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  1. Due to the terrorist attacks that happened all over the world, the United Nations decided to make an anti-terrorist group called Vario. Vario would be a group of children from all over the world raised to fight and prevent terrorism attacks. The children would be taken in, stripped of their previous name, and be given a color for their new name instead. Then they will be transported to the facility prepared in United States. At first, it was unsuccessful. The children that they chosen were either unable to go through the training or died in the process of preventing an attack. Sometimes the attack wasn't even prevented.

    Then a scientific break through occurred. In the years before they turn 5, there is a probability of them being able to use magic if they have the brain requirements as demonstrated by a test they can take when they are two. There is only a 3 year period to get them to use it before that magic is unusable. The magic that they acquire is completely random.

    That cause the United Nations to change their plan. They will take in two year olds who took the test and passed the requirements. The magic that they have will determine their color in Vario. Only 9 children have passed the test and are currently being trained by scientist in the facility.
    They are:
    Don't forget to honor the dead colors of Vario.
    Wintergreen |Sav the Zombitch|
    Beige |RareSecret|
    Indigo |InfintExcel|

    There are two major scientists in the facility. They are the Head Scientist and his assistant Christina.
    There is a group of terrorist planning something. The group is called Adumbro. Vario needs to stop them. They have three major leaders. They are:
    • Reserved |BlackOrchrid|
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    "By any means necessary, defeat the [BCOLOR=#999999]terrorist[/BCOLOR] for a better tomorrow."

    Schedule (open)

    As a member of Vario, there is a set schedule you must follow at the facility.

    6:00~7:00 Daily morning routines including breakfast
    7:00~9:30 Skills Training/Education
    9:30~12:00 Individual Magic Training
    12:00~1:00 Lunch and Break
    1:00~4:00 Group Training
    4:00~9:00 Individual Magic Training
    9:00~10:00 Nightly routines including dinner

    Clarification and Notes for the Schedule

    Magic and Skills training is from 7:00~12:00 technically.
    Magic training is individual while skills and education will be a group class.

    Group training will be to train the colors to be able to work together and see how their magic relates to one another. Here they will do exercises as said by the head scientist.

    Rooming (open)

    Each color shares a room with another color. They will share a bathroom and a closet. The one luxury item that each color gets will be in their room as well.
    has her own room.


    They can usually wear anything as long as it's not too revealing and related to their color since it’s for identification purposes. The only time they are not allowed to wear what they want is when they are going into training. Then they are supposed to wear their colored jumpsuits for flexibility and mobility during training.

    The facility is in a cross shape with a building on the end of each hallway. On the ends of each hallway there is either the rooms for Vario, cafeteria and the exit, skills building, and the training building. The inside is very bland.

    When you enter the training building you first enter the area where you change into the jumpsuits. Everybody changes in the same room. After changing, you will walk into the huge training room used for group trainings. There are multiple doors on the side of the walls and one of the doors leads to a member of Vario’s room where the equipment for training is already set up.

    The housing building is one hallway with doors on the side each leading to a room.
    The cafeteria is towards the front right before the exit. No one can go through the exit unless you are a scientist/staff member or going on a mission. There is a medical ward but only for scientist. The members of Vario are expected to build up their constitution.

    The skills building is one big room when you walk in. It’s sectioned off for each category you may train in. The categories are: athletics, arts, academics, and economics. This is it since the only reason for the skills is so that the members of Vario are well-rounded when they go on a mission which they should do flawlessly.

    There is also an upstairs that is accessed by an elevator. This elevator needs a keycard which is owned by the scientist. No member of Vario knows what it looks like up there.

