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  1. Seiko and Akira high school, two very different school. Seiko is a very rich school while Akira is the complete opposite. Both high schools have their own share of problem and whats worse is they dispise each other. However the new kid comes around to Akira and befriends a girl from Seiko (and may possibly become more?) which causes eve more cho then before. With the help of their friend (who find this feud ridiculous) and themselves, will they be able to stop all this non sense?
    -My Quick Character Info-
    Name: Akio Mochida
    Age: 17
    Personality: Tough, Bright, A bit mysterious, Kind, respectful to women, sarcastic, Honest. May look a little intimidating but don't let his looks fool you.
    Looks: (Picture Below) * And he is muscular but he doesn't look like he is on steroids XD*
    Akio banged the side of his fist at his alarm clock which filled the room with its irritating beeping noise. Once he successfully turned off the alarm clock with on small grunt he sat up and ran a hand through his messy blonde hair. He looked around at his new room which was filled with boxes. That's right... today is his first day at a new school. Oh joy. He dragged himself out of bed and prepared for school. Brushed his teeth, his blonde hair then put on a plan white t-shirt which made his muscular arms visible and slightly baggy jeans and black shoes. In Akira high there are no uniforms. He glanced over at the clock and then sighed to himself, grabbed his camouflage pattern back pack and headed out the door walking to his new bus stop.
    *Writers Note: Please don't leave anyone behind! Thanks!*

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  2. (May I claim the Seiko girl?)

    Seiko High's uniform was pretty on the girls and handsome on the boys, each had unique appeals; and Ginger looked very good in the dress made of white with blue stripes along the bottom of the skirt, blue and white made the uniform and the girls wear a blue blouse under the dress to keep it from showing their chests, Ginger wears blue stockings and white dress shoes with it. Ginger herself was a very stand out type of girl with bright red hair and emerald green eyes and at sixteen she was a mature sweet heart with a smile bright as the sun, but her temper could be pretty short, it was the Irish blood in her that have her the quick temper and the unique looks.

    She had been going to Seiko High for a year now and she loved it but she found the fights with Akira High to be very stupid. She thought about her studies and the fights as she left her own house and began walking up the road.

    (It is a 'jump in' rp hehe, it sounded fun, hope you don't mind.)
  3. Ash woke up with the throbbing reminder in his head of last night. Beers littered that he lay his aching body on. He wore a Sonic t-shirt and baggy sweatpants. Staring dazily at the clock in the trashed house, he realised how it was almost 10 minutes to school. He gasped as he downed some water from the tap, vaulted the fence and dashed to bus stop with one unlaced shoe on, the other foot with a dirty sock.

    Panting for breath, he rested his back against the beat-up bus stop, waiting for the usual bus to Akira. He noticed a new face and scanned him. "Sup? Guessing you're the new kid." he said, crossing his arms and trying to look cool even though he looked a total mess.
  4. (It is a jump in ^^. I don't mind at all!)
    'Sup?' Akio heard causing him to loose his train of thought. He turned and looked at the guy with his intense deep blue eyes. The guy was a complete mess. Bu he nodded slightly at him, "Hey and yes I am," he smirks, "What gave it away?" at the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of bright red hair causing him to look in the direction of the red headed girl.
  5. "I know just about every kid at Akira AND Seiko. I didn't recognize ya, so you must be the new kid. Don't ask how I know... cos like they don't know me." he stuttered, awkwardly before following his eye to Ginger. "That's Ginger. Pretty cute, I know. She goes to Seiko, and there's this massive war between them. I don't really care about it though and think it's dumb. Check this out. I'm a HIT with the babes!" he boasts confidently. Ash strolls up to Ginger, casually, well, TOO casually. "Hey babe, why don't ya say we go over to my place and we'll show each other tricks?" he said with a fat grin on his face, winking towards Akio as he waits for the reply.
  6. name jasmine soranto
    age 16
    appearance [​IMG]
    bio jasmine is generally shy around anyone but her friends. she always speaks in a soft tone to where you may have to strain to hear her.

