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    Wakey! Wakey! Everyone! It's another FABULOUS day in Blissville. The weather is only slightly rainy with streaks of lovely sunshine. Everyone in Blissville is doing what he or she ought to.
    Smiling and, laughing and, taking their Bliss.


    That's right! I'm talking to you! Are you doing what you should?
    Haha, of course you aren't. After all, you're not a Sorrowful are you? We know what to do about Sorrowfuls
    don't we?
    Some people have asked me what to do about their happy, excited, throngs running through the streets.
    What are you doing?

    A Job That Needs To Be Done.

    "Welcome to Blissville" takes place in a drug-filled 1960s England. You, my dear fellow, are a Sorrowful, as sad as that may be, you are a person who is off their medication. Your job is to escape the Garden District, Blissville, and NOW, the island completely, while blending into society and their cruel rules. What is their rule, you ask? Why, take your Bliss, or we will have to beat you down! Haha!
    Wait, WHO are they? Why, they're the Blissians of course! They are always happy, every day. Do you know the secret to their happiness? A marvelous little pill, with a wonderful name called Bliss. Bliss is a "Rain, rain, go away, come again.. Actually DON'T." kind of pill. A few pops of the sucker over the course of the day will make even a Sorrowful's day go as smooth as velvet. Taking Bliss is an absolute last resort, though, but it will aid you, as the happy pills will make you hidden in plain sight from the inhabitants of both the Garden District and Blissville.
    But if you do follow society's rules and regulations, you'll probably die. Actually, you WILL die as you try to avoid suspicion and defend your entire life with a side effect of overdose. And you do NOT want to overdose when you're trying to escape.
    To escape the Garden District, or perhaps, survive in general, you will need to figure out a couple things. But I think you've already figured them out. You're foolish to not take your Bliss, but you're not so stupid when it comes to figuring things out it seems. Moving right along. What do the Blissians approve of you doing? What makes them suspicious? What turns them into an angry mob? Is there anyone else here who can help you? And most importantly,

    Do you have the power to try and convert a Blissian into one of you?
    [BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Locations.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][/BCOLOR]


    A Sorrowful's Home. (open)

    A Sorrowful's Home. Where comfort is just a sewer drainage away.


    Welcome to your lovely abode! Or at least, what's left of it. You don't always have to go return here for comfortable resting, but this place is usually where you get creative or store your unneeded goodies! Your home is currently located under the sewers of The Garden District, hiding away from the general public. How on Earth did you manage to get a TV/Radio down in a sewer room? At least the place doesn't smell like fecal matter.

    The Garden District. (open)

    The Garden District. Where all Wastrels and Sorrowfuls alike ended up. Where YOU ended up.


    The Garden District is the slummy part of town, where all the miserables ended up. The Blissians call it the, "Blown-up part of town." The houses that remain are deteriorated and blown to smithereens All that's left are broken dreams, houses, train stations, and an occasional spot of purified water pumps. If people were sent to this part of town, this meant that Bliss did not work for their mind. The worst people that reside here are Wastrels. Bliss doesn't work on them, but they sure as hell keep trying to make it work. Who knows why it ended up in this state? The people here don't know why the Garden District ended up the way it did due to the side effect of Bliss. Amnesia. But who needs to know about the bad things anyway? Haha! You sure don't need to! This part of town is barricaded with walls, AKA, your escape exit.
    Find the wall with the door and you can practically feel the freedom. But be careful though, the door is either surrounded by the Wastrels, or those bloody coppers.

    Blissville. (open)

    Welcome to Blissville! Have you taken your Bliss today?


    Welcome to freedom. Not really. The torment doesn't end here, fellow Sorrowful. It's just the beginning. But kudos to you for surviving the slums of the Garden District. I have no idea how you managed to get to this part of town. I should have you beaten to a pulp for this. We will get you soon enough. Oh, we will. It only gets worse from here.
    Welcome to Blissville either way! Where the citizens here are always happy! Forget the negative! Forget! Forget! Forget! The only mood here is happy. It's a lovely day for it. Everything is. Don't you agree? Did you take your Bliss? Of course you didn't. Haha! You should if you want to live. I mean, look at all the technology! The vibrant colours! Free Bliss from red telephone booths! If this doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will!

