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The sound of techno music, and waves crashing against the coast filled the night. The sound was beautiful, it attracted all who were not normal to enter. Night club Soirée called out for guests, welcoming all those who appeared to not exist. All creatures that were considered mythical, even if they brought a mortal could enter. Two men stood at the door, masked to throw off their true selves. Guarding and denying all entry to those who did not belong, then a loud booming voice echoed into the night. "Come one come all. Welcome to your fantasies." A masked man yelled out, through the outside speakers.

A small dolphin swam up to the shore, a silver gaze looking around suspiciously. A large wave crashed around the creature, hiding it from all prying eyes. When the wave receded a woman stood in its place, blue locks spiraled around her face. The same silver eyes scanning for any one who would notice her. Once satisfied she made her way onto the sandy beach, a long train of a blue dress trailed in behind her.
The call of the club beckoned her out of the sea, she strode up to the door. Nodding at the two gentle men who gave her entry, the sight was beautiful. V.I.P rooms decorated with hanging paper lights. Pink tiled floors, with soft inviting couches. A bright dance floor flashed before her eyes. The walls seemed to have the affects of fun mirrors, and large neon walls came out the floor. It had been years since she stepped out of the water, and this night was going to be one to remember.
The sound of the music thumped inside her ears, only a few stood inside. Walking over to the V.I.P area she took a seat on one of the plush couches. Watching a few creature mingle here and there. Nevaeh hoped no one would confuse her for human, she would hate to ruin their night. A complete disgust for the creatures flashed through her mind.

Azure walked into the club and she looked around and saw a few people when she saw a guy she made her wings look nice and
fixed her hair. She was about to get her sexy on
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A boy with a foxish face stood in the middle of the crowd baring canine teeth as he danced away. Yesung was his name and though he looked normal his true form was a brilliant red fox with nine tails that would tower over most people. He noticed a girl with wings walked in an smirked at her as she fixed her hair and wings.
Nayleen walked into the club. This wasn't a place she wouldv'e have found herself at but knew it would be the last place her parents would look at. BEing on the run was hard work at times. She quickly sat in a booth at the back of the room hoping no one would really pay any attention to her. When a waitor came by she asked for a glass of water and quickly began to scan the place for what she might find.
Yesung walked through the crowd to the booths and sat in one tired. He beckoned one of the waitresses and ordered a drink. She came back a few minutes later with the drink and placed it on the table.
Nevaeh stood from her seat to walk over to the very decorated bar, the long train swished around her pale legs. The sound of her bare feet tapped against the tile floor. Standing beside one of the bar stools, her silver eyes focused on the male bartender. "I'd like a blue long island ice tea.." Her voice was soft, and carried a deep old worldly accent.

She waited patiently for her drink to arrive, taking in hand she swirled the contents in the glass. Turning slowly her back pressed against the edge of the bar, her gaze shifted the crowd that began to gather. One male that resembled a fox like creature, a young elf girl that seemed lost. A fairy like temptress, that seemed to be ready for a night of seduction. Then another she couldn't figure out what it was for sure, but who was she to judge. Far as everyone knew she was human, unless they could smell Encantado which she highly doubted.

The music was loud, causing the floors to thump beneath their feet. Fun mirror walls casting neon images of letters and numbers. Their shadows shinning brightly on the skin, and fur of all who passed. It was a beautiful sight, the smell of lust filled the air. Some were here for romance, others just wanted to dance the night away. Some even dared bring a mortal, midnight snack ? Who knew a DJ stood holding a microphone, his voice rang out over the music. "Welcome one and all..Tonight I dare you all to come out of your shell. Mingle with your fellow beast, and creatures of nightmares. They wont bite....Well maybe if your lucky they will."

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threeswordsmenfanartiibds2.jpg"Humph... So this is a night club?" Damian muttered to himself as he stood outside of the Soirée. "It doesn't look all that great..." He continued, and started walking to the doors. The men outside stopped him, and Damian didn't even bother to look at them. He held up his hand and it turned into a shadow for a few seconds before going back to normal. He was a shadow demon, and a gifted one at that. Damian was able to master the skill of creating and maintaining a human body in half the time it normally took another shadow demon.

