Traversing the Unknown

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  1. Sounds of trade, the braying of donkeys and the lowing of camels, neighs from horses and the chatter of people of all species and tongues floated up from the desert-seaside city of Nymaya. It was a popular spot for exotic spices, fabrics, food and animals. The port attracted ships and commerce of all kinds and people of all kinds.

    In a world where humans were dwindling thanks to the overwhelming population of mythicals, any and every city could have dozens if not more than that of a combination of races and Nymaya was no exception. Dressed in rich colors and aromas, it welcomed anyone into its arms, sometimes challenging with her full splendor of arrayed activities and temptations and other times gentle and coy, only giving a peek into what might lie beneath.

    For anyone who lived here, the city was familiar, noisy and crowded, but home. Or at least Athwyn saw it as much. She'd never been anywhere else and she knew the Nymaya like it knew her. Still, every time she left her master's home, she found new amazement to behold, new people to wonder at and new experiences to ponder over.

    Normally pets weren't allowed outside for fear that they'd run away, but Athwyn had grown up in a vampire household and she knew nothing more than to do as she was told and stay in the city. It was a life she was not discontent with even as she was extremely curious about the stories she overheard people telling. The older she got, the more interested she became....but always she stayed. She had no way to leave and no where to go, and no true reason to risk a vampire's wrath by escaping.

    Today was like any other for the white-haired human as she wandered the streets. She was supposed to be getting an elixir for sunlight prevention, but the streets were busier than usual today, a festival about to begin that night and despite herself, Athwyn found herself swept up into it, every sight and sound making her smile as she wandered the streets with her head literally up and looking around, quite oblivious to anything else as was her nature.
  2. "Wow!" the loud gasp of air expanded past his lips, arms slacken beside him as he was throwing his gaze way way upwards to look at some of the looming buildings daring to touch the sky. The sky, so blue and bright and shiny and apparently really far out of his reach. It was nothing like the cavern roof, how many times had he managed to climb up there and hang off the jutting rock? Too many to count and too many scolding's to care about.

    His jaw hung open, eyes wide as plates, ears twitched and flicked to the giggling he was receiving from all the locals that seemed to be swarming around. There was so many people! Giving his head a speedy shake, pulling the collar of his jacket forward, the yellow sclera moved against the deep violet irises taking keen observations of everyone, everything! It was all different, all so new!

    His kind had rightly earned the name gremlins as they tended to stay under the soil than reaching the topside, he was one of the very few who had managed to defy the laws - or ousted, which ever. His skin was a twinge of yellow due from the lack of natural light, the once upon a birth ago whites of his eyes were a milky yellow and he tended to be a little more wild when the night came out. They were dwellers, diggers and most often than naught, a troublesome creature when they came to the surface. He would fix that.

    Heavy boots clacked to the cement making an interesting clunk that had him lifting his boot to look under it as if he stepped on something, moving forward to hear it again and then sprinting around trying to get the sound away. Though that didn't last long when he realized it was just the metal on his boots echoing through the ground. That made sense.

    Brown locks fell forward into his face, hands found their way into his pockets as he was busy staring at all the sorts of people, sniffing the air to caught the wafting stomach growling aromas reminding himself that he was quite hungry. Man... he hadn't eaten in three days! A belly protested forcing a frown to develop deep and long to his thin face. Sure it was all easy to smell but pushing through this crowd was like fighting the current in an river.

    "This will never work." he whined, taking to bouncing up above the crowd in search of a escape route, someone was commenting about him being part jack rabbit as others seemed to clear away making some breathing room available. It took a few tries, many stares before he managed to find his way to a merchant putting out small bundles of fruit from all over the place. None looking the same as what grew beneath the soil. Fingers picked up the round vivid red fruit, studying it carefully as if it held some unknown secret he was only privy too.

    "You going to buy that or just stare at it!" an impatient lady snapped at him, causing his fingers to become more startled juggling around the round delicious looking nummy. Eyes peered to his side when he managed to catch it, jumping back a pace when he exchanged his gaze with a plump looking woman wearing far too many colours upon her face and less on her clothing.

