shaking that off, the two had given each other a thumbs-up as they went to their respective sides.

    Ever the eager one, Elsa didn't so much step forward as jump and wave her hand in the air. “Elsa Abentroth, at your service!” and went up to Jack with a bounce in her step.

    Jazz followed suit, but gave a little more flourish to his introduction by giving a slight bow and tip of an imaginary hat “And Jasper Ducheneaux….ladies” He finished with a wink to the other side.
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