Wayward Insane Asylum

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  1. ((**For Future Willing Participants** The W.I.A has been moved to this thread. If you're interested in a more organized Asylum, please feel free to drop a CS whenever.))

    Cateline was sitting in a wooden chair in the corner of a large room where the patients were allowed to socialize, otherwise known as
    The Play Area, hah! What a stupid name, do they consider us children? She was alone in the room, wrapped in freezing, wet blankets for others to see as a way of humiliating, and punishing her for thrashing out at an orderly the previous night. The foggy window at her right held no entertaining view, just the ten foot electrical fence with barbed wire wrapped around the top. There was no way out of this Hellhole and she knew that from first hand experience. The building was like a maze and people have gotten lost for weeks, some just disappear, though there were rumors amongst them that the doctors murdered those unfortunate souls.

    Five years she's been locked away at the Wayward Insane Asylum, where Madness spreads and accumulates like a disease within the mentally ill. Five years and her Schizophrenia has only worsened; Auditory and Visual Hallucinations, Depression, Delusions, the list could go on. Glancing at the clock, she knew the room would soon contain more beings than just herself. It was 9:26 AM and others would be here in about four minutes. She sighed, slumping forward uncomfortably in the cold sheets that tightly bound her. One of the lights were flickering in the middle of the room in time with an irritable sound of buzzing.

    Her mind began to drift while in the midddle of counting the tiles of the dirty floors out loud. "...78, 79, 80, 81..." Who would be the first to walk through those double doors at the opposite side of the room? An abusive orderly, a sadistic doctor, another desperate patient? Once the column of tiles reached and expanded beneath the closed doors, her eyes drifted upward to the words in fading black paint above them.

    Welcome to the Wayward Insane Asylum!
    You'll Never Want To Leave.
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  2. The left door began to slowly creep open. A pale girl with heavily bleached-blonde hair peaked through the door and surveyed the area carefully before her eyes fell upon Cateline. The girl stared at the other for a while before walking more into the Play Area. "U-Um...Hello..." she softly greeted Cateline. Her medical bracelet would reveal her name to be Sheila, if anyone was willing to look.

    "A-a-am I bothering you o-or anyone?"
  3. Her eyes dropped from the words above the door as it was opened, her gaze suddenly on the new person. Patient. The thought was brought on from the sight of the bracelet around the female's wrist, though she couldn't read it from the distance between them even with her glasses. "Hello." Her tone was flat and barely audible. Squirming, she managed to turn herself in the seat. The covers around her kept her arms pinned to her sides and her legs together, her lips were a pale blue from the start of hypothermia. She had been in the dripping fabric for nearly eleven hours now. "Are you new here?" Leaving the question unanswered, she raised an eyebrow at the girl. If this person wasn't new, she must not have paid attention to their presence before.
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  4. "This is...my 3rd day..." Sheila responded. "I just haven't been to this area before..."

