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  1. The year is 3017 it is truly an amazing future. People have evolved to the point of gaining super natural powers. In this day and age those with amazing abilities are considered the cream of the crop and given all the benefits in life. Those with amazing abilities are offered scholarships to all the best schools, given high paying jobs and if the person is brave enough they become Heroes. Hero's who are willing to put their lives on the line are scouted by Elite the super hero defense force, who protects the world from those who use their powers for evil.

    In this world those who don't have powers or have what been categorized as a useless power are treated like trash. They're forced to work manual labor, they attend the public schools and are only taught how to prepare for a life of mediocrity. In this life those with useless powers who want to become heroes are pretty much laughed at and thought of as a waste of time.

    In the world of Heroes The best of the best is known as Dominator, a hero with the ability of invulnerability. He and the rest of Elite fight the villains who are lead by the evil Dementor. Dementor's ability is the power to command his blood however he see's fit, he can create weapons, armor etc. During one of their battles, just as Dominator was about to deal the final Blow Dementor pulled away and surrendered. Dominator arrested Dementor and took him to the Elite headquarters. As Dominator was celebrating with the rest of Elite, a mysterious explosion occurred in Dementor's cell. As Dominator went to Dementor's cell to check on him he discovered it was decoy. As Dominator left the holding cell a piece of debris hit him on the head, it hurt him. Dominator checked his head and he was bleeding. it was then that he realized his power had been erased.

    All of Elite's powers had been erased, it seemed as though the decoy was fitted with a device that emitted waves that completely nullified the Power genes. That's when Dementor finally made his move. He took over a television broadcast stating that he has placed several of these decoys around the world. He ended his transmission with these words "Join the Villains and rule over this new dark society. or lose you abilities forever." The decoys went off and those who didn't contact Dementor was subject to having their power erased, well almost every body. The nobody's of society those who were given a useless power weren't affected.

    Elite saw this as their only hope, so they reached out to those who were classified as Useless and gave them the opportunity to save the world. Dementor and his band of Villains are busy conquering the world to notice what Elite is up to. The choice is yours, will you take the pillar and become the hero the world needs or will you turn your back on the world that turned it's back on you?
  2. It has been Several months since the incident at Elite Headquarters, the city has changed dramatically. The usually clean neighborhoods are now filled with trash and graffiti, several thank you notes For Dementor are pinned all around town from several F rank villains. The usually lively fun loving people are now afraid only going out in the day time when the villains are less active.

    In the almost abandoned Elite building waits a now powerless Dominator as well as some other x heroes waiting for their last ditch effort to pay off. As they prep their drones for take off Dominator gathers his heroes and makes a grand speech. "although we are powerless now, we will not run. This city has been good to us and we will see that it is safe until the end. I know it's a long shot calling on those we have deemed as useless; however it is our last chance to fight back. Dominator presses the button as several drones fly off into the sunset looking for their targets.

    On the console several files were open the names on each file read.
    -Rainbow Catherine Feather Brooks
    -Hisashi Komuro
    -Astria Newton
    -Toby Newton
    -Anton Adler

    As Dominator and the rest watched the drones they held up their hands and saluted the drones. "may they answer our call, the call of justice."
  3. Alexander relaxed as his eye returned to its normal prismatic blue. He sighed and slumped against the wall. He despised this, atleast when there had been supers all over the place he could walk home without people trying to mug him, Now every time he even walked down the road E rankers were trying to kick dirt in his face. Sure he was a 0 Ranker, one with a useless power, but that wasn't because it was nothing but a parlour trick, it was because he could kill himself, and everyone around him, with it if he fucked up. as it was he'd managed to master only two forms of his skill, Conversion to heat, Conversion to motion, The first was mostly used by him to heat up his food or drinks when he needed. The second was the only one he'd managed to turn in to a form of defence, by converting a tiny fraction of a substance he could fire it at such speed that it would be capable of punching through most targets. He hid this from the world as best he could, but often enough people forced him to use it. He rubbed his temples as he contemplated the mess he'd made. 2 E-rankers laying across the Ally, one was dead, the other was barely alive, The first had accosted him and attempted to make him hand over his money, so he'd reacted on instinct and fired the small stones he carried with him at the guy, the shotgun style burst killed him instantly, He never even learnt what sort of power the guy had, The next guy who he presumed had super strength from the way he'd Hauled Alexander around was laying at the foot of a wall with a crack in it, Alexander had simply patted the guys chest and converted a single fibre of this clothes in to enough energy to throw him across the ally. Dusting himself down, Alexander started to limp home, He was pretty sure that last stunt had broken his leg when the guy had been jerked off it.

