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    <font size=5px>Whut? What's going on here? Aaaaaagh!</font> (open)

    This is a Mythos Roleplay.

    That means we take our avatars, usernames, and things that happen on Iwaku, and turn them all into an epic story. We've done it before, and it's given us some of the most awesome roleplays of the last five years.

    Now we're going to do it again.

    Your character will wake up in a randomly determined place in the Roleplay Abyss. This is where you have fallen to after the Server Crash - a cataclysmic event that cracked apart the world we knew.

    Your start point may be a planet, a chunk of rock, or even an energy cloud. These locations are known collectively as THREADS, and you will battle over these Threads during the game.

    However, in the Roleplay Chasm, we are still powerful. We can tap into the energy of the various Threads and merge them together. We can also use those worlds to create weapons and epic powers.

    The only thing standing in our way.... is each other...

    It's up to you how much you know about each other and how much you remember of the old world. The emphasis in this game is on creative liberty. You make your own stories and relationships, and battle to become the most powerful player in the Vault.

    <font size=5px>Frequently Asked Questions</font> (open)
    <font color="red">Can I roleplay normally (open)

    You can post a normal roleplay thread if you want to meet allies, describe your world, or simply have a side-story. Just use the STORY prefix.

    <font color="red">Can I get a re-roll on where I start?</font> (open)

    Nope. I had to make do with a Pokemon World. FUCKING POKEMON! If I can do that and not slit my wrists, then you can manage perfectly. Think of it as a roleplay challenge.

    <font color="red">Aren't we gonna run out of Threads eventually?</font> (open)

    Well, there's over 3700 Threads in the Vault right now. Let's say 100 players join the game. That leaves 3600 threads. So if all players conquer a new world every 24 hours, that'll mean 36 days before the Vault is fully occupied. Then the rival empires can begin to fight. It's pretty cool however you look at it. But remember, we have a limitless supply of new worlds coming into the Vault. Iwaku Moderators clean the roleplay sections every week, so there's always going to be new worlds of different power levels popping up in the Abyss, ripe for the taking.

    <font color="red">What if I lose my base world?</font> (open)

    You get a randomly determined new one. It's back to tumbling through the Abyss for you.

    <font color="red">So... this crappy Interest Check thread I'm in... represents a WORLD?</font> (open)

    Yep. The Vault is full of the old OOCs, ICs and Interest Check threads. Each of them is a psychic accumulation in the Abyss. If you want, use your imagination to think of the differences. Maybe the OOC is the deep bedrock of a world - the underground or the core. Maybe the Interest Check Thread is the spiritual part of that world. Maybe an Interest Check Thread that never got an OOC is simply a piece of debris floating in space. Your World is 10% what's described in the Thread and 90% how you interpret that information.

    <font color="red">This sucks. Everyone can kill me!</font> (open)

    That's not a question. Get some allies or make some Absolutes.

    <font color="red">Can I capture a world over multiple turns?</font> (open)

    No. If you cannot capture a world with a single Power or Sanity attack, then it is assumed that the world is too hard to invade.

    <font color="red">What if the member who started my thread changes usergroup?</font> (open)

    You're right, it can happen. A new member might become a regular member, or someone might get promoted to a mod, or become a lurker, or get banned. If this happens, then your world is going to change. Think of it as a planetary disaster, a meteor hitting, or your planet getting blessed by the gods. Stranger things have happened.

    <font color="red">Sanity is a pretty awesome stat... it's almost better than Power... Is this deliberate?</font> (open)

    Yes. The Mythos has always been more a battle of words and ideas than a physical slog-fest. Sometimes just psyching someone out is far more devastating than chopping their limbs off. This is part of the roleplay style.

    <font color="red">Goddam it! I lose where my Thread is whenever I sort the page differently! Can't you make this better?</font> (open)

    I'm afraid not. The forum isn't set up to keep your thread in front of you whilst sorting. The best thing to do is what I did on my character sheet - add a link to each of the pages that show your Thread. Think of it like mapping your place in the universe in 6 dimensions.

    <font color="red">I've just attacked this guy (open)

    If your opponent randomly vanishes from the internet (as many are prone to do), you can wait 2 days then automatically post an end to the combat.

    <font color="red">Losing your health when you reduce an opponent's health? Really? That's your combat system?</font> (open)

    Energy is energy. If you don't want to lose energy, make more Absolutes. The system is designed to encourage the creation of permanent items and abilities.

    <font color="red">I have an idea for a rule! Are you gonna be a douche and brush me off?</font> (open)

    Nope. I had a hundred ideas when I was making this thing, and I was forced to simplify as much as possible, so I wouldn't scare you all off. But maybe later we can introduce some expansions. So let me know your ideas.

    <font color="red">Hey! I know my Username on Iwaku is ChickenAstronaut154 (open)

    Er... I suppose... but the whole point of this roleplay is that you play your avatar... that's kinda what defines the Mythos... and if you've posted in a roleplay that's in the Vault then it's kinda assumed that you DO exist... since your psychic signature is in the Abyss.... YOU SUCK.

