Type-Moon (Fate/Stay/Zero) - War of the Fourteen Magi - Intermediate Level - PVE Team RP


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The following roleplay is being rebooted once again. I have tried many many times in the past to work with this roleplay and it being ended due to a lack of dedicated roleplayers. So I will be looking for more motivated posters. I don't expect posts every day just a few per week if possible. Players who are looking to power play with stronger heroes like Gilgamesh, and Archer/Berserker Heracles be warned that I don't intend to allow higher tier characters such as them for the sake of balance. This will be repeated below.


The year is 2012 and the next holy grail war is set to begin with the last ending in a flat out no-contest with the death of one of the magi ending in two friends left forcing them to call it a draw as neither side wanted to end the other. Or at the very least that is what the church overseer had claimed. The last war was held in Fuyuki city, and now it seems to be held there once more due to the failure of the previous masters whom saw the war fail to find a proper conclusion leading to the aforementioned draw. However the pent up magic from the previous war seems to have caused unfortunate consequences in this war as well according to the church. As the masters begin to gather and summon their servants it would seem that there is a specific clause for this particular war. An enforcement made by the guardians of the grail itself in order to make sure a winner is definitely declared in this war.

The grail's magic in the last war seems to have somehow been used to reawaken old bloodlines of magisters and has caused an influx of a new group of potential candidates whom all seem to wish to take on the chance to win this new power despite some being slow to learn, others have quickly mastered their powers.

The war is just beginning and the stipulation has been sent out by the neutral priest whom is acting as the overseer, the individual in charge of the war. The groups shall break up into teams of seven people or less. The winners of the war shall all receive one minor wish granted to them personally due to the nature of the war the grail's magic may end up needing to be shared among the winning party.

Though how they are to team up is up to them there will need to be two sides of the war anyone who refuses to side with a party is allowed to continue fighting in the war however they will be outnumbered, and possibly eliminated quickly. To this end the neutral party led by the Overseer has inclined to offer a meet up at his large home for those who wish to become a part of a side without having to seek out other masters by themselves. Though the mages themselves are unaware of this sudden rule change the overseer intends on making the transition as smooth as possible. This war is setting up to become a mess with this change of rules and the fate of the world is at stake. What shall come of the war is up to the masters and the servants who fight for them?

TL;DR: Seven additional mages on top of the original seven making the servant count double it's original amount.

Hello everyone assuming you're still interested after hearing the plot basis I have some stuff I'd like to inform you all about. Yes fourteen magi will be participating in this war. In order to incorporate a actual roleplaying basis for this I will be putting all player characters on one singular team. The win conditions for the war have been altered slightly from usual wars in that you must eliminate, or force a surrender from the opposing team. There is no set hierarchy so it may be necessary to force each individual master to surrender to the other faction.

You may play as a servant, or a hero/master. I encourage you to make two separate characters so you can play both. For masters I will be willing to shorten requirements on masters if you wish to make them an add-on to your servant sheet. You may also play as a servant alone but you will need a player character master to attach yourself to. In the case of drop outs ex-masters will be allowed to re-summon servants, and already made servants can attach themselves to an existing master, or make one for their own.

Of course this being a fates roleplay PVP combat is allowed however there is a big restriction on it: Both players on either end must agree to do so. Battles like them will be done in either a collab, or done in an arena battle. This is to prevent random player killings from say Assassin.

A note is I'm going to do my best to balance out certain aspects of characters as to prevent any power playing from happening. Some people will excel at certain areas and others won't. Therefore it's how you use your abilities not the quality, or quantity of them that will end up with a victorious winner.

To make sure there is no confusion I may need to nerf down some canon servants and prevent custom ones from being too strong. Some of them have the ability to auto-kill or hit enemies and in a roleplaying setting that is very much unacceptable as it makes games hard to balance. You may not make a character who did not exist in history with some sort of record or legend telling of them. Indian Mythology is especially bizarre power wise so I recommend not choosing them.

On note of Japanese servants I've decided to discontinue them with few exceptions like Sasaki Kojiro. In canon the japanese servants were not summonable by the fuyuki grail. And characters like Tadakatsu Honda, Oda, and Hanzo get boosts on already probably ridiculous stats.

An example of the above would be say Siegfried as Saber. He has armor the prevents him from taking damage from B-Rank weapons, and abilities or below. An argument can be made for not nerfing them however I am reserving the rights to do so if I view it necessary. Remember even the lowest ranking servants can lift up cars. Power levels are everything in fates. That would be far to strong and I'd bring it down to C rank to at least make him more vulnerable and less prone to not being harmed by more or less everything.

With that being said I'm reserving the spot of Saber unless someone has a great idea for a saber class. I'm willing to relinquish saber only to a player who is definitely going to be playing to the end of the roleplay as it is a vital class being either a heavy damage dealer, or a big tank. If Saber is taken I am more than willing to switch to any of the other classes. The saber class can easily be overplayed if not careful. With that being said I feel the need to repeat it: I am willing to give someone else Saber if they can play the role well, and continuously. I have no issues playing most of the other classes if need be.

Also I would recommend picking a more combat based assassin. Spying on people is all well and good but it's hard to regulate in a roleplay like this.

Here's a list of roles currently claimed:
Saber: Reserved by Gm until further notice