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  1. Today was the day, the one that either you loved or hated. For Nicky it was both. She had been crossing out the days on her calendar, but now that today was the day she wasn’t so happy. She sat at her desk, looking out the window. She had some boxes of chocolates that she had made stuffed in her bag. Most of them were for her friends, but there was one specific one that she had originally wanted to give to a certain person but now that the day was here, she just couldn’t. It didn’t matter; he probably wouldn’t want it anyway. He was sure to get other chocolates from girls that were much different from her. She couldn’t help that most people saw her as the tough girl in school. She wasn’t supposed to give chocolates to anyone anyway.

    Nicky was a student at a boarding school for both boys and girls. So, most of them would notice what they were like normally considering they live at the school. The school was pretty nice though, it was much different than a normal school. It was like a little town inside the school with different places to go and live.

    Nicky sighed. There was no way she was going to be able to give the chocolates to him; he wouldn’t accept them from her anyway. No guy would accept her chocolates; they would probably just run away from her.

    Nicky Carson

    RP Information:
    • It’s just pretty much about the everyday lives of the students and the relationships they have; romantic, friendships and such.
    • It’s a boarding school, where the school is actually in its own town.
    • It all starts on Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure we’ll go to other days.
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    Name: Sade Gorham
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 120
    Personality: She very intelligent, some call her a computer wiz. She is very creative, loves to read, write, and draw. She not good with jokes for she doesn't usually get them or the point. She is a antisocial person because she would rather read but she will talk to others just not much usually it's in class when a teacher or student ask her a question. Now if she is on a game on the computer she seems more like a social butterfly so she has a talkative side she just doesn't show it to people. She is caring of others and if someone gets hurt she will try to help. She may also come off to people basically as the shy nerd.

    Shade had been marking off her calender for months dreading Valentines day. And now it was finally here. She didn't usually care about the holiday but this year was different. She knew that no one would probable give anything except for maybe a few friends and she got some cards with candy for them. But she didn't expect a guy to get her something or at least not one she liked. She knew that if they didn't she might be the one all the popular girls would laugh and make fun of. 'Maybe this can go better than I think. Or maybe if I don't get something they won't notice. I can just hide it... Maybe make up something from on of my games... That can be my last resort.'
  3. Sophia was pretty popular when it came to socializing, she was pretty nice if not a bit gossipy. It was a wonder she didn't have a boyfriend yet, not that guys haven't tried to ask her out. She would always politely turn them down though. Sophia would always just tell her friends that having boyfriends was to stressful so she didn't eve want to bother. So Valentine's Day was always a bit awkward for her, she'd end up with a ton of chocolates and notes on her desk, she'd usually need a plastic bag to hold them all in. She figured being unattainable made her more attractive to boys then she would be if she did date, especially in a boarding school where everyone knew everyone. She had heard that some boys at the school where wagering on what they called the V-Day, A.K.A Virgin Day. The idea was to try to snag girls that no one else had yet been with. Sophia was very much bothered by this concept, and knew the less popular girls where surely to also get targeted for this cruel Valentines joke . She sat in class with already a pile on chocolates in her locker with arms crossed and a very sour look on her face.

    Sophia Williams
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  4. Yuurei Kaminari (open)

    There was a commotion by the girls locker room at the end of the hall way, a commotion that Yuurei Kaminari, a third year student was frantically escaping from. He had a reputation of coming up with weekly antics that involved peeping-tom activities and mindless flirting the inevitably ended in utter failure. It wasnt too long in the school day that he had already been caught installing spy cameras disguised as pens in the girl's locker room. Though to many he was nothing but a slacker and a loser, he saw himself more as a whimsical soul seeking out harmless fun and was accepted by a very small circle of friends that at times partook in his antics.

    Running down the hallway chased by angry fems, he couldn't control his laughter as he looked over his shoulder. For the brief moment he was running blindly he didnt realize the girl with the chocolates ahead of him and ended up colliding.

    "Gah!!" He grunted as he tumbled over Nicky. Quick to realize his mistake he got to his feet, looked back at the lynch mob behind him then back at Nicky, "hiya Nicky, what a good morning it is, right, hey sorry cant talk long gotta run, see ya 'round after lunch" he spoke quick as if punctuation was non existant and was hopping from foot to foot as if he needed to use the bathroom, then fled the scene.