    Grabbing a spare scaffolding pole and using it as a walking stick Alexander winced. yup. defiantly broken. He let out a soft groan of pain and continued the now considerably longer walk home. He didn't expect help but nor did he care. He honestly wished that whatever the villain had used had hit the entire world, No superpowers, no assholes trying to throw him through buildings. No one with stupid invulnerability powers, or control over blood, or telekinesis, or stupid shit like that. He aimed a vicious kick at a cat and missed. "fucking....stupid...." He continued his walk and internal rant about how stupid this entire thing was. It was something he did often, internal ranting when he was unable to change things. One of these days, sooner or later he'd get a chance at letting lose his fury on those who'd had him down trodden for so long. but today was not that day he decided, not with a broken leg.
  4. Hisashi was standing at the front counter at his convenience store job thumbing through a magazine while lower level Villains raided the place. As Hisashi stood there he watched as they all would look at him and wonder why he wasn't cowering in the back like the manager. they shook their heads and made off with bags of goods. Hisashi knocked on the door to the staff break room. "so manager should i bother restocking or do you wanna save the rest of the stock for tomorrows crooks?"

    As his manager mumbled something about closing his doors for good Hisashi just rolled his eyes and headed for the door. "ok well since there is nothing left to sell i'm going home." As Hishashi was leaving the convenience store he heard the sound of a faint buzzing he turned to see and Elite model Drone hovering over head.

    the drone flashed a green light and surrounded Hisashi in the beam. "hey what the hell is this."

    "i.d. confirmed Hero Nightmare rank 0."

    a hologram started to play showing Hisashi's former Idol Dominator. "hello Hisashi, i know this may sound rather." Hisashi got upset and tried to swat the drone away.

    "forget it whatever this is i don't give a damn. screw you and screw elite i don't want to have anything to do with you and your stupid Hero society."

    As Hisashi walked away the drone followed. "you have every right to be upset with us Hisashi after all we threw you away when you were eager to join our fight. however."

    "however nothing. i know what you want. you think i'm stupid and useless. i know you know i can still use my power. well it's to late you had a chance to add me to your ranks and you tossed me aside like an old soda can."

    "Hisashi please, the city needs you" Hisashi turned around his eyes filled with tears. "don't tell me about needing people. i needed you a long time ago and what did you say to me."

    "Hisashi i was wrong"

    "what did you say"

    Dominator sighed and spoke "we don't need useless powers at Elite, maybe you can be a garbage man and save us from filthy streets."

    "yeah i didn't forget Dom.. I didn't forget so you know what screw you and Elite."

    As Hisashi started walking away the drone blocked his path and showed a full hologram of Dominator. he looked at Hisashi then got down on the ground and pleaded. "please Hisashi, you can hate me and Elite all you want but this city, these people are dying. they need Heroes. they need you."

    Hisashi stopped. "damnit, that's bull shit you don't get to use people, you don't get to guilt trip me like this."

    "please Hisashi just think it over, if you accept please come by the headquarters tomorrow afternoon."

    The drone dropped a key card on the floor and flew away. Hisashi picked it up and stuffed it in his pocket. "tsk hero."
  5. Anton ran a hand through his hair as groans sounded behind him. E ranks ran all over now but they forgot that some people with or without powers were still able to defend themselves and he had been fighting since he was 18 so it wasn't all that hard to break a few bones to make the point know that Anton Adler would not out up with the BS that seemed to take over the city. He laughed in his head, all those super heroes and not one knew what to do without their powers and it was...pathetic to the man that men and women that would be called gods by a more primitive people were so...helpless now. As he started to walk up the street he saw a man or rather a teen limping with a pole as a walking stick, he had light blonde hair but that was the only feature that he was able to see with his back to Anton. He jogged a little to catch up with him before he whistled to get his attention. "Hey, that's a nasty limp you got their. Want some help?" Anton asked the teen.
  6. The Dark city sky was alive that night with the sound of 5 little drones scanning the streets looking for their targets. As the drones flew into the night sky two of them broke off from the rest of the pack and flew down to their targets.