    The Golden Area. (open)

    AKA, True Freedom.


    Lovely People!

    Jack Worthing. (open)

    Uncle Jack! (Jack Worthing.)


    UNCLE JACK: Location: Blissville.
    Description: The friendly face on televisions and the friendly voice on radios. This, is Jack Worthing, the proud, smiling, human being of Blissville. He is practically everywhere in this part of town. Everywhere you go, he's always watching your back. He is here to make you smile and here to make you laugh. He's here to wake you up and here to tuck you in at night. He's here to remind you that things aren't all that bad in Blissville, and everything is so happy. So, so happy.
    At the end of the day, Uncle Jack is very reliable! Each night, he will tell you a little bedtime story and during the day and afternoon, he talks about a range of topics. From a breakfast show called, "That Tastes Amazing! What is it?", reminding you of what you might have forgotten the previous day, to common illnesses that really shouldn't trouble you too much if you're careful. Like mononucleosis!
    What a considerate man.

    Typical Blissians. (open)

    Typical Blissians!


    [BCOLOR=transparent]TYPICAL BLISSIANS: Location: Blissville.
    Description: Yeah, there’s a lot of them on the other side of escape. You can blend in much better in Blissville than the Garden District. Except when either one of these lovely Blissians see you off your Bliss, they get just a tad bit violent. they will force you to take your Bliss! With force if necessary. Hell, they’ll even bring their companions with them! Haha! What excitement! “They’re like that friend that won’t shut up about that thing they’re into.”[/BCOLOR]

    The Special Ones. (open)

    The people you need to watch out for. No matter who you are.

    From Left to Right.
    POLICE: Location: The Garden District. Blissville.

    Description: The PD roam everywhere, blocking the way to escape, roaming the streets of Blissville and the Garden District. They are the toughest in this world. They certainly know all about brute force. Hell, they can take you down with just a thought if they wanted! But never fear, with enough practice and tenacity, you can F*** the police as much as you’d like!

    THE DOCTOR(S): Location: Blissville. (Maybe in a TARDIS somewhere.)
    Description: Doctors make your cover even harder. Think you’ll sneak by with pretending you’re on your Bliss? These doctors can practically sniff you out. Watch out for them when you roam the streets of Blissville.

    OLD HAG(S): Location: Blissville.
    Description: “GET OFF MY LAWN OLD LADY.” These prissy ladies love sticking their high horses in everyone’s business. Clearly they haven’t gotten with the times. They’re EVERYWHERE. Do you plan on breaking into houses? Or try beating Blissians down with a weapon? These old ladies prevent that from happening. Sure their lifespan won’t last very long, but their voices sure do. They can scream, blowing your cool guy cover. Thanks, grandma.

    WASTRELS: Location: The Garden District.
    Description: They are failures who were sent to the Garden District because Bliss will not work on them. They mock the Blissians on the other side, etching the phrases they say on deteriorating walls. They have gone quite insane and miserable, shouting phrases such as, “Turn that frown upside down, Sorrowful.” Wastrels are very quick to tell that you’re a Sorrowful and off your Bliss. They’re a bit like you, a little different. Perhaps they’re way too far gone into their Bliss, and instead of feeling amazing, they turn violent. Very. Violent.


    A Hammer Pipe!

    A far more impressive and effective pipe! Can be used as an actual hammer!
    (Takes up A LOT of your Stamina. Be wary when using this, it tires you out GREATLY.)


    A simple improvised explosive device. Goes "Bang!" Even better when attached to other, more violently explosive items. Can be modified into a variety of other throwable items. Good if you're skilled in range attacks!
    (Although this is an explosive, it CANNOT blow up the door to escape.)

    Frying Pan!
    Cook yourself a wonderful breakfast or steal one with brute force!

    A Cricket Bat!

    For all those dreamers that want to be a real boy. A badass boy is optional but accepted.
    (Can be obtained through locked lockers found in the houses of Blissville, maybe even your house.)

    A Branch!
    What?.. Splinters hurt. And so do paper cuts! Beat your foes down caveman style.