    "Get back here, scum bag, kick that asshole in the balls!" The angry mob's shouting grew louder with a rumble of a stampede growing louder as they came closer.
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  5. Shade was walking to her locker when she noticed the commotion of an angry mob. 'Great what's up now? Or is it the fact that it's valentines day?' Once at her locker she noticed near by was the boy begin chases. 'Umm..what was his name again? I can't remember... Oh well I just know he's one of the trouble makers for the girls locker room... I wonder what it was this time.' She traded out a few of her books and began to walk to her first class. 'I can't wait for this day to be over.'
  6. Chanel (open)

    Name:: Chanel Iman
    Age:: 16

    February 14th, Valentines Day! Chanel's favorite holiday of the year! She was a hopeless romantic at heart and even though she didn't have a boyfriend this year.. or well any year. She was still excited to see the romance at school today. As she walked into the school she waved at everyone. Chanel was a pretty popular girl in school and she was nice to almost everyone, course she did have her flaws.. Like the fact that she was lost without a cellphone and she had a GPA of about 3.1 compared to everyone else it was.. well average. She hated that. Her parents had gotten her a tutor so soon she'd be after school tutoring at her own boarding school. Chanel unwrapped her scarf and placed it in her locker. She turned around to see the commotion and laughed as the well known peeping tom was being chased down the hallway. He collided with a girl and then said a few words before he kept running. She kept chuckling as she walked into her classroom and sat next to Sophia. "Hey Sophia, why so glum?" She asked with a teasing tone.
  7. Sophia perked up seeing her friend and shrugged. "Nothing, just that whole V-Day rumor is bugging the crap out of me," she said taking a little chocolate from a heart shaped box and plopped it in her mouth. "Even chocolate doesn't taste as good when you know someone is trying to buy your affections," she sighed offering the box to Chanel. "Want some? I already have like five boxes, I'm gonna gain like twenty pounds by the end of today." She wrinkled her nose at the thought of having to eat all this stuff, she supposed she could just save it. What a waste of paper with all these cards though, the local pharmacy probably made a butt load of cash off these sappy boys.
  8. Shade finally made it to class. After passing crowds of couples and friends giving each other chocolate. She went over to her usually sit in the back near a usually quiet corner. She looked to see who arrived in class and she noticed Sophia with loads of chocolate. 'Like usually there trying to get her attention. I hope class goes okay... You never know on valentines.' She got out her art book and a pencil and began to draw. She was trying to think of something Valentines themed.
  9. Chanel sighed. "I don't know why everyone can't just love valentine day like me" She said with a little wink. "C'mon girl, cheer up! You could have no chocolate? Like me" She said laughing a bit as she took a chocolate and poked it with her manicured finger. The chocolates were usually filled and Chanel wasn't a fan. So when the chocolate had no filling she eagerly popped it into her mouth. After chewing and swallowing the delicious chocolate she looked over to her friend. "I hear that they make February 15th National work out day, or maybe thats after Thanksgiving" She said with a soft giggle.
  10. "I don't get why you don't have any chocolates, I got like bombarded all morning," she said eating the chocolates. She sucked on her teeth to make sure she wouldn't get any stuck between her teeth. "I know I shouldn't complain, but I figured I'd made it pretty clear that I wasn't interested in any guys." She shoved the cards off her desk and into a plastic bag so they wouldn't get crushed in her back pack. "I feel like a trophy and it's annoying as hell," she grumbled. "If you want I can give you my cards, I'm keeping the chocolates though," She smiled at her friend. "Some of the cards even have cheesy notes in them, it's really funny!"
  11. Chanel laughed. "No way do I want your cheesy cards" She told her friend with a laugh. "Yeah well you're the pretty one in this friendship, boys fall at your feet" She said making a bowing motion to her friend. "Oh Sophia you are the light of my life, please go out with me!" She said in a mocking deep voice before she saw a few guys walk in and she closed her mouth with a smile and waved to them. Turning back to her friend she asked. "Well its Valentines day do you just not want a boyfriend or is it more of you don't want anyone here?"
  12. Sophia paused at the question for a moment her face blushing under her dark skin before waving it off. "Teenage boys are dumb, and I'm always to busy with school work. It would be a waste of time, and don't kid yourself Chanel, your gorgeous. Guys just like going after things they can't have." She said chewing on yet another piece of chocolate. "And don't worry," she said between bites "these chocolates are going to give me the worse zits tomorrow, these are the last hours I'll have a pretty face." She pulled out her folder and grabbed the homework from last night. Sophia was a top notch student, and it wasn't a weird thing to turn down fun for school work. She did like dorm parties, but she paid extra for a single room for a reason. She hated being distracted when she knew she had things to do. There was even a time that she broke down crying at a party because she hadn't finished a paper for class the next day, and was to drunk to finish it.
  13. ryder was walking down the hall looking down at the book in his hand. he was a hopless romantic. he turned the corner and bumped into a girl. he fell backwards and his glasses fell off his face. he picked up his glasses and looked at the girl."im so sorry i was busy reading and didnt see you."
  14. Chanel shurgged her shoulders and chuckled before she looked over to the empty hallway, surely class was about to begin any minute. Not that she would pay any attention. She hoped her new tutor was nice enough not to make fun of her or yell at her like her last tutors had. Sighing softly she looked down at her paper. It sucked being the dumb one in her family.
  15. Emily had been marking the days until Valentines Day. She hadn't bought or made any chocolates she only bought a medium sized brown furry teddy bear that had a red flower by its ear. She had stuffed it in her bag before entering school. She was probably late now but she didn't really care. She went to her locker and put he things away but kept her IPhone and earphones. She put the earphones in and plugged them into the IPhone. She put the IPhone on her pocket and walked to class listening to Beautiful Soul. She walked into the classroom, disturbing it and walked to her seat. It was the last one in the back row by the window. She sat down and looked out the window as she listened to the song.