    Punishments (open)

    If you do not comply the punishment are as follows
    Punishments (open)

    • Skip two meals and have half the amount of sleep for extra magic practice​
    • Luxury item taken​
    • Lecture from head scientist​
    • Used for a "Surprise" experiment​
    • The last punishment is a target for the other Vario members to use their magic on but no one has gotten to that point yet.​
    (If confusing please ask questions in the OCC)​

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  2. Green, green

    Green gave a small sigh. She absentmindedly picked at the food on the tray before her, deep in thought. As per usual, she was on the lonely side of the table. Not that she minded, of course. Being the social outcast was something she had grown used to, anyway. Well... Out of the majority of the team, she'd only befriended a few. Brown was definitely the one she was closest to, and she was always overprotective of Purple, Champagne, and Sapphire. Sure, sure, Purple was her age.. But she still had a tendency to wind up in a knot.

    Though, that wasn't what was on the sixteen-year-old's mind. Sure, she didn't mind being in the facility. It was just.. Always having to watch others get hurt. Heck, even having to hurt others, terrorist or not, caused her heart to ache. Was this really all that they were made for? Was the violence the reason for their existence? All they were capable of? She didn't know, though she hoped not. And she'd never dare ask.

    She looked around the cafeteria, steely-green eyes almost sullen. Nothing to do, here... She seldom ate, and didn't exactly have the guts to approach people. Well.. Most people. Like everything else; there are exceptions. Looking down at her tray, she pushed it away with something like disgust, before resting her head on her arms on the table, mind wandering. What would they be forced to do today? What dangers would they be put in? Only so long till we find out.. Like every day.

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  3. Brown, brown Brown walked into the Cafeteria. It was before training so he was wearing his brown trench coat and black baseball cap with some jeans and a tee shirt.. His body still felt sore. Brown was caught a few days ago trying to hack Into the elevator late at night in an attempt to see what the higher ups were hiding. Brown excelled in computer programing during the skills training. Vario understands that at times its easier to disable the security of compounds then trying to barge through. He had gotten an ear full from the head scientist in his lecture before brown did something completely stupid that no other color had done. Brown punched the head scientist square in the jaw. There were defiantly times where brown should know when to stop, and that that was not one of those times. He was taken to a lab where they preformed one of their experiments. What the sadistic head scientist called experiments, brown called it torture. Brown wanted to believe that it didn't get to him, but his hands wouldn't stop shaking. This had been the first time he had been in the cafeteria in a while. He took as much food as he was allowed and began to eat it as fast as possible. he had sat near green. Out of all his other teammates he had always liked green the most. Brown felt malnourished and drained of life, but the only evidence of this was the look on his face and the bags under his eyes. Brown looked over to green and gave her a weaken smile. She was the only one he would like to smile at. "Hey... how were things when I was gone."
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  4. Black, black 30 Minutes before the alarm rang, 2 of Black's drones hovered to him and shook him awake from the side. He did not like the loud sound and got used to blow it up instead of hitting the button on the top. His drones were a good replacement since they were linked to him and were able to tell how he had to be woken up without causing another case of property damage. When he was awake, he stretched, gave the back of his head a scratch, and got up to get dressed. Since Gold was not awake yet, he went to the bathroom first. About the time he came out, the alarm began to ring.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"Wake up! Or do yu vant to miss Breakfast?"[/BCOLOR]
    He was still not sure what to think of Gold, but what he did know that she was more interesting than the others. Sometimes, he wished she was a machine so he could take her apart and see how her brain worked. Aside from the fact that it was not possible to re-assemble her since she was human (which would result in her death and loss of an interesting person), another thing that stopped him was that it was not a good idea in the eyes of the scientists. Spoilsports.
    When gold was somewhat awake, she would see that Black was sitting at his table, working on blueprints for a new type of drones he had yet to build. He guessed that it would be a bad idea to go alone. He noticed that the two of them were... one would call it calm when not alone.
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  5. Sapphire, Blue

    Sapphire woke up from her slumber after her alarm clock went off. She threw the bland blankets off of her and got out of bed in order to stretch like always. After stretching, Sapphire walked over to her alarm clock and pressed down on the button so the ringing would stop. She looked at her roommate, Champagne, to see if he had woken up from the sound. Turns out Champagne was still asleep. "Stupid kid." Sapphire thought even though her herself was still a child as she walked into the closet to get her clothes, and then into the bathroom.