    A Rock!
    You've been living under one for all these years. Might as well put it to good use. It's actually not as bad as most people will think. Can be used as a distraction.

    A Meat Cleaver!

    Well, time to go ham on some bloody enemies! If this thing can go through pig fat, then I'm sure it can go through human flesh just fine.
    (You cannot obtain this in the Garden District. When you escape the District, find this weapon somewhere in Blissville. You're gonna have to break through a house, though.)

    Roleplaying Rules.
    1. Follow ALL of Iwaku's general terms and rules.
    2. Have fun man. It's a must.
    3. Please don't control someone else's characters.
    4. No Mary Sues/Gary Stues. You know the drill.
    5. No God-Modding.
    6. If you can't post for a certain amount of time, (Four days or more.) Please let me or my Co-GM Ali know.
    7. You can TOTALLY play more than one character.
    8. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask the GMs!


    Roleplaying Clarity.
    1. You cannot escape the Garden District on your first post. Explore the area a bit. You might find out some lore or history behind The Garden District.
    2. I'm VERY open to ideas. If you have a suggestion, PLEASE let me know.

    3. If there is something I don't like, I WILL let you know. I'm not being mean, I swear. I love you.
    4. There is a chance of Character Death or overdose. If this is the case, don't worry. Perhaps one of your fellow Sorrowful will put you back to health. If it's an overdose of Bliss, you return home. The escape route is in a completely different area, and you don't remember what happened the previous day.
    5. Your weapons cannot destroy/break through the escape door.
    6. All Sorrowfuls start in The Garden District, all Blissians start out in Blissville. c:

    If you have read the Rules & Clarity, put a ♥ in your bio.
    I will change the rules and clarity if necessary.

    Character Sheet!

    (A Picture of your Character.)
    Location: (SORROWFULS start out in the Garden District.)

    General Personality:
    General Appearance: (Optional if you have a picture. Or nah.)
    General History: (How did your character get put into The Garden District?)
    Weapon of Brutal Choice:

    Why are you off your medication?:
    What is your plan of escape?:


    Character Sheet!

    (A Picture of your Character.)

    General Personality:
    General Appearance: (Optional if you have a picture. Or nah.)

    Location: (BLISSIANS starts out in Blissville.)
    Weapon of Brutal Choice:
    What makes you happy?
    What makes you sad? (This question determines your character's acceptance. Be wary. c;)
    Briefly tell us about the life you have had in Blissville so far:


    "Welcome my friends, it's another lovely day in Blissville."

    This RP was inspired by the game, We Happy Few. What's that? You haven't heard of the game before? Check out the trailers and hop on the Hype-Train! (It would be much appreciated if you checked out the trailers. Not only will it give you a feel of how the RP will go, but it will also give the game some really awesome and deserved loving.)





    [URL='[URL="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-blissville.118892/#post-2453505']"]Welcome To Blissville. [OOC/Sign-ups.][/URL]Vanna Von Sleshe![/URL][SIZE=6]☺[/SIZE]
    Played by the lovely Purpisoful!

    Type: Sorrowful.

    [URL='[URL="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-blissville.118892/#post-2453996']"]Welcome To Blissville. [OOC/Sign-ups.][/URL]Lolly & Johnny Sweets![/URL][COLOR=#ffff99][SIZE=6]☺ [/SIZE][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffff99]Played by the marvelous Lackadaisical![/COLOR]
    Type: Sorrowful.

    ☺[SIZE=4][URL='[URL="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-blissville.118892/#post-2454342']"]Welcome To Blissville. [OOC/Sign-ups.][/URL]Alicia Johnson![/URL][SIZE=6]☺[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [FONT=book antiqua]Played by the fantastic Seihou![/FONT]
    [FONT=book antiqua]Type: Sorrowful.[/FONT]

    [FONT=book antiqua]☺[SIZE=4][URL='[URL="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-blissville.118892/page-2#post-2455419']"]Welcome To Blissville. [OOC/Sign-ups.][/URL]Jaime Lawless![/URL][/SIZE]☺[/FONT]
    [FONT=book antiqua]Played by the one and only Commander Cheesecake! [/FONT]
    [FONT=book antiqua]Type: Sorrowful.[/FONT]

