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Hush, little child don't say a word. I promise you will fly like a Mockingbird. All you have to do is shut your eyes and cover your ears or you're in for a surprise...

Winter break. It's a break that most people would use to spend all their time with their family. There's some snow on the ground, especially in the winter wonderland of Canda. Well yeah, that's a given, but this year there's some extra time to goof off for these friends. It's been a while since they've all been in the same place at the same time, as everyone is busy with college and their jobs. Some are high school bffs, while others are new additions to the group. Some are spoken for, while others oppose the idea of romance. But they all have something in common, a sense of adventure. So (Character here) suggests that they go camping. They know a great mountain that people rarely go to, and it so happens to be the location of their family's abandoned mountainside hotel. It was a bit strange, to have a hotel on a mountain. But it was popular for the ghost-like appeal it had. You see, it was located nearby an abandoned asylum, which naturally people were drawn to. The building itself was relatively large, three levels and a basement. The first two floors were for guests while the top was off limits, as it was a storage area. The basement was also storage, mostly filled with things in case of an emergency. However, the hotel was closed down after 10 years, due to 'personal reasons'. While (Character Name) never questioned their parents about it, the friend group was curious.

With the exciting idea of spending time 'camping' in an abandoned hotel that is supposedly haunted and nearby a creepy asylum, the group set off. They drove two trucks up the mountain, giving up on the hiking idea when they saw the trails were closed off. So they drove on the one lane road, it curling around the mountainside until it brought them near the top, in front of a large wooden building. The hotel was in good shape as it was still maintained by the family, just nobody dared to open it again. It was closed for a reason, but (Character name)'s grandparents, who were the former owners, didn't want it to get ruined. They had many memories in the hotel and didn't want them to go to waste. So the group set up camp, excited to spend the last few days of their break together once again. A large fireplace, doors down every hall, some locked, other slightly ajar. The temptation was in the air, curiosity flowing through their veins as if they were high school students again. But as they find themselves falling into the same temptation, the same curiosity as those many years before, they are setting themselves up for events that no living thing on Earth would want to experience.

Every breath, every beat of your heart, it could very well be your last. Do you feel your pulse quicken? The blood rushing in your ears? It's the only thing keeping you alive. But how long will that last you? How long will you live? It's just a game to him, and only he knows how to play. You better stay alert. Don't linger for too long. He can smell your fear. It's such an addicting scent, it makes him want to devour you whole. Tic toc now darling.

So this roleplay is inspired by various horror theme video games, the most prominent one being of Until Dawn. This is having a similar set up of that game, of the protagonists going up on a mountain to spend time in a cabin of sort, but it is different from the game such as what the antagonist is, story behind the hotel, ect. So if you notice similarities to video games, it's because I was inspired by some details from various games. If that bothers you I'm sorry, I'm trying to make it as original as possible, just using those ideas as a base. After all, horror troupes are fun~ As for character deaths, that will be decided depending on the amount of interest in the roleplay. I'm probably going to try and keep the rp small for now, maybe six characters max, but I'm not sure.

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