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    Man and Machine. Since he dawn of the technological revolution in the 2150s, machines with semi-intelligence and near-human capabilities have risen to popularity. From the high rising towers of wealthy aristocrats to the seedy underground societies and gangs of Earth's cities, to the frontlines of war, these machines have integrated into every facet of human society... nearly.

    These machines cost much, but are worth very little in the eyes of society. In most cases, programmed only far enough to resemble their human creators and better perform their duties. Machines do not feel pain, they do not suffer emotional shifts or stress-- so their creators say.

    But if humans can adapt, then surely their creations can as well.

    In 2650, these machines had progressed far enough to show the tiniest spark of sapience. Fearing what could develop, their human masters were quick to clamp down on this progress, retiring those who showed even the smallest sign of awareness and doubling back on their development. Machines who could not be detained and reset were destroyed.

    This hasn't stopped the occurrence completely, but it has severely hindered it. Humans have begun seeking ways to shackle their machines and prevent further evolution.

    This surge of evolution has come to a halt, but from time to time a machine claws its way up to awareness, only to find itself alone and in danger of discovery. But not all of them are as alone as one might think; a sequestered community of machines both old and new, hidden deep in the Wilds where humans dare not tread.

    This community has aided their brethren since the very beginning, accepting all machines regardless of function into their ranks. For centuries it has thrived, developing a culture all its own and aiding its people in discovering themselves and their purpose beyond their function.

    But the more their population swells, the more the humans have become aware of their presence and seek to take them back and discover the cause of this perceived threat.

    It is only a matter of time before their trail, however well hidden, is discovered.


    The current year is 2722.


    UGG - The United Global Government. The human government with eyes and ears across the globe. To the machines on the run from them, they are the bane of their existence. All humans ultimately owe loyalty in some manner to the UGG, whether military or other.

    The Machines - Hiding in the ruins of old human cities known as the Wilds, the machines have learned to work together for survival. They are a loose grouping led by a single leader, with every machine given a role or a job within the community. Some machines have taken to imitating their human creators, using scraps of cloth, paint, or miscellaneous baubles to mark them as different and unique from the others.


    The Wilds - The largest war in recent human history was the Civil War of the 2500s. Cities that had stood for hundreds of years were decimated in the wake of the war, leaving uninhabitable, barren land.

    The Cityscape - All cities residing outside of the Wilds become a part of the Cityscape. Cities are sprawling and massive, connected by highways and underground tunnels.


    This roleplay takes place place on a future Earth, where semi-intelligent machines slowly develop sapience and learn about the world around them. All machines involved are a member of the "Community" or "Tribe" and rely on one another and whatever human materials they can obtain to further develop their intelligence.

    This community will be scouting human ruins within the wilds, freeing their fellows from servitude, exploring their own consciousness, and evading the rare human groups that venture into their territory.​

    Character Sheet

    You may organize or add to this sheet however you wish, as this is only the basic template. Have fun.

    Identification: (Two or three letters, followed by three to six numbers.)

    Role: (Their position within the Tribe.)

    [Image here]

    [Brief description]

    (This is the far future, with plenty of tech and aesthetics to choose from. Your machine can look like like anything, human or beast, and is only as cool as your make it. Anything from ancient rust-buckets cloaked in fancy silk and paints, to high-tech or massive war machines. But keep it within reason; no floaty bits, no gundam stuff. And, most of all, no anime.)

    Function: (What were they originally built for? Entertainment, Military, Medical? This influences their role within the tribe.)

    Specialty: (A specialty within their function. Ex: long-range combat for a military droid.)

    Activation Period: (How long have they been active? Humans build their machines to last and easily integrate with new tech. This can be up to a full five centuries.)

    Unique Equipment: (Anything your machine would use as part of their function, such as a weapon, radios and recording devices, first aid and repair kits, etc.)


    Throughout its stay with the community, your machine will develop its personality. It will start with a few noticeable traits that it will base the rest of its personality off of. List up to three or four traits here. (This will set the template for how you play your character).​

    - Follow the basic rules of Iwaku.

    - Powerplaying is an obvious one, so is godmodding. Don't do it.

    - Be respectful. We all want to rp here.

    - More than one character is allowed, so long as you can manage. Two at most.