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  16. Nicky wasn't too happy about being tumbled over by Yuurei. She stood up quickly, "Damn, Yuurei watch where you're going." She said to him just before he began running off some more. It was pretty obvious that the group of girls screaming were coming after him. She sighed, she could easily just knock them all down before they ran into her but it would be too much work this morning. She just moved out of the way and let them run through, Yuurei would be able to handle it all himself.

    She continued on, towards her classroom. Unfortunately something ended up hitting her again. She sighed, seeing that he was busy with a book. "It's fine, just don't do it again." She said. She started walking again, finally getting to her classroom without anymore run ins. She headed towards the back, sitting in front of Shade, leaning against the wall and putting her feet up. "Here." She said, setting down a box on chocolates on Shade's desk. "I made you some chocolate Shade." She pushed pushed her foot, hitting Emily's desk, then threw her the chocolate she made for her. Nicky did at least care about her friends, figuring she would give them some. She looked over seeing Sophia with a large amount of chocolate. She figured that, Chanel and Sophia were the type of girls most of the guys at the school liked. Nicky sighed again and turned back to Emily and Shade.
  17. Chanel looked over at Nicky and Emily as they walked in. Sighing she turned her gaze away, unfortunately popularity also gave you distance between other girls. Looking over her shoulder she would try her best to be friends with the three girls and smiled in their direction. Waving a bit she then looked away and back at her friend.
  18. Emily took her earphones out and looked at the chocolate. She hadn't really expected anyone to give her any since she didn't really have friends. She sighed, feeling bad now. Emily looked at Nicky. "Thanks." She said then put her earphones in just as the teacher came in. She turned he volume down a little and ate the chocolates as she took down notes, watched the sky, paid attention, and listened to her music all at the same time. She was a very focused girl that could do a lot of things at once. No one knew how she did it and neither did she did. She just...did.
  19. Yuurei busted in through the classroom door, immediately flattening his back against the wall next to the door, his chest rising and collapsing with each prominent inhalation and exhalation. "Man, rough morning, those senior chicks are nuts" he finally begins to cool down and takes but one step towards his desk (center row against the wall furthest from the window) before the door slams wide open again, Yuurei ought between the door and the wall, conveniently the perfect hiding place now that the big bad senior chicks looked in the class quickly scanning the classroom and all of its students.

    "nothing but a bunch of little runts" They began to talk amongst themselves for a while before snapping a harsh glance back at the class.

    "You tell that pervert if we catch him again in the girls locker room, we'll take a sledge hammer to his balls." they gestured a balled fist smacking into an open palm with such emphasis on the word "balls" then reluctantly left. Much like the relief of losing all wanted level stars on GTA, Yuurei let out a long sigh of relief as the door closed behind the senior girls, and revealing him behind the door, with watery eyes...tends to happen when you get smacked in the nose.

    "Phew thanks guys for not ratting me out...heheh...senior chicks, am I right?" He attempted to muse his classmates as he made his way to the desk.

    "Hey...whats with all the heart shaped...boxes....and.....ooooh dear lord is valentines day, isn't it?", with that he receded into his desk, and sunk into it with a dark cloud figuratively over his head.
  20. Emily saw Yuurei and laughed out loud. The teacher turned to her and scolded her then saw the earphones and headed her way. She looked up at the teacher just as he/she put her/his hand out. Emily sighed and gave her the earphones. She watched the teacher go back and put them in a drawer then turned back to the board. She smirked and pulled out a new pair from her desk. She plugged them in then put them in her ears and listened to What Doesn't Kill You as she did everything else as well. She was smiling and kept one earphone out. She keep looking at Yuurei and would shake her head and go back to taking notes.
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