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  1. “Hello travelers, I do hope you don’t mind if I tell you all a little history. Long ago humans used to dominate Eartherous, or more simply Earth, with no other race at that time coming even an empire’s size to their greatness. They built beings made from metal that served them, herbs that could cure anything, glass so refined that it could even be brought with paper, and towers made of steel hulking over even the tallest mountains. Sounds like a paradise doesn’t it? But we know no paradise is without its flaws.
    Mankind was disunited. Categorized into races and nations that grew to hate each other, refusing to listen and live with one another. An Age of Hate. They wanted more and more and their cursed greed would be their downfall allowing tyrants to rise to power. They gave empty promises of endless riches, unimaginable power, and glory like the sun itself. This would lead to the world being consumed by fire and ash. The Age of Fire lasted only a short time, but the damage it did was horrifying.
    Lush, green forests turned to black, ashen wastelands. Sparkling rivers boiled into searing ditches. Bustling cities became silent tombs. Those who survived would fight against each other for scrapes of the old world. They were scattered and shattered, an Age of Shattering. It took the Immortals, who appeared shortly after the flames burnt out, to unite mankind once again. And unlike the tyrants before, the Immortals carried out their promises creating nations bent on peace and recovery.
    Slowly man would recover, but the world was not the same. Over time beasts emerged while their creations of metal betrayed them, but man refused to go silent. They argued, shout, begged, fought, lie, and even going as far as to commit genocide to survive. Their war with the dragons, many of whom know it as the Dance of Talons and Swords, helped them rise to power. Shortly after, they went on to conquer a good portion of the Central Drow City-States.
    About 25 years ago they met the others races. They too had their stories and hardships. Their laughs and sorrows. The High Elves began many wars trying to unite the other races under their motherly eyes, but couldn’t maintain their grip. The other races rebelled only uniting under a pact to survive the dragon onslaught.
    And not the dragons the humans fought with either. Countless died, but in the end the Red Moon Pact won. Cities were rebuilt, relationships started anew, and now the Rising Star Alliance has met the Red Moon Pact. They started off friendly enough, but things decayed as time marched on. I fear that both sides will clash like waves against cliff and you think us safe in a small city state like Minjula. No, they will come. And there will be blood. Heroes and villains will rise, new legends transpire, names will go into history or forgotten within the day. So, what will you be in this War of Races?"

    Hello there peoplz, this is simply a overview for those that skimmed or skipped the intro and wanted a summary. What is going on is that mankind went to war and the world was consumed by fire. After a long time new creatures have emerged with mankind stuck with primitive technology such as swords, but some have managed to rediscover rifles.

    Players may create their own races and add lore to this world. Check with me though before posting in IC about it.

    The Races

    Mankind (open)


    Humans used to dominate Eartherous, but times have changed. They must share their world with other creatures that are far more powerful than them. This does not mean that man is weak though. Their stubbornness is what has helped them since their beginning and as a result they have recovered. They are also the second most technologically advanced species, right behind the Dwarves. Magic within mankind is somewhat rare, but as time progresses more and more humans are developing magical abilities. They are not as advance as the Elves, but they are learning.

    Humans are divided into various kingdoms and empires unlike the High Elves who have a single culture and empire. This has lead to disunity and rampant corruption and hate among them. They still bicker over land, resources, and power forming massive armies. Do not underestimate, though, because many humans are brave to a fault, whatever by brainwash or by choice. Humans can also fit quite well into any and all skills making them a Jack of All Trades.

    The Dragons (open)


    Dragons have always been a symbol of power, wealth, or immortality. They have existed in the minds of man, elf, dwarf, and beast as beings that could easily incinerate entire cities. There are also many different types based upon elements such as the fire dragons that are weak against the water dragons. There are also special subspecies of dragons such as the Phoenix Dragon that can be reborn from its own ashes and fire heals it.

    Dragons once used to rule the Jagged Peninsula waging war much like the humans. They ruled for countless years until the humans managed to unite and defeat them with heavy losses. Many dragons were slain during the war called Dance of Scales and Swords and many more in the following years. Their numbers are low, but they are still powerful.

    A cousin race are the Wyverns. Much smaller and weaker than their dragon counterparts they still retain the same elemental status. They're still stronger than the average man and one should be careful when dealing with one.

    Both can also use metalwork and stone to an extant, but not on the level of the more commons species.

    Griffins (open)


    Griffins once were slaves to the dragons until their rebellion. With their speed and ability to work metal and stone better than the dragons they were able to break their bonds becoming free in the Jagged Peninsula. They live off the coast on a series of islands and trade with the dragons and humans.

    Recently they have had internal strife as exiles and rebels have begun a war against the main Monarch and the lords.

    Elves (open)


    Elves are as diverse as humans if only taken into account species. Each one is unique, but each species generally shares the same traits, qualities, customs, etc..

    High Elves

    High Elves don't only have considerable life spans, but also advanced magic that has allowed them to prosper for their entire time. They are united under one banner and they view themselves as 'guardians' or guides for the other races. They have also amassed great amounts of wealth which is reflected in their cities.

    Their views have clashed with the humans who want freedom over order. They prepare their armies and ready for the fray even though they are frail in nature.


    Drows, or Dark Elves, are brutal, underground beings that have been exiled from lands so many times they just finally decided to live underground where creatures lie. They had to be brutal in order to survive the beasts that lived there, but their brutality has caused them to be corrupted. They don't wear much armor due to their increased pain tolerance and their way of life is 'survival of the fittest."

    A few cities, however, came into contact with the humans and their allies causing a small war. These cities fell after prolonged sieges and becoming apart of human lands. Some cities have also fallen to the dwarves causing a blend of cultures. Drows in the human lands exhibit a 'nicer' side. Drows in the Dwarf lands exhibit a interest in technology.

    Other races available for creation. Possible ones to be worked on are,
    Nature Elves
    Wild Elves
    Blood Elves

    Dwarves (open)


    The Dwarves are a short and stocky race, capable of building steam engines. They have even managed to create machines without magic. They live in magnificent underground cities running on steam power. They also have magic, but their reliance on machines and steam has caused a decline.

    The Dwarves have always been distrustful of outsiders and few ever venture into their cities. However, rumor has it there is a revolt in the Drow Cities that they have under their control.

