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  1. My character (open)
    Name: Brent Grogan
    Age: 16
    Grade: Sophomore
    Personality: Very caring and dedicated to a friend if one is able to get him to open up. Usually he is skittish, seems cold and very nervous at many things. Talking to him becomes the equant of talking to a dog at some points.
    Picture: Mason.jpg

    Brent walked down the halls of the school and, not for the first time, started to panic at the sheer number of students here. There were too many to get all the way away from, which also meant that his scars would become more susceptible to being revealed. He already strove to wear long sleeves and those gloves that you'd seen on actors all day, so the ones wouldn't show. Today, however, he had a few scars that were so fresh hiding them was almost impossible. This was becoming such a major issue he couldn't even think straight about what was happening in the school day: Twice today he was nearly falling asleep, and he swore he failed the Bio2 test.

    Once he knew the day was over, Mason could stand it no longer. With a gasp and running out of the school, he moved away and quickly from the crowds, heading for the park. He loved the park and wouldn't mind sitting there this day. The boy sat on a small bench and shivered as the cold air bit at him. Even in his long sleeves, he wasn't wearing a jacket. His father would be waiting for him when he got home, so for now he wanted to stay in this lovely park for as long as time would allow him to. This made him simply pull up with bag and held himself, shaking and shivering in the cold December breeze.
  2. Character (open)
    Name: Hailey Faye
    Grade: 10
    Age: 15 (turning 16 soon)
    Personality: An empathetic and cute girl... Though shy at times, and quite understanding if you get to know her... She fiercely protects the people she cares about...

    Hailey was walking through the park, in a less cheery mood than usual... Lost in her thoughts... Growing tired of pacing she looked for a bench to sit on. The one bench that wasn't crowded was the one Brent was sitting on.. She sat down next to him.. "Hi.. My names Hailey... What's yours?" She asked in a quiet voice... She felt a little nervous as she always did meeting new people....
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  3. Brent jumped and moved about three inches away, panting and he almost cried out that his father was here to kill him. but he ignored that impulse and moaned, "I-I'm B-Brent...who are you?" He moved back to his original spot and surveyed her. She was nice and cute looking he had to add. he also knew there was no way she was here to talk to him. He knew she probably would just spit on him at some point.
  4. "I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean to scare you..." Hailey stuttered "I'm Hailey.." She said in a quiet voice... She swallowed, hoping she doesn't seem intimidating to him...
  5. Looking at her, he started to shake a bit more, "H-h-hi Hailey!" He said a little jumpy and looked around before he stopped shaking and looked at her, "H-how old are you?" He asked, looking her up and down softly with his eyes.
  6. "I'm.. 15" She said, blushing a bit as his gaze fell on her.. She looked up at his eyes... They were the cutest she's ever seen...
  7. "I-I'm 16...a sohpmore...where do you go to school?" He couldn't dare look her in the eyes. He was taught that he wasn't good enough to look anyone in their eyes.
  8. "Same place you do... I think... I remember seeing you there somewhere..." She stuttered, pausing briefly to collect herself "I'm also a sophomore... My birthday's just a little late.."
  9. Looking at her, it came into mind, "H-hey that's w-what I am...we m-may even have some classes together!" He looked into her eyes finally and he gained the courage to turn his body towards her gently.
  10. "I think so... Perhaps we could meet up sometime!" She was blushing again, but she smiled a little..
  11. Looking at her, he started to feel the scars on his back make a re-apperance, "S-some other time? L-like when?" He just hoped his father would let him out.
  12. "Any time that's ok with you..." She said shyly, then she paused for a brief moment, considering what to say next... "Hey... You don't have to answer if this makes you uncomfortable.... But... What brings you to this park?" She asked nervously... She hopes she didn't ask a question that was too personal...
  13. Looking down at her, he started to stutter a bit more, "I-I-I just like parks?" He lied and tried to think of another answer, "I-I-I didn't want to go home yet." He tried. He sounded idiotic.
  14. "I... I can relate I guess... I came here to take a little break from my life..." She paused, seeming to stop herself from saying something. Then she smiled again, a little more than last time "I'm glad you came here though..." Her blush was a bit more noticeable this time.
  15. Now he was blushing badly, "O-oh...w-why is that?" He asked her, a little more nervous than before.
  16. "I guess I needed some company and... " She smiled again, blushing more noticeably now... "You're kinda cute to be honest.." She managed to say..
  17. He blushed deeper and deeper until he managed to something back, "thanks..."
  18. Hailey looked at Brent again... She realized how cold he was... "Oh! You must be freezing... Why didn't I notice earlier... Here..." She said, holding out her jacket to Brent... "I think you need this... More than I do.." She said quietly...
  19. Brent shook his head, recalling his father's teachings that he deserved nothing, "n-n-o...t-take it I'll be fine!"
  20. "You deserve something warm to wear at the very least.." Hailey said gently... "It's just that... I feel bad sitting here with warm clothes while you're freezing... Please... Just take it.. Ok?" Her eyes had a pleading look in them, she looked up despite the fact that she was still blushing a bit...
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