    [COLOR=#ffff99][SIZE=6]☺[/SIZE][/COLOR][URL='[URL="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-blissville.118892/page-3#post-2459321']"]Welcome To Blissville. [OOC/Sign-ups.][/URL]Charlotte Pumpernickle![/URL][COLOR=#ffff99][SIZE=6]☺[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffff99]Played by the exciting Danasaur![/COLOR]
    [FONT=book antiqua]Type: Blissian.[/FONT]

    ☺[SIZE=4][FONT=book antiqua][URL='[URL="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-blissville.118892/page-4#post-2460031']"]Welcome To Blissville. [OOC/Sign-ups.][/URL]Charlie Chanselbottom![/URL][/FONT][/SIZE]☺
    [SIZE=3]Played by the spontaneous Shattered[/SIZE][SIZE=3]Secrets![/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Type: Blissian.[/SIZE]

    [FONT=book antiqua]☺[SIZE=4][URL='[URL="https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/welcome-to-blissville.118892/page-10#post-2479182']"]Welcome To Blissville. [OOC/Sign-ups.][/URL]Leon Marcum![/URL] [SIZE=6]☺[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua]Played by the favorite TwistedPainter![/FONT][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua]Type: Sorrowful.[/FONT][/SIZE]

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  2. [​IMG]

    Freedom Blockers.
    Freedom Blockers are simply your doors to escape into Blissville, leaving the Garden District -hopefully- for good. Yes, you heard right. Doors. There are three types of escape exits that you can find blocking your way into Blissville. Let's hope you find the easiest one.

    [​IMG]This door is the hardest to get through. This is a functional Bliss detector. It works by a person stepping in a small chamber while a spinning machine scans your body to see if you're all Blissed up. You MUST be on Bliss for the door to allow you into Blissville. If you step into it with no Bliss in your system, a loud alarm with go off, alerting the police on the other side.
    [​IMG]This door is run down. The Bliss Detector does not work. For everyone's safety, there is police guarding both sides of the door. Be wary when stepping near this door.

    [​IMG]This is the easiest door, only because there is no door! Just HUGE mobs of Wastrels camping out on one side (The Garden District), and Police on the other! (Blissville) Are you ready to take on huge mobs? Then this is the escape for you.
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  3. WOO! Lets play kiddies >:)
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  4. [​IMG]
    Vanna Von Sleshe



    Tinkering, Breaking Rules, Sneaking Around, Meeting Sorrowfuls, Reading and Writing, Being Creative

    The System, Bliss, Police (With a passion)

    Sorrowful Sewer Home, Garden District

    General Personality:
    Although Vanna's labelled as a sorrowful, she has her own bunch of happiness. She usually reads newspapers and studies the typical Blissville citizens. This lead her to love art and creativity; everything about them. Aside that, not much effects her mood. She has a short temper towards police because of the articles she reads about sorrowfuls being killed. This hate also goes towards doctors. She's not very talkative at all (until befriended quite well) and she often seems gloomy, even when happy. This is probably from a lack of balance in such a messed up town.

    General Appearance:
    Vanna is usually seen within a blue and white striped shirt and a pair of tattered black pants. She also often wears a blue headband, it being the only color headband she has. This lets her stand out from the typical blissful citizen. Her hair is black; eyes are a light brown; and her height is five feet, one inch.

    General History:
    Vanna doesn't remember much from her childhood. She stopped taking Bliss at the age of fifteen. Over the year, her body has adapted to being without it, but it was hard at first. Her emotions were wild and unstable and still are to a small extent. She doesn't remember who her parents are or even her birth name. She named herself Vanna Von Sleshe by piecing together names of Blissville citizens in the news. Vanna was created herself, when teasing with letters while writing one day. Sleshe is a combination of three dead Sorrowfuls' names. Vanna moved into her sewer the day she decided to stop taking Bliss, although in her mind, she just appeared there. She has no memory of actually moving there. (To Be Added Onto Maybe)

    Weapon of Brutal Choice:
    Hammer Pipe

    Why are you off your medication?:
    Taking Bliss was more depressing than being unique for Vanna.

    What is your plan of escape?:
    Vanna lacks a plan, but hopes that she'll be able to team up with someone with a plan and help.