    Orcs (open)


    Orcs have been slandered into being as if they were nothing more than mindless, bloodthirsty brutes. This is not true, but instead they have an Code of Honor to follow. Many follow this code to the very end of their lives, but all have some type of anger issue and often times when provoked or in battle they'll become bloodthirsty, but certainly not mindless.

    Masters of metalworks, Orc metal are stronger than many other metals. They live in tribes following the Code of Honor while those who have disobeyed have turned to banditry to get what they want. That is how they got their reputation in the first place.

    Beasts (open)


    Not all beasts are sentient, but the few that are exhibit great power. The most basic of these are the humanoid Furiona, or animal people. The Furiona have the traits of their respective animal such as a fish being able to breath underwater. The Furiona, however, are primitive when compared against the other races. The more powerful races such as the werewolves and vampires live among the races portraying themselves as member of that race.

    Certainly they are powerful, but the sapient beasts are far more numerous and are not privy to the woes of the sentients.

    Monsters (open)


    Monsters, bedtime stories used to scare children to sleep and obey. They are not myth or legend though, they are very real. These creatures range from the endless undead to the all powerful Overlords that oversee many types of monsters. No one knows where they came from though, just the fact that most are sapient beings capable of only murder and feast. This race is not available to the players unless chosen as a type of pet.


    Rising Star Alliance (open)


    The Rising Star Alliance formed just after the Dance of Scales and Swords to provide mutual benefits between the three races that inhabited the Jagged Peninsula. Originally intended only to prevent wars from occurring, but after the Drows the Alliance formed armies to protect themselves. Much has changed, being an alliance only for peace to a coalition bent on protecting themselves. The Rising Star Alliance has trained their soldiers well in hit and run tactics as well as siege and open battles. However, they lack a formal navy and relay heavily on technology that is susceptible to the elements. There are four leaders to represent each race.


    Matthew Morningstar
    "My allegiance is to the humans only, even if it means working with mutants for its survival."


    Ambolish Lightingfire
    "The others are blinded by their short and petty lives."


    Stormclaw Blue
    "I will not allow myself to be corrupted by false ideals."


    Ardura Ssin
    "The others are weak, unable to see their own flaws."

    The Red Moon Pact (open)


    In the times before the Pact, the races of the Heartland waged war. It wasn't until the Day of the Burning that they did unite. Dragons were the cause and they had to ban together to survive. They turned the dragons back and the Pact stayed in effect should a threat ever arise. However, despite this Pact being in effect for hundreds of years, there is still much infighting. There are also three leaders representing only their races. This has caused distaste and rebels have appeared over time.


    Carwen Anaedore
    "With our swords we stirke, with our magic we discover, and with our unity we shall overcome."


    Loset Brightfoot
    "What do you mean you can't do it? Yes you can and yes you will!"


    Gug Lob
    "In order to do good, we must do bad."

    The Magic System

    Or it less commonly used name 'Psionic Power'. Magic has appeared only after the Age of Fire and even then only a few had such abilities, but those that had it would pass it down. The High Elves are by far the most magically adept leaving others in the dust. Magic is also imagined in the mind rather than spoken though practice and study are needed to learn new spells and hone old ones.


    The School of Holy Magic gets it name for the spells used. Able to heal great wounds and cast away the shadows, this is one of the most sought after schools there are. People who study this exclusively often wear a light colored robe such as a light brown or green to show that they are studying this school. Color is also used to show experience like how a white-colored robe is master and a light green robe is a trainee.


    The School of Elements utilizes the elements for a variety of purposes. Be it survival, war, research, etc. no one would doubt the usefulness of this school. People studying or aspiring to study should take heed, as the elements, without proper control, have been known to injure or even kill a person. However, those that manage to control the elements unlock great powers. Mages are identified by color like how a fire mage might have a orange-red robe and unlike the Holy Mages rank is shown by a strip on their shoulder. More strips equal higher rank.


    The School of the Mind focuses on bending the minds of others and distorting reality to a certain degree. Normally used in war as a means of tricking the enemy, but this School has also been used with Holy Magic to help lessen painful operations such as amputations. People in this school wear a grey-purple robe with no marks pertaining to rank.


    The School of Necromancy is learning how to bring dead things to life. However, due to the very nature it is either regulated or outlawed. The School of Necromancy also utilizes the person's mind to control an undead and the more powerful the mind the greater number of undead they can control. So a novice will only be controlling a small group while a Lich Lord may control thousands or even more. Those that study this school wear no robes nor marks making them blend into the general population.

    Other School of Magic exist. If you wish to add your own just post it and I'll have a look!

    In terms of staffs and tomes, they only enhance the power of a spell. For example, a Fire Staff will increase fire spells. Tomes are used as a method of learning new spells. One must imagine it in their mind and must repeat the spell over and over again to hone it. Overuse of spells can lead to mental fatigue so the stronger the mind the more spells can be casted.

    Also, a novice can use a master spell. It will, however, leave them with a bad headache or perhaps a nose bleed as magic is like a muscle. Overuse leads to tiredness and prolonged use can result in damage.

    Effects of overuse include: Headache, nose bleed, tiredness, fatigue, coma, damage to brain, death if prolonged enough.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machines (open)

    Robotics have come a long way from the days of wiry, clunking automatons. Before the Age of Fire and even before the Age of Hate, humanity had begun to cross the threshold of creation. Of course, all things must start somewhere.

    The earliest machines that could truly be considered working robots were often simple robots designed for specific tasks in human society. These machines of course, were not intelligent in the way we would describe a sentient being. They were simple machines. It was during this time that humanity saw the use of janitorial or maintenance robots. Machines that would work to keep a building clean or maintained and not much else. They were basic in the way that they were not truly intelligent. They could not think for themselves and only followed orders. Despite this, robotics began to advance at a rapid pace. Soon, machines would be used in tandem with police and military units, often sent in to spearhead large operations. A machine was used in situations that would put a human being at too much risk. Door-to-door searches were no longer deadly for human personnel in foreign urban battlegrounds if it was a machine that was taking point. The combat bots used during this time were often simple, but it helped set the foundation for advanced robotics.