    "Are you sick ma'am?" he quirked his head, "I heard people break out into spots of colours when they are sick." her cheeks turned red before she started to fling something at him that he wasn't so privy to find out about. "I did not realize asking questions was so hazardous-" he began to mumble loudly in his escape, his hand still carrying the now stolen fruit as the woman proceeded to scream about that. "Fiery dragon woman, bad idea!"

    Bolting away in what he thought could be a delightful get away, he hit the brakes of his soles with great failure! Others moved quickly out of the way while this curious looking woman seemed to be lost in her own world. "Brace for impact!" he cried, not only bowling himself over but taking the white haired woman with him, rolling a good three or four times before he found himself smacking into a building side upside down. "Ow..." rubbing his head, he groaned helplessly.
  3. Athwyn had just enough time to look up, mind barely registering the warning, before she was bowled over. The impact hurt but hitting the ground hurt more as she rolled a few times and then landed in a heap a few feet from the stranger and in the middle of 'traffic' as it were. The woman winced as she was hit with not a few pair of feet, people glaring at the intrusion to their smooth walk and Athwyn gave them looks right back as she pushed herself up and hurriedly got out of the way. She wrapped a hand around her ribs as they were sore and tasted blood from a split lip, but other than aches and bruises, she didn't think she was too badly injured. Though, now she was dirty beyond what was even remotely acceptable in the vampire household and that made her sigh.

    Green eyes snapped to the male - elf? - who'd knocked her down and she approached him slowly, head tilting, tilting until it was almost upside down and her body bent sideways to look at him. "Are you alright?" Not waiting for an answer, Athwyn moved over and proceeded to right him by pulling his body to the side and then pulling him up by a shoulder before she knelt in front of him, eyes wide in concern.

    "Mister elf? Are you hurt?"

    What would she do with a hurt elf? She couldn't bring him back home and she couldn't leave him here and obviously he was very lost or very nervous if he'd been running like that. Perhaps she could find him some place to stay before she got the elixir and went home. Yes, that seemed like the wisest thing to do.
  4. Correcting his vision as nimble tiny hands took to pulling and pushing him until he was right side up as much as possible, he rubbed his head with a sheepish grin. "I'm alright, I've had worse. My pride is a bit wounded though," dragging his legs up to cross underneath as he opened his gaze allowing the jumbled vision to piece back together, he hummed openly leaning inwards to the woman. "A human!" a lopsided grin took over his sheepish one.

    "Oy, your hurt!" hands gripped gingerly to her shoulders, "I've heard of humans before but you're like amazing! Are you all this good-looking, like your hair and your eyes! Oh right, hurt uh...."

    Ears jerked upwards drawing his lips into a sucking breath, quick hands twined around her wrist hauling himself up to loom over top of her, "Run! Dragon lady!" he didn't wait for her answer, no he took to pulling her along, pushing aside those patrons who weren't smart enough to get away until he felt they had run more than a good distance. Huffing hard putting his hands to his knees trying to gather back his breath, he laughed in between. "People up here are so weird, it's wonderful. Except the dragon lady, that is just scary." the vivid unusual gaze opened as he hefted out a final sigh, brushing off his knees since he was down there before rising up to his full height. "You're so short," a hand came to pat her on her head, "You're pretty cute for someone I nearly killed. Oh right!" his mouth was rambling a mile a min, bending down again to look her firmly in the eye or rather looking at her lips. Putting the flat of his thumb to her chin pulling her mouth open, he studied her carefully like a child would to a new toy before moving his hand across her lips allowing the soft warm to pass over healing the lip. Nodding short, he straightened patting her again on the head before tussling her hair, "Your like a little pet. Here," retrieving the apple he had apparently taken, he put it into her palm. "You probably like it more than I would,"

    Cracking his back putting joints back into place, he threw his gaze upwards again before jumping in spot. "This place is so huge! Everything reaches way up towards the sky, its open and big and blue. I didn't know it was blue, and you can't touch it. It's brilliant!"
  5. Athwyn found herself giggling at his words, but she couldn't exactly respond he talked so fast and then he was pulling her along and she yelped in surprise, but followed. She whipped her head back and forth as she was pulled behind him, unable to see ahead and unable to really tell where they were going just by the things she saw to the sides of her. The people were no help at all as she was shorter than most of them and couldn't see over their head anyway. In the end she decided to enjoy the wild run and when they stopped, the woman panted for breath, but was grinning as she looked around, taking in a part of the city she'd never ventured into.

