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  1. Basic Plot: Your character is either head honcho or a part of of whatever supernatural subspecies you prefer (vampire, werewolf, etc) and decides - whether for the purpose of finding a partner, a servant, or whatever meaning you can come up with), you decide that someone's human character deserves the blessing (or curse) to become your species. Just jump in. All you really have to specify is your species.

    Boring day, indeed, for the medical major. She sat alone in the cafe, staring at a tablet screen covered in tiny black font, reading about various disgusting diseases that a neurological surgeon must know as she sipped on an iced coffee. Her long, mahogany hair is swept to the side in a braid and her eyes, usually a bright- almost periwinkle blue- eyes were dull and covered bight her reflective glasses. The glare was really how she felt- bored and blank.
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  2. Gabrielle was done with these stupid humans. They all smelled just horridly. The only places that smelt semi tolerable were the woods, the meat section in the supermarket, or the local cafe. Today she sat horizontally from a quite gorgeous looking woman. If it weren't the way humans looked, Gabrielle would have stayed a wolf in the forest.
    Gabrielle then continued browsing through the group text message with her underlings. As the Alpha of her werewolf pack, she always has to check in which is quite annoying.
    Finally getting bored, she picked up her coffee and sat herself across from the mahogany haired beauty.
  3. Raising her eyebrow, the student looked up from her computer "... can i help you?" She asked, pushing up her glasses and leaning slightly on the table. She was small in stature - a little less than 5 feet, and yet barely fit in the chair with her full figure. She stared at Gabrielle, waiting for a response. One hand keeping her leaning, and the other on her laptop, having paused a video.
  4. Gabrielle leaned forward and gave the girl a toothy grin. "Sorry for staring, but has anyone told you how beautiful you are?" She then flipped her ebony black hair out of her face to reveal her yellow eyes. Gabrielle knew, just knew this girl was the one for her.
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  5. Giving her an unimpressed look, she reached over to her iced coffee and took a sip "Has anyone told you I'm straight?" She rebutted - borderline sarcastic. "I do appreciate the compliment though. Thank you" She nodded in appreciation. "Now, if you will excuse me, I have a final I need to be studying for"
  6. "Oh a sassy one." Gabrielle smirked. "The names Gabrielle. What's yours?"
  7. She blinked "my name is Minae. Though, I do believe I ended our conversation. " she responded, keeping in one earphone as she was about to start the video again
  8. Gabrielle reached up and ranked the earphone out. "Listen. Your life may depend on the next question I ask you." She then lowered her tone.
    "Do you believe in monsters?"
  9. Bewildered, Minae stated firmly into Gabrielle's eyes. "No." She answered "Now leave me be. I am trying to study."
  10. "Get ready to." Gabrielle grabs your wrist and drags you out of the cafe. She runs you into the nearby woods and then stops.
  11. Fighting the entire way, it was evident that she was not strong in any sense. "My things! My books! You just left them there and kidnapped me you scourge!! How did we get here so fast?? What the hell are you doing??" She rambled, trying to pull herself from Gabrielle's grip
  12. Gabrielle just laughed at her petty attempts. "Everything is going to be fine." Her eyes softened as well as her other features. "I didn't mean to come off as overbearing or anything, but there is just something about you that I can't explain. Your beauty is overwhelming and all my senses go haywire around you." Gabrielle blushed. "If I was just an Omega I wouldn't know that I imprinted on you."
  13. ".... Excuse me? I'm pretty sure I rejected your advances" Minae kept her bewildered expression "now listen here, I am a full time medical student raising a two year old, so I would appreciate you letting me go" she explained, trying for reason.
  14. "Just watch ok?" Gabrielle took a step back. Suddenly she began to morph into a giant black wolf. "This is what I am. People like me imprint on others. You can't reject it."
  15. Staring with shock and awe, she stepped back "...imprint? What are you talking about??? I need to get home!"
  16. "Fine. Leave. Like they all do." Gabrielle changes back to her human form, but her clothes aren't there. They usually tear off when she morphs. Gabrielle begins to walk away.
  17. Minae covered her eyes "I did NOT NEED TO SEE THAT!!" She shouted, turning around and attempting to run back to the cafe, praying her things were still there.
  18. Rosen Vittoria Evol, a Fae of the Unseelie Court was sitting on a bench in front of a cafe. She was covered in glamour to conceal her true form of a Will o' the Wisp, but even so, she was utterly short and looked closer to a child than an adult. Vittoria was seeking out a servant to roam the night with her and spend the days hidden in Unseelie Court territory after hearing that humans were good slaves. Her unusually large eyes had watched two women run out, one of which was certainly not human. A short while later, she spotted one returning and raised her hand up in a wave while swinging her ankles back and forth.
  19. Absolutely relieved that her stuff was still here, she began packing it up and grumbling about how her brother didn't like taking care of her son for extended amounts of time. She saw the child-looking person wave, and in classic non-social mannerisms, she promptly did not return the wave and left the cafe.
  20. Her lips pursed momentarily as she watched the woman leave without so much as a second glance her way. No one told her humans could be so rude! She hopped up from the bench and skipped after her, her voice ringing like wind chimes when she called out, "Excuse me! Excuse me, Miss!" She swooped down and picked up an old twig, instantaneously glamouring it to look like a pencil. "You dropped this!" She waved the deceitful object up above her head while wondering where the human's little friend had run off to.
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