    jasmine was gingers friend since grade school. she caught up to ginger on their way to school. she saw a guy hitting on ginger and giggled a bit knowing he has no chance with her.
  7. With an unladylike snort Ginger turns her nose up at the mess that is apparently a student at Akira. "Not my type, buzz off!" She's kind of cold because one of the few things she cannot stand is when a guy hits on her with so little class. Ginger turns around and waves at her friend Jasmine with a huge smile that was totally opposite of how she had reacted to the boy from earlier and it could easily charm almost anyone.
  8. Ash takes a couple steps back in shock. Before turning around with a half-smug look on his face towards Akio. "She just can't handle my awesome looks and amazing charm." he shouted at Akio, so loud that Jasmine and Ginger could hear.
  9. Akio a facepalm then decided to jump in. He jogged over there and smiled politly at the red head,"Hey I apologze for this mans behavior." h rubbed the bck of his head. He has always been polite to women, "Should I slap him for you?" he says jokingly.
  10. jasmine walked over to ginger and remained silent when the new guy jogged over to them.
  11. With surprise Ginger leans back staring at the new guy. "Um no, that's mean... He just... I can't stand when guys act like that and I become unusually mean I'm not normally that way!" She says quickly instantly feeling bad about the mean behavior she herself exhibited.
    "Jasmine, are you okay? You're being awfully quiet." She asks her best friend still trying to recover from the sudden and smooth recovery that the new kid had made for the messy guy.
  12. "Hey!" Ash shouts before shoving Akio out of the way so that he's in front of Ginger. "Ignore him. He's just trying to get with you through me. But I'm the one you want. I mean, I like, have respect for women too. Uh... um... Your boobs are cool." he stutters quickly, saying the first thing that comes to mind. Then he flashes yet another grin, showing his confidence.
  13. jasmine giggled at how clueless this guy was. she looked at ginger "im fine" then she looked at the new guy and held out her hand "hi im jasmine"
  14. Ginger gets a really irritated look on her face those pretty emerald green eyes turning into a blazing green fire before she swings her bag at Aiko's face.
  15. "What the... AHH!" Ash screams as the bag hits him right across the cheek. "Bitch!" he shouts at her. "You're lucky I complimented you." Ash shouts in anger, clutching his stinging cheek.
  16. Akio gets pushed a little but barley moves an inch. He laughs lightly at Ash's attempt to save himself. Then he heards Jasmines small voice and looked at her with a kind smile, "Hello, I am Akio." Suddenly he says a quick flash of color heading towards his face ad quickly reacts by catching the bag. He blinks for a moment then looks down at Ginger with his intense blue eyes, "Now what was that for?"
  17. With panic Ginger blinks, "I I I wasn't aiming at you!!" Panic rises and she turns deep red. "I was aiming at the other guy but I saw red and eek!" She covers her face with her bag in a total panic turning instantly into a mess.
    With a gulp she glances over her bag still blushing, "l-let me start over... I am Ginger Ullieum, I'm from Ireland... And sometimes I lose my temper..." She stared at Aiko still feeling totally panicked.
  18. ((Oh, sorry. She hit Akio then. XD))

    "No shit you lose your temper." he muttered to himself. "And I can't see why you were trying to aim at me. I'm amazing. Am I right?" he said to all of them.
  19. Akio laughs lightly, even his eyes seem to smile, "Relax, I know you weren't aiming for me." he glanced at Ash for a moment a made a 'Tch' sound ten looked back a Ginger with kind eyes, "I am Akio Mochida. I came here from way down town. Nice to meet you. By the way, its alright. I have a bit of a temper myself."
  20. "O-okay then." With a slightly relieved sigh she gulps and stands up straight offering her hand. "Nice to meet you Aiko." The last five minutes had been spent with these two fellows and it was now only five minutes until school so in a panic Ginger grabs Jasmine and runs off hollering over her shoulder. "We have to go sorry! I'll see you!! Come on Jasmine!"
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