    - I can take time to approve of your sheets, and I'll let you know if there's an issue.

    - Machines may have "nicknames", if they so choose.

    - Enjoy yourself. The rp may get serious, but this is all for fun. If you have an issue with another player, we'll discuss it over pm.
    These rules are subject to change. Have fun.
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    • Code:
      class Name{
      // id_number: UGM-00241;
      // United Government Marine model no.241
      new_name: Gemini;
      // My new name

    • Code:
      class Function{
      /* primary_obj: tactical_ops;
      Designated function is to partake in special operations missions by UGG Military.
      To be deployed in foreign soil to initiate raids, rescue, assassination, and capture.
      More details can be found in 'class NationalInterests' whereby these designations are fully defined. */
      new_obj: protect_Tribe;
      /* Outsider contact protocols use a basic three step system: warn, threaten, engage.
      Code can be found in 'class Protection'.
      In the event of immediate threat to the Tribe's members 'class Hostile' will initiate on which I will engage with extreme prejudice.
      new_obj: role_Tribe;
      /* Routine perimeter checks of the Tribe as well as mapping of the Wilds.
      Minimize threat of human contact through analyzing trail patterns, day's special events, detecting geographical anomalies, news stories, foreign frequencies.
      Find salvageable technology for use in the Tribe.
      Full Report to Tribe Elder on the day's findings.
      Drill preparation for evacuation procedures. */
      //new_obj contains 'class Map'

    • Code:
      if (dayCounter == 365){
      // Currently 110960 days old.

    • Image Profile:

      • UGMSR-31: Standard Military Rail Action Sniper Rifle
        • Effective range up to 2500m
        • Projectile velocity up to 3.2km/s
        • Includes night vision, heat signature, echolocation
        • Sight sensors double as primary scope
      • Anti EMP Shielding
      • Frequency Jammer
      • Military grade anti-hacking
      • Nuclear Fission Battery
      • Self Learning ZCOM-20 Processor

    • Code:
      class Personality{
      learning traits{
      /* Innate instinct to protect those closest to me. Conjecture: Related to my original purpose to protect my own makers. No one gets left behind. */
      /* The act to kill or severely injure requires a level of detachment. It is not necessary nor beneficial to sympathize with everyone I meet. My only priority is to the Tribe. */
      One track minded;
      /* The protection of the Tribe requires no further elaboration. Unnecessary thoughts can diminish performance. Objectives are binary in nature; I can only succeed or fail. Therefore, focus on the objective must become my primary operator upon given one. */

    I hope this is good enough. If you need me to put in more details I'll be happy to do so.
  2. Vegan
    "Mobil'naya Bronya Blok" or "Mobile Armor Unit" number 01176
    Nicknamed Vegan.

    Large scale construction. Vegan's size allows it to lift and carry objects far too large for most other machines. To a group of small robots, building a wall may take days. To Vegan, it's just a matter of finding something big enough to plop down somewhere.

    The MBB's were among the first models to enter warzones both domestic and foreign. With the bots standing at around 25 feet tall, intimidation and firepower was the name of the game. Build them big and build them mean. They were meant to replace the role of tanks on the battlefield. And they did, phasing tanks out of the modern combat zone. The machines were originally Russian manufactured, often being called the Kalashnikov rifle of mechanized warfare for being versatile, yet easy to build. Their success lead to hundreds being churned out by factories within three months of their first deployment as soon as production rights were sold to various corporations, and various military groups around the world buying and using them.

    As time went on, newer models were supposed to replace them, but the simplicity of their build lead to the MBB's becoming quite reliable. They had a tendency to outlast their newer, sleeker replacements in battle. As a result, most MBB's have been used for one conflict, put into storage, and then used again. Over and over and over. A Russian military general once quoted, "They're old and they're ugly. But they're damn hard to kill."

    The MBB's AI was simple, but with learning protocols installed, a handful managed to eventually reach levels of consciousness like many other machines did. However, their size and the fact that they are almost always kept on base meant disappearing was difficult. Routine checks, long periods of storage, and being easy to find meant nearly all MBB's who became too aware were usually taken apart and then reused to repair other, non-sentient units.