    More To Come Soon Maybe.

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  5. Ah, wonderful and accepted. But you see, my dearest. It's Sorrowful. (Because we just kind of want to veer off the game a little bit.) And do you know what we do with Sorrowfuls like you? c:
    I'm sure you know this VERY well.~
    (I love that you looked up some weapons from WHF. I SWEAR I'll get the weapons up for everyone.)
  6. Whoopsies. Will edit that. Sorry about that. Need some water. e ^e

    Also, as I told you in message, the hype is real. Of course I gotta know the weapons.

    Edit: Trying to get a larger version of the pic. e ~e
    Also trying to get the captions to work.
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  7. Water that isn't purified contains copious amounts of Joy. Drink it to feel as light as a feather.

    Good on you man.~ <3

    Good luck! I believe at you.

  8. My water is super purified~

    Well, I give for now. No matter what, it always comes out as that tiny picture. ; -; I may redo her appearance when I'm not running on fumes.
  9. I suppose you can always change the FC. Simply because we don't know what she looks like facially.
  10. Character Sheet!

    Note: Picture is by artist Fuji Choko and is not mine.

    Melanie "Lolly" Sweets

    Age: 9

    Gender: Female



    Tea Parties

    Pink Bows


    Property Destruction


    Being Told What to Do

    Being Told No

    Being Treated Like A Child

    People Messing With Her Brother

    And Lots of Other Things



    Garden District. Lolly and her brother have been hiding out in an abandoned hat shop for about four days.

    General Personality:

    Lolly is adorable. All pink bows and frilly stockings, She's the kind of little girl that can't help but elicit soft smiles and pats on the head as she traverses the streets of Blissville.... And that's exactly how Lolly wants it. In truth, Lolly is a wee bit spoiled.... make that very spoiled. A precocious child, the descriptor of "bright" often used by her mother and other Blissians fails to accurately capture Lolly's intelligence. She believes herself better than most other children (although she's often been rejected by them) and can come across as bossy and demanding when compared to others her age. She's manipulative and occasionally cruel, playing tricks on other children or those who cross her. A master of deceit and an excellent little actor. She likes to explore but also enjoys being comfortable. Although her conversational ability and wit might lead one to think of her as more of an adult, her movitivations for doing things are actually quite childish. She likes getting her way. She likes sweets and frilly dresses. She likes punishing those who get in her way. Does Lolly have a human side? It's hard to say. But one things for sure, Lolly Sweets is a princess and expects to be treated as such.

    General Appearance:

    Small for her age, with dark brown hair and doe-like eyes, Lolly generally has no problem using her appearance to get what she wants. She's fond of pretty dresses and shiny shoes.

    General History:

    Like many from Blissville, Lolly's memories are somewhat incomplete. She remember's her parents faces, her mothers long brown hair and her fathers spectacles but their names are harder... though she's fairly certain they begin with the same letter. Dennis and Delilah? David and Dorothy? It's all a bit of a blur and to be honest this doesn't bother Lolly as much as it should. Her mother was quite strict and her father was quite funny. She liked collecting teapots and he liked learning magic tricks. Of this, Lolly is certain of. Her father was a dentist (or a doctor?) and always smelled of peppermint.

    Lolly stopped taking her bliss regularly when she was six years old after a rare row with her mother. Lolly had stolen a lemon candy from Mr. Elliot's candy shop and her mother had forced her to give it back. With a feeling of defiance, a feeling she had not felt before, Lolly spit the pill into the garden and a new world was opened. Lolly deduced the effects of the pill quickly. On it, she was obedient, cheery and docile. Off it, she could follow her own will. Later that week, Lolly returned to the candy shop in the dead of night and threw a brick through the window. As she skipped back to her parents little house, licking a lollipop, Lolly promised herself that she would keep this power to herself and was able to hide her sorrowful condition (Lolly thinks this is a silly term, She doesn't feel very sorrowful). Although Lolly did have periods of bliss taking over the next two years, she has managed to wean herself off heavy use. Although there are still some gaps in her memory, she hasn't forgotten the night in the candy shop.

