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  1. [​IMG](n.) a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world
    Genres: Adventure, Modern, Slice of life?
    Posting Expectation: Adept

    Vandalism, a word that had such a negative ring to it. But is it really as bad as people believe it to be? For a group of teens, vandalism was where it all started. A simple harmless message doodled on a chair. Vandalism, yet it bloomed into something more. Students shifted rooms when classes change. The next occupant of the vandalised chair saw the message. And what did they do? They responded. More vandalism. Yet thanks to vandalism, a friendship was formed. A group of people who all used the same chair at different times of the day started communicating with one another through the messages they wrote on the chair. They ran in different cliques, yet thanks to the desk they vandalised, they all became friends.

    The teens lived in a city somewhere in Canada. Everyday it was bustling with activity. Everyday was full of activity. They were getting sick of it. Do you know that feeling when you eat too much savoury food and you start to crave for something sweet? It was like that for them. They wanted a taste of something different. They wanted to get away from the city and head for a quieter, more peaceful place. They wanted to escape; the city, responsibilities, life's pressures, everything.

    One of them suggested they do it; that they leave it all behind. A magazine ad for what seemed to be paradise for them was what baited them. Young and foolish, they thought it was a great idea to run away from it all. Paradise was what they wanted. Paradise was what they aimed for.

    Thus, their road-trip journey started.

    GMs for this role play are @FieryCold , @SweetWendigo , and me.

    The role play is set in Canada; they're gonna be on the road so we're generalizing it to Canada for now since we haven't really decided on a specific start and end location. Suggestions are welcome so feel free to shoot us some! :D

    Characters are going to be high school students. This will be a realistic rp so no anime pics will be used, only real people pics.

    We're looking for around 2 - 3 more people to join us. :)
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  2. I am in I like this idea.
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  3. Maybe they could start in Toronto and go from there. Don't know to much about Canada but yeah xD
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  4. Hmm, this isn't normally my shtick but there's something about this calling my name.

    I totally think they should take a trip to see one of the Great Lakes, maybe Superior?
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  5. Toronto sounds great! Whatchu guys think @SweetWendigo @Mother Flakes

    Sounds good to me~

    I think we're good to go? We could start with 5. :^)
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  6. Sounds good to me as well

    And yay ~ Wanderlust hype!
  7. Still looking for players?
  8. Yep! Still open to one more :D
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  9. Well it sounds fun! Count me in!
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  10. And that makes 6~
    We'll put up the SU and OOC threads soon. :)
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  11. Sounds great! Toronto is actually a place where most of the people live, or maybe that's vancouver (did I even spell it right??) But anyways, still great. (^v^)
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  12. Fighting a case of fucked up weather sickness so I might not be able to get my guy up until this weekend.
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