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  1. IC
    Intermediate RPers, please!

    Intermediate: Grammatically correct. Adheres to the setting. Add descriptions of settings, character, movement, thoughts, feelings, etc. More than one sentence at all times! Preferably at least a paragraph (5 sentences), however exceptions are given. Not all posts will contain a paragraph - this is understandable.

    Any questions may be directed to myself or @Requiem . Thank you!

    Virtual Rift

    In 2042, Virtual Rift appeared in the gaming community as a beta virtual reality game system. It was the first of its kind. Inside the game, your body was fully there. It looked just like reality, but within a new world. The first beta testers were only in Japan. The beta lasted three months. Three months later, the full version of the first game, SwordLife, was released to the world. Only 250,000 VRs were released worldwide. Japan held the highest consumer percentage at 36%. The United States and Canada were closely at 2nd and 3rd (respectively 30% and 21%). The remaining 13% of sales were widely distributed between countries.

    On January 7th, 2043, the first server for SL went online in Japan at 6:00pm local time. In the United States and Canada, a server went online at 6:00pm EST. There would be another server in Australia and one in Europe.

    Today is January 14th. The time is 7:24pm EST.


    Current Characters with Current Floor Positions

    Basic Plot (open)
    It has been a week since the game was released. The game primarily consists of swords, shields, and bow and arrows. There is a rarity for guns (no automatics). I expect you guys to make up items, weapon names, enemies, etc.

    I do have a plot in mind. However, you guys are free to include whatever you would like. Create an avatar, and this will be how everyone sees you.

    We are in a land that has 100 floors inside a tower. Each floor has a boss. Each floor (with a few exceptions) have their own town or city. In the game, each PERSON or PARTY must beat the boss to go to the next floor. However, you can travel from the 1st floor to any floor you are currently on.

    Example: Sarah beats the boss. Continues to next floor. Clint comes in after her...boss reappears. He now must defeat the boss to pass to the next floor.

    There are no classes. You may choose a different race. No advantages or disadvantages due to races. Everything is based on skills. If you want to be good with a Heavy-Sword, you need to put your points toward that. If you want to be skilled with a dagger, cooking, beast-taming, etc. Put the skill toward that.

    No magic. Just alchemy for healing potions and other poisons.

    Guild/Party/Solo (open)
    Guild: As little as three members but no limit. Share money from fights, take care of each other, live under same roof. Cannot disband and rejoin without penalty.

    Party: Limited to 6 players. Usually only done for short periods or specific quests. Can disband at any time. Whoever grabs the loot keeps the loot, but XP is based on performance. Can stay in Inns or separate houses.

    Solo: Explanatory. Never joins a guild. Occasionally joins parties. Can still work with a party or guild, but will obtain own loot and XP. Can only stay in Inns or in a house.

    Any questions, please post here or ask through CM.

    Town Names Floor 1-6 (open)

    Floor 1 - Foundersville (City - LARGE)
    Floor 2 - Burke (Town - Scenic, Small)
    Floor 3 - Stongen (City - Small)
    Floor 4 - New Paltz (Town - Medium)
    Floor 5 - No Town or City
    Floor 6 - Orrum (City - Medium/Large)


    Bio Description: (open)

    Avatar Name:
    Avatar Age:
    Appearance: (Pictures welcome) Include height and build - Thin, Athletic, etc.
    Top five skills: (cooking, sword skills, scavenging, etc.)
    Status: Guild, party, solo (this can change throughout the game)
    Main weapon:
    Armor: Light, Medium, Heavy
    Shield: Y/N
    Special Technique: (Keep it level, no overpowered skills please) Dual wielding is not an option at the moment
    Floor - Level: (Max floor anyone can be on is Floor 6) What is the highest floor you have beaten
    Floor - Current: Which floor are you currently on
    Residence: Inn, Owned House, Rented House, Guild House