    She did the daily routines of freshening up before she came out of the bathroom. When she came out her hair was still damp and she had changed into her a fresh set of clothes. Her fresh set of clothes were a sapphire colored dress and it's matching hat. The hat had one white bow on the top while the dress had one on each sleeve. Sapphire went back into the closet to put on the white flats before heading out.

    Sapphire exited the room, not caring about whether or not Champagne is awake or not. She strolled down the hallways taking the usual path down to the cafeteria. Sapphire usually visits the cafeteria during breakfast and dinner. She never really cared for lunch and she would spend her time in her room reading books.

    When Sapphire arrived, everybody there looked worn out. Brown seemed deprived of any and all nutrients and Green seemed to be tired since her head was down. Even so, she didn't really care. The villains heroes in her books never really bothered to mess with people who were down in the dumps.

    Sapphire walked up to the counter where they had the food out. She grabbed an apple juice and one of the toaster pastries that were already prepared. Not really a mature choice, but she would never admit to that. She took her food and sat down at the table adjacent to Green's but not at Green's. She didn't feel like dealing with that energetic monster today, or at all. Sapphire ate her breakfast in the silence and in peace.

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  6. Champagne
    Champagne begrudgingly entered the cafeteria, his nose red and his eyes puffy, he didn't like training--nope, not in the least bit. Sure, he didn't mind his geography lessons, they were the best! One of his tutors would show him several maps and he had a minute to look at each before the maps were taken away and he was given poster paper, crayons, markers and color pencils and told to redraw each one. His photographic memory made it ridiculously easy, plus he really liked coloring. However, his EOD training hurt. Well, not really I suppose but it often gave him a huge head ache. The instructor would help him get into his gear (It was a lot to put on, and sometimes he took too long) and he was sent into the simulation room. The most recent one was in a school, kids who looked just like him were in class learning about maps and states, just like he did! But in the back of the classroom was a oatmeal can with a bunch of wires and TNT strapped to it, with 2 minutes on the clock, he had to disarm the bomb or else the kids would get hurt! Champagne tried warning the kids and the teacher but they wouldn't look at him! (It was a simulation) So he had no choice, he had to disarm it or everyone was going to die.
    About Halfway through, he had begun to cry out of frustration and anxiety there was 5 seconds on the clock, finally he found the magenta wire and clipped it. For a second he thought it was all over, but the numbers kept going! So he did what he thought was best and transformed into a humpback whale and swallowed the bomb--subsequently destroying the simulator. Apparently, he had completed the task--the bomb wouldn't explode--but he just didn't turn of the clock. Anyways, he got into trouble and his goldfish was taken away.
    So now he was upset--and starving. Do you know how many calories it took for him to transform into a humpback whale?! A LOT. Champagne grabbed two trays of food, making sure to pile food onto each one, and he put his juice boxes into his jumpsuit pockets before going to sit down. His head was pounding and he missed his fish but nonetheless he ate, slowly but surely clearing each tray. Eating took him about 15-20 minutes at most, once he was done he felt a bit better--well enough to go bother Green with his antics. Brown sat near her, quietly eating as well. Where was Sapphire? He and Sapphire shared a room, not that he minded too much, but then again her stinkin' books were always all over the place. But at least she never spoke about his nightmares, sometimes at night he'd wake up crying and not know why, and often he was 100% sure she was awake, just pretending not to be.
    Champagne had heard about Brown's attempts at hacking into the key pad upstairs, and that confused him a bit. The Scientists said that they couldn't use the elevator, so why didn't he listen? The 6 year old suckled on his juice box as he walked over and wedged himself between the two with a sigh, not speaking. He just sat there, mushed between them drinking his juice through a straw.
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  7. Purple sat in the cafeteria half asleep and half awake. Her white hair hung around her shoulder in a sort of mess from not getting sleep from her recent punishment. Unknown to the scientists she was beginning to get stronger every time they punished her. This last time they made her stay up all night and practice all the magic she had gained over the time being here. It was then she discovered she can do the same to people that she could do to objects. She found it out when she closed her eyes and felt her vibrations reaching the scientists in the room.