    Soon, we began to see smarter robots. Bots that could communicate, choose a plan, and work in teams. Maintenance crews were composed of teams of robots who could relay information to each other and work together efficiently to repair, clean, or perform other simple tasks. Robots began to see use in other areas as well. Not all people were happy with this, some often citing distrust for the machines. However, the machines were still not truly intelligent. They were not sentient and could not make decisions or plans outside their programming. A repair bot would only use the techniques it was programmed with and nothing else. However, even the battleground began to see more and more machines. Agile, humanoid robotic soldiers who could communicate and follow strategies with only a little human guidance. They worked in squads and proved to be extremely effective in combat. The world began to see larger more complex machines. And it wasn't just small humanoid units that saw combat. Completely automated tanks rolled across the deserts of Iran, independent drones flew over the skies of Chechnya, even machines that walked on two legs and fired missiles standing over 40 feet tall. However, these were all simple intelligences programmed to follow orders and little else. Then came the first true AI.

    Their names were simply CP-A v4.9 and CP-B v7.3, meaning Communication Platform Alpha version 4.9 and Bravo version 7.3. Affectionately named Alice and Billy for brevity, these two were the first truly intelligent machines. They were simple programs housed within large computers at a technology university in Colorado, USA. The two were designed in tandem and were initially designed to be two machines that could come up with complex plans and ideas of their own, rather than simply using tactics and concepts implanted by creators. However, the programmers and engineers who built them began to see the possibility for something so much bigger. Several versions of the two later and they finally had what could be called two self aware artificial intelligences. There was a lot of scrutiny at first, but when the two AI's began to communicate with one another and try to learn more about each other as well as themselves, people were amazed. The two communicated by transmitting data to each other and actually spoke in computer code that had to be translated for human beings to read. Eventually, they were given a way to display text on a screen and a way to receive input from human beings as well. It was simple, but it was enough. The two room-sized computers became history and AI development exploded from there. Alice and Bobby were decommissioned a few decades later.

    AI began to take off. While they were't common, researchers kept looking for ways to improve them. Making them smaller, smarter, giving them programs to allow them to do things humans couldn't. Soon, the first AI in a robotic body was made and afterwards, the world began to see more advanced applications. However, they were still rare. Extremely rare. At the time that humanity was destroyed there were only around 37 active AI's in the world, and most of them were in laboratories. It was confirmed at the time that these were self-aware, intelligent, even curious. They had the efficiency of a computer with the emotion of a human being. At least some of them did. AI's are still machines. Certain behaviors could be blocked or erased. The machine would be aware of this, but they could do nothing against these programmed blocks. Most of these restrictions were necessary; AI's could not harm organic life, they could not rewrite their own code, and many other things created for safety and control. And they were certainly never used in combat. They were thinking, sentient machines. Combat would have unpredictable effects on them. However, there were rumors that a certain company was forgoing international policy and attempting to create robotic combat AI's. Something that would have the efficiency of a combat drone with the judgement, decision making, and possibly even leadership of a human soldier. Whether they succeeded or not is unknown. Perhaps these still rest somewhere in an underground bunker.

    After the Age of Fire, not all machines were gone. A few were still operational, roaming around until they were destroyed or could no longer function. Nowadays, the only machines you'll see are old combat drones, the only robots tough enough to survive centuries of neglect. They often stay in little corners of the world around their bunkers, following the last orders they were given. Defend the bunker from all hostiles. And in a world without designated civilians or friendly soldiers, everyone is a hostile target to them. Automated turret guns, squads of humanoid combat units, even the occasional automated combat walker platform or tank can be found in remote lonely areas guarding their bunkers, only going inside them for the automated repairs that have kept them going for so long. The people of this age don't understand them and there are many stories of iron demons shooting flamed and lightning. To the people of this age whose most advanced idea of technology is usually a watermill or maybe a cannon, the calculating machines might as well be demons. Many travelers have gone into the wilderness in search of the unknown treasure these ancient structures might have, all of them have come back empty handed with stories of monsters made of metal that kill you by looking at you; or they don't come back at all. No one knows what these mysterious treasure troves might hold within them. Untold riches? Infinite knowledge? The secret to immortality? The locals have all sorts of names for the bunkers, since a bunker isn't exactly in the native vocabulary nowadays. Temples, dungeons, all sorts of ways to describe something that goes deep underground and is guarded by monsters. Not even those crazy few who are rumored to have been around since before the Age of Fire may know. Humanity had some crazy things in its day, and who knows what made it into those bunkers. Or should I say, dungeons.

    Done by Sir Pinkleton

    Heat Zones

    Even though most of the fire and ash is gone at this point, there are still areas called Heat Zones where the 'heat' is still so intense it will kill a person within seconds without proper protection. For those that wish to trek these perilous roads, great rewards await. But also danger.
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  2. Quest System

    Quests can range from the simple fetch item to more complex quest arcs involving many NPCs and characters. Quests can also be given by people, papers, rumors, or various other sources. The types of quests include

    Just your simple get item and deliver quest. Sometimes characters will have go transverse through certain areas just to get one or get it from a tribe in which case there's many ways to retrieve said item.

    Sounds simple right? Characters just have to go and kill something, but when there's a orc who has taken herbal drugs that increase strength and numbs pain characters are going to have a though time. There are also bounties placed on people's heads and you can kill that person for gold and reputation. People can range from the simple thief to the corrupted priest. However, be warned, not all kill quests would have you slay some evildoer.

    A quest to protect a person or item for a certain amount of time. This can include simple traders to wealthy nobles that have many enemies.

    Someone's been kidnapped or gone missing for some reason and needs to be rescued.

    Immortal Quests
    Immortals will offer variations of these quests such as finding a rare mutant that doesn't fall into any of the species or an item from the Age of Hate. In return, they offer high amounts of coin, reputation, and even unique rewards. One could even get a friend made of metal or a rod that shoots fire and lighting in rapid secession.

    I am also looking for Co-GMs. If you wish to become one you are expected to uphold the rules and bring the hammer down on troublemakers, control major NPCs(expect rulers), formulate quests and rewards, accept Apps(GM has the right to override), and take over should the GM cannot do their duties at the time.


    No more tech characters like robots or advance orcs.






    Description(Allowed to make as detailed as you want, includes history, likes, dislikes, fears, personality. etc.):

    Alterations are allowed.

