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  1. In 1870 London there once was an abandon theater. but one day an man rebuild the theater. But not knowing about the cures placed on the building and the monster that is trapped in the building the person. after the building was fix and ready for shows. the monster disliked this and went to the owner wanting to kill him but to only see that the man had a kind heart. which made the demon spare him but he told the owner that he must not allow anyone near him and his resting place. the older man agreed but some humans never listen.

    not very long after a girl named Isabell came to the Theater. her family was a good friend of the old man and she liked him. but her family was killed and the man took her in luckily not her evil aunt. when she got to the place she was greeted with smiles and open arms. well not all of them greeted her with open arms and smiles. some of them hated her because her voice and her beaut. luckily she only wanted to do cleaning and costumes. but sometimes she would sing when no one is around. or so she though.
  2. A demon that was trapped in this theater went by the name Takashi Blackbuster.It wasn't the name you could quite expect for a demon if a person needed to be honest but that was what he went by.Takashi looked like a regular person at first glance with black hair and fair skin,But his eyes were a Ruby Red color and he had a vampire like Smile.He was bound to the theater he couldn't Leave the place even if he wanted to..it wasn't that simple.
    Takashi lived in the back room of the theater.It was were he stood at times he would leave to watch the wonderful shows the man put on at the theaters.Takashi soon noticed a new girl working in the theater.She only seemed to clean and help around never preform in the theater.Takashi had a odd liking to this girl but never knew why.
  3. Isabell was called to help out with some of the costumes. "Coming Clare!" she called out putting the broom away and ran over to Clar who was need help with one of the costumes. "what do you need?" "I need you to help me make one!" Clare said. "ok... which one?" Clare looked at her then sighed telling her what to do. Isabell nodded and started to get to work. "Oh dear umm I'll be back I need to get something!" "I can get it" Isabell said then add "If your not around I may mess up tell me what you need" "Needles and thread. there in the back thanks dear" Clare said with a smile. Isabell nodded and walked off to get what Clare need.
  4. Takashi Sat in his back room reading a book by Shakespeare In silence his glasses on and his Senses low.He had heard the dropping of a broom and some muffled sounds which seemed to be talking on the other side of the wall. Takashi paid no mind to it.He found it unimportant to waste anytime thinking about.Takashi knew that no body would enter his room so why would he waste his time on such a thing.He was reading Romeo and Juliet a all time favorite of his He had read it before and enjoyed it even though they both die in the end.Takashi would wonder if such a thing like True love was even real,but even if it was he could never truly enjoy such a thing.
  5. Isabell hummed some of the ballet song she knows one bing Sawn lake her favourt. her father when she was younger would take her to the shows all the time when she was younger. the story of love and betrayal! it was sad but she still loved it. she sighed and walked to the room she was needed but then she hummed a new tune from her head and started to sing.

    There is a castle on a cloud,
    I like to go there in my sleep,
    Aren't any floors for me to sweep,
    Not in my castle on a cloud.

    There is a Man all in white,
    Holds me and sings a lullaby,
    he's nice to see and she's soft to touch,
    he says "Isabell, I love you very much."

    I know a place where no one's lost,
    I know a place where no one cries,
    Crying at all is not allowed,
    Not in my castle on a cloud.