    Avatar Name:
    Avatar Age:
    Top five skills:
    Main weapon:
    Special Technique:
    Floor - Level:
    Floor - Current:
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  2. The Gambler, darkred Avatar Name: Requiem
    Avatar Age: 23
    Race: Dhampir
    Appearance: 6' Tall, 185 lbs, Hair typically tied back.
    Top five skills: Gambling, Pickpocketing, Counter-fitting, Firearms, Gunsmithing
    Status: Solo
    Main weapon: Harmonica Pistol, Bolt-Action Rifle
    Armour: Light
    Shield: No
    Special Technique: Roulette - Fire Pistol In Rapid Succession. 10% Cumulative Chance of Jamming for each shot fired.
    Floor - Level: 6
    Floor - Current: 6
    Residence: Inn
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  3. Avatar Name: Trent
    Avatar Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Appearance: 5'10, Average Build with some muscle tone, shaggy-kept black hair, blue/grey eyes
    Top five skills: Swordplay, Bluff, Agility, Dexterity, Strength
    Status: Solo
    Main weapon: Long Sword (Black Mara)
    Armor: Light - Thin metal chest plate, black cloak with shoulder guards. Shin guards.
    Shield: None
    Special Technique: Death Strike - Per battle/ A scratch by Trent's sword causes a 10% chance for the victim to inflict damage upon themselves.
    Floor - Level: 6
    Floor - Current: 4
    Residence: Rented Inn Room
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  4. Avatar Name: Elizia
    Avatar Age: 16
    Race: Half-Elven

    Elizia is 5'6 and weighs 124lbs.

    Top five skills:
    • One-handed basket-hilted sword skill
    • Potion making
    • Music
    • Night Vision
    • Sprint/Super speed
    Status: Solo, at least that's what she calls herself.
    Main weapon: A basket-hilted sword called "Assurance"
    This is what Elizia's armor looks like, except the bodice does cover her entire front so nothing is exposed and her hair is still blonde. She also wears a blue cape. The main colors of her armor is blue, silver and white.

    A simple metal shield.
    Special Technique:
    • Rain of 500 swords: As the name implies, Elizia can split her sword Assurance into 500 swords that will rain down on her opponents. The technique can take out almost all of her energy and can only be used once a day. Plus the damage effect is greatly reduced with only a 10% critical rate.
    Floor - Level: 4
    Floor - Current: New Paltz
    Residence: a small, cheap inn.
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  5. er @sincere_and_silent can you tell me if my special skill is overpowered? I'm not sure if it is given the cooldown and chunk it takes out of my character's energy.
  6. I like the character! As for the Special Technique - It can be used once per day, and it isn't 100% accurate on aiming all the swords at the one target. Each one deals a small amount of Damage.

    Does that sound fair? It still has the possibility to kill an opponent, but it may also flop and only have a few scratch the opponent.
  7. I can edit that in! I was just stuck wondering if my character was way too strong or just right given how it worked. But thank you for liking her and helping me make her technique better!
  8. Avatar Name: Eph
    Avatar Age:14
    Appearance:5'10, long dark brown hair, skinny
    Top five skills:Swordplay, acrobatics,agility, strength, stealth
    Main weapon:Tungsten-Cobalt alloy bladed sword with a standard hilt and iron crossguard; name is Midnight[​IMG][​IMG]
    Armor: up here :D ^ just without the helmet in most cases and I do have the glow, looks cool.
    Shield:None, why that when I'm a ninja with agility skills like mine?
    Special Technique: Overshock; my armor is packed with electricity and will conduct to anything I hold; you're in a bad situation if I have Midnight on me. 1 day cooldown, will backfire sometimes where I lose one third of my health and there is no skill effect. 15% backfire
    Floor - Level:6
    Floor - Current: cool animefasf.jpg
    Residence:1 story house, spacious
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  9. @Yuuki_Tatsunohi - I forgot to ask if you would add the height for your character.