    The green light engulfed Alexander, it started to talk. "subject number 09437 class 0 rank 0 target acquired playing message." A hologram shot out from the drone and appeared in front of Alexander. "good evening Alexander, i am Dominator former Hero of the Elite." the hologram flickered. "As you know the situation of this city is grim We at Elite have become powerless and are looking for anyway to fight back against the villain threat. that is why we have been watching you, we are aware that your power is still active." the hologram flickered as the drone circled around Alexander. "I would like to invite you to Elite so you can join our ranks and become a Hero in this hour of need." a card key slowly popped out from the drones compartment and landed on the floor in front of Alexander. "we have seen you put up a fight against the lower class of villains and we know you have a good heart so please won't you join us."

    The green light engulfed Anton, it started to talk. "subject number 09439 class 0 rank 0 target acquired playing message." A hologram shot out from the drone and appeared in front of Anton. "good evening Anton, i am Dominator former Hero of the Elite." the hologram flickered. "As you know the situation of this city is grim We at Elite have become powerless and are looking for anyway to fight back against the villain threat. that is why we have been watching you, we are aware that your power is still active." the hologram flickered as the drone circled around Anton. "I would like to invite you to Elite so you can join our ranks and become a Hero in this hour of need." a card key slowly popped out from the drones compartment and landed on the floor in front of Anton. "we have seen you put up a fight against the lower class of villains and we know you have a good heart so please won't you join us."

    The drones finished playing their messages and took off into the night sky heading back to the Elite building having finished their mission.
  7. Alexander watched the drone and picked up the key card. "And give me a good reason not to just go to whats his name....the guy who drianed you all?" He asked and grabbed a handful of gravel from the ground and firing it after the drone with a half assed attempt to blast it apart, He didn't really care if it hit or not it was more the symbolism. "Fucking...buch of assholes." he growled and then looked at anton. "Yeah. I busted my leg. I don't suppose you could lend me a hand." He asked and smiled "I'm Alexander by the way, as you probably guessed. but you can call me Alex or Lex." He said and shrugged. "sorry if I don't hold my hand out, I kind of need it to hold on to the walking pole." He said tapping the scaffolding pole.
  8. TitleAstria Newton

    Astria laughed as she ran form her brother, she doesn't know how Toby ever talked her into Tag but it had been worth it running in endless circles making herself exhausted. Astria stopped quickly and hunched her back for a breath when "COOTIES" Toby ran by screaming and tagging her, standing up straighter she ran after Toby. Following him into the woods that enclosed the house save the driveway Astria began to feel as if she was being watched as she chased her brother small propeller like noises could be herd in the distance coming to a complete stop she looked around looking for the source of the sound.
    TitleToby Newton

    Toby laughed with Astria chasing her around, why had he suggested tag? because he finally had enough stamina to run for a longer amount of time, also he felt like running. Running up behind Astria as she took a breath Toby yelled "Cooties" just to be loud and to make a lot of noise. hearing the pounding of Astria's steps behind him he laughed again knowing she'll never catch up. Hearing the sound of her footsteps die out he looked behind him a confused look on his face and began walking back to Astria. Once by her side he gripped onto her arm as he heard the sound of propellers not knowing if it was anything dangerous. ​
  9. two of the remaining three drones swooped down into the city. They flew through the streets with such precision, avoiding people and objects. The drones zoomed in and found their targets. One of the drones dove down and scanned the female target, the second did a loop de loop while scanning the second male target.

    In unison the drones sounded off. "Target identified subject 98734, 98735 rank 0" the drones fly next to eachother and project a single image of Dominator. "hello I am Dominator, As you know the world is in its darkest hour. Your powers were once seen as useless but now we find our selves as useless. The villains are turning this world into their personal play ground. As heroes we can not allow that to happen. So please lend us your powers, become the heroes you were meant to be."