    In the past year, Lolly had gotten more bold in her antics. Ever watching, she found herself playing tricks on Blissville residents by night. Punishing wrong doing (or what she perceived as wrong doing) in small ways. Stealing shoes or spilling milk bottles. Theft was also a common pastime for her, sweets mostly but also pretty trinkets such as ribbons and tinsel. Neighbors on her streets would talk of an Imp terrorizing the street and Lolly would smile. It was also around this time that she began to talk her brother into going off his Bliss. Soon enough, Lolly was caught in the act (her father is a doctor after all... or was he a dentist?) and immediately the townspeople turned violent. With the help of Johnathan, Lolly was able to escape to the Garden District where she has been living with her brother.

    Weapon of Brutal Choice:

    A Meat Cleaver

    Why are you off your medication?:

    Originally, Lolly stopped taking bliss out of pure defiance. A desire to say 'no' when the adults told her to do something. Now, however, she's discovered that she can have more fun without it.

    What is your plan of escape?:

    No plan at current. Though she's quite small, there's a possibility she might find some nook or cranny that others wouldn't fit into.


    Our young sociopath has an older brother I will also be playing. If Lolly is too "out there" let me know and I'll edit.... I kinda think she'll be fun though.

    Character Sheet!


    Johnathan "Johnny" Sweets

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male



    Classical Music

    Studying Medicine

    Helping Others


    Not Knowing the Answer

    Being Cold or Wet



    Having to Chase After His Sister


    Garden District. Johnathan and Lolly have been hiding out in a hat shop for about four days.

    General Personality:

    Kind, soft-spoken and a bit awkward, Johnathan possesses a lot of the intelligence that Lolly has but without any trace of the sadistic streak. A scholarly sort, Johnny could often be found reading under a tree during his Blissville days a habit that was generally scorned. Johnny has always been quite gifted in academics and has studied literature, philosophy, science and medicine as much as living in Blissville would have allowed. Although clever, Johnathan is obedient and passive by nature so his new life int he garden district has been stressful. He's shy and occasionally a bit spineless. He often toys with returning to his previous blissful state. Despite trying to be the logical one at all times, Johnny has the soul of a hopeless romantic and even has a whimsical streak if you catch him at the right time. He's soft-hearted, especially towards children and those in distress. For all his nervous cowardliness, Johnny is loyal to his friends and the best aspects of his character are revealed when he is protecting others.

    General Appearance:

    Tall and lithe, Johnathan is not a bad looking but lacks the typical athletes physique that would have made him popular with the girls in school. He wears glasses and has trouble without them. His deep blue eyes often seem to stare past people through locks of black hair, as if he's lost in his own mind.

    General History:

    Johnny Sweets was a studious boy who always did well in school.
    He was quick with a joke or to open a door and he followed the golden rule.

    That rule, of course, being that he always took his bliss.

    Johnny is only recently off his bliss and his memories are less solid than Lolly's. He remember's his parents names (David and Dorothy) but not their faces and he has a sneaking suspicion that they weren't related to him at all.... but that's just paranoia right?

    He does remember his classes but not what was taught. He remember's reading under the big tree in the town square. Johnny wasn't much good in sports, he's fairly certain, but he did run track. He had friends and companions and even a girl possibly.... none of which he can remember.

    What he does remember was Lolly convincing him to go off his Bliss.

    Her charming little smile was irresistible. It was all a game to her and eventually he would play her game. Reluctant at first, soon Johnathan's curiosity got the better of him. He hid his Bliss away that first night and the next night after that.

    And then he saw the Blissville differently and he knew he could never go back.

    His parents nearly killed Lolly that night, though she didn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation. Maybe little children don't understand death like older people do. They escaped that night with only the clothes on their backs and soon after found themselves in the Garden District. Although he's maintained remarkable control, Johnathan is still experiencing symptoms of withdraw including tremors, paranoia and occasional despair.

    Weapon of Brutal Choice:

    A Rock! Very original, I know. But he prefers distance attacks.

    Why are you off your medication?:

    It was Lolly who first encouraged Johnathan to stop taking his bliss. Now, however, he see's the opression and brutality of the system and feels conflicted if he takes it. Johnny has only been off his bliss for a short while.