    she finished and looked out the window to the sky. "Not in my castle on a cloud" she sang softly the last part.
  6. Takashi froze at the sound of a voice.It as the most Amazing voice he had ever heard he has heard other singers but none so Angle like such as this one.Closing his book Takashi got up from his seat and went for the door.Then he Stopped him self just as his hand was about to touch the door knob. "What am I doing? If I just walk out there to this singer there is no doubt She would run screaming.When did I become so foolish?"He thought to him self.He slowly pulled his hand away from the knob.He walked in circles around the room finally making up his mind.He would only peak out.Opening the door slightly he peaked out.
  7. Isabell didn't notice the demon open the door she was just gazing up to the night sky. "Mother. Father" she whisper softly. the moon shining down on her giving off a glow around her. "I hope your ok up there. I'm fine I miss you and everything but I am still fine. I told you about Clare didn't I well If not she a girl that works on clothing and I'm helping her out. I-I know you said to follow your dreams and everything but I just can't. and with thoughs people I can't sing like them. I\m nothing like them." she said bring her self down. "but anyways I'm doing good. like I said before and I miss you both. Love you" she said then turning around to look for the items still not noticing him.
  8. Her words bothered him a bit.Takashi didn't liked it when people with amazing talent put them selfs down.He found it risky but he wanted to understand this girl.He made the choice to show himself to her.He vanished and reappeared be hind her in silence.He didn't make a sound at all so he didn't give him self away.He crossed his arms mover his chest watching her search for her items.
  9. Where is that needle and thread?" she asked herself looking up and down the shelf. "ah here it is" she smiled softly and then cheeked it to make sure it was sharp. "its good" she said with a smile turning around to leave. she walked out the door and ran off to the room Clare to give her the needle and thread.
  10. Before he could say anything She had ran out.Takashi was disappointed that he didn't get the guts to talk to her.He sat on a box that sat in the room with his arms still crossed.He pushed up his glasses with his fingers and mumbled to him self "pity"He got up and walked back to his room and sat on his chair.
  11. she ran over to Clare and handed over the needle and thread. "here you are!" she said and handed it over to her. Clare nodded and continued on fixing the costume. "Hey Clare have you ever felt like you where bring watched?" Isabell asked. "you man like someone watching you or god watching you because I always believe god is watching but that other feeling yes only once and listen to this they say the place is hunted!" Clare said not looking up from the clothing.
  12. Takashi leaned in his seat pulling the book back to his face and reading it.He was still thinking about the girl and her voice.Letting the memory sink in,He continued to read on in his book.Reading on about how She love Romeo and so forth.He felt his temptation rising.Takashi really wanted to speak with this girl but he couldn't have her making a scene screaming.
  13. "R-Really?"Isabell asked "but what if the hunting thing is a nice person" Clare laughed. "please he scares everyone he faces!" "he?" Isabell asked "I meet him he scary!" she said to her. "maybe you angered him in a way" Clare looked at Isabell and then though about it. "maybe. you know what why don't you go meet the ghost or demon or whatever he is and see for yourself hummm?" "I-I will and I'll prove to you he not evil and if he is then your right!" she said then left to find the ghost.
  14. Takashi heard a solo pair of foot steps but ignored it and kept on reading about The two love birds.He fixed his tie and read on.His thoughts played in his head about simple ways to keep this girl from screaming but all of them were not very smart ideas.He pushed up his glasses again.
  15. Isabell walked into the room she was in and looked around. "Mr ghost come out I just want to talk." she called out softly trying not to anger it or anything. "come on Please" she said then sighed moving on to the next room and the next and the next. saying the same thing over and over again. slowly getting tired she walked back to the room she first felt the ghost watching her. "I have no idea where to look" she pouted then remembered the room no-one was not allowed in. "M-maybe he's in there?" she though. "nope your not going in there Isabell are you crazy maybe he doesn't want you to see him..... or maybe if you go in there you'll anger him and he'll kill you" she gasped then started to rumble on and on till she yawned.
  16. Takashi heard the words of the person quickly which made him close his book with a light smile "If She wants to see me so be it."He vanished and Appeared in front of her with a blank expression and with his hands in his pockets.His Red eyes locked on her and didn't look away.He thought he should let her know he is who She is looking for just by appearing in front on her he as giving her a chance to run since he was the monster every one fear.
  17. She sighed. she was about to leave when the person popped up in frount of her. she gasped. "Oh lords!" she yelled then jumped back in fear. "A-are you going to hurt me?" she asked in fear.
  18. He frowned at her shaking his head "If I really wanted to I would've"He said as he leaned in close "What do you want?"he said his eyes narrowing on her.
  19. "I-I just wanted to prove to my friend that you where not evil...." she said softly noticing his eyes. "rubes.... umm I mean your eyes they look like rubes..." she said blushing and looking away. "there a nice color"
  20. He blushed and leaned back making vanished."thank you...."he cleared his throat "well that won't happen"He pushed up his glasses "no one Can be near me without running away screaming."
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