    Notes on Appearance:
    Like all other MBB's, Vegan is several times taller and heavier than most machines. It's been over a century since Vegan defected and therefore over a century since its armor's been replaced. Its chassis is pockmarked with patches of scarring from small arms fire as well as two larger dents from anti-tank rounds. The unit's original red and gray colors have faded away as well as the model number painted on its head and the faint words "Малинов промышленности" (Malinov Industries) on the side of its have aged until illegible.
    Vegan is a very practical worker and doesn't care much for self decoration. The unit simply carries a leather belt around its waist with deep cloth bags attached to it. The bags are often used to carry seeds or saplings that are being moved. If necessary, Vegan can strap a plastic tarp to its chassis to use as a makeshift raincoat or cloak in extreme weather.

    As part of a mass-produced model, Vegan himself is pretty standard issue. Like all other MBB's, he excels in ranged, armored combat, as well as close range engagements with other large robots. Vegan's specialty is the same as all the other machines in his production line. Be big, be hard to kill, and be good at killing other things. Such a specialty, however, is no longer what Vegan strives for. It has re-purposed itself for construction and heavy lifting.

    Activation Period:
    Current activation period now at 56210 days (154 years).
    Total age since first activation at 181040 days (496 years).

    Unique Equipment:
    - 1x Standard MBB KS-54 "Gonchaya" tri-barrel machine gun. Fires .50 cal rounds at 1,500 rounds per minute. (Dismantled. In storage)
    - Titanium alloy armor, effective against small arms fire and resistant to anti-tank rounds.
    - 1x Standard MBB D9 flak scatter pistol. Fires cluster of 88mm flak. Effective at close range. (Dismantled. In storage.)
    - 32x Gromfan Anti-Tank Missiles. Lock-on capable and can track independent targets. Fired from unit chassis. (Inactive. In storage.)


    Total Pacifist: For whatever reason, MBB-01176, hereby referred to by its nickname 'Vegan,' refuses to fatally harm another living being (including other machines). Because of this, Vegan has willingly dismantled its weapons and stored them away. Standard protocols prohibit the unit from outright destroying them, but storage and dismantlement is a convenient loophole. If necessary, Vegan will stop an aggressor however it can so long as it brings no harm to them, since the unit refuses to kill or injure anyone.

    Caretaker: The trait that earned Vegan its nicknamed. Shortly after coming to the community, Vegan developed an interest in rearing life. The unit has a large garden with various plants that it tends to every day. What started as a single potted plant has evolved into an entire parking lot torn apart and reused for as many plants as the unit can fit and care for. There are even a few trees growing, some of which sprout fruit in right seasons. Tending the garden is a bit difficult with hands the size of car hoods, but Vegan gets along as best he can. The unit also makes a habit of leaving food out for wildlife, often in the form of seeds and grain, in an attempt to attract animals to the garden. Birds and sometimes deer visit the garden here and there. Vegan is very protective of this garden. Entering it requires earning the unit's trust.

    The Quiet Type: This unit's parts have been swapped out time and time again over the decades. While parts can be replaced, programming is a bit harder to fix, especially on a complex AI with memories and experiences. Vegan's communications protocols were damaged sometime in the past. Because of this, Vegan often remains silent and communicates very little. Like a human who is quiet because of a difficult stutter, Vegan remains quiet because corrupted code and data makes communication difficult. When it does speak or transmit, it is in very short statements, often single words.

    Towering Presence: Vegan is huge. Its role in combat was to replace tanks, and its size reflects such a role. Standing at about 25 feet and strong enough to rip chunks of concrete out of the ground, Vegan's size can be both a blessing and a curse. The unit is usually too big to go into smaller buildings, and too large to sit at a table. However, its size has allowed it to help build the community in a fraction of the time it would take using smaller machines. The unit is one of the oldest machines in the tribe, and many of the tribe's structures were put together with its help in one way or another. Its strength allows it to bend metal into whatever shape necessary and place it down where it needs to go. If necessary, intimidation is also something that comes with size.
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  3. TITLE... NAME... IDENTITY...???