    Purple giggled lightly to herself at the thought of what she could do to the people around her if she wanted to. "To bad I don't like watching people explode... I bet they would do that like the objects..." She said quietly and morbidly to herself. Though what she said was quiet it was still loud enough for others near to hear if they were listening for any conversations. She stared at her food and groaned before pushing it away from her slowly. She hadn't eaten in over a day but she didn't care much for it.

    It was then that she sat up in her seat and sighed before looking around for the others. She mostly kept to herself and was separated from the others on purpose. At least she thought it was that way. She was always told she was dangerous because she could manipulate any sound to serve her for any purpose. Either it be dark in nature or good in nature. It was then she just let her upper body go limp and her head fell onto the table in front of her. She felt the pain pass through her body and she relished in it. She let out a dark laugh and then began to sigh again 'So begins... another day here..' she thought before closing her eyes not caring if she got in trouble anymore. In the mean time she slowly tapped on the table sending slight vibrations through it making her go to sleep easier.
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  8. Green, green

    Green glanced over at Brown as he entered, offering a soft smile. However, the teen's observant eyes instantly picked up on his tensity, fatigue, and pain. Her brows furrowed with worry, and she got up from her seat, moving over to him, seemingly inspecting him closely. She frowned faintly, looking him in the eyes. "Dull... Brown, what did they do to you?" she asked, worry in her eyes. She cared deeply for him, and frequently chided him over his antics due to absolutely despising watching him get hurt.

    When Champagne approached, she did her best to offer a smile. "Hey, kid... How are you, this morning?" she asked, caringly. Well, she supposed this was the life she led. Slaying terrorists, practicing magic, and taking care of my family. To her, that's what they all were. Family. All they had was each other... Something not all of them relished as much as her.

    She looked back and fourth between the two males at her side, sighing. She looked back to Brown, holding her hand out to him. "Here... Let me see if I can help," she ordered, softly.


    Gold, gold

    Gold, in all honesty, rarely got a blink of sleep. That was the life of an 'insane' insomniac, huh? So, when Black got up, she did herself the favor of unplugging the alarm, before rolling out of bed.


    She tumbled to the floor with a soft thud, sighing. She had to admit... Laying in bed for hours upon hours was boring. So, Black was the lucky one who had to deal with her top-of-the-morning hyperactivity. After laying on the ground for a few moments, the seventeen-year-old rolled to her feet, stretching.

    She hardly cared that her roommate was occupying the restroom, and gladly changed in the main room. What could she say? She had no shame. After she had stripped down and put on fresh clothes, Black had finally gotten out. However, as per usual, she decided to toy with him with her illusions. She altered herself, making it appear as though she were still in bed and asleep. However, she snuck up behind him, void of sound and visual; invisible. Up till he spoke.

    To which, her illusions vanished, and she delivered a playful prod to his back. "Shh, my dear Black... I'm up," she laughed, before vanishing off to the bathroom. Swiftly, she brushed her teeth and hair, before rushing back out. Promptly, she grabbed her roommate by the sleeve as she passed where he sat, tugging on it. "C'mon, or we'll miss breakfast~" she said, cheerily. She was overflowing with energy, and she had plenty of ways to run it off.

    "...And our chance to have a bit of fun," she added, deviously. To her, Black was the only one who ever did anything fun. Besides.... To her, he was more or less her partner in crime. Her playmate, and closest friend. Psh. Who're we kiddin'? We don' have any friends!

