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  1. Lovelle (open)

    Lovelle, always the strange one with no friends. How could she end up like that? Always the one in trouble, a child you would never want to have yourself. Lovelle, a girl whom you would start to rise your eyebrow to or bully since she's a target alone. Lovelle, with her umbrella over her head, even though if it's sunny outside. A strange girl with parents you've never seen outside before, with a past you've never wanted to ask her about since you're too afraid to walk towards her or even blink an eye to her. Lovelle, walking past the lonely road by herself while the others in school walk hand in hand. Lovelle, with her dark gothic style and green eyes. A person no one would want to meet. Untill one day.....


    Lovelle started to walk to school like always though this time was different. The bully guys in her school had beaten her in the dirt and had throw her umbrella around saying "you weird owl, worthless skeleton with nothing in her mind! Why do you walk with this umbrella even though it's sunny outside!?" Then they would break it and throw it to the ground, calmly though. Lovelle grabbed her umbrella and started to nicely clean it with her dirty hand and walk away like nothing has happened. She would change class again, since it didn't work out with the older one. But it's her fault anyway, so she can't blame anyone. It's not them, it's her.

    The school bell rang and a teacher called her out saying "will you ever take away that stupid umbrella away?! You unintelligent girl, you should learn from everybody else!"Lovelle knew that what she did was wrong but that is why she won't stop neither.
    She was about to going to her seat but the homeroom teacher stopped her, saying. "We have a new classmate here!" And as quickly everyone got an glance at her everyone almost sang in choir. "Oh no! We don't want her in our class!!" While other said. "Couldn't they have picked another class? Why do we have to stick around with her?!" The teacher calmed them down and said. -"Now, now. Children. She have had it a hard time and this was the only class available." The class went quiet and she got to her seat all the way back in the small classroom, she was sitting beside one but didn't want to speak since she knew the person wouldn't answer.
  2. Charles turned to her looking her up and down. Charles wasn't that popular either, he was always doing something wrong. For instance, he was chewing bubblegum in class. People also hated him because he could charm his way into getting good grades.
    "Hey..." he said blowing a bubble. Charles wore shorts that stopped mid thigh, a white shirt that tucked in and his saddle shoes.
  3. Tamille eyes Lovelle as she entered. She didn't look that strange. Admittedly the umbrella was weird but she didn't get why everyone put up a fuss.
    People were stupid and Tamille made a concious effort to avoid the worst ones.
    Lovelle sat in front of Tamille. Just because she was curious Tamille tapped her shoulder. "Hey." She said softly. "What's up?"
  4. Lovelle looked at them both in surprise or rather, she looked at them like they where strange. Like her life-circle had broken. Though she didn't mind that at all, calmly she answered "H-hello." She said low, her voice wasn't that "cute" as other would explain it but it wasn't weird and too deep neither, it was like anyone elses.
    The teacher slammed his desk, telling the children to keep quiet and then turned around to the black board and had already wrote some tortuous writing.
    The lesson wasn't that long, only 40 minutes but it could seem longer the more boring the teacher got. Everyone ran out of the classroom like it was on fire and some paper flew and landed on the ground. Lovelle took her papers and book and nicely put it under her skinny arm.
  5. " me by the field after class." Tamille said to Lovelle. She picked up her bag and headed to the next class.
    She went through them. Tamille never took notes. Instead her notebook was filled with doodles. Tamille often got in trouble for it but never cared much. She even got detentions none of which she attended.
  6. "Tamille! You have any cigs for after class?" Charles asked as he blew another bubble and picked up his books.
  7. "When don't I?" She laughed like he made a joke. Tamille leaned against the doorway. "Well don't just stand there I got things to do man." Tamille smirked obviously joking, okay maybe not but they don't need to know that.
  8. "hey..." he said getting close to her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a price of paper. "I got the answers for today's test. Five cigs in return." Charles whispered.
  9. "You sure know how to sweet talk me." Tamille smirked and slipped him a small pack of five. She rolled her own and had little boxes for singles all the way up to a full pack stashed away.
    Tamille took the answers from Charles. "Thanks." She glanced over at Lovelle. "For real. Bleachers after school. Be there." It didn't sound like Tamille was even giving her an option...and she wasn't. She wanted to get to know Lovelle. She actually seemed pretty cool.
    Tamille split for the rest of the day. After the final bell she sat under the bleachers and lit up a cig taking a deep drag.
  10. "got a light?" Charles said coming under the bleachers."...what are you doing after this? My brother can drive me to a club. Wanna come?" he said with a cig hanging out of his mouth.
  11. Tamille held up the lighter and lit it so Charles could light up. It was her dad's old zippo and she never let anyone touch it.
    Flipping it close she stashed it away. Tamille exhaled a cloud of smoke.
    "Gunna see if that girl shows up." Another hit of her cigarette and long exhale. "Club sounds cool. Back door or do I have to flirt with a meat head of a bouncer to get us in again?" Tamille laughed softly. Charles was basically her partner in crime, very literally.
    "How is your brother?"
  12. "No, you don't have to. I can get my way in, how do you think I got those answers? A conversation?" he laughed. "My brother is doing bad, but it doesn't matter. He's been like since he got out." Charles took a breath of smoke, than exhaling a short cloud.
  13. Tamille sighed softly. "Dude kidding." She flopped down and lay her head in Charles' lap. She exhaled smoke right in his face with a cheeky smile. "Eh what are ya gunna do. Some people just won't change."
  14. "I guess they won't." he said blowing smoke back at her.he stayed silent for a while. "what are you going to do when you get out of here, I want to get out of this deadbeat town." Charles was right, it was a British town that was worth nothing and meant nothing.
  15. "Who knows. I'm barely passing. Haven't looked at college and the only place I can sing without getting stage fright is my shower." Tamille said wryly looking up at the sky. "Maybe we can go be hobos?" Tamille joked. She really didn't have plans for after high school. "What about you? Gunna make something of yourself I bet. You're smart enough." Tamille put out her cigarette and flicked it off in a random direction waiting for an answer.
  16. "I actually don't know. I can get into forensics, maybe be a detective." he chucked lightly. Charles took a long drag and then flicked it into the grass, stamping on it. "But for right now I'll just charm my way through school." Charles did some rather nasty stuff just to get an a+. That's what you had to do in this town.
  17. "What works works right?" Tamille said softly. "Hey Charles is it cool if I crash at your place? Todd is coming over." Tamille never stayed at home when her moms boyfriend, if you could even call him that, came over.
    He liked to have seconds once her mother was asleep ever since Tamille was ten. When they were old enough she told Charles and would leave for the night when Todd came over. Her mom wouldn't have believed her anyway.
    "'Sides, she'll be doped up and I don't wanna deal with their dumb asses."
  18. "Yeah, my brother won't mind." he said softly, trying to comfort her. "I don't think she might come to the bleachers. I'll give a call when we get to my house. The school websites has all of their parents phone numbers."
  19. "Thanks Charles." He always had her back even if she was sort of a mega bitch to everyone including him at times.
    "Eh, maybe you're right. I wana wait just a little longer. I really think she'll show." Tamille said head still in his lap.
  20. "Well wait then. " he said trying to make him self comfortable. "I see my brothers car..."
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