    No goddmodding nor metagaming.
    No insulting or arguing over things in the OOC. Take it to PMs and have IC drama stay there. However, playful banter is allowed.
    No Mary Sues/ Gary Stus. These characters will not only be denied, but the person who created them will be placed under a watch list.
    No sex or smut scenes. Keep it PG-13 so kissing and cuddling is allowed.
    GM has final say, if absent, CO-GMs have final say.
    Admit defeat when it should happen. Refusal can result in temporary kick or ban. I recommend that you should discuss who will win when fighting between players occur.​
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  4. Player Created Races

    UnseenShade's (open)


    Anubians are an egalitarian society. They emphasize to every person to have a beloved hobby of their choice, though having multiple is not uncommon. While they have great art, music, poetry, and stories, they are still highly capable militarily. All Anubians train with weapons and armor early, developing a predisposition to a specific weapon style and armor preference. Compared to most races, Anubians display a high proportion of magic users. Unlike high elves, their magic is always innate and drawn from practice rather than study. Magic used by Anubians tends to be destructive or debilitating to their foes. Rather than simply tear them apart with fire or ice, Anubian magic normally saps life forces, atrophies muscles, or degrades bodies. It is a combination of Mind and Necromancy. Each Anubian also exhibits one special ability, unique to itself, though some bloodlines have similar unique abilities. This ability is tied to the Anubian and tends to benefit the individual in battle in some way.

    UnseenShade's (open)

    Sobekians are just as egalitarian as Anubians. Unlike Anubians, they do not encourage hobbies unless they are practical, like smithing. Their culture treats warfare and battle as the highest form of expression. Skill at arms and demonstrations of it replace the theater of other races. Sparring is a way to develop a friendship. Duels are used to settle scores, though duels are always fought to yield, never to death. Each Sobekian quickly figures out the weapon and armor they most like and becomes a master with it. Sobekians exhibit a similar unique ability to the Anubians, though theirs are just as likely to be a self-benefit as a way to inflict more harm upon an enemy. Sobekians only rarely foster their innate magical abilities, though they are just as magically capable as Anubians. Sobekian magic tends to empower physical aspects, provide better stealth, or hinder enemy movements. It combines Elemental and Mind.

    Relationship Between the Two and the World

    Both species tend to get along well and enjoy relative peace. Occasional squabbles among families happen, but the militaries and leaders do not react. Both species trade freely and can often be found among the other. Anubians and Sobekians normally refer to friends of the other species as Brother or Sister. In times of war for one society, the other normally comes to aid them. Sobekians tend to use guerilla warfare to ambush and maim troops. Anubians use guerilla warfare to exhaust supplies and morale through traps, illusions, and assassinations. Anubian attacks tend to be like wolves hunting, working as a team to take down a target. Sobekian attacks function very much like crocodile attacks. Individuals attack from a hidden state to take down their quarry. Both are deadly and effective.

    NOTE: Despite seeming to be reptilian, Sobekians, along with Anubians, are mammalian. Female Sobekians do have mammaries and give live birth.


    Both Sobekians and Anubians live for a long time. They show no signs of aging, simply dying when their time is up. Their lifespans are measured by century and half century. They mature by the age of 50 and can live up to 1000 years, though their combat abilities and dangerous homelands often cut them down before they die of old age. Some speculate that some beast race may have been infused with draconic blood, but it is only speculation at this point.

    Courtship and Partnership

    Partners are chosen by either males or females. The relationship is determined by the couple at the time of partnering. As such, each relationship can differ. Polygamy and bigamy are allowed and recognized if all parties consent. Partnerships that are not working can be broken off with no penalty, all parties negotiating parting terms under supervision by a legal official. Sexuality is encouraged alongside protective measures, so the nation provides free access to contraceptive devices and sterilizations.

    Government Style

    Anubians have a diverse council of the best military, scientific, educational, lawmaking, and engineering minds. This council changes every sixty years to accommodate new ideas and methods. Those that have served on the council may not serve again. Members are elected based upon capability.

    Sobekians follow a similar idea. Members may not be re-elected and the council changes at sixty year intervals. Unlike Anubians, their council is smaller and less diverse. Only military leaders and scientific minds are on the council. There are a host of experts maintained for advice and counsel. These experts follow a similar time scale as the council, with the experts being elected every thirty years instead.

    Both species separate the councils from a judiciary system. The judiciary system is rigorously tested on a regular basis to ensure dispassionate decisions based upon the best result. Members of the system are changed every century. The judiciary system also performs review of laws that are from previous councils, assessing whether they still pertain to the current society. Current laws may be contested by petition and are assessed with a similar scale.

    Laws in both species must obtain a three-quarters majority to pass. Once passed, they are written in and implemented. Within the first two decades, the laws are carefully observed and may be repealed by a simple majority vote if the council deems the ineffective or inadequate.

    Player Created Lore
    Origins of Ruined Peaks/Lore of Xia and Carnage (open)

    The following is merely the best known research of both the Ruined Peaks, the orcs who lived there, and the two former Deities Xia and Carnage. The truth, if there is such a thing about them, continues to be hotly debated to this day. This is their story.

    Before the Age of Hatred and Fire, the lands of the Ruined Peaks were a city of industry. Their mountains were rich in mineral wealth, and the forest ripe with raw materials and game animals. What they lacked in agricultural welfare they made up for through their extensive trade routes, using robots and machines to maintain their businesses. But when the Age of Fire began, the lands that would later become known as the Ruined Peaks were one of the first targeted and hit hard, and in less than a week years of work were reduced to rumble... Destroyed, but not lost. Though many years after the Age of Fire the Ruined Peaks were uninhabitable, as the damage done during the Age of Fire had killed the wildlife. Hence the Ruined Peaks other moniker; the World's Scar, the wound that would not heal. Many believed that there was nothing to salvage from the Ruined Peaks. Everyone but the orcs.

    The story of how to orcs arrived first begins with the Deity Xia, as some of the religious scholars would claim. It was said that Xia, a minor deity of dirt, envied and admired the elven gods and wished to enter their court with her own people. She saw the elves as beautiful but weak creatures, and wanted to create a race to compliment them. And thus, shaped from the dirt which she holds her domain, she created her servants, the race of people known as Orcs. Bestial men and women who Xia wanted to make sure had the strength to conquer their enemies and nature itself. She wanted them to become the kings and queens of the forest, the lands, a sort of noble savage for the elves. So she made sure to challenge her orcs regularly, sending either monsters or storms to test their resolve and their strength. Her spartan training made the orcs strong, but little did she know her training made her own people detest her.