    The hologram flickered off as both drones dropped key cards at the twins feet and started to fly away headed back to Elite headquarters.
  10. Anton grabbed the key card and put it away for now. "Name's Anton as you heard, here lean on me and i'll help you walk." He said to Alex letting the teen put his weight on him rather then on the make shift walking stick. "So you got somewhere to stay where I can help ya splint the leg?" Anton asked as they started walking. "So the people who deemed us useless now asks for our help, well I guess they did say the meek would inherit the earth." Anton said offhandedly finding this whole situation to be right out of some Shakespearean tale.
  11. "Yeah, but not its mineral worth." Alexander retorted with a little bitterness. he looked at the pole before taking final aim at the receeding drone and energizing a full 5g worth of it. There was a almighty bang and the unholy sound of metal vaporizing due to air friction and the drone was oblitorated as a 10kg spear of metal vapor traveling at roughly 30 times the speed of sound punched through it. Alexander looked at his palm and sighed, there was a burnt ring on it that didn't look to go away soon. "well....that hurts." He observed, it was clear he was starting to go in to shock due to pain. "Yeah, my place is just down the road and to the left. I've got first aid stuff there." he said and smiled. "so, what you gonna do, go turn up or not?"
  12. Hisashi was walking home when he came up to an alley way. as he passed he heard the sound of a woman screaming. Hisashi shook his head and continued walking. "it's not my problem, i'm not a hero after all."

    Hisashi started to walk away as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. as he felt around in his right pocket he felt the key card, he saw the image of Dominator bowing his head. "damnit."

    Hisashi turned and rand down the alley. In the middle of the alley a High school girl was surrounded by a group of F rank villains. "come on onee-chan just show up what we wanna see and we'll let you go." one of the villains pulled out his cell phone and got ready to take pictures as the girl started to unbutton her shirt.

    Tears were streaming down her face, her hands were shaking as she reached for her top button. " you promise to let me go after i show you?" The guys were all laughing as the leader stepped up and grabbed her by her hair. "I'll let you go after i'm done." He grabbed at her shirt and tore the buttons exposing her underwear. As the rest of the group was getting amped up Hisashi got into position.

    "yeah, rip her bra off Toru." "i want next" "i don't care as long as i go before Dimitri, bastard doesn't shower." the girl screamed and one of the lights went out. "hey what was that? is that your power chick? can you turn off the lights?" As he asked another light went out. "hey knock it off." Toru the leader slammed her into the wall. "your just setting the mood." he said as he licked her face.

    The sound of deep breathing and scratching was coming down the alley. a shadow was finally seen he started whispering something to low to hear. "hey what the hell are you saying you bastard." "you better not come and mess up our fun, or else Toru's gonna mess you up."

    The shadow finally stepped into the only light source in the alley and roared "I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!" The men were starring at a huge blood covered demon. the men tried to activate their powers but were to scarred. they were already in Hisashi's trance. "I'LL EAT YOUR SOULS!!!" the monster screeched and swiped at the group.

    "IT'S A DEMON" "LET'S GET OUTTA HERE" the group took off running down the alley into the open street out of sight. The young girl had long since fainted. Hisashi took off his coat and covered her body. as he picked her up princess style and started walking tword the nearest police box. He placed her down next to the police box and knocked loudly then took off. he hid around the corner and waited for the officers to find her and pick her up.

    Hisashi started walking tword his apartment. he looked at his watch and saw that it was already late "damnit, i'm gonna miss my show."

  13. Astria

    Astria picked up one of the drones frowning slightly Looking at it she Frowned turning to Toby she turned her neck to the side not knowing what to do "Well they asked nicely!" Astria said with such hope she liked the idea of becoming a hero, her eyes twinkled with anticipation "What the hell are you thinking?" The older the two twins replied, his voice shook with resentment, why should we go and help the organization that made us have such bad lives? It's just not logical" Astria shook her head knowing her brother would only think on the negative side "Think about it Toby! Think about it! If we succeed then the world will love us, they'll have no choice to accept us because we saved their buts"


    Toby Stopped for a minute and thought his sister knew him well, too well perhaps to know that she had said something that made him stop, turning around he watched a she picked up the other drone and offered it to him. "We could sell it, get the money in case we need it" Toby nodded, "Fine we sell the bots and we go to their headquarters to see what we could do but I'm not continuing if it doesn't interest me" he knew that's all he had to say to get Astria to smile and nod, he started to walk to a place to sell the drones Astria right behind him when he spotted two men, One with a limp and the other helping the man with the limp
  14. "Goddammit, first you got a busted leg and now you burn your hand." Anton said with a sigh. "I don't know i'm more focused getting you fixed up first, point me on the right way as we go." Anton said as they began to walk down the road.
  15. Mean while on the local news channel.

