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  1. Hey! You over there! I'm talking to you, stop squirming. I think I know what are you looking for and if I'm right, you don't need to look any further. I have everything one might need.
    My name is The Apothecary and welcome to my Interest check!

    Don't mind the smell of leather, you'll get used to it...

    First of all, there is quite a few rules you should be aware of before proceeding any further. They are quite simple, easily memorable and will serve us both to make the roleplay smoother and more pleasant.

    The nine commandments are:
    1. Be eighteen or older. (I know you probably are, since you are reading this, but I want to cover my bases)
    2. Be invested and active in the roleplay. Introduce your own ideas, make your own twists... simply don't the weight of the world rest on my shoulders.
    3. Be polite and reasonable. Had a few bad experiences in the past with people who enjoyed arguing for the sake of arguing and it wasn't exactly pleasant experience.
    4. Be active in terms of posting. You don't have to post a novel every hour, but I think few posts a week is reasonable pace.
    5. Be original. I know this one is hard and that clich├ęs exist for a reason, but try to use your imagination a little.
    6. No one-liners. I can't cook from water and nothing else. Give me something to work and don't respond just because you have to.
    7. Don't cross the boundaries we set. The sky is my limit when it comes to more steamy things, but there still is a few things my stomach doesn't like all that much.
    8. Don't abuse English too much. Everyone makes mistakes, I have probably made a thousand of them in this very post, but please, try to make your post legible at least.
    9. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. If you won't like something, tell me. I sure as hell tell you if something isn't up my alley.

    10. Don't fuck with Aria.

    With rules out of the way, let's move to the important thing, roleplaying.

    Plot Go-es:
    Enemies made allies*
    Antiquity to medieval period
    Questionable morals*
    Psychological issues

    Plot No-es:
    Slice of life
    Nothing but romance
    Black and white morals

    Female x Female
    Knight/Paladin/Priest/Nun/Faithful x Demon/Heretic/Witch*
    Lawless(Pirate/Smuggler/Assassin/Murderer/...) x Law Enforcer
    Mentor x Apprentice**
    Rough Raider/Marauder/Solider x Noble/Civilian
    Insane Scientist/Wizard x Subject/Creation*
    Messiah x Antichrist
    Hunter x Hunted
    And many other

    Warhammer (Heretics, Adeptus Mechanicus, DEldar)*
    Fallout (Raiders, Brotherhood of Steel, Synths)
    Dragon Age (Blood mages, Dragon Age 2, Fallen Inquisitor)
    Mass Effect (Omega, fallen spectres, Cerberus)*
    The Witcher (Female Witchers, Sorcerers)
    Star Wars (Dark/lightside, Agents)

    With her nation in ruins, only thing she can do to save her people is to submit under to rule of the foreigners. She becomes a mere trophy wife, a toy and source of entertainment for the bored court. But not all hope is lost and help may come from the least expected place, her husband's sister.
    Gift of Life:
    Death is usually the final destination. Once you get into that state of mind and body, you can never go back. Or so they say. There are ways to cheat death, Through science, magice and enything in between, one can brought back from other side.
    You know this all too well, as you are one of the reborn. Taken back from the clutches of Death itself, you were reborn in order to serve. Too bad your new mistress is rather... eccentric.

    Coming soon
  2. If your looking id to try your second plot
  3. If you are still seeking partners, I have an original plot I believe may interest you.
  4. Great, I will PM you both.
  5. I have an idea for an agent x lawless/big time criminal, would you be interested?
  6. Great! PM me!

    Still looking, by the way,
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