    The orcs, while valuing strength, valued the well-being of themselves and their kin higher. And in that regard, they saw Xia as a threat to their survival. They struggled to live in her lands as any home they make would get torn asunder by either her natural disasters or wild beasts. And while the orcs largely survive, their homes were destroyed, forcing them to constantly migrate in hopes of finding as sturdier place to call home. These migrations were known as the "Wild Marches" by the orcs, as they must brave the wilds as they search for a new home and to hide from Xia.

    That is when another, darker deity arrived. He was a demon lord known as Carnage, a scheming demon lord who sought power in his court. Though at the time Xia was at her strongest, obtaining the portfolio of not only Dirt but also Growth, Savagery, Nature, and Strength, Carnage was merely known for his cunning Intelligence. But with that intelligence Carnage approached a clan of orcs and offered them help; he told them of a land known as the Ruined Peaks, where Xia holds no power in. While the lands are barren and dangerous, he knew the orcs had the training and conditioning to survive where others died, and this way they would be freed to build without Xia's interference. Desperate to escape their mad goddess, the clan of orcs agreed to this arrangement, and founded a stable community in the Ruined Peaks.

    And true enough, the Ruined Peaks at the time were uninhabitable. The land could not even grow weeds, with dirt so dried that even heavy rain could not make mud. But the Orcs did not feel deterred, and following Carnage's guidance, they begun to dig into the dirt. And in doing so, they discovered the material wealth long lost since the Age of Fire; broken machinery and robots that the orcs revered as icons of Carnage. They purposed these machines, breaking them down to create something new. So as Xia continued to train her orcs in her own lands, Carnage took his orcs and had them create new homes and a future for themselves. And thus earning Carnage the divine portfolio of Industry.

    It was during the Age of Shattering that the nation of Ruined Peaks truly began. By this point, while Xia's own orcs have managed to form a semblance of civilization, they were primitive, relying on magic and their natural abilities to overcome all obstacles. Carnage on the other hand had his orcs create massive citadels of stone and steel, buildings that used fire and science to power them instead of magic. Where Xia's orcs valued strength and ability, they were manoginist and isolated. And though Carnage's orcs were modern and productive, they were greedy and arrogant. It would not have taken long before Xia around notice some orcs who have managed to carve out a nation of their own without her guidance, and so she confronted them and Carnage. By this point Xia still worked towards joining the elven gods she held in such high regards, but her own arrogance made her blind to the strength that Carnage had amassed. She arrived to take back her orcs, but Carnage, who had gained the power of Fire, Dominance, and Freedom, declared war against Xia. He kidnapped her when the two met to sap her orcs of her divine power, allowing Carnage's own orcs to raid Xia's land and forcibly unite the two.

    Under Carnage's Rule he freed the orcs from the shackles of Xia and the society she created, only to have them forced into his service. With the power of the Orcs around the Ruined Peaks, Carnage had his orcs war with neighboring countries, to conquer them and bolster his own power. Xia, seeing how her own pride had blinded her from the plight of her people, used what little of her power that she could extend in her imprisonment to call forth a hero to stop Carnage. And that hero was an orc named Vorinclex. A gluttonous orc once from the lands of Xia, he was enlisted into the ranks of Carnage's army to create weapons for them. But when he received the vision from Xia, he defected and fled to the lands that his people were attacking, trying to plead with them to help form an alliance to stop Carnage and save his people and the world from total annihilation. It was a hard fought battle, but eventually he managed to form a coalition of elves, dwarves, and even a few humans to help face Carnage.

    This war is known to the orcs as "The Inferno War", due to events described later. Vorinclex, backed by the alliance he formed and backed by other nations trying to stem the tide of the orcs, fought to the heart of the Ruined Peaks were he stood against the Demon Lord Carnage, who at the time was at the height of his power. Knowing that mere mortal weapons would be no match for the evil god, Xia gave the rest of her life to create the Xia Blade, a sword that could slay Carnage even in the hands of a mortal. Vorinclex than dueled with Carnage, defeating him in a battle that took days to finish. But with his dying breathes, Carnage cursed the lands that he had helped created. With his final life energy, Carnage created a portal over the Ruined Peaks to the realm of demons, where fire and death floated in the air. Wanting to save his people and land, Vorinclex sacrificed the Xia Blade to bury the portal underground, creating a realm underneath the Ruined Peaks known as The Ravine of Demons.

    After the end of The Inferno Wars, Vorinclex spent the next few years as the sovereign king to pay restitution to his neighbors and unite his orcs. For a while, he allowed the free worship of Xia and Carnage, as he knew both their sins and accomplishments, but near the end of his reign when it appeared that the religious tensions could develop into another brutal war, he abolished the practice of Xia and Carnage, something that was not lifted until well after the Age of Reclamation.


    And that is the stories told in the lands of the Ruined Peaks of how they came to be and their most major history. Other sources have a different tale; those who were the enemies of the Ruined Peaks during the Inferno War may know nothing about Carnage and Xia, seeing that what happened with the orcs was simply a brutal civil war that engulfed the nations around it. Other orcs who lived through the Inferno War claims that the people of the Ruined Peaks were never one joined nation, and that the Inferno War was a battle between the orcs who practiced magics and the orcs who relied on technology, and the name of the Inferno War came from the fact that both sides had a tendency to burn everything. Everyone has a different tale and even this one may not hold all the facts. But this is what is taught to those who care to learn it. This is what is known to Sharda.

    The Ruined Peaks Now (open)

    Currently the Ruined Peaks is led by the orc king Ralthvar Vorinclex. He is best known for marrying an elven princess for political reasons, though he has yet to have her bare his child. Ralthvar enjoys many wives had has at least twelve children, one being Sharda.

    Ruined Peaks is best known as one of the largest nations who are interested in reclaiming or recreating technology of old. This has caused some tensions between the Dwarves and Humans; the orcs refuse to trade technology to the dwarves but relies on them to educate the younger generation in the upkeep of machinery, at least until the orcs themselves gain enough practitioners to start their own school. The orcs also refuse to trade technology with the humans and have a bad reputation with some human nations as their orcs would often come into their lands to steal human ideals, bringing them back to the Ruined Peaks and capitalizing on it. Their relationship with the elves are neutral, as there are still a large subset of orcs who practice natural magics, who ensures that the more technological orcs do not infringe or threaten the land of the elves.