    The pat on the head drew her back to the present and the elf and she wrinkled her nose at being called short, but her green eyes sparkled with mirth and then surprise when he bent down and took her jaw in a surprisingly gentle grip - his hands were huge compared to her! She watched him with a curious, trusting gaze as he studied her and she in turn studied him. He was right, she was very short next to him, but that was only because he was a giant! He was a rather thin giant, though, and seemed more like a fairy she'd once met in his attitude. So much talking! How did he have that much to say?

    Athwyn was so busy focused on her own thoughts that she hardly noted the warmth at her mouth, nor when he released her, but she was more than aware of when he messed up her hair and all its braids and that made her frown, her first one yet. She looked from him to the apple and then put her hands on her hips. "Excuse me, mister elf, but you stole this and should probably put it back. It's not right to steal."

    She put the fruit in a pocket on her now dirtied red dress and gave him a stern look-over, though, truth be told it wasn't that threatening. "I am a pet and you have ruined my clothes and my hair, mister elf. My master won't like it and I have to get home, so if you will just take me back the way you brought me, I would be very appreciative."
  6. "I didn't steal it," he shoved his hands out towards the way they had came, "Dragon lady started barking at me about something called makeup and then proceeded to chase me off. I merely forgot to set it down. Sort of hard to do when you are worried she might be breathing." he pouted at her, though he stopped rather quickly as she was doing something with her face.

    Letting it scrunch up in what he could figure was suppose to be a frown of disapproval, he narrowed his eyes to her. "Do you need to use the bathroom?" putting a hand to his brow looking around for a place for her to do her business, she was talking to him. Stopping the thought process, he blinked to her bewildered.

    "Master?" Winding himself around her, picking an arm up here letting it drop, leaning over top to look over her upside down, kneeling down to tug at her dress rubbing a hand to his jaw humming all the while, a clap of hands and he shrugged. "Nope. I do not see a collar on you, do pets not have collars or tags to tell people when they get lost where to take them? How is a human a pet anyways, you have thumbs!" he wiggled his own, "Pets do not have thumbs, makes it difficult for them to leave by opening doors and windows."

    A long stride forward he chuckled rubbing his head, "I do not know where we are, how am I suppose to know where to take you back too?" fingers walked across his palm, "I ran away to save us from the dragon woman and I did not look to where I ran too so, this is where we are."
  7. Well, he was a strange one. The strangest she'd met by far.

    Athwyn watched as he twined about her, looking over her shoulder and then up and down again and she let him, not moving overmuch or protesting. She merely waited until he was done because being looked over and judged and prodded wasn't new to her. Though, the way he did it struck her as odd. Usually the people doing it looked hungry. Did elves drink blood? "No I do not need to use the bathroom." she informed him while he searched and when he was done she blinked and then giggled again, tilting her head and looking around before she looked back to him and sighed.

    "Her name is Mathea, not dragon woman, mister elf, and it's best to buy what you need from her quickly and leave." Athwyn started to move back the way they'd come - at least she thought it was - and she beckoned for the strange elf to follow her. "I am a pet to a vampire. I do not need a collar or tags." She held out an arm, showing the bite marks littering the inside of her forearm and wrist. "These are my marks and how I can be identified. My master trusts me to get what he wishes in the city and then come back."