The men let Damian inside, and he walked past them. The lights and booming music weren't really his style, but tonight he didn't care. All he wanted was to get out of his house and do something. The first thing he did was head straight for the bar. "I'll have a Jack Daniels." He said once he sat down next to a girl with long blue hair (Neveah).
Nayleen was deep in thought when she heard someone close to her speak with a jerk of her head she looked up to see a man with a drink around. She glanced from side to side. "I'm sorry.. Are.. Were you talking to me?" She knew that if he was talking to her that she sounded stupid but at this point she could have cared less. She just stared at the person in awe trying to figure out what exactly he was.
"No I was not talking to you, just taking a rest," Yesung said straightening his clothes "I can leave if you want?" he said getting up. The alcohol was already affecting him and two fox ears sprung up from the top of his head.
Nayleen looked at the man who had answerd her question. "Well considering the fact that your very rude, I could care less if you leave." She said looking at him with disgust. The tone he had given her came off rude like so she replied back like any girl would until she smelled the alcohol on him. He had been drinking. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have came at you like that." She said in an low tone. Being on the run from her parents had her on edge, she needed to keep herself calm. She also knew that the club scene wasn't for her but at this point she really didn't have any choice but to hang here.
"I'm sorry if I came off as rude miss" he said "Firs drink of the night and I'm already off my knocker" he said stretching and plopping back down "Not many people know that a kitsune's weakness is alcohol, we don't make a habit of it, but tonight! It's a celebration!" he grinned again and took a small swig of the drink in his hand.
Nayleen drew her eyebrows together. "A... A kitsune?" She wasn't quite sure what that was. She was a water god and protected the ocean and it's people from unwanted guest. At least she tried to. She gave up the buisness when she lost her sister in a battle. She watched as he took another drink giving her head a slight shake of disappoitnent. "What exactly is a Kitsune?"
"You wound me Madame" he said placing a hand over his heart "We are what common folk call nine-tailed fox demons" he said quickly morphing into a large sleek red fox with the distinct nine tails before turning back into "human" form. "Shapshifters, conjurerers of fire and natural pranksters," Yesung explained "He Koreans call us Gumiho, the Chinese call us Huli-Jing, but you can call me Yesung"
Nayleen gave a slight smile. "Well Yesung, it's a pleasure to meet you." She glanced at the glass that was in his hand waving her hand towards the liguid spinning it around faster and faster until it soon evaporated. "It would also be a pleausre to talk to you whilt your still able to stand on both feet." She smiled with an eyebrow raised at the man waiting for his reaction at the drink that was now gone.
The bartender soon got back with Damian's drink. He just nodded his thanks to the guy and slid him a tip. With his drink now in hand, Damian turned around in his stool to look at the other clubbers around him. He wasn't much of a party guy, but tonight he just felt like going somewhere.

Damian downed one glass of the Jack Daniels in one go. He poured himself another glass and downed that one as well. Then he poured himself another, that one going away just as quickly as the first two. Instead of pouring another one, he just took the bottle and drank it from there. It looked like it wasn't even affecting him.
He looked down seeing his drink was gone, frowning he looked up "I was only going to have the one drink, I swear" he said ruffling his hair "Can't a guy celebrat the sprouting of with ninth tail with a glass of alcohol?" Yesung questioned sighing, he was really enjoying that drink and his new tail. In a few months he will be a silver nine tail reaching his full maturity.
"Sprouting? Is that like another level for kitsune?" She asked putting her elbows on the table and her chin in the palms of her hand. She had never left the water before and it was exciting to find a creature she didn't know of face to face. Most of the time when something like that happened she wasn't trying to get to know them she was more likely trying to kill them.
Nevaeh turned her head slowly to the sound of someone close spilling into her ears, locks of hair fell to frame her face. "Enjoying your night?" She asked softly, clearly interested in the male. He seemed to be normal, but that clearly couldn't be true. Even herself appeared that way. Shifting slowly she turned to face him more fully. A bright smile pulled at her lips, and she leaned forward. Her cleavage slightly showing, her actions seeming a bit seductive. Though she tried not to, it wasn't in her nature. She couldn't help but to allure anyone that seemed mortal. They were soooo tasty, and easy to take advantage of. Maybe soon he will show his true colors? She thought to herself.
"Each tail represents a power level, the ninth being the second last," Yesung explained fluidly. Most areas from outside the Asian pacific ring didn't know what he was. The demons aka Yokai usually didn't leave and become known. He was different he like knowing other creatures outside of Asia and that's why he travels around the world looking for clubs just like this one. "I don't get anymore fails after this one, I change colour as the final power level. But that enough talk about me, what are you?"
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