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  1. Hey there guys. I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in a Royalty RP? I did a RP like this a while back, it was so popular, I had to chop it up into four series. I was thinking of starting it again?

    I'm currently writing a novella based off my Welcome to Royalty RP.

    In the RPG there would be four Nations, Iqwha Nation, Ithunzi Nation, Umilo Nation and Umoya. Each Nation would have a royal family, guards, knights, servants etc.

    But the just of it is, 4 nations have been warring for about a century when suddenly they decided to forage peace via the marriage of their eldest children. Though the peace is fragile, and not everyone wants a happy ending.

    It wouldn't be your average Royalty RP considering how dark it would get, but there would be a small element of fantasy.

    Anyone interested?

    I know the way I'm explaining it doesn't do it justice, but just give it a chance yeah?
  2. In the Novella, the main Character is a Ithunzi Prince who is thirsty for power. It depicts his rise and fall, from boy to man. Almost a coming of age type thingy.
  3. Slightly confused, would we make our own characters?
  4. I'm wondering what the nations are- no information for them has been posted, as well as whether this would be centered around one main character only...
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  5. Of course you guys would! :P That tidbit out my Novella was extra, sorry. I didn't mean to confuse you.
  6. The Nations are Iqwah, Ithunzi, Umilo and Umoya. They center around elements, Ice, Fire, air, and Earth. I'm simply grazing the surface of the information, but that's the just of it. No, it wouldn't center around one character only, but eventually this RP will end with war.

    I think I'm going to go ahead and make the RPG... Then maybe after all the information is posted, you guys will get it?

    While I'm here, does anyone know how to make those tabs?
  7. What do you mean by us being able to 'get it' after all the information is posted? Usually, especially if this is a world of your own making, most people do expect to know a lot about the world before you create the roleplay. That way they do know what they're looking at in terms of what the nations are as a whole along with other things such as the plotline, timeline, etc.
  8. I would be interested
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  9. Was the phrase 'all the information' not broad enough? Of course I'm going to include more details, it would be silly not to. But why before I create the Role play? I'm going to be posting the information in sign ups, that way a person can read over it and decide if they would like to join or not. Posting all the information here seems like a hassle, no? I'm going to include, information about the nations, background history, the whole

    'Get it' as in develop a better understanding.
  10. I think this would be a cool RP, I'm really interested
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  11. Sounds intriguing. Reminds me of a RP I used to partake in. Instead it was placed in ancient China and it was revolved around fighting for the throne, but other than that, intriguing. I do love royalty inspired role-plays. I look forward to seeing the full outcome of your idea.
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  12. Not every single piece of information would need to be posted- just a summary of what they are as a whole. I was only suggesting a way to get more interest within an interest check thread such as this one. An idea of what we're getting ourselves into is always appreciated and I don't believe it's a hassle. Besides that though, good luck with finding members.
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  13. Thanks! Working on it now. :D I may have it posted tonight.
  14. interested
  15. I haven't done a royalty RP, but I think this is a good place to start out.
  16. would play a bodyguard to a royal
  17. I am going to up your bodyguard with a knight even though they're essentially the same thing in regards to royals.
  18. i say we serve different lords and have a rivalry - up for it?
  19. Totally. We'll have cat fights and "My lord is smarter than your lord." "My lord is wealthier than your lord." arguments. You up for childishness?
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  20. How about mutual respect?

    And instead the Lord's are the childish ones who keep making us go toe to toe for slights to each other

    We are put upon elite soldiers being forced to serve idiots
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