    @Zeon - Does the armor glow as indicated in the picture? Also, you didn't include 5 skills (Swordplay, acrobatics). Three more please! Doesn't have to be all combat-based, unless that is what you like (such as my character). Your Special Technique seems a bit overpowered. You need to have a maximum use, or a chance that it will backfire and harm you. If you need help figuring that out, send me a CM.
  10. Bio:
    Avatar Name: Markor
    Avatar Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Appearance: 6'2"
    Top five skills: Reverse Hand Short Swords, Manipulation, Agility, Stealth, Taunting
    Status: Solo
    Main weapon: A Jet Black shortsword with a white hilt called Exploit
    Armor: A black jacket with armor plating attached to the inside.
    Shield: none
    Special Technique: Enrage; Markor taunts his enemy into a uncontrollable fury, causing them to fight sloppily. 20% chance of success.
    Floor - Level: 6
    Floor - Current: 6
    Residence: Owned house

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  11. @Safudor Detanius - Love the character! Everything looks great. I jsut want to see what you had in mind for manipulation. Give me an idea of what you can do with it.
  12. Politics style manipulation. He's skilled at convincing people to do things.
  13. I think generally that comes down to how well you roleplay it more than just a skill, but that's my opinion *Shrugs*
  14. The more I think about it, the more I want to change it to something else.
  15. I was fine with manipulation. Taunting is fine too.
  16. Avatar Name:
    Avatar Age:
    5'4 in height, 116 lbs, Petite form, with long flowing blonde hair and steel blue eyes.
    Top five skills:
    Defense, Endurance, First Aid, Blocking, Cooking
    Main weapon:
    None - This is merely Seraph's preference, though peculiar, she does not wish to stray from it.
    Heavy - Rather bulky plate armor, along with a full helmet. Generally white in color with a gold trim, and blue accents. (She enjoys upholding the 'knightly' image)
    Great Shield - Her choice in defense is rather peculiar. A shield matching to near her own size, only provides the sight of her head and and feet behind the mass. (Shield will be changing size, due to equipment upgrades. But preferences do not allow the size to fall below 4'8 in height.)
    Special Technique:
    Barricade - Seraph is capable of duplicating her shield up to two times (Three shields in total), each may be placed anywhere on the battlefield by manual means. Whilst not equipped, each shield gains an armor rating equal to her own, as well 60% of her max health.

    Barricade Debuff - For every shield present (Including the shield equipped), Seraph loses 15% of her strength, and 20% of her movement speed.

    Barricade Uses - Barricade is a supposedly useless technique, seeing as shields are merely placed upon the field for individuals to crouch behind in order to mitigate damage within a given area. Upon introducing the ability against a number of enemies, flanking is quite possible. As such, highly mobile allies are a near must, moving between each given shield as to negate damage whilst preventing issues. Furthermore, the shields should never, in any case, face the same direction within a group encounter!
    The main feature of the shield is not used by Seraph herself, but rather her allies in a variety of ways. Whether it be for support with a firearm for better accuracy, a springboard for those individuals wishing to close the gap safely from the air, or a number of other creative uses.
    Floor - Level:
    2nd - It is not often that Seraph can find a group to fight a boss, mainly due to the incompatibility of her tanking preferences. Some say she was a lost cause!
    Floor - Current:
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  17. @Ninth Divide -

    Would you mind explaining more about Barricade? Are you placing the shields side-by-side? Or can they be placed on opposite ends of the battlefield? I'm not quite sure what you are aiming for.

    Also, are you planning on being our Tank, considering you won't be using a weapon? So you go to the frontlines and take the brunt of the attacks while we actually attack.

    Otherwise, looks good.
  18. My deepest of apologies, perhaps it was a little unclear. She is capable of placing them anywhere, whether together or not. Issue being, she must place them manually, whilst biting into the debuff.

    As well, yes, she was developed to being a tank-like figure. Do tell if anything needs to be changed!
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