    She wrinkled her nose, glancing at him then chewed her lip, still not quite realizing it was better. "Though, I do suppose I should make sure you don't get lost again. Maybe my master will let you stay for a night if you're quiet." She gave him a skeptical look as they walked, her strides almost half-skipping to keep up with his. "Can you be quiet?"
  8. "Mathea?" he liked dragon lady better, suited better. Short temper, flaring nostrils, scaly skin with spots, yeah it made sense. Tilting his head like a dog would to a high pitched sound, he followed her closely, eyes taking in the bite marks with a knitted brow. "What's a vampire? Doesn't sound all that pleasant," he pointed to her arm, "Doesn't look pleasant either. Are you suppose to be like a piece of cheese or... something else. Why would someone want to bite you, I didn't think humans were meals. No I thought they were rare, at least from what I've heard you were. Not many left, sort of a like a rare gem." hands clenched shut together as he peeked into his palms, "Need protection, but if you are a source of food, then why are humans so rare? Wouldn't someone make a farm of them instead?" he lowered an ear, "Your master sounds strange."

    She was making another face at him, her nose all scrunched up as he tied his hands behind his head. "But being lost means you find new things. Things that you may have never seen if you were on the right path. It's an adventure!" ears popped upwards at a rapid pace, "Quiet... I can do quiet. Maybe.... possibly, but what sort of fun is quiet. How are you suppose to learn things when your quiet, it sounds... boring." he puffed his cheeks out with a sigh, "The world is big and large, full of wonder and mystery and you want quiet. Boring. Droll, uneventful. Can you be loud? Obnoxious?" he tapped his fingers to his chin, "Oh right, name! I meant to ask you for a name. People down below call me Diesel but my name is Danny. Something about my last name they like to muddle around with, so does the quiet lady have a name or should I just call you quiet?"
  9. He did not know what a vampire was? Cheese? Rare? He was a funny one, that was for sure. A very funny elf who didn't seem to know anything about anything...and yet everything all at once. Such was Athwyn's conclusion as she listened to the male, pulling at his arm when he was about to run into someone and leading him down streets she didn't really recognize, but vendors and signs that she did from when he pulled her through the street. She would find her way back, she always did, but she'd be late getting home and her master wasn't going to like that. But she couldn't leave the poor, chatty elf by himself! He would be hopelessly lost and even if he said that was a good thing, Athwyn knew it could be scary, too.

    The elf kept babbling and the woman finally stopped and reached up, barely able to brush his lips with her finger, but the point was clear. "Shh!" She lowered back down and gave him an amused look. "You speak a great deal, Danny, but sometimes it is better to listen because you hear more. Listening is part of learning, too." She put her finger to her own lip this time and made another shushing sound before starting to walk again, a firm believer in multitasking.

    "My name is Athwyn. A vampire is a creature who doesn't like the sun, can move very fast, smell, hear and see very well and they feed on blood. They like human blood because it is uncommon. I do not know about other humans, but I am a pet and if my master wants to feed on me then he is allowed to. He owns me and can do what he wants with me." She gave him a glance and a smile, marveling at the fact that he was indeed being quiet for the moment if only to hear her answer. She didn't expect him to stay that way.

    "Why are you called Diesel? Why do you like the sky so much? Do you live far away from here?"
  10. Being hushed - not like that was a first time- he was frantically continuing his conversation in his head. He was never a fan of the silence, it was just too docile. It meant waiting and being patient and just sitting still and after so long of that beneath the surface, he was quite tired of it.

    Though he was curious about her, curious enough to heed her brushing fingers and hushing tone. And it seemed she would oblige him with explaining a few things though he did not see the point of a vampire still. They sounded like a carnivore more than anything else and how did one of them own rights over another. It seemed... wrong. No he was pretty sure that was wrong. He didn't like the way she smiled at him after explaining that he was nothing more than a pet that could be used in any way her master saw fit. No he didn't like the idea of a vampire already.

    Looping around, ears lifted again to engorge his gaze upon all that he could though he was listening to her even if his attention kept moving.