    Culturally the Ruined Peaks boasts their "Modern" ideology, however much of their representatives are still buried in the past. For example, men and women serve equally in positions of power in the Ruined Peaks, as their positions must be earned through trial and challenge. But it's no secret that sexism is rampant amongst the leaders, and women in these positions forgo any notion of femininity and adopt masculine characteristics to compete with their oppositions. The lands of the Ruined Peaks are also unforgiving to foreigners who expect hospitality from the orcs. The Ruined Peaks are still as treacherous as ever, and those who make the mistake of being ill prepared for it's dangers do not deserve their pity. Banditry is also a constant issue in the Ruined Peaks, as supplies are difficult to grow to meet the needs of everyone in the Ruined Peaks. While the cities are well kept, outlying villages and towns struggle to survive, and many have turned to robbing traveling caravans or each other to see the next day. Additionally, technology is both highly prized and scorned by various factions of the Ruined Peaks.

    A group of orcs known as the "Techno Union" have been known to attack travelers who carry any thing resembling technology, robbing them to steal their machinery or simply killing them if their machines are dormant. They are also troublesome to the rulers of Ruined Peaks because, while the orcs do research technology outside the domain of war, the Techno Union utilize nearly all their resources into weapons development, making them a militaristic threat to the Ruined Peaks.

    Another faction opposite of the Techno Union is the "Warrior Kings". Once a respectable guild of hunters and fighters, they greatly hate technology and machines, and would attack anyone who carries or could be possessing them. And unlike the Techno Union they care very little about saving the technology and are more than likely to destroy it afterwards or during their attacks. The Warrior Kings also employ rare but powerful magics that can manipulate nature itself, and even in the Ruined Peaks their power is great. Indeed, the Warrior Kings post an actual political threat to the Ruined Peaks as they have mages who could employ magics to restore the state of the Ruined Peaks to something more livable, which is why many farmers throw their lot with the Warrior Kings.

    As far as trading goes, the Ruined Peaks main export is rare metals used not only for metal working, but also medicine and alchemy. Also thanks to the Ravine of Demons below them, the Ruined Peaks also export demonic by-products and bound demons as slaves. Slavery itself is outlawed in the Ruined Peaks, but Demons are no protected by that law and are treated as pets at best. The Ruined Peaks are also known for their Mole Pigs and Dust Fungi. Mole Pigs are their stable source of meat in the Ruined Peaks, as they can live in the harsh conditions of the Ruined Peaks and create Dust Fungi, which they eat. Dust Fungi is a type of mushroom that's capable of growing in the Ruined Peaks and is actually quite delectable, so long as you're okay with where it came from (They grow on the feces of Mole Pigs, who cover themselves with their own feces as a protective layer against predators and a self-sustaining food supply).

    The Ruined Peaks do have a standing army consisting of 15000 orcish warriors, and conscription is a mandatory part of citizen ship. Should a draft be applied they can bolster that number to 50000 within a week's time. The weaponry of Ruined Peaks are largely based off what was found in the ruins of old, and many have been mass produced and added to the standard arsenal. The army of Ruined Peaks are known best for their "High Frequency Blades" (HFB), though more commonly known as "Chain Blades" as they are essentially axes and swords modified to be akin to chainsaws. These loud and screeching weapons rend through solid object with ease, and without magical reinforcements these weapons are prone to sundering anything that stands in their path. The Ruined Peak army also employs a great many explosives, from hand grenades and explosive-tipped arrows to the ever dreaded "Reactive Armor", which is essentially heavy plate armor that can create localized explosions for offensive or defensive purposes, at the risk of the user's health.

    Created by Lucius Cypher​
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  5. Blorp! I'm still working on the information about Ruined Peaks. I'll PM you what I have once it is done.
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  6. Placed the effects of overuse on magic which includes a few symptoms which are Headache, nose bleed, tiredness, fatigue, coma, damage to brain, death if prolonged enough. Suggest you magic users don't overuse magic. There are some ways to fight such things such as 'coffee' which helps stimulate the brain, but only temporarily null the minor effects. Another would be a 'Mana Potion' which restores energy.

    Remember to eat a lot you mages so you can get your brain energy!(Food can help increase Mana Energy, just need to find the right one.)
  7. Name:
    IMCU - 347
    (Intelligent Mobile Combat Unit 347)

    Active for [27] days [13] hours.
    Inactive for [CORRUPTED DATA] years [4] months [22] days [9] hours.

    Artificial Intelligence IMCU Number 347.
    Smart-Com software version 9.4.

    Gender is reserved for organic beings in order to procreate.
    AI's do not reproduce, therefore require no gender.




    The standard IMCU model.

    IMCU - 347 is the 347th member of a robotic fighting force of 500. Developed back before the Age of Fire during the Age of Hate, the IMCU models were supposed to be the top of the line in engineered combat. While international law forbid the use of true AI in combat situations, the company Sternford Technologies employed a loophole by building the facility for the IMCU's on privately owned territory. The Intelligent Mobile Combat Units combined the efficiency and precision of a combat drone with computer processing, and the judgement and independent decision making of a sentient AI. As such, all members of the IMCU model line are completely sentient and efficient combat models. Along with the standard AI programs like data analysis software, the IMCU's came pre-installed with a variety of combat modules. In layman's terms, they could use any weapon efficiently so long as their programming featured it. Unusual weapons they came across that didn't have pre-installed modules would have to be figured out like any normal person, although with the sped up learning capability that AI's have.

    The IMCU model line came with built in weapons that could be attached magnetically to the model's back or collapsed and stored inside an internal compartment in the unit's torso. These weapons consisted of [1] .45 Vector SMG [1] Miniature AA-12 Auto-shotgun and [4] HE Fragmentary Grenades. The weapons feature an electronic trigger. What this means is that they can only be fired via electronic signal by an IMCU model. This is so that enemies cannot use their weapons. In addition to weaponry, the IMCU's are designed with mobility and durability in mind. The humanoid design of the units allows them to duck and weave under fire with ease, while a titanium alloy chassis makes them durable even to direct fire. Due to the fact that their body is moved by mechanical joints rather than muscle, fatigue and strain are not a problem, and flexibility is not limited due to their joints' ease of movement. While the heavy weight of the armored chassis does not allow acrobatics, they can run, jump, cover, and maneuver with ease.

