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It is the year 5241, Galactic Standard Time. The most recent UGF advance has lead to a dead standstill, having invaded over too many worlds and their lines stretched thin. They are at an impasse; their time as world conquerors seems to have come to an end, their troops are spread thin and they have little hope to continue spreading on wards to earth and the more inner sect human worlds. The anti-war environment among st it's people grows more and more day by day and more fierce by day, however, the President has done his best to cover these from the rest of the universe in an effort to hide any sign of weakness from foreign worlds.

However, for the foreigners of the nations of the universe, this is a time to rejoice in the fruition of the UGF's halt; for their ships, which were at one point feared, no longer pose a threat to countless colony worlds, and the factions untouched by the UGF's onslaughts remain strong, independent, and ready to exercise their newfound freedom within the universe.

The Centrions are not the real threat to universal integrity, and as these factions begin to flex their muscles under the protective wing of the United Human Alien Alliance, ancient dark forces begin to stir, plotting as mortal fiends populate and spread. Their will is ruthless, however for the moment, they are trapped. Trapped and unable to meddle in the affairs of the mere mortals they distaste so much.

This leads to you, travelers, bounty hunters, leaders of empires and presidents of great democracies, the rulers of the mortal factions, it is now your time to rise up and conquer the vast expanses of space. The UHAA is weak but your factions will prosper under it’s remnant strength. It is up to you where your faction goes, who it touches and how it deals with the vast array of issues that will surely arise, as the universe is your orchard, and you’ll gladly pick the fruits.

Creation, as we all know it, can be defined as an unending, ever-changing, infinitely vast concept, one that defines the universe that we live in. Its vasts, boundless space is utterly brimming with organisms, life, and creatures of all kind, each of which them varying in their characteristics, but all of them being unique in some way or form. Differing personalities, ideologies, and all around, lifestyles. Due to this, an immeasurable number of factions, empires, groups, and phalanx's have appeared all throughout the many galaxies over the years, the majority possessing home-planets and sectors, as well as advanced technological capabilities.

With that said... it was inevitable that such distinctions would lead to conflict among the endless species populating existence. Many of the galaxies have become something of a spacial battlefield, with the ravaging of planets, sectors, and galactic locations becoming increasingly common. Corruption continues to spread throughout public space services and politics. Trades have ascended into higher levels of difficulty, as mistrust between factions solidifies through time. Morality varies heavily, some empires choosing to stick to more honorable creeds, while others... not so much...

It is a difficult time for the galaxies. What is made of it... is down to you. Be you a great leader, a soldier, a bounty hunter, a war hero, a rebel, it doesn't matter. Will you, or perhaps, your empire prevail in these times? Will it expand, to be known in history as a powerful galactic empire? Or perhaps, will it be ravaged through time, cast down into the depths of defeat by those oppose you, and laid bare in the path of another's galactic conquest. How will your choices impact creation? Your path is your own to command... choose wisely.

For ancient and powerful forces beyond our control, await in the shadows...

Choose your actions wisely mortals, for Vexus awaits.

So in this RP, you would essentially be controlling your very own space faring empire or even jut a character. Doing things such as building alliances, trading, wars, you name it. But all in the while you must eventually face the ancient evil that lurks.
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