    "My surname is Dieselle, folks just shorten it. I don't know why, something about being spry and wiry I think. But I could be wrong. I just let it be, it's better than someone calling me something worse." then he brought his gaze down to her, again plopping a hand to her head. "The sky is open, large and wide. There is no limits there. It changes and it is colorful. I am what I think you topsiders call a gremlin elf. The term is less than flattering but it has points to it. We aren't generic elves, at least I don't think we are. We dwell beneath the surface in the dark, pungent dirt and rocks. Sad existence really," he pinched his own skin pulling it some, "See how my complexion is yellow compared to yours, it's because we don't overly like the sun. Like your vampires, but we aren't ones who feed on pets. Only a few come up from underneath and want to explore. The sky is something we don't have, up here is open! Not stifling, new, different. But, I also heard there is a rumor that the state is looking for hired help to search for the artifacts of the God's Gate. " he was talking a lot again as he stopped rather drastically letting out a chuckle, "I'm not so good at this quiet thing." he continued walking with her though he stopped when he caught the scent of something again in the air that made him recall how hungry he was. Groaning at himself, he glanced to her, patted her head again and turned away looking for what he was smelling. "Where oh where is it?"
  11. She listened in rapt attention to him, green eyes wide with curiosity and delight at hearing about a new place, a new species. She looked at his skin closely when he showed her and nodded in understanding even if he didn't note it with all his spinning and looking around. Did he ever stay still? She had a feeling that he could tell her about a lot of things and for just a moment Athwyn wondered what it would be like to actually leave, to see these things for herself. It was something that crossed her mind more and more, but when she became aware of the fact that she was rubbing the inside of her arm, she was reminded all over again about why she couldn't do such a thing.

    The white-haired woman stopped the motion, putting her hands behind her back in habit and then blinking up at Danny when he patted her head again, her mind going over the term 'God's Gate' with a slight frown. She didn't know about any such search or artifacts and her interest was piqued. The odd elf's interest seemed to be on something else entirely, though, and she watched him for a moment, puzzled and then laughed softly when she realized what it was he was doing.

    She moved forward and took his arm, pulling him, her slighter frame a bit stronger than she looked. "Come on. I'll show you." They were back in an area she knew and she was more than sure she knew what he'd been smelling. It was the most popular vendor on the street for that heavenly smell and Athwyn took him right to it, looking up at him with a grin. "Is that the smell?"

    "Snowy! You not come to see me in long time!" The centaur behind the large stand came clopping out and Athwyn let go of Danny to greet him, accepting the hug the man-horse gave her before she was pushed back by her shoulders gently and looked over. "What be happening to you?" There was a touch of worry there at her state of dirt and forming bruises, but the woman smiled and pointed to Danny, at ease. "He knocked me over, but we're alright, Antonio. He likes the smell of your food."

    The centaur laughed deeply at her twinkling eyes and looked up at the elf, smiling warmly at him as well. "You do, eh?"
  12. He was hot on its trail! He'd never be able to pinpoint the smell back home, everything was so bland... so normal that it never really held the same appeal. But this, whatever it was, was utterly fantastic! Getting to go darting through the crowd, he paused with some surprise as the shorter female hitched around his arm and pulled him forward. She was certainly a lot stronger than he pegged her for, though he didn't fight her. "You'll show me!" delight sparked as he struggled a mite bit not to go off on a tangent to find what he was smelling. Why did everything have to be so much better, it was hard to concentrate fully on one said thing when more and more kept popping up and out and wanting his full attention.

    And did she ever manage to take him to the smell, he might have floated on air if it hadn't been for the large voice coming from behind the stand making him come to alert. Not merely because he wasn't so sure about someone speaking but the four long legs that stuck out of its torso. It was half man half horse! He was staring at the man, trying to piece together where the rest of the human's body went not to mention the horse head, them talking coming in a mumble buzz to his ears.

    How did a creature like this man live. It must have been very awkward to sleep. Or did he sleep standing up, or maybe not at all! What a concept!