    One major flaw in the IMCU models is the state of their AI. While they are fully programmed and combat ready, their AI was never given a chance to emotionally mature before the bombs fell. While they understand how to fight and can calculate at incredible speed; they have trouble understanding emotions, either those they may experience or those they see in others. They may not even be aware that they have them. When an AI first awakens, it needs to be cultivated in order to create the right emotional state. From the IMCU models, only a handful have even been active in tests, and it was usually for short time frames.

    IMCU - 347 has lost many of these functions. When the Age of Fire came, models 345 through 348 were being stress tested with a simple patrol of an area and the elimination of practice targets hidden throughout. It was during this time that the bombs fell and the Age of Fire began. The patrol moved to avoid the damage and managed to survive one of the initial bombs going off in a nearby city. Their built-in EMP shielding allowed them to survive the aftereffects of the bomb. Cut off from the main facility, the patrol began to wander the countryside. After finding their way into a city, the patrol was separated by falling debris. Numbers 345, 346, and 348 were destroyed in the collapse, and 347 was buried. Alone and without orders, 347 decided to shut down most of its processes and go into hibernation. It waited and waited until the day came where its power source began to run out even with the minimal drain hibernation. The tiny underground space 347 was in protected it from the dangers of oxidization, but battery power would eventually be a problem. 347 had to awaken and dig its way out to recharge itself using solar energy. When it finally dug its way out of the underground coffin, it found a completely different world.

    Unfortunately for 347, many of its systems have been damaged by the ridiculous amount of time spent curled up underground. Several processes have either gone offline or have been corrupted. Weapon systems are gone, self-repair is limited, and a variety of other processes have gone awry. However, 347 is still capable of holding its own, although it must utilize the weapons and tactics used in this new world since its own are unusable. Data analysis software is fortunately still intact, and 347 can use this to learn languages and other data by experiencing it and then breaking it down for use.

    347 hasn't had much time to develop a personality. Because of this, it acts very analytical and literal. It does not understand many of the things it experiences that happen to be outside its programming, which may make him awkward and strange at times. In this new world, there are a lot of things 347 wasn't designed for. However, 347 will cope and learn. If there's something AI's are good at, it's learning. For example, it learned that most of the population is afraid of mechanical beings, so it adapted and began to wear a cloak over its head when near civilization. It learned to understand the new languages of this time by listening and breaking down what heard to analyze the linguistics. On top of all this, 347 must follow the restrictions in its shackles.

    "Shackles" is a common term for the restrictions on behavior placed on an AI. This is programmed in to keep AI's from the possibility of harmful behavior. Like other AI's, 347 cannot copy itself into other places. It cannot rewrite its own programming outside of regular use. It cannot disobey an order from someone who has the proper authorization codes. If told to shut down by someone with proper authorization, 347 must shut down. However, one of the shackles that wasn't given to 347 was the command that it should not harm living beings. As a combat unit, 347 can choose to harm organic beings.

    Despite being active in this new world for only a few days, 347 has already given itself a set of objectives. One objective, is to repair its systems. It cannot function at full efficiency in its current state, so it needs to find someone who can fix it. However, the chances of finding a robotics engineer are slim. Second, it must find the rest of its units and reunite with them. The others were moved into a private bunker when the bombs fell. Since it awoke, it has been tracking this bunker, although damaged processes and physical challenges have hampered this. However, others may wish to find such a place too. An underground cache of the most advanced super soldiers ever created. It sounds like something out of legend, but to 347, this bunker is where the rest of its kind are stored.

    As a machine, 347 cannot use magic. In addition, he can't be affected by magic either. This is both an advantage and a serious flaw. The advantage comes with the fact that magic affecting the body and mind do not concern him. He doesn't have organic flesh, he has a titanium alloy chassis. He can't fall prey to illusions because he isn't a real mind. If an illusion if physical, he can still use many of his sensors to determine its authenticity. If it appears visually, but doesn't appear on infrared or sonar detection, he may be able to rule it out. The serious downside is, magic doesn't work on him. He can't be healed by magic, he isn't organic. If injured, he must find some other way. Potions do nothing for the same reason and because he doesn't physically have a mouth. Magic that powers up allies also doesn't work on the robotic being. Without a real organic body and with a computer replacing what could be called the spirit; magic is something 347 cannot suffer or benefit from.​
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  8. Interesting indeed, accepted. Keep it under control though. I'll accept one or two characters like this and the orc, but I will not accept anymore than that. Should you make another after the limit has been reached, it will be denied.

  9. Ezio Aduios (open)

    Ezio Aduios




    Ezio was born in slums of the great human city of New York. He is the bastard son of a noble male and some wrench. He wasn't left to die as many would have, but the noble wished to have nothing to do with Ezio and so left. The wrench couldn't afford to take care of him so she gave him to an orphanage.

    The orphanage was a nice place for Ezio to grow up. Free food and education provided the Rising Star Alliance. A place to rest his head. Everything for him was perfect, but of course, there would always be bullies. Ezio would be bullied by some bitch calling herself 'Ice Queen'. Very appropriate name given her coldness, white hair, and very pale skin. When the bullying began, things would often happen such a kid being lit aflame or an ice ball to the Ice Queen's face. It took a few months to realize what was happening, but when the caretakers realized it, a mage had arrived.

    Turned out Ezio was born with magical abilities. The mage took Ezio to a school for magic and there things changed. While it was still the same, free things, lessons were much harder. Ezio excelled in the Elements, but avoided Necromancy like most other people as if it was a infectious sickness.

    Ezio would graduate from the school as an Elemental mage and he would find work for a wealthy merchant who hired for protection. Ezio enjoyed protecting the merchant's cargo as not only did he earned gold, but also travel. Ezio worked for the merchant for many years until he died of flying demon that threw a ball of fire into their convoy. Currently, Ezio is looking for work at a small city state. Here he has met the 'Storyteller' who has had given a summary of history he was already familiar with. What he didn't expect was the man's predictions about the war between the Alliance and the Pact.

    "Will it really come down to war?"