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  9. Black, black Again with her illusions. Black almost lost himself, his eye glowing brightly as she gave his back a little push. He shook it away though, not wanting to start a commotion so early. There was more than enough time for that later. When Gold came out and pretty much forced him to leave with her, he left his blueprints as they were. His 6 drones hovered under his jackets back, and the two of them left their room.

    While they walked though the hallway, Black considered her thought. Her being so close was something he got used to by now, but he only tolerated it. He was far away from accepting it. Because she already pissed him off with her illusion in the morning, he send an electric shock through his arm to hers. A normal person would have screamed from pain since the arm's muscles were attacked with that one. A trained individual such as Gold would probably have a weaker reaction.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"It is way too early zat. Save it for later."[/BCOLOR]
    As much as he would have wanted to mess with someone, the most important thing he wanted to do was to get a breakfast. After that, he would give it a bit of a thought.

    When they arrived at the cafeteria, Black got himself a tablet, soup, and a calming tea which he was ordered to drink every day. It had some calming medicines mixed into it, and Black was aware of that. While they did have an effect on him, they still were not able to prevent him from changing to his insane mode when he wanted to. The only thing they were good for were to keep him longer at his calm attitude. After taking a seat, he began to eat and made sure to keep Gold close to him. He just loved to mess with her while others were around, and he would use a chance once he had one.
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  10. Brown looked at green and champagne who had just joined them. He took a moment to calm his hands before answering green. "I'm ok green. It's nothing I couldn't handle. I'm always ok." Brown needed to be ok. He always had to be the stong one. He put his hands under the table and allowed them to shake.
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  11. Gray, gray This became was an automatic reaction to wake of up every day for them. It began to struggle within the mental cage she created to make sure It didn't have effect on her regular life the the Facility. She then tightened the cage to make It stop with the struggling as that action gave her a headache that she was sure none of the other Colors would enjoy dealing with. That seemly trivial task easily forced Gray to fully awaken as It wasn't a simple thing residing in her mind and wasn't weak. What she would do to have Indigo rein It as she did in the past, when Indigo was still here. Gray only shook her head as she stood up before she pulled into a sulking depression on the topic of Indigo, her mentor and best friend.

    She fixed herself up in the bathroom for a couple moments before heading into the closet, her side mostly consisted of Armors but the teen did have normal clothes. Throwing on a decent attire consisting of a gray silk sleeveless shirt, a pair of black silk pants, and some white socks, she then constricted a pair of thin metal detached sleeves and a pair of boots. Looking into the mirror and deeming herself presentable, Gray made her way to the cafeteria and was surprised to see the majority already there, including her troublesome roommate Brownie. It had informed her that he did some very idiotic things a while ago and got a punishment, something she was grateful for as-

    Is that praise from Kaelus 'Gray' Amano I hear?
    It snickered and quickly broke her train of though. Shut up. I'm trying to be in a good mood damnit! Now any suggestions for breakfast? Oh! You're asking me? Fine, crab soup with a bowl of rice and some good old apple cinder, the nonalcoholic version. Don't act like a jack wagon. She snapped at It before taking a seat near Green, Chamy, and Brownie. Metal bowls, an ice filled bucket, utensils, and a tray moved throughout the kitchen to gather her breakfast as she focused mainly on Brownie. "Glad to see you up and running again. Been awfully quiet in the room without you snoring." See? I have corrupted you!
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  12. Gold, gold

    Gold snickered when she noticed the glow in his eyes, proud to know she was what had caused it. She grinned proudly, satisfied. "You know you love me~!" she stated, cockily, with a laugh. What? She had to have some fun somehow. With that in mind, a variety of mischievous ideas began running through her head.

    She was jolted(literally) from her varying train of thought when she felt [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR] shock her. She shuddered at this; something most people would take as an action of pain. However, for her, it was pleasure. She loved pain, and found it to be something that made her tick. "Mm.. Feel free to do that again, anytime.." she mused, contentedly. Though, she pouted at his statement. "Aww, but it's never too early!" she whined, a playful tone laced through her voice.

