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  1. Hello, and welcome to my interest check, first off, I plan to make this rp 14+ and their will be a minimum requirement of one paragraph per post with a character, so if your not satisfying those conditions, my recommendation is to go ahead and click out, it just isn't worth wasting your time.

    Still here? Great to have you here then.

    I wish to welcome you to a group called the E.I., a group of working towards world domination, using powers that are more then human. In this group everyone is immortal, through the collective efforts of three people known only as "The Founders", a serum was developed that prevented cellular growth and destruction when you are at perfect health, and heals your injuries at an astronomical rate. It's a wonderful thing, and it has brought these three men together in an effort to establish world domination, and perhaps even an intergalactic empire.

    But they can't do it alone.

    So they have recruited you, whomever you may be, old, young, diseased or healthy, fit or unfit, to join their ranks.

    Each one of you has a special place in the ranks of the E.I., now it's up to you to train and hone your skills under the founder's watchful eye, so that you may help them achieve that goal.

    You all have your reasons, but for now, it's best not to question them.

    Welcome to the E.I.


    Alright, so your clearly still here if your reading this, so it seems that you must be interested. Or maybe your just bored and don't think you'll join, but decided to go ahead and read this anyways, either way, oh well.

    In any case, I don't plan to have just a continuous rp about characters training to take over the world, no, that would be boring. I have a clear plot worked out, so we won't always be "training" our characters. Their will be a fair amount of progression and it will be very quickly.

    Over all I plan to divide this rp into 3 parts, the beginning, which would be Welcome to the E.I., the middle {Insert title here} Which will constitute battling to make the "Founders" rulers of the world, then their will be the End {Insert new title here} Which will constitute the downfall of the "Founders" and the end of their global empire.

    Since your characters will be "immortal" as in they don't age and heal at an amazingly fast rate, they have the potential to become very very powerful beings. If your character dies, don't fret, because i'll allow you to make his/her successor.

    So are you interested yet?

    Post a comment. If I can get at least three people who wish to rp this, I will kick it off with the first installment of this three part series "Welcome to the E.I. (Eternally Immortal)"
  2. @Gateman

    Wondering if you might be interested in this, or if you knew anyone who might be.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't work with Minors, so I don't think I can join. Good luck though, man.
  4. I'm interested however I do have a few questions.

    Do you plan on having the chosen as soldiers in this grand army or generals?

    Do they only possess the immortal power or do they get get enhancements to strength, perception, speed etc?

    It sounds like they betray the founders in the middle. Do they oppose them for humanity or their own selfish nature?
  5. Glad to know someone's interested.

    To answer your first question, I do indeed plan to have them be generals in this grand army, however that will not come into play until the "second part" of the series.

    To answer your second question I plan to have each fall under a category of power used by each perspective founder. Each founder actually possesses a certain set of elements they manipulate and use as weapons, along with physical traits. Each member will chose to train under one of these founders, and from there will be able to learn weaker versions of a founder's ability, or develop their own entirely.

    For this purpose I have chosen to recognise six core elements as being the main ones, with all other elements falling under those categories as sub elements. These elements are as follows: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark

    Those who chose to train under the first founder will be able to learn to manipulate earth and water, they will possess the sort of "tank" role, with great amounts of strength and endurance, but lacking in speed. Their strength really rests in their physical traits and not their powers.

    Those who train under the second founder will be able to learn to manipulate light and dark, they will be the fastest and most agile, but will lack in strength and endurance. These members

    Those who train under the third founder will be able to learn to manipulate fire and wind, and will have by far the most flexible of skill sets, as they will have a small increase in both speed, strength, agility, and endurance.

    To answer your third question, yes, there will be a betrayal of the "founders" in the middle. In the beginning of this series the founders will start out united, with a singular goal of ruling the world and making it overall a better place, however by the end of the second part the "generals" will no doubt betray the founders simply for the purpose of saving humanity. Not to say they all will, there may be those that will remain loyal to the bitter end.
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  6. This sounds interesting, I would like to join.
  7. Sounds good. You sold me I'm in.
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  8. Alright, as I stated in the sticky post, i'll get the CS up and other needed things just as soon as their is a third person. Feel free to invite anyone you know (So long as they meet the age requirement)
  9. I'm interested if you're still looking for people :)
  10. Well since you went to the effort of tagging me I guess I'll join.
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  11. And with four people, I will go ahead and get the signup thread with the CS up today
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  12. Curious. How fast will the posts be needed? <.< I'm interested but want to make sure I could do it around my work schedule.
  13. There will be no set amount of posts you will need to make, however it should be noted that I will be posting as the GM once everyone has posted once with each of their characters since the last GM post, so it would be good to post once as soon as you can. Should it become necessary I will set a schedule for my GM posting, but i'm hoping that I do not have to do that for now.
  14. Welp, guess I'm in too if there's room
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  15. There is always room, I will have the OOC creation thread up soon
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  16. Then I'll reread this after work today to make sure I got everything. If okay, then I'll join too .^.^
  17. Yup, that's fine.
  18. Is the "pet hate" what I'd call a "pet peeve"? Just making sure.

    And also, working on CS, does this RP start right after they first get kidnapped to train or later on during their training? Just clarifying for CS.
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