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Warrior Cats

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ᴋɪᴛsᴜɴᴀᴇ, Oct 8, 2014.


Have You Read the Warriors Series? Would You Join This Rp?

Poll closed Nov 15, 2014.
  1. Yes; No

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  2. I Haven't Read It

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  3. I've Read a Little

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  4. I've Read It but I Wouldn't Rp It. Sucks For You :P

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  5. Yes, I've Read It; I'd Be Glad To Join

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    Warriors, a book which is probably a foreign subject to most of you. There's a huge fandom and community of role-players that love it, but since I'm new here, and with little researching, I don't think a lot of you know about it or like it. That's why I'm posting this, and it is indeed, an interest check.

    I've made many Rps in the past, so I was thinking of bringing in an old Clan of mine here, and making a group for it and going all big with it. Thing is, I need to know if anyone at all are even interested. A lot of work goes into an Rp like that, and I don't want to waste that effort if no one cares to join.

    Where the interest check comes in! Please, comment and vote on the poll!
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  2. When you mean Clan, do you mean a bunch of people that you are bringing?

    If I join could I possibly snag Med Cat or Med Cat Ap?
  3. In the books, they call the large groups of Cats that live together, Clans.

    It all depends. There will be a ranking system and I will choose who I think is est for the role, out of the people that asked for it.
  4. I know I've read all the books. Except the new series and some of the new special editions

    Oh I see...
  5. I just see that as the fairest possible way, but you still have a possibility of getting one of the ranks. I know for a fact that Med. Cat is wanted more than the apprentice itself, so I could probably get you the apprentice rank for it.
  6. I would love to join Long Lost Sister!! :DDD
  7. WOOP! You've read the Warriors series?
  8. I'm interested. I read warriors and cats and knew where it was from. No I have not read the whole series. *Cough I had a fried who gave to many spoilers with no warning* Anyways I would love to join if you'll have me.
  9. The whole one with Firestar as leader of Fire *cough* ThunderClan, yes! The others? I have yet to read them.
  10. Count me in
  11. Alright then! I'll get started on making a little Rp.
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  12. How's it coming along, sis? :D
  13. Pretty well, so far! I've been really busy so it may be another week or two. I'm also thinking about making it a group. :D
  14. Great! Keep up the awesome work, sis~ :3
  15. I'll see how this takes off. I was obsessed with the Warriors as a kid, owned every single book (I stopped like right before the last book. Now they're doing some prequel thing or something?). Spent two-three years roleplaying it too <.< (I was that kid.) It was like this huge ChaRp of sorts. We had like a full four Clans (most of the time anyways), a temporary Skyclan, etc. I was the nerdalicious leader of Thunderclan for a proud two years and then decided that it was childish and quit (the entire thing crumbled a few months later anyways).

    Kind of regret it. I'm actually still trying to sell all the books now for more bookshelf space. I've got good memories from it though. I suppose if there's enough people to have this take off I'll jump in. No promises though. Good luck either way ^^
  16. Sounds good. Just letting you know I'm still interested.
  17. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I <3 warriors! curently in three clans. med cat in one. deputy the other. and two warriors in the last :3 I WOULD TOTALLY JOIN!!!! >_< im new here though...so i dont know where the group is XD
  18. Hey, you still looking for people to join? I would love to rp Warriors! I love that series!!
  19. @SteelMoon
    Of course! I'd be thrilled to have you! :D
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  20. Awesome! So when are we thinking of starting the rp?
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