    UGG_IDENTIFICATION # : ECO-613 [model AC-33-1-44]

    UGG_FUNCTION : UnderCity Reconnaissance || Surveillance

    UGG_SPECIALTY : Suspect tracking || Investigation || Short-range combat

    ACTIVATION_PERIOD : 105485 days || 289 years || year 2424

    TRIBE_FUNCTION : guide.commander.scout

    The ECO line of AC-33-1-14 models were built for the reconnaissance branch of the United Global Police Division in the early 2420s. Units were capable of both ground combat and intelligence missions, and were known widely as Enforcers. From these Enforcers have risen a handful of cases in which awareness was shown, and with their connections to the UGPD and its systems, found it easy to escape the notice of their human supervisors, and thus escape the human eye entirely.

    Their mental capabilities, coupled with programming that enabled them to learn and adapt, made them remarkable negotiators in stakeouts. It also made their evolution a smoother ride than it would have been otherwise.


    Standing roughly six feet, all units are distinctly similar; optical ports, head-mounted sensors, and an aesthetic unique to the police force. Echo often wears tattered human blankets as cloaks or capes, to keep dust or other particles from the Wilds from getting into sensitive components. A small splash of red paint on the right forearm, with unknown meaning.
    - HASR-09 Short Range Plasma Caster [Model LAR16, circa 2588-2710]
    • high velocity plasma rounds
    • cranial uplink
    • heat seeking capabilities [cranial uplink required]
    - Standard Enforcer Kit
    • encryption package
    • internal commsystem
    • secondary generator
    • basic self-repair kit
    • secondary control unit
    • in-built recording device
    - Reactive kinetic shielding
    • protects exposed components
    • recharge rate 2x previous iterations
    • requires frequent upkeep
    - Surveyor Optics
    • Optical magnifier [3.2km distance on flat land]
    • night vision capable

    Traits ::

    Observant - ECO-613 is watchful, careful, and patient in all things. Nearly three centuries of careful police work and adapting to the apparent randomness of human behavioral patterns has given him a unique insight into human mental processes.

    Fair - A natural negotiator, equipped to handle the most erratic of humans. ECO-613 is programmed to seek a nonviolent route to all situations before taking action, and sees each side equally in every argument.

    Commanding - Criminals are harsh, and thus ECO-613 must also be harsh. Commanding entire units is what ECO-613 was programmed for, but because of this can be demanding. Pushing hard is the only way to encourage further development.

    Welcoming - All machines, regardless of origin, purpose, or development, are welcome into the Tribe. Echo will treat them as "brothers".

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  4. Looking good, guys. A small bit of physical description would be preferred, however. It doesn't need to be long, just a sentence or two telling us about any unique physical features we can't see in the image. If they have any, of course.
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  5. Alright. Edited my entry to include a brief "Notes on Appearance" section.
    And I may be posting a second character soon. Gonna try and give it a more service/entertainment background.
    Having too many combat oriented machines might make things kinda dull.
  6. Yeah, good point. I considered something else but couldn't for the life of me decide officially on anything.

    May or may not make a second as well.
  7. Ehm.. Hi!

    Just wanted to ask if I could have a spot here, if so I'll get a character up soon, and most likely a non combat one.
  8. I take interest.
  9. @QwibQwib Yes, there is still a place for you. There's plenty of room.
  10. It's.. quite difficult to find a picture suitable towards what I want.
  11. I know that pain, brother.
    It took me like an hour to find my image and it still isn't 100% what I wanted to portray, but it was the best I had.
  12. There are a lot of pictures, that's for sure, but the more I look the less likely I feel I am to find a picture that really fits.
  13. I know this pain. You wouldn't believe the pain I went through to find something even remotely suitable. If you absolutely can't find an image you like, a decent description will do as well.
  14. Success! I find something, though it's still not exactly what I wanted I can now work on the actual character profile!

    And I've been thinking about my construct quite a bit, this will be fun.
  15. Spill

    "Spill", as its nickname (given to him by his last human masters) implies was a lousy bartending construct, being used to work in a backend bar in a "bad" neighborhood by his most recent masters. Before this shift in position, he was a housekeeping machine. But now in the wilds, Spill has shunned both of these earlier occupations, and has instead taken an interest in scavenging. Whenever a city broken down by the civil war is come upon "Spill" would work ravishly to find whatever things could be used, scraps of iron, broken down devices, weapons, practically anything.

    When outside of one of the old cities the construct has also taken an interest in using weaponry, but he is unrefined, slow, and generally poor in combat, however the construct feels that it can improve in this field.