    <font color="red">Wait... so (open)

    Well, that's another one for your imagination-meats. The Abyss is where all lost ideas, dreams and stories go; where they are tossed around on cosmic tides; where they merge and break apart in a psychic soup. So maybe, if you find your own roleplays, then you've stumbled upon one of your own memories, or one of your own dreams. Pretty cool, huh? Finding your own imagined empires? Let your imagination roam...

    <font color="red">So what exactly WAS the Server Crash?</font> (open)

    You tell me. Maybe the "Server" was a god who got killed. Maybe it was the ceiling of the world that cracked. Maybe it was a great sun that once hung over Iwaku and then went nova. Maybe it was a spirit realm that suffered a cataclysm. Let's use the story to reveal that secret.

    <font size=5px>Roleplaying Tips</font> (open)

    The Vault War can be as epic, mind-boggling, intense and exciting as you make it.

    The key is good roleplaying.

    Here are some examples of how to add some flair:

    Combat (open)
    Diana's Sucker Punch world attacks Vay's Silent Hill world.

    <IMG src= width=800>

    Seems like a done deal, right? All Diana has to do is make an Attack of Power 10 and she's got him.

    Diana wants to make this look classy. So she looks through her thread and finds this post, which mentions a longsword. That'll do. She makes an attack for 10 Power by swinging a longsword at Vay.

    But wait! Vay's world is older. He can heal 20 points per turn. He looks through his thread and finds this post. He looks like the sort of person who'll die for his god. So, Vay uses his minion Jack King to block the attack... with his FACE. Vay is restored to full Power.

    Diana is furious. She's used up 10 points of power and all she has to show for it is a dead pretty boy. If she doesn't do something quick, Vay is gonna squish her.

    So, seeing that her last reply is more recent than Vay's, she opts for a Sanity Attack. Looking through her thread, she finds this post. It mentions a sedative drug. Awesome. Diana releases a hallucinogenic mist around her that Vay cannot help but breathe in. She subtracts Vay's sanity (20) from her own (45), and causes 25 points of damage. That's gonna hurt.

    Vay is now stumbling in a drugged haze. He needs to heal himself or he'll die when the round ends. He uses another Age shield, this time strapping on a gas mask from this character sheet. He heals himself to 5 power. Still alive, but only just.

    Now Diana has a problem. She could use another Sanity Attack to kill Vay, but if she tries this Vay can use his 5 Power to kill her too. So she has to heal herself. She uses the canteen from this post to get herself a snack, and this restores her Power by her Age stat (16). She's back to full health.

    Vay then does likewise and heals himself back to full health. No one has made any progress.

    Clearly, Vay is too old to be taken down by conventional warfare. Having learned her lesson, Diana sits back and declares that she is going to use her Sanity Attack for the next three rounds. She uses this post to summon a horde of Orcs who yell obscenities at Vay.

    Even if Vay heals every time, he's still gonna slowly lose health.

    So now he's screwed. The Orcs demoralize him with their witty put-downs, and Diana takes the Silent Hill World for her own.

    Making Absolutes (open)
    Let's say I capture this thread.

    I want to make an Absolute Attack, so I scroll through and find This post. The lady's talking about a car. That's nice - I'll take. I've even got a picture. Now my character's driving around in a car. I'll give it 100 Power (out of the 142 available in that thread). Now I have a powerful car that I can use to ram any fucker who gets in my way.

    Then I capture this thread. I want to make an Absolute Age Shield, so I scroll through and find this post. They seem to be talking about England a lot in this roleplay, so I'll take England as a shield. Yes - ALL of England. I'll give it Power of 10. Now whenever I'm fighting anyone I'll use England when I'm healing. Maybe I'll jump back there in the middle of a fight and have myself a restorative cup of tea. Or maybe my base world has an entire landmass shaped like England and full of violent cockneys who repel planetary invaders.

    The only limit is my imagination.

    Movement (open)
    So there are 7 ways to travel. But what does each one look like?

    - Maybe sorting by Thread Title means that you know the True Names of worlds, and can travel between them via their planetary designations.

    - Maybe sorting by Thread Starter means you have picked up the trail of a person and are following them across the worlds.

    - Maybe sorting by Number of Replies means you are following the power streams and vortexes that exist in the Abyss.

    - Maybe sorting by Start Time means you are following the original routes of the Vault's expansion over time, by geo-dating the planets.

    - Maybe sorting by Last Reply means you are spiralling into or out of the Abyss, using the centric tides of madness from the heart of the Vault.
  2. Sooooo... this is the Chat right? I can ask questions here?
  3. Yus.

    And it seems like a lot of people are screaming in terror right now, despite my efforts to simplify this. *takes a seat and prepares himself for Q&A*
  4. OKaaaaay so this post might get edited alot as I think of more questions but someones gotta ask xD

    Here it goes:

    1: where do you get the fourm that decides your age, power ect.? I might have skipped over that part but cant hurt to ask.
    2: The character we use is of our choice right?
    3: Fuuuuudge brain calm down and sort the questions... no... 4
    4: Okay so i have the thred where do we exactly do all of the "fighting" and so forth?
    5: also mine is an OOC it appears... what the heck am i to do with that?!