    As usual, she trailed behind [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR] as he gathered his breakfast, golden eyes peering around the room. Hmm... Brown, Purple, Green, Sap(Sah-f), Champ, Grey.... She counted off, mentally. Heh, heh... Only two people missing. Two less to toy with.. Aw, well.

    Gold grabbed two apples and an orange; nothing more, and nothing less. She continued trailing[BCOLOR=#ffffff] Black[/BCOLOR], still looking around at the others. Boooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnnggggggg. When he sat down, she plopped down next to him, taking a bite from one of her apples. Momentarily, she snuck a glance at [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR], silently ploying. Mentally, she was grinning like a child. However, it didn't show on her face.

    Green, green

    Green pouted at Brown, her disbelief of his statement evident. "But 'okay' isn't 'good'," she protested, pouting. She hated seeing the others get hurt... Brown and the young ones especially. "I just wanna try to help, s'all.." she murmured, rubbing her arm. Useless. she thought to herself. She couldn't even help her injured friend... What use was she of, anyways? She kept quiet after her last comment, save for a small sigh. Her arms were crossed and she was staring down, seemingly oblivious to Gray's approach, at first. Though, the fact she was unhappy with Gray's remark was more than evident.

    There was a moment of silence from the teen, before she abruptly got up. "I'll be right back.. I forgot something in my room," she muttered, before scurrying away from the table, tray of food all but forgotten by the ravenette. She'd not forgotten anything, really.. Just needed a moment to herself, one could say. To think... But that wasn't her real problem. Her current issue was one of her migraines; the damned things always cropped up for her at the worst times... With her luck, a mission would ensue, and she'd be even more worthless than she felt now.

  13. Purple groaned and let her head lull to the side of her arms. She heard others entering the room and sighed loudly. She looked around quickly before lowering her head once more. Her stomach grumbled but she didn't want to eat the horrible display of food in front of her. She closed her eyes and let out a sharp whistle that echoed twice inside the room. Like a bat she could distinguish who was in the room and who they were by the shape when the noise came back to her ears. She laughed lightly to herself. Only two of them missing at the time.

    Purple groaned once more and let out and loud sighed before sitting up and looking at the food in front of her. Her eyes had a dark line under them from extreme sleep deprivation. "I AM TIERED!" She screamed suddenly and the tables around her began to shake violently as her control of the Vibrations began to run violent through the room. She put her arms down on the table and slammed her head down onto them before finally going silent. The air around her was thick from the reverberating air particles to the point where it almost looked like soup. The air particles stopped vibrating as she finally began to calm down.
  14. Gray, gray It pouted within its cage just as Gray connected her palm with her face, completing a facepalm with a tired sigh. "I just ruined the conversation here didn't I?" And then It decided to open Its mouth again behind the teen's closed eyes. Yup! Lovely girl she is.. Greeny likes Brownie, I hope you know that. Why'd you have to but in on such a scene? You could have let it all fall apart like it always does! Sorry for wanting to say hello. You're the one who said that- I can't hear you over the screams of the end. Besides there is no use crying over spilled milk. A food idiom? Really? Meh. It fits. Unlike you and the rest of the Colors! Gray silenced It after that and turned her attention to the food that had arrived for her, complete with a bottle of apple cinder in the ice filled bucket. This is my life in this accursed world after all.
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  15. Champagne
    Champagne, didn't bother to reply to Green as he tore into another juice box. He slowly began to notice everyone drift into the cafeteria, the majority of them looking like hell warmed over. The six year old managed a response around his straw, leaning against Green as he did so."I'm okay--" He began quietly, yawning as he did so. Just as he was getting comfortable, the girl was up and scurrying out of the cafeteria leaving a disgruntled Champagne behind.The Six year old was being repeatedly hit with an onslaught of emotions, exhaustion, shock, anger, disgruntlement. To him, the emotion's had smells--anger was spicy like red hot candy, and sadness smelt like salt. Exhaustion had a particular stench that reminded him of morning breath and shock or surprise smelt like birthday cake. All the smells were becoming a bit over powering causing him to rub at his nose, turning it a bright pink. He idly wondered what they were going to do today, hopefully something fun. Unsurprisingly, he didn't have to wait long for the excitement to begin.
    "I AM TIRED!"
    Champagne jumped a bit from where sat beside Brown at Purple's sudden outburst. What was wrong with her? The six year old wrinkled his nose in distaste, did she wan't attention? Did she want someone to hold her hand, fawn over her, then tuck her back into bed? The tables began to shake, and Champagne stood from his seat leaving the empty juice box behind. Everyone around here seemed to have mental problems, Gray and Purple included. Maybe he'd ask his tutor why everyone was so messed up in the head. Champagne's hair was mussed, his face littered in crumbs and sticky stuff from last night's dinner. It wasn't like he had any sort of hygiene routine, unlike Sapphire. Quite honestly he didn't care, all he was supposed to wear was his colored jump suit and shoes and the scientists were happy. He brushed his teeth in the morning, but that was just about it.
    What to do?
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  16. Sapphire, blue

