Turned For The Worse [Onyx & Em]

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  1. Onyxforever (open)
    Name: Daniel Kenvo
    Age: 23
    [​IMG]Personality: Calm but outgoing. He isn't afraid to speak his mind on a matter.
    Extra: He is a master of martial arts and all sword styles.

    EMajyyks (open)
    Name: Taylor Demoutri
    Age: 20
    Personality: Sassy and has an attitude, but is very polite to authority type figures. She can come of flirty except in reality she just asks questions and is too curious. It is easy to coax her into anything that involves food, coffee, or a social event.
    Extra: Digs cooking and reads a lot of books in her spare time.


    Ty was comfy, caught up, and full. She usually never fed in the daytime unless she knew she would never be caught or there was an emergency. Reading a book in her dark urban apartment pointed towards the former feeding rule and well, did I mention she was full? Now, she was curled up on an old Victorian style couch reading the paperback play of Othello. She had borrowed it from the book shoppe owner just two days ago and it was time to return it so she go to her feet, slipped on a pair of 21st century sneakers, her brown leather jacket and tucked the paperback beneath her arm. Won't need a snack until later, but... Her feet raced down her apartment stairs, passing her male neighbor, who gave her a smile, and continued on. I can still look at the menu.
    Exiting the building, Taylor was lucky she picked a spot close to town. It was full of old shoppes and the book store and even a cute crépe place she went too on Sundays. The day was sunny and warm, but as long as Taylor stayed bundled she wouldn't get the itches. Vampires were complex like that she supposed -- not burning in the sun when they had extra layers, feeding whenever the hunger was bad and not when they wished too, and other cool stuff Taylor had never uttered to a living soul. In the end, it took only five minutes for her to reach her destination and in that time she had picked out three possible entrees for later per chance? Hmmm... I should flip a coin. Heads, males. Tails, females. She looked like a smiling dope to others on the street, but she was actually picking out one of the locals or dinner.
  2. Daniel stood inside the library his silver covering his eyes as he read a book. His black attire caught many stares but he didn't mind. No one was capable of asking why he had a sword at his hip because they were usually too afraid to ask. Chuckling quietly to himself he flipped a page.
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    Taylor opened the door of the library, the bell hanging from the handle announcing her arrival. She had been here at least once a week since moving to the town so the blonde knew exactly where to go. Her strides were quick and knowing, taking her directly to the drop box beneath the library counter. The Librarian wasn't there today, but that wasn't a pressing matter. Ty walked back towards a shelf of older books and searched quietly and slowly. The smell of books made her smile.
  4. Daniel heard the bell and didn't even look up. Well at first he didn't. Hearing her approach he shut his book and looked up seeing Taylor walk in. Startled a little he carefully watches her thinking to himself, "There is something off about her..."
  5. Taylor began dragging her index finger across the spines of thousands of books. She usually played 'Eenie Meanie Miney Moe' when looking for just the right book and today was no different. She closed her eyes and tapped the spine of a random book, eenie, then another, meanie, and then she stopped. A pair of eyes were boring into her. She turned to glance around at the civilians.
  6. He continued to inspect her from a distance unsure why he felt so nervous about her, "What is wrong with me?" he looked around to make sure no one was staring at him then stood up holding the book under his arm.
  7. There. The eyes connected the the body. He was a tall, white-haired male and wow he carried a sword on his belt. Taylor furrowed her brow, confused on why he had been staring with such blank features. She looked towards the bookshelf and grabbed a book at random before turning again to walk back towards the counter where the Librarian had returned to her position.
  8. Daniel walked up and stopped behind her to check out his book held under his arm. Looking forward he waited for his turn but keeping his eyes on the woman in front of him.
  9. "Hey Linda," she smiled sweetly and the elder woman, handing her the mystery book and pulling out the library stuffed in her jacket pocket. The Librarian gave a quick hello, checked out her book, and returned it with a beaming smile. "Don't forget Taylor. You have two weeks to finish that one. Don't be late again." Ty nodded curtly, saluting the veterans nurse playfully. She turned, glancing at Daniel and giving him a polite smile before heading outside into the sunny air.
  10. He listened to their conversation and nodded politely as she walked away. Moving up to the desk he nodded to the librarian who nodded back and said, "Hello Daniel. What will it be today?" he grabbed the book and set it on the counter. Waiting for her to finished he looked at the ceiling.
  11. Taylor still wondered why the white-haired gentleman wasn't acting very gentlemanly in the library. The only reason Taylor got stare nowadays was because some humans noticed an off-type of aura around her. "I really don't need problems today," she groaned to herself, walking across the street and into the little local diner. She asked for a booth near the window and sat comfortably.
  12. As the librarian finished he grabbed the book and nodded again placing it into his pocket and exiting the library. Standing on the sidewalk he puts on a pair of black sunglasses and hears his stomach grumble. Sighing he spots the diner and walks across the street to the entrance walking in and removing his shades. Placing them in a pocket he nods at a waitress and she leads him to an open table coincidentally next to Taylor's.
  13. Taylor had ordered a simple coffee with extra cream and sugar. As soon as her cup came to cool down in front of her she placed her book upon the table. The Death of a Salesman? Interesting. She thought to herself, adding the white colored ingredients to her dark black liquid beverage. As she went to take a sip she noticed Daniel sitting in the booth beside her, facing her way. She placed her cup down and cleared her throat to speak to him, "Are you following me good sir?" Taylor gave a small smile, hoping to catch any odd things about him if they existed.
  14. He heard a voice and looked to see it was the strange woman he had seen in the library. Shaking his head no causing his silver hair to wave a little he chuckles a deep sound before he speaks, "I was not following you instead we happened to come to the same place." his voice was deep but smooth like silk and tantalized the sense of hearing.
  15. Her ears rang slightly, his voice strangely familiar to her, but when you've lived for centuries it was hard to pin-point exactly what jogged old memories. At first she look dumbstruck, then she she smiled a bit more, "I'm sorry if that sounded accusing or dumb. I just remember seeing you in the Library and well I guess it was more of a flirtatious antic to ask if you were following because of that reason." Her face seemed to darken slightly, but that could've been the change in the direction of the sun.
  16. "I will admit that you had an air about you like you viewed yourself higher than everyone else in there. However I did not stare for romantic purposes." his facial expression never changed still just a straight look as if he held no emotions at all.
  17. "Yes I know. But my question was double-sided. I told you it was flirtatious antics because you didn't give me the answer I questioned for," her smile turned almost sour, but she simply shrugged and looked down at her book, "I don't view myself higher. I am higher." Taylor stated the last sentence as if it was a fact. These humans... so rude. Her fingers began turning the pages with a sense of purpose. To get out of the conversation. The male was giving her the heebie-jeebies and this time, she did not like it.
  18. "I don't believe that I understand what you are implying but oh well." he turned away and looked forward waiting for his sandwich he ordered.
  19. He was familiar with a nice voice, but he was beginning to scratch at the inside of her head. A human has never spoken up to her in such a sarcastic way. That was sarcasm right? She gritted her teeth, eyes scanning too fast over the words and not soaking up it's knowledge. Eventually, she calmed, flipping back to read what she skipped and sipping her coffee along the way.
  20. As his sandwich arrived he nodded his thanks and picked it up taking a larfe bite of it and setting the sandwich down calmly. Chewing in silence he stares out the window.
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