    Lips parted daring to ask a question or ten before he felt the man's eyes on him. He knitted his gaze briefly trying to replay what was being said at him. "Oh uh, yes very much. You topsiders certainly put more pazzah into everything you do here." Again his gut growled making him chuckle nervously, "Sorry, haven't had anything decent in about three days, it takes quite a while to get to the surface, I sort of kept forgetting to feed myself. What is the sort of currency you take up here? Stones? Jewels? Barter?"
  13. Antonio laughed at the elf, turning around and making Athwyn leap back with a small yelp and grin to avoid the tail that lashed out at her playfully. The centaur beckoned them both to the stall, deep voice speaking over his shoulder as he started serving up food. "Coin, master elf, but for friend of Snowy, it's on house. But only today in honor of festival!" He turned back and handed them each a bowl of the delicious smelling food and Athwyn smiled brightly.

    "Thank you, Antonio!"

    He touched her head with a large hand, palming the side of it gently. "Of course, little one. You be too skinny." It was a familiar chide and Athwyn nodded, but was already eating and she looked to Danny to see how he was enjoying the new experience. Somehow she felt that seeing him excited over the food would just make eating it that much better. He was a funny one, but she liked it and she hoped he could be quiet enough to stay at her home tonight. She had so many questions!

    "So how do you like?" Antonio questioned, watching the elf as well.
  14. "Coin." he repeated forming a fist to place it into his palm. "Coin okay." keeping a eye on the backside of the large creature he leaned down to Wyn putting his hand up close to his face, "What's coin look like?" man he felt devilishly dumb but he had no real idea. Though as the horse man turned right back around, he jerked back up to stand straight putting the bowl towards that of his head bowing properly or at least like his people did, "Thank you Sir Antonio," he remained that way a moment more uttering a proper prayer before returning to his previous posture.

    God it smelt like heaven with butter on it. It made his mouth water making it hard not to drool but he managed. Though he was wondering about this festival the horse man said something about and why he kept calling Athwyn snowy. Probably because of her hair, he figured. A quick squinted side glance to the human female and he happily dived into the meal. So many different tastes, spices he only heard of made up in his wildest dreams, he probably devoured it a bit faster than intended. Eyes peeked up from the bowl as he made a nervous grin tipping his head politely when the centaur was clearly watching him. "Phenomenal! It's smell certainly did it proper justice." It might be a bad idea to lick the bowl he figured stopping the whole action as he let out a pleased sigh. "Athwyn proclaimed your talents very well Sir Antonio. Best meal I've had in easily years. Thank you." he grinned happily, contently pleased to actually have been fed for free though he would probably be looking for something else to devour shortly. His appetite was probably near bottomless, helped with his boundless energy keeping anything from clinging to his athletic yet slender frame.
  15. The centaur laughed again, seeming to be a creature that did so easily and he took the bowls back once they were empty. "Good, good! I am glad. Now go, go and stay out of trouble! Have fun tonight!" He went back around his stall then and Athwyn waved a goodbye before looking to Danny and beckoning him to follow once more. She sidled up next to the elf as they started off again and pulled out a copper coin from her pocket, holding it up for his inspection.

    "This is a coin. This is a copper coin. It can buy less than a silver and a gold coin could, but I don't need to buy a lot." Even as she spoke, the woman was looking around for the shop she needed and when she found it, she hurried toward it, looking back at Danny as they went into the herbal store. "Don't touch." she warned softly before greeting the vampire at the counter and getting the elixir she needed. Athwyn only seemed to breathe once they were out of the shop, the rigidity going out of her small body as she once more smiled. That didn't last very long either as she looked up at the sky, seeing it getting darker rapidly.

    "I have to go back now." Green eyes looked to yellow-violet, wide and questioning. "Will you come with me or shall I see you tomorrow?" Well, if she was let out tomorrow. She might not be if the vampire was especially mad at her, but he might not be. It was hard to tell sometimes.
  16. Looking at the coin after they were out of sight from the centaur, his brow puckered before he raised it slightly to her. "It is metal made from precious stones. Why convert them into such a size, is it for convenience?" There was just so much to this world that he wanted to learn but sometimes already it didn't make much sense to him. Though he got the gist of the currency proportions, gold was worth more than silver and so forth. Straight forward that was.

