Twins Torn Apart

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  1. Amanda was texting and driving something you should never do. She had just heard her younger brother which she was very close to had been in an accident. Moments later she had received a phone call from the hospital telling her that their younger brother had been in a bad car accident. Tears were welling up in her eyes as she struggled to keep her eyes on the road. She was texting her twin brother about what she just heard. No one would give her any information as to what happened but she figured the worst. The person on the other end did not sound like it was very good news. Little did she know that her brother would not be fighting for his life and may not make it. The text read 'Get to the hospital now.'
  2. Yuri looks at his phone, seeing a text from Amanda, his twin sister. Get to the hospital NOW. As soon as Yuri got the text, he immediately hopped on his 475cc Yamaha YZF-R1, slams his helmet on, and races for St. Michael's Hospital. What the hell happened, Amanda? He races through the streets, his mind whirling. What happened, who got hurt, why HE was called, since nobody in the family except Amanda really like him all that much.... many thoughts raced through his mind.

    Then, he thought of his little brother, Jackson. He was coming home from football practice and was supposed to be home by six. Yuri left the house at 6:30.
  3. Amanda was half way across the city and made it to the hospital very quickly. She almost had a few accidents on the way there but she didn't care all she wanted to do was see if her younger brother Jackson was alright. A few moments later she pulled into the parking lot and parked her car. Getting out quickly she looked around to see if her brother had gotten there. The tears were still streaming down her face and she scanned the area for him.
  4. Yuri peals into the parking lot, grinding his brakes as he pulls to a stop and parks next to Amanda's car. Jumping off, he takes off his helmet, placing it on the bike and running over to Amanda. He grabs her in a hug. "Amanda! What happened! Jackson never came home practice, then I got the text from you....." He sees the tears on her cheeks as he steps back. "No. No no no no no!!!" Tears start to slide down his cheeks.
  5. She saw him running up towards her and she embraced him in a hug when he did. The tears started to stain his shirt but she didn't care. Hearing the words that her brother never came home made her stomach turn. "I don't know what happened they wont tell me anything." She said looking at him when the tears formed in his eyes. "Come on we have to go in." Quickly she turned away from him and started walking briskly towards the hospital doors.
  6. Yuri follows her, his arm around her shoulders. A doctor meets them just inside the doors in the lobby. "Mr.McNeal? Ms.McNeal?"


    "My name is Doctor Ivan MacNamara. I'm the lead surgeon who was working on your brother. Please, follow me." They follow him, walking down a long corridor.
  7. Amanda leans against her brother for support as they walked into the hospital. She couldn't speak when the surgeon asked if they were who they were. She just nodded slightly. "Can you please tell us what happened?" She said following him down the long corridor just wanting to know what happened and was Jackson ok?
  8. "Ms.McNeal, Mr.McNeal, I'm going to be honest with you. When your brother first came in, it didn't look good. It STILL doesn't look good. He had severe internal bleeding, massive trauma to his head, six broken ribs, two broken femurs, two collapsed lungs, and severely dislocated shoulders. We controlled the internal bleeding, and treated his other wounds, but he is comatose. We don't think he'll ever wake up. If he does, there is a good chance he will be paralyzed from the waist down. I'm sorry."

    Yuri is dumbfounded. All he can do it hug Amanda and bury his face in her shoulder.
  9. The words she could barely hear it was like she was in another dimension or world. She could not believe what was happening. Jackson was so close to her and now that seemed to be taken away from her. Hearing that he would probably never wake up was the thing that really hit home the tears were now streaming down her face. Turning towards her brother all she could do was hug him and cry into his chest. He was taller then her. What would happen if he didn't wake up? Or worse died? A few moments later while her head still in his chest she whispered. "Can we see him?"
  10. "He's still in the ICU, but you can see him. Just make sure to scrub in." They follow him, and they put on the gown, the gloves, and the mask. "He's in Room 106." The doctor walks out.
  11. She now felt numb she followed the doctor and put on the gown and other things. "What are we going to do?" She said when the doctor walked away and she turned to him.
  12. "We do what we've always done, Mandy." He uses his childhood name for her. "Since mom and dad died, its been us three. Just us. Its gonna be different, but well stay strong and push through, like always. Well be ok."
  13. The tears stopped streaming down her face mostly because she had none left to cry. Mandy was something that always made her feel happy it was a nickname. A few minutes later they were outside his room. She did not know she would be able to walk in and see him like that.
  14. Taking her hand, they step into Jax's room. There are machines all around him. They have him hooked up to a heart monitor an ventilator, with an tracheotomy tube going down his throat. There are multiple IV bags handing around him, and Yuri can see a catheter bag hanging on the side of the bed. "oh, Jax..." He goes over and takes his brother's hand, sitting on the floor beside him.
  15. The death of her parents hit her heard and now this? How were they going to get through this. She turned the corner and saw Jackson laying on the bed in front of them. A tube hanging out of his mouth machines beeping and making other noises. Her best friend was literally hanging onto his life and she didn't know how she could handle this. Going over to the other side she took a seat on the floor like her twin and gripped Jackson's hand tightly as if expecting a sign back.
  16. Yuri bows his head, resting it on Jax's hand. "Jax......" Tears fall down his face, and he looks over at Amanda. "How will we be able to be strong through this? Our little brother is on his deathbed....." He chokes up.
  17. She squeezed Jackson's hand tighter now a few tears forming in her eyes as he said those words. "I don't know...." Her voice trailed off as she looked at him. "One day at a time."
  18. "Right...One day at a time.." He goes quiet, thinking. Why did this have to happen to him? He is the nicest guy ever, and this happens to HIM? I can understand me, but....sweet, kind Jax?
  19. "We have to be strong for him." She looked back to Jackson's face. If he never woke up or died it would kill the twins. He was one of the nicest people in the world.
  20. Yuri nods, and bows his head. Suddenly, Jackson's heart monitor flat lines, and the doctors rush in. The rip open the front of his gown to make room for the paddles, and stop, paling. "SHIT!! PREP THE OR!!! NOW!!!"
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