    What is your plan of escape?:

    Johnny is convinced that if he can find a map of the city he can devise a plan of escape.


    Don't know if there are dogs in Blissville, but Johnny is very afraid of dogs for some reason... Prefers cats.

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  11. Yaaaaay! I'll have a character sheet up sometime later... I'm trying to read up all the information but I am quite busy at the moment o-o;
  12. I quite like your characters. A lot. Although there is a lack of kids due to the Garden District and Blissville's history, I think that Lolly is a very strong girl to survive.. The very bad thing.. -Ahem.- But we don't know about that. Everything is so happy here. Happy, happy, happy.

    100% Accepted. The history can always be edited later, perhaps when your character explores everything there is to see and gets flashbacks.
  13. I'll have the history up soon, I'm just kinda watching around to see what sort of history would work best (plus I have a few non-rp things to get done today :P). I'll have em up tonight at the latest.
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  14. Hello! Hello!

    In case you guys haven't noticed, either me or my Co-GM @Ali will be giving hints to the history and lore of the town with each character sheet that gets posted up, as well as some tips on how to survive. It's kind of like a small sliver of roleplaying in the OOC for informational purposes. The stories and cooking shows, however, will be saved for later. c; But like I said, you guys are smart people to figure things out, but foolish to not take their Bliss.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.
    I'm sure you guys already know what's going on behind the scenes due to the trailers but I think that the small hints give you more of a feel of how it's gonna roll for some antagonists. Everyone is an antagonist.

    Don't forget to take your Bliss everyone! Have a wonderful day!
  15. Take your time! I'm patient. c:

    Edit: Do note that Lolly chose the Meat Cleaver for her Weapon of Brutal Choice. Let's hope she escapes/survives long enough for her to receive that weapon in Blissville.
  16. ^ Hopefully! I'm mainly just not sure what would work best for her so I picked something light but effective. May end up swapping it out for the cricket bat.
  17. [​IMG]
    Name: Alicia (Johnson, though she just likes to not mention her last name)

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female


    -Meeting other Sorrowfuls like her
    -Making friends
    -High places such as Rooftops and second stories
    -Learning new things

    -Being cooped up in a closed room (Ex: being in a room with no windows)
    -Old Hags
    -Being bored
    -Being pressured
    -Getting wounded enough that she can't walk

    Location: In the Garden District, hiding underneath a bed in the second story of an abandoned building.

    General Personality:
    Alicia is a free spirit, who cannot stand being in closed spaces. She likes to roam around and learn things through experience. She wants to be friendly but under the circumstances she's in, she's better off hiding and dodging away so that she won't get caught. Closed spaces make her nervous, and open spaces makes her relieved and happy. She wishes to have friends to share her ideas with. Even though she's not very book smart, she can be very clever when it comes to secret codes and passages that she makes. Almost always those passages end up being discovered, but she always comes up with new ideas.

    General History:
    Alicia doesn't remember much. She remembered how she got off the Bliss pills though. A mysterious boy had pulled her over and told her to stop taking the pills, then left. Oddly enough, Alicia listened to him, but she can't remember where he went or who he was. She felt the need to look for him, because she felt like he could help her remember something from her past. She believes he might be a family member of some sort.. But he might not be. (Will change this up later)

    Weapon of Brutal Choice:
    Cricket Bat

    Why are you off your medication?:
    Being a Sorrowful is something that she believes would mean freedom and more chances to do things than being drugged.

    What is your plan of escape?:
    Team up with others and form a plan with them. Safety in numbers, right?

    Other: Will add on later. <3
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  18. Freedom? Oh, no, it's never freedom. Wherever you go, we're always watching you Mike Wazowski. Aaallways watching. Did I ever tell you what happens when a simple Sorrowful like you overdoses on their Bliss? Why, you forget everything! But everything is so happy when there's a new world to explore! If you somehow find a way to not overdose the copious amounts of Bliss, and the effects of happiness wear off, all emotions of sadness take over, putting you in a very depressed state. You don't want that to happen don't you?

    Always take your Bliss. I guarantee it will bring you the freedom you've always wanted.~

  19. Yay I'm accepted!! TuT
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  20. Added background for mah characters. :3
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