    His gaze pulled away from the weird little metal piece only to hum turning his gaze around before himself completely as she seemed to be looking for something. But before he could ask, she seemed to find it and was telling him to not touch anything. Were his hands dirty? Lifting them up to inspect them front and back, continuously flipping them back and forth he failed to understand her concept. Touching meant he could understand how something felt, whether it was soft or rough, prickly or smooth. And honestly the herbs that were outside of the shop were very curious. He recognized some things and others were completely new. She said not to touch but said nothing about looking. Looking was okay right?

    The bell above the door rang revealing her coming back out, those big green eyes looked at him filled with a familiar look that he knew so well. The sky was turning into another hue as he figured this was what they called evening. "If you want me too, I am very curious to see this vampire master you speak of and let bite you like a piece of meat. Should I practice keeping myself silent?"
  17. Athwyn tilted her head at him, blinking a little. He did say the oddest things. She shook her head and started to walk again, looking back at him with amusement. "No, better you talk now I think. It might help you be quiet when we get there." She led the way through the streets then, gazing at the lights and decorations that had gone up for the festival, but also working hard to keep her mind on track. She had to get back. She was going to be in trouble as it was and the longer it took, the more trouble she'd be in. Still, the city's atmosphere was lovely, exciting and she wished to stay in it and explore.

    The woman kept walking, though, and eventually came to a quieter part of the city, a richer one where the houses were large and sprawling. Athwyn had grown more and more quiet as they approached and now she paused a little, same as she always did, before she moved up the pathway again toward the house. Her entire demeanor seemed to shut down when she walked through the door and closed it softly after Danny had come in after her. Now the woman did put her finger to her lips to signal quiet and she hastily tried to put some semblance of order to her hair and clothes, something she'd not thought of before now. She took a deep breath then and moved from the large foyer to the sitting room where she knew the vampire would be.

    He was in a chair, seemingly very relaxed and calm with the stem of a glass of red-liquid between his fingers. A creature with pale skin, flawless features, black hair and red eyes, he was striking...but cold. He knew they were there but didn't turn from looking into the fire to acknowledge them with his gaze, his voice purred velvet and more dangerous than a tiger. "You should have been home hours ago, Pet."

    Athwyn bowed her head, hands behind her back, very still. "I know, Master. I am sorry. I met someone who required my help. He-"

    "I am sure the elf can speak for himself." the vampire snapped and the woman stopped speaking as the creature stood from his chair, finally turning to face them and fixed Danny with his cold stare. "And who might you be?"
  18. "You don't know me very well, it might only loosen my tongue further." he chuckled in a teasing tone, whether it was true or not was yet to be discovered. So he followed along, asking questions here and there, watching everything with a childlike gleam and still wondering what the heck this festival thing was about. It was all so bright, and vivid and made him grin all the more. It was brilliant, nothing like this compared to anything he had seen before.

    Though he started to notice how Wyn was becoming more and more quiet as they seemed to disappear from the busy districts into a fancier sort of area. Houses were massive, and that was an understatement. How many families lived in one alone? twenty? Fifty maybe? One of them would fit probably half the village, it was simply outstanding. His mouth was hanging open by the time they arrived at one of the magnificent homes, Wyn walking straight in and him quickly shutting his gaping maw.

    Stepping lightly, eyes glinted in a light as he seemed to sense the other presence much it had to him, his gaze narrowed quite drastically. He didn't like the air in here. Tempering his tongue as she motioned for him to keep quiet, he was probing the entire scene behind the facet of his being, scents unusual and the aura that was radiating from where Wyn started to lead them.

    There it sat. The frigid aura he had begun to feel as he stepped through the door, looking more like a painting than an actual figure, Danny straightened out his shoulders. He wasn't stupid enough to say something now and it made sense to why Wyn told him it was best to be silent. This vampire was dangerous.