    A young television reporter with long black hair is standing in front of the camera with a smoking pile of rubble behind her. "This is Channel 7 on the scene of what looks like The villains latest triumph. The local police station is now reduced to a pile of rubble, oh look here comes the villain responsible lets see if we can get an exclusive. Sir, sir."

    A muscular looking villain dressed in all black comes out from the rubble he points to his chest as the reporter calls to him. "what, um me?"

    "yes you, sir am I to believe that you are responsible for taking down this entire building by yourself?"

    "yes, i'm wrecking ball a C rank villain with the power of uh well I break stuff, and don't feel pain."

    "wow that seems like an amazing power, are you a part of Demolisher's gang?"

    "um Demolisher said I shouldn't say anything, so um no. i'm my own villain."

    "that's that my name is Hoshino Nara with channel 7 news."

  16. [​IMG]

    ♦Location: Rainbow's Apartment ♦Mood: Tired & Anxious ♦Outfit: I Feel Freedom
    Rainbow was laying on the edge of her bed, watching some boring movie. Today was such an annoying one, first she got to work late, than she got home late... and with all these "superheroes" who shot her powers down as no more than a creative way of painting... she was at home with nothing to do. She flipped her long brown hair over her shoulders. "So bored." She kept flicking through the channels, and than she stopped at the news. Rainbow wasn't the type to watch the news that often, but this story was interesting. Some villain named Wrecking Ball was talking to a reporter. He was dumb for actually stating in an indirect way that he was apart of Demolisher's Gang. "Wow that was foolish." She smirked at the T.V. turning to some cartoon. Rainbow flopped backwards onto her bed, playing with her powers. She turned her hair to yellow than red and back to brown. "Those "heroes" will need me someday I just know it." She glanced at her open window, wondering what the world was doing right about now.
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  17. Alexander gave him the biggest shit eating grin he could manage. "Yeah, but I blew the drone up. its not like it was pointless." He said and pointed to a door, "I'm in there." He said. His house was directly across from Rainbows, not that he'd ever met her. He paused and attempted to open the door, forgetting he'd burnt his hand, and let out a sharp hissing noise before pulling back. Managing to yank himself away from Anton and stumble on to the steps, putting his broken leg down he let out a yell of pain and landed on his back on the pavement. "ow......fucking hell..." He said, hissing through clenched teeth.
  18. Anton sighed. "I mean trying to injure yourself more ain't gonna help." He helped the teen back up before opening the door himself, he put Alex on a couch. 'Where is the first aid?" Anton asked as he stood in front of the teen waiting for an answer.
  19. The final drone scanned the area and started to beep. It zoomed down and headed tword an open second story window. It found it's target and scanned her with a green light. "subject 99560 rank 0 located." The drone circled around the bed and found hovered. It shot out another light and a hologram of Dominator was in Rainbow's room. "Hello, i am the Hero Dominator. As you know the world is facing it's darkest hour. with Heroes powerless we need those who are still able to help us fight. I would like to extend an invitation to you to the elite headquarters tomorrow."

    the hologram sighed. "just hopefully you will have a team there waiting for you." the drone beeped a few times then flew out of the window heading straight to the elite building.
  20. An Alarm was blaring in the background as Hisashi opened his eyes. He reached up and pressed the alarm button and sat up there he saw it the key card to the Elite Headquarters. "Tsk, like i would ever." He turned over and pulled the sheets over his head. he tossed and turned all while thinking of going. he growled and sat up "oh damn it i gotta get outta here." Hisashi got up and showered and got dressed he had to leave his apartment he was driving himself crazy.

    Hisashi started walking when he noticed there was hardly anyone on the street. "where the hell is everyone." that's when Hisashi noticed he was in front of Elite. "damn it how in the hell did this happen." Hisashi pulled out the card key and looked at the building he remembered how he came when he was younger and how Dominator himself turned him down. "why the hell did i show up here. i should just.'' Hisashi got upset and was going to throw the card key when he looked around. cop cars flipped over, graffiti everywhere. "damnit. why do i care so much." Hisashi turned and faced the doors. he held the card key ready to head in.
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