    Okay gimme a sec need to go figure out what the others where.
  5. Would it be considered "cheating" if I added a profile picture? I currently don't have one.
  6. The thread we are given its randomized right?
    and when do we start?
  7. so the power you give an absolute is based on the replies the conquered thread had, and movement can only be done via threads listed next to each other and only with in that thread group?
  8. More questions, isnt this fun :)

    weeeeell first ooooff uhhh....
    Soooo i know i asked this but on my previous post i ended up answering my own questions, my main question now is.... WHAT do i do with my OOC >.<
  9. 1: where do you get the fourm that decides your age, power ect.? I might have skipped over that part but cant hurt to ask.[
    I send that to you, when you post your interest/reservation

    2: The character we use is of our choice right?
    Yes. Your character represents your username

    3: Fuuuuudge brain calm down and sort the questions... no... 4

    4: Okay so i have the thred where do we exactly do all of the "fighting" and so forth?
    Click on the War Record. That tells you what to do each day.

    5: also mine is an OOC it appears... what the heck am i to do with that?!
    That's your world. Whatever world the players are describing in the OOC is the world you occupy. If there's not much detail, then that just gives you more room to fill in the blanks with your own imagination

    6. Would it be considered "cheating" if I added a profile picture? I currently don't have one.
    Adding pictures doesn't affect anything in the rules. So no.

    7. The thread we are given its randomized right?

    8. When do we start?
    If you think you've figured out the rules, you can start now

    9. so the power you give an absolute is based on the replies the conquered thread had, and movement can only be done via threads listed next to each other and only with in that thread group?
    Yes. And if you can sort the Vault to show that a thread is adjacent to you, then you can attack that thread.

    10. WHAT do i do with my OOC >.<
    Make a world based on that OOC. Pretend that you've landed in that world and that you have the godlike power to make it comfortable for yourself as a base for a Cosmic Warlord. IMAGINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATION!
  10. threads un-inhabitted by other users can be taken over without contest right?
  11. If ours says occupided what exactly do we do?
  12. how are we navigating through the vault rp list last post, starter, etc...?
  13. 1. threads un-inhabitted by other users can be taken over without contest right?
    If you have more Power than them, or can defeat them in a Sanity Attack. Look at CONQUER WORLDS, in the War Record.

    2. If ours says occupided what exactly do we do?
    It's occupied because YOU LIVE THERE.

    3. how are we navigating through the vault rp list last post, starter, etc...?
    Yes. All of them. Choose a method of travel. You have multiple paths that you can take.
  14. also I think I got the rules down so can I get my base world?
  15. I'll get to you when I get to you. Working through the sign-up list.
  16. kk lol srry
  17. I'm still confused about travel. Are we jumping from thread to thread, or page to page, when we move? Can we only move within our own page? Do we need to move to a world in our page thread by thread in order to conquer it?

    I really hope these questions aren't answered elsewhere >.<
  18. Question #1: Can our character morph or shape shift in any form?

    Question #2: Would the creatures that inhabit the world in the abyss be considered living or are they just thoughts or are they dead or is it just unknown?

    Question #3: Is energy amount of replies or amount of posts? You say replies, but I thought I best clarify.

    Question #4: When conquering a world are you doing it with an army or just with yourself or is it just up to you?

    Question #5: When we arrive on our base world are we instantly tied to it and gain power over it or control or what?

    Also if anyone needs some cool avatars check this guys stuff out.
  19. You're given your first thread (your base) by asmo, from there from there you move either up or down the page your thread is on to conquer worlds. once you reach the end of a page I would assume that you're able to the before or after your own, the previous page if you're going down the next if you're going up. you are traveling thread by thread and only one at a time, kind of like a pawn moving down a chess board square by square you don't get to jump or skip over threads to get to the one you want. You can however change the way they are listed you can do it by starter, last post or replies. take a look at asmo's charater and click on the links that spell V A U L T S for a better example. Hpoefully you'll get a better understanding of travel, also there should be link that explains movement if this still did not help you
  20. #1 basically you're character is a god so yes if you want he can shape shift but I doubt you can shift into another world type to use it's powers as asmo says "use your imagination!"

    #2 again this comes down to using you're imagination they could be either living, dead, or the unknown i believe there was a similar question to this that involved the threads

    #3 your power comes from the number of replies the thread recieved, mine recieved 76 so my power is 76. Age and Sanity are based on how many months its been since the thread was created.

    #4 I believe it is just you and what ever allies you decide to take with you I can't say for certain since I am not the GM. I don't see why you couldn't bring an army when attacking a world that is not occupied but when you attack one that is ocuppied I don't think you can, you could but It wouldn't do anything against the other player only you and your allies would be able to attack the person occupying that world and their allies if they choose to help that person

    #5 yes you do get the power from your base world the moment you recieve it, if you want you could post a little back story on your character sheet of how you character came to be and it's concuest of the said base world

    I am answering these to the best of my understanding of this rp if you still have questions or you feel uncertain of my answers I'm sure Asmo will be better equipt to answer them