    Though he felt bad for Wyn being snapped at by the sour creature, he said nothing. Meeting his gaze head on without a falter, he tilted his chin upwards. "Daniel Dieselle," his tone changed losing its jovial gleam and taking on an edge of prim etiquette. It wasn't cold nor was it warm. It was respectful. "I do apologize for my arrival here milord, it was entirely my fault for your young lady and her tardiness. I came to vouch for that so there would be no ill gotten blame." there wasn't a word out of place and not a tone of false sincerity. No it was all rightfully true and it would be sensed in waves in him.
  19. Athywn glanced over at the elf when he spoke, blinking a bit in surprise, but she didn't actually turn her head or move, knowing she wasn't allowed to until she was sent away or directed to another task. It was second nature to her. She'd grown up this way, but it didn't mean she didn't feel fear of the vampire or that she liked being in his presence. She was simply used to his cues. So when he lifted ring and middle finger, she came forward and took the glass from him, stepping back again and holding it as the creature of the night studied this new oddity in his house.

    He weighed Danny, assessing the truthfulness of his words and finally the vampire smiled. It was a predatory, heartless smile, but Athwyn relaxed a little seeing it. Her master was amused and that could only bode well for the elf. "Well, then I do suppose I can forgive my Pet this time. Do come and sit. Tell me about where you are from and what brought you here." It was more an order than a suggestion as the vampire sat once more and gestured to a chair across from him, the fire between and to the side of them both.

    Even as Danny would have started speaking, Athwyn was being beckoned over, the drink she held being taken and the vampire took her wrist with it, calmly slitting a deep cut in her skin and turning her wrist over so that it bled into the cup. The woman remained quiet and blank-faced through the procedure, though, after a time she started to grow pale and the vampire glanced at her before moving her wrist away.

    "Go. And don't drip on the carpet."

    Athwyn nodded and left, albeit slightly unsteady, to stop the bleeding and the vampire redirected his attention back to the elf, calmly sipping at the fresh blood.
  20. Without missing a beat nor batting an eye out of place, he managed to oblige the order issued to him and kept his face calm even as the vampire seemed to make Wyn a personal delight in front of him. He wasn't dumb enough to know that wasn't a sort of tactic to see how he would react. Rather than giving what most would and panic at the whole thing, he kept his tongue civil. He had perfected the art of keeping his true emotions buried in situations like this. And it was near impossible to tell the difference unless someone knew him rightfully.

    He spoke carefully, only as much as was respected to the vampire before and would wait until he asked a question before prattling. Eventually their conversation seemed to steep off and he had been invited to stay the evening. Peculiar but he surmised it that he managed to amuse the vampire well enough that he didn't think of him a threat or something to worry about in his abode. And he was mostly correct. Bowing traditionally like he had to that of Antonio, to the man, he stepped out firstly only to be fully out of ear shot when he was certain and let out a sound that was muffled between disgust and relief. He had come to the conclusion that he did not like vampires, too far indulged in themselves and watching others like mere bugs for pure sport. It was a worthless existence.

    Still, he had been given reign of the house. Turning a brief look across his shoulder checking to see if the vampire would suddenly pop up, he began to follow his sense of smell. Her blood was still fresh and sitting there that long with the cruor drinking creature, he come to familiarize himself with it. Disgusting as it might be, he happened to be fond of his sense of smell. Only the second attribute of himself that was heighted due to the dark. Smell was important underground, it could tell you were there was gas leaking or it could tell you that there was something edible close. His eyesight was the only other thing that was superior but that was only in the dark and it wasn't dark out.

    Trailing around, he eventually found her scent coming stronger as he made his way towards the back of the kitchen to something that had been labeled servants quarters. "Athywn?" he asked the walls softly, a hand placing upon to keep himself upright just in case someone popped out from the structure itself. "Athywn, are you near?" he wanted to see that she was alright, actually he wanted to mend her wound for having to deal with such a horrid master. "I'm alone, I think... can we speak for a moment, I promise to keep my babbling to a minimal."
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