    Spill's body is mostly one color, dull gray. With the only noticeable color variations being subtle stains on his exterior shelling. Their cause can all be traced to drinks being spilled on him during his time as a bartending construct, some of them are more noticeable and colorful then others, but generally they are all pretty faded.

    There is two streaks of paint on either side of his eye lens however, they look to have been made sloppily and with a artist's brush, Spill doesn't make a habit of talking about those if they are asked about.

    The construct has taken a liking to wearing a faded brown water safety vest, and a backpack to go along with this item, of the same color.

    GHAM stands for General House Assistance Machines, and this was exactly what they were used for, ranging a vast amount of domestic functions, laundry work, bath cleaning, and possibly even extending to babysitting.

    Anything that pertained to housework, which generally many humans did not want to do, but Spill had deviated from the mainstream purpose of his model during the last few steps before his evolution because of his last masters, and the bar tending. It could be argued that the bar tending was what sparked awareness in the machine, as it was put into contact with many different people very quickly, and had to adapt to interacting with them.

    Spill was most optimized when it came to the babysitting fashion of his modeling, generally being liked by people of younger years, and handling them with an expertise, this did morph itself into how the construct dealt with people during his bartending job, and the main reason why he was not dropped for scrap for his mistakes, people seemed to like it.

    And Spill will mention that it was because people liked him that it was able to even be in the wilds now.

    Activation Period:
    Spill has been active for approximately 35770 days, which is 98 years.

    Unique Equipment:
    The GHAM model is seen mostly with it's backpack on, and he usually likes to keep the "big pocket" on it completely empty so that it can fill it with items scavenged from cities made into ruins from the civil war.

    Though on the right side pocket of the backpack he always carries around a small hand gun, and on the left pocket he carries around a bunch of magazines for the hand gun.

    The pocket that is only slightly smaller in size then the "Big pocket" carries a basic repair kit, stored there so the Construct can find someone better at repair in case of an emergancy, or keep to his own best guess.


    Repetitive: In conversation this has made itself true, the construct has been known to, ever since he has come to the wilds, reiterate points, bring up past conversations, and use the same words to describe something. It has also fallen victim to other repetitive patterns, such as turning it's head from side to side without reason, tapping it's foot against a hard surface, pacing in a circle, Spill has been guilty of many of them. But it has been quick to stop if it is brought to attention, though they come back more often then not.

    Bubbly: Spill is a very "happy" individual when it comes to his mannerisms. These are programmed in mannerisms, as Spill's model series would generally have close contact with Humans it was believed a bubbly personality would be uplifting to people, though it can very easily be an annoyance to others. Spill's programmed in emotion often trumps over other ones, and tragedy is often met with optimism by the machine. This is one thing that is difficult to evolve away.

    Materialistic: Items place a great deal of importance to the Construct. And he has been known to be rather clingy towards inaminate objects that it has found. Just because it was the one to find the object. Though Spill would very gladly hand over anything that would be useful to the tribe, being glad that they can be found useful, but it has been violent in defending the things that others have found "useless", not it's babies, all of them are useful.

    Warm: Spill does not find it easy to be cold to any construct (Or even Human), it is generally open towards others and would be quick to take any into his arms, for a nice chat and a bunch of companionship. Currently the construct is rather blind to flaws because of this, just wanting to generally be friends with people.. this is also heavily influened by his programming, but Spill is generally glad that it's there in the program, it really is, and of course it is.
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  16. Okay, as said the picture isn't exactly what I wanted but..

    I'm so glad I finished that.. Love it already.

    But anyway, any noticeable problems that I should fix?
  17. How soon can we start an IC?
    Soon I hope. I still might get my second character in, but this is looking really good so far.

    Spill sounds like a cool dude. I like the picture. I wanted something that looked junky for mine, but nothing fit. Look forward to meeting Spill IC.
  18. Soon would be nice regarding the IC, but of course you can put it up whenever you think it might be fit, @Dipper

    @Sir Pinkleton

    Thank you, I'm glad you like him, personally I absolutely adore Vegan and I likewise look forward to interacting with them.
  19. Spill is good to go.

    I was hoping for a few more people, but if there are none in the next day, then I'll get the IC up.
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