    Sapphire sat there eating her food. She wasen't too far so she eavesdropped on the conversation happening at the table next to her. Nothing much happened in that conversation, but it kept her entertained while she ate her food.

    Sapphire had just finished her toaster pastry and she was going for the apple juice that she opened a while ago. "I AM TIERED!" Purple shouted. This causes the tables to shake and her open carton of apple juice to fall over. Only a little less than a pint, the apple juice seeped out of the carton and made it's way onto the table. A mixture of anger and disappointment appeared on Sapphire's face as she got up from the table with a small sigh. Sapphire headed towards the exit leaving the trash on the table in hopes that the janitors would pick it up.

    After leaving the cafeteria, Sapphire made her way to her room. By the time she got there, there was only twenty-five minutes left in the morning before skills training. It was enough time for her to read quite a few pages of one of her books. Sapphire made her way onto her bland bed and reached for the closest book. 'Tales of the Timid' was the name of the book. 300 pages and 247 were read. Sapphire read the book on top of the bed hoping that she could finish it before the wretched bell rings.

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  17. Black, black Black ate his meal, but he was distracted by how close Gold was. He knew that she was about to get bored, and it was about to be the same with him.
    Before the both of them would get crazy ideas, Black took one of his drones and opened it like a book at its side. He held another one to Gold.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"How about a little game?"[/BCOLOR]
    The inside had a small display, about 2x2 inches.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"I will throw a dice on my display. You will guess which one it is, from 1-6. Each time you are right, the drone will reward you with a little shock. The longer your chain, the more powerful the shock."[/BCOLOR]
    Black was aware that this would keep her entertained for only a short while, but it was better than nothing. The order of the throws were 4 1 2 5 5.

    Their game was interrupted by Purple's wave, which made what the remains of the tea (just a few droplets) run across the table. Black looked to purple, not sure if he should care or not.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"Then go to bed or take a bath or something."[/BCOLOR]
    The little commotion made him lose his interest anyway, so he took his drone back and began to walk back to his room. He had a little side project he wanted to finish.
    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]"Be good Gold, or someone will get hurt."[/BCOLOR]
    He put two of his drones under his feet and began to skate back. It saved him time, and was faster than running.
  18. Brown looked back at his hands that were still shaking. He looked to see green leave and frowned a little at her departure. Brown got up from his seat and walked out of the cafeteria and stopped green. He had forgotten about how not being able to help winter green made her feel. "Hey green. I was being bull headed. You know me. Always trying to be the stong one. Though I do think I could use your help. I mean if you want." He held out his scarred hands to her. He gave her an apologetic smile.
  19. Falu