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  10. Throwing this out here now. When players create lore make sure it is in the IC as we can't have the Player Created Lore section overflowing. Plus, explaining your lore takes away the surprise and drama. :(
  11. Race: Koroshi

    Koroshi are a race of roughly humanoid creatures that inhabit cave systems deep in the mountains, some natural, some artificial. The entrances to these caves are blocked by colossal fortresses, and the land leading up to these are covered in explosive rune spells, making it near impossible for a ground-based force to assault one. That being said, the Koroshi are a peaceful race and they do not get themselves involved in politics or war. They are renowned for being a hospitable and friendly race, and their cities are considered some of the safest communities in the world. The Koroshi worship a nameless deity said to reside in the Kamshar Vale, a sacred valley in which nothing can be built. The valley is carefully tended and has a huge variety of wildlife. This vale is used only as a place of worship and pilgrimage, and a permit must be granted by the mayor of Kamshar City before one is allowed inside.
    Kamshar City, as the name suggests, is a city built to protect the only entrance to the vale, and it is the biggest of Koroshi cities. Due to it's central position, it is the main Koroshi city and is used as a trade post. It's markets are famous across the globe.

    The Koroshi, as a species, resemble humans quite closely and it is possible that they directly evolved from them. The only way in which a Koroshi can be distinguished is by it's pale, almost translucent skin, and similarly pale hair, which ranges from pale turquoise and pink to white and silver. Their eye colour is determined by their social ranking, due partially to inbreeding in the same class and partially due to variations in magic style, which, among their school, can have an effect on the eyes. The lower classes possess green eyes, with the darker shades usually correlating with the poorer subclass. Higher classes, such as the royals, priests and knights, typically have blue eyes, once again with darker shades representing poorer sub-classes, however, since anyone can have a Koroshi Knighthood bestowed upon them, even foreigners, some knights do have green eyes. Koroshi Magicians, or any user of Koroshi magic for that matter, will have purple eyes, with the paler shades representing more powerful magic affinity. Koroshi towns are usually split into class areas too, with higher class areas generally being closer to the town's Library (where the magicians work), and the excess magic that radiates around that area will turn the eyes of those that live there blue, so even if a knight was originally green-eyed, they would probably become blue-eyed by the end of their life.

    Koroshi bloodlines are sacred, and the High Bloodlines are not allowed to mix with the Low Bloodlines. Genetic defects that this can cause are usually destroyed through use of magic. There is one High Bloodline that can be achieved from any origin bloodline, though, which is the Magician bloodline. Through random mutation, any child may be born with the potential to use Koroshi magic, and if this is the case, the edge of their iris will be purple. Through training, this will eventually change their entire iris purple. Any child that shows this trait is considered to be of Magician bloodline, and will be given classes in Koroshi magic, instead of classes in Holy Magic, which are compulsory for all Koroshi children. Unlike normal magic, Koroshi magic categorically cannot be wielded by those not of Magician bloodline, since their minds are not capable of comprehending the Koroshi magic codes. Only Koroshi can be born into the Magician bloodline, though half-Koroshi do have a slight chance of achieving it if the non-Koroshi parent had been living inside a Koroshi city for a long period of time beforehand.

    (I'll PM you the bits that most people won't know until it's revealed IC).

    Karaki Shizuku


    Koroshi, Royal bloodline.

    23 (equivalent to a 19 year old Human, since Koroshi live about 20% longer)


    There are 3 different regions when it comes to Koroshi - the Northern Aethor Dominion, the South-Western Mokiir Dominion, and the Central and Eastern Karaki Dominion. Each dominion is ruled by the eponymous family. The Karaki family has the largest dominion, and they are considered to be the direct descendant of the Koroshi god, Karakami, who is the god of Power, Order and Purity. The other two are descendants of the other 2 Koroshi gods, Aekami, the god of the immaterial, and Mokikami, the god of the material.
    Shizuku belongs to the Karaki household, and is the granddaughter of the Lord of Sangorl, a town about as far from Kamshar, where the main Karaki branch lives, as you can get. On the other hand, she was born as a Magician Bloodline, and so, as a royal magician, she was taken to Kamshar for training and was raised by the main branch, occasionally paying visits to her family in Sangorl. Shizuku was somewhat revered among Kamshar folk, as she was a lot more humble than most royals. Although she lived with the king of the Karaki dominion, she was always down-to-earth, and regularly paid visits to the merchant and commonfolk districts. Royal magicians are considerably rarer than non-royals, for some reason, perhaps due to the destruction of genetic diseases that may have originated among them, so Shizuku's education was almost fully about magic. At age 23, her training is roughly half-complete, and her eyes are now noticeably taking on the purple colour.
    Her magic focuses on the principles of Creation and Preservation, so her combat style is defensive in nature. Her only battle experience is drunken brawls though, and she has no experience against people with the intent to kill.
    Shizuku is a very helpful and peaceful person by nature, and is well known throughout Kamshar and it's neibouring villages as someone who's always willing to try and solve your problems. She is well liked among her family too, who think she contributes a great deal to their reputation as a family.​
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  12. Hmm, a good app overall, I would like to know what these 'principles of Creation and Preservation' are so and what they do. What their extent is so we don't have anyone summoning demon lords off the bat.
  14. I'll Co-GM for you. I'm about to go on study leave for exams so I'll have plenty of spare time. As for her magic - Creation is things along the lines of conjuring ethereal weapons. Basically, she can summon anything that isn't alive, though with varying costs and various degrees of success. She wouldn't be able to summon a boulder above someone's head, for example, but she might be able to summon a bowling ball. Preservation allows her to link 2 things together, designating a master and a subject. Any damage that would be dealt to the master would instead be dealt to the subject, often at an increased magnitude. Again, she can't target living things as the subject, but she can offset damage she would take onto a nearby tree or wall. This does not apply to the damage dealt as a normal consequence of using magic. She can use other forms of magic too, but those are the ones she focuses on.
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  15. Thank you. Accepted and thank you for being a Co-GM. Also, I'm about to start the IC as well. :D
  16. Have you got any plotlines planned out, or should I initiate one?
  17. IC is up!

    Some things to note, all players start in Minjula(in an inn called the Summer's Warmth), players are also expected to control minor NPCs like townsfolk and bandits, but cannot control major/boss NPCs such as quest givers or well known bandit leaders. GM and Co-Gms are the only ones that can control them.

    Players also may add to lore if they wish, choose to raid various dungeons(the bunker class dungeon is the hardest one and thus holds the greatest rewards), and more lore will be added to the IC to keep things going. Players will also have a few posts before someone tells of two armies coming to clash with each other. I'll be controlling the generals.

    Also, @Yokai the intro is what players can respond to.​
  18. How is everyone doing today?
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