    Sheila walked a bit closer to Catherine and saw the wet blankets wrapped around her. With a look of shock, she soon rushed over. "A-a-are you okay?! Why do you have those blankets on you?!" she hurriedly asked. She reached to touch the blankets around Catherine...
  5. "Hey, hey, hey!" She leaned back in the seat, knocking herself and the chair over against the cement wall, falling into the small puddle of water the sheets had produced. With a groan she decided to lay there, staring at the ceiling with an apathetic gaze. Dammit. "Don't. Touch. Me." She spaced the words out evenly between one another, purposely pausing in between to get the message through in case the girl had a thick skull. Patients were ones who tended to not listen to others, and Cateline couldn't stand to be touched by anyone. Which made it rather difficult for the orderlies to get her in the cloth to begin with. "Three days, huh? You got the rest of your life ahead of you to explore this oh-so-lovely place of wonders!" One would think she meant her words as a playful little joke, but she wanted her words to be taken seriously. It was indeed a place of wonders, though, not any lovely ones unless a soul was was as morbid as she was.
    "Gotta name?" Cateline stared at the new girl from the corner of her eyes, assessing her as best as she could from this new angle. I wonder if she'll be another brave, stupid sort of patient to get herself in trouble- or if she's a suck up to the docs. "What got you locked in here?"
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  6. Joe was bord out of his mind he could hear two female voices talking in the room behind the wall that separated his from the room next store he threw his baseball against the wall *thud* he counted as he caught the ball "1" *thud*"2"*thud*"3"*thud*"4"*thud*"5"*thud*"6"
  7. Cateline's left eye began twitching in time with the sounds of a repetitive 'thud' that she could now hear with her head closer to the wall. The woman squirmed frantically in order to sit herself up, though she failed. She felt like a worm on hot pavement, desperately doing what it can to move itself to the next destination without dying. Fucking, fucking, fuck! That noise isn't in my head, is it? "Is it?!" She suddenly shouts without context, attempting to wiggle herself away from the corner.
  8. Joe stops Throwing the ball and looses count when he hears a shout then continues to throw the ball this time higher at the vent *crash* "1" the vent gives way and falls to the floor as the rusted nails break. Joe goes to the vent which is only small enough to fit a hand in to and speaks in to it "hello?"
  9. "Fuck!" While on her stomach she shakes her head, unable to grasp at and hold her ears; her usual attempt to get voices and sounds that resided in her skull to be quiet. "Shut up already!" She didn't even care that the new female was nearby and able to see her, she just wanted the damn noises to not exist this morning.
    An orderly had heard the crash from Joe's room and decided to barge in, flinging the door back. "What do you think you're doing?" The staff member's voice was gruff and irritated because they were the one who would probably have to fix that broken vent now. Knowing it was time for patients to be thrown together in one room, the orderly would grab Joe by the arm and drag him into The Play Area if he didn't struggle.
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  10. Joe turns sharply and flicks his wrist revealing a sharp shank which he digs in to the arm of the woman who came in and head butts her forcing her to the floor. "gona stay still tonight?..Well guess whos going in the play room tonight not me.. its you!"
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  11. The staff of the W.I.A (Wayward Insane Asylum,) are not as weak as Joe has seemed to assume. The orderly's eyes narrow with annoyance at having a foreign object pierce their flesh, and takes only a few steps back from the head butt. They don't reply to Joe's odd choice of words, but instead calmly calls out for back up. Within seconds, two more staff members are in the room to forcefully confiscate the shank and try to strap him up in a straitjacket. They were not ones to put up with bad behavior.
  12. Joe starts to look panicked as he sees his plan go wrong befor his own eyes and jumps up on the bed to avoid one of the staffs grabs and leaps like a frog ontop of a wardrobe and from there huddles tight in to a corner and kicks at those who try get him down.
  13. "What are you, a fucking cat?" One of the orderlies shouts at him as the other two shove over the wardrobe and knock him to the floor. They didn't care what they broke, it wouldn't be their job to clean it up, it would be Joe's problem later. When the dresser finally fell, it broke a few drawers and some hinges. The staff waiting for Joe to hit the floor next would straddle his back and press his head to the floor to keep him still. If that worked, the second of the three would poke him in the rear end with a syringe filled with a liquid tranquilizer to briefly knock him unconscious.
  14. Joe slid down the back of the wardrobe and vanished down a hole that had obviously been dug by the previous occupant of the room. Joe only knew about this hole due to him loosing a penny down it. Joe chucks the penny back up the hole and it lands face down on the back of the wardrobe and he scuttles down the tunnel that leads in to the space between the walls. he manages to squeeze up the gap in to the rafters where he crawls along till he finds an airvent and climes in it with a thud.
  15. "Not our problem now." One of the three orderlies left the room, only to return with spackle and bricks. Then, they would fill and cover the hole despite being confused on how a cement wall could have a hole in it to begin with. They left the man unable to come back the way he escaped, and after thoroughly searching and seizing anymore objects that could cause harm, left the room. "Who's gonna care if he rots in the walls?"
  16. Joe crawls through the vents and finds no way out the building only to crawl above offices and rooms and the play room once or twice he was lost in a maze. Joe takes a left and a right and comes to the entrance to a staff room that is locked and borded shut there is an old musty smell to the place. "I guess this is the bit of the Asylum nobody goes exsept me i wonder why" joe says to him self as he busts open the old door and it creaks open.
    The back story to why joe was even in this place yet alone down here was that he was admited after a series of events that triggerd his Psychopathic Bipolar and he ended up murdering a ward of prisoners in a prison he was admited to for car theft.
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  17. After a few minutes of unsettling silence between herself and the new girl who claims to have been admitted three days prior, Cateline rolls over on her back, no longer hearing what she thought to be sounds in her head. Thank God. The thought was amusing and she cracked a fraction of a smile at the warped ceiling with strands of hair stuck to her face. She was agnostic, ever leaning toward the belief that the Christian God was made up or existed to make people suffer; he must have placed her in that forsaken Asylum for some sick kicks to get off on. Slow, deep breaths calmed the rest of her frayed nerves. Huh. Only one patient in The Play Area this morning... How disturbing. The others must be lost.
  18. Raye shuffled into the Play Area, it was difficult for him to move his feet for they were chained together with only a four-inch chain separating them. Raye was wearing a straitjacket and had no control of his arms. Raye had long black hair parted to allow his eyes vision. He had dark hazel eyes with bright red veins showing across them. And his last, most distinguishing facial feature was the leather slab that had been sewn across his mouth by the asylum's orderlies. Raye shuffled over to the two girls in the Play Area and moaned loudly. For a moan was the only sound he could make through his leather binds.
  19. The sound of scuffling caught her attention and she turned her head, her left cheek pressing into the cold tiles. She did her best to blow the strands of hair from her face and to her annoyance, they simply fell back in her sight. A smirk lifted the right corner of her mouth at what she could make out of the new person in the room. Cateline couldn't really see his eyes or much of the mask covering his mouth. Hell, she couldn't see past their waist, but she saw the chain keeping his feet somewhat together, and the bottom of the all-too-familiar straitjacket. "Look at that, they already got you at their mercy, too!" The sheets were beginning to really bug her. Better than Electroshock Therapy...
  20. Joe tumbles through an airvent in to the playroom "aaaaaag. that was quite an adventure" he said to him self.
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