    Falu walked in silently and sat down at a different table than the rest. She wasn't one to talk when eating and being around others. Her roommate Green was chatting with the rest of the group. Falu wasca little jealous how she could a happy person. She soon saw Sapphire was eavesdropping on their conversation. 'Sneaky little girl.' Falu thought and chuckled a little to herself. In just about ten minutes, guards would take her away and put on those horrid, cold metal gloves on her, in order to make it impossible for her to snap her fingers. Falu had a plan to escape tomorrow...if possible. Her powers can be used for both good and bad reasons. Like if she wanted to rob a bank, she can just snap. She looked at the clock on the sterile white wall next to her and rested her head on her hand. Falu, for once, felt good about herself.
  20. Gold, gold

    Gold's interest was piqued by[BCOLOR=#ffffff] Black[/BCOLOR]'s offer, and she looked at him curiously, before taking the drone and opening it. A grin gradually crept along her face as he explained, and she nodded. "Sounds.. fun. But might I ask; what's in it for you?" she asked, almost accusingly. Was his reward merely seeing whether or not she was pleased or disappointed? She didn't know, but she didn't care.

    Eagerly, Gold awaited [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR] to start, tapping her fingers on the table. When he finally rolled the die, after what felt like forever to her, she gladly began guessing. "Hmm.... Four?" she guessed, uncertainly. However, she knew she was correct when she felt a shock course through her, causing her grin to return. Ha, ha... Lucky number four. When he rolled again, she pondered what to guess next. "Seven?" ....Nothing. Pouting, she made another guess. "..Two?" Ah.. Pain is a true bliss. "Five?" When she felt the shock go through her again, slightly stronger, she was evidently pleased. "Eight." Dammit, I blew i-

    The train of thought was cut off when the sound wave coursed through the room. Momentarily, her features darkened. Purple. Purple, Purple, Purple... Don't you know not to play with fire? 'Cause that's what we are... Fire. And we don't like to be played with. Blinking, Gold looked at [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Black[/BCOLOR] innocently, feigning disbelief and hurt. "What? Me? 'Be good'?! Oh, as though I'd ever be anything else!" she said, mockingly. Grinning once more, she glanced around. Well, it appeared Brown and Green had vanished. Typical. Though, those two weren't of interest to her, so she paid it no mind. It looked like Champagne had wandered off, too... And Sapphire. Aww.. Actually like those two. Darn.

    Green, green

    Green almost instantly felt guilty when she realized she'd abandoned little Champagne. Dammit.. Screwed up again. She contemplated just turning around and going back, when she realized Brown had followed suit. She only rolled her eyes at his statement, smiling sheepishly. "Oh, shush.. You weren't being bull-headed. I mean.. I know, that you don't want to seem weak. I get that; but I don't think taking help when you're evidently in pain is such a bad thing, y'know?" she mused, before shaking her head. "I guess that's just my opinion, though.. I can't help feeling so protective over you guys, even though I know you guys can all handle yourselves.." she explained, shuffling her feet.

    She smiled when he offered her his hands, but looked up at him uncertainly. Did he really want her to, or was he only offering out of guilt? She hoped the former was it, but decided to deliver, anyways. After all... What if he ended up hurt, due to his fatigue and current pain, later? She refused to see that happen, so she'd figured taking action now would be best. When she noticed the apologetic look he was giving her, she only felt bad. "Don't look so sullen, Brown.. You really have nothing to be sorry for," she assured, guiltily. Avoiding his gaze, she took his hands carefully, and set to work. She'd learned her healing powers typically worked by her focusing her energy to her hands, and coursing it through to her target. Which, was what she did, now. Though, she found herself going a bit lightheaded; oh, right... Healing with a migraine wasn't exactly the most pleasant experience. The pressure she felt on her head increased drastically when Purple had her outburst, despite the fact she wasn't even in the lunchroom anymore. She staggered slightly, wincing, but pulled herself together.

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