Town of Anorona

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  1. It is a time of peace and prosperity throughout the land, though not everything is completely calm and peaceful. This land is called Nozanos. Your profession has led you to this place called Anorona. You, and your faithful companion, ____, arrive in a dark looking town, and spot an Inn almost first thing. Seeing as how you want to take a load off, you decide you'll check a few blocks down, then go inside to order some ale and a room. Walking down the empty street, you notice some dark looking figures down a few random alley ways. Not wanting to draw attention to yourself, you and your companion go back to the Inn. As soon as you open the door, you notice an average height woman, the innkeeper. With long black hair, she motions you to the counter. My name is Anorona. I am a descendant of Anorona Lilieth, the founder of this town, in case you're wondering. What might I do for you stranger? You look awfully tired, She said, wiping the counter off, Rooms are free here, ale and mead cost twenty-five gold coins for each mug.

    Chivalry Inn
    The Market
    Margo's Finest(Clothing store)
    Natural Hot Springs
    Dempsy's Best Armors

    Please keep OOC out unless it is important. No being a dick to other players(ex: knocking player's characters out, etc.)
    No shape shifting or transforming, try keeping it a little less werewolfy and a little more regular mythical races in this one. You can make up your own race, but please give a brief description of that race. I can't tell what your 'Shorgow' is supposed to look like and what-not. Again, please not that transforms or anything similar.

    KEEP SEX TO A MINIMAL! Please do not break out into sex in the open streets. keep it in your bedroom, and keep it 1x1 only. We don't need you spamming the thread with your sexy times.

    In this, you don't have unlimited money, so when you run out, you need to go work your money back. You start off with five-thousand(5000) gold coins. I want to see how currency can affect an RP. Working gets you five gold coins, so the most you can get from any given job by the end of the day, is twenty-five(25).

    If you would like to have more money please PM me, and if you've done enough hard work, I'll give you a bonus.

    When I post this: *COINS* It means somewhere around the town is a big bag of coins, if you search the right place, you get the coins. I want to see what will happen when we add this to a game.

    Authorities of this RP are myself and @Zeon. this goes for both inside the RP, as well as for what you post, meaning if we feel you need to elaborate more on a previous comment, we will ask you to detail it more, etc., etc.

    I hope this isn't a bunch of stuff to have to remember, but like I said, I want to see what happens when we introduce currency and other things into an RP. I'm curious as to what results will occur.
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  2. Trylissa had been sitting in the corner of the Inn's lobby, her small wings slightly squished against the back of the chair she'd chosen. When the two creatures walked into the Inn, she watched them intently, curious about them since they didn't seem like they were from anywhere in town. Tylissa had long golden brown hair and lavender eyes, and her figure was very womanly, with good curves that were well proportioned for her 4'11" body. Her appearance may deceive one to believe she's a fairy, but that was quite inaccurate. In truth, she's a Flugessa. In a way, one can describe a Flugessa as a fairy looking creature with demon powers, but most Flugessas will be pretty offended if you try to describe them that way. Trylissa, or Lissa for short, was a Flugessa who's magic power was particularly notable in the element of Spirit. But rather than attempt to explain these powers, it's best to let them be seen and felt. For example, as Lissa stared at the duo who'd just came in, her intent gaze revealed to her that the pair were surrounded by a glow of gray, telling her they were either depressed, tired, bored.
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  3. "Miss lissa, is everything alright?" Anorona asked. "You've been sitting there, with a serious look on your face, for some time now." She said, turning her attention to the two creautres, "Welcome to Chivalry Inn, what might I do for you?" She asked.
  4. Lissa snapped out of her daze when Anorona spoke to her, and she offered the woman a small smile, which showed two small fangs where her canine teeth were located. They were not very sharp, but they still looked menacing and out of place when paired with the woman's lovely complexion. "Yes, everything is fine. I didn't mean to alarm you." She says softly, standing up and walking over towards the desk, her expression still showing curiosity to the newcomers.
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  5. They each had a few mugs of mead, and after a little while, one was passed out with his head on the counter. Anorona pulled his head up slightly, "Sir, unless you plan on paying for a room, this area is now off-limits," Rona said, "It's closing time for the bar area. I'm afraid you'll have to move to a seat over there." She said, pointing the way. He grunted and started off for another seat as Anorona wiped the table where his head was.
  6. "What-a crazy night that was last night...but I'm-a thankful for such beds as these in this in!"

    The voice belonged to small fox like creature, named Allegretto. Allegretto was three feet tall and four inches.
    He wore the robes of an assassin, fitted with a belt and chest strap. His eyes were odd, the left was purple and the right was deep blue.

    His red fur was mostly hidden behind his outfit.

    "I thought Faux-Koga were suppose to slay enemies like the one last night?" Squeaked his companion, who looked like a transparent Raven with stars and galaxies dancing on the inside of it.

    The Faux-Koga are a strong breed of highly intelligent animals which learned that to earn their place in the higher ranks of the Circle of Life they had to evolve. Over time the animals learned about weapons, farming, and other 'human' essentials.

    The village is a well to do village with popular markets, but the first born son of each family part takes in a test to be placed in future jobs.

    Those who rank highest becomes Knights, and Assassins
    Those who rank lowest are left with the levels of cleaners, while everyone in the middle are fitted with jobs such as cook or shoe maker.
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  7. Anorona looked to the Faux who had just entered the inn, "Hello there, sir. Might I get you and your companion something??" she asked, bringing up a few mugs just in case. "Beds are free, and ale and mead are twenty-five gold coins a mug." Anorona said.
  8. The Faux looked up curiously and nods "Yes my lady?" He asked curiously as he fished out fifty coins for both him and his companion.

    "Thank you." Chirped the Faux Raven.

    "What tis it you wanted to ask?" Allegretto said curiously.
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  9. "And what will it be, sir? White Chardo Mead, or some North Mountain Ale?" Rona asked, picking up two beautifully labeled bottles. She looked at them, wondering what kind of business they were in town for, as she didn't see many with that kind of clothing.
  10. Character look (open)
    [Location: Chivalry Inn]
    [Coins: 5000]
    A hooded figure pressed against the doors of the Chivalry Inn, with quiet steps they sauntered across the room towards the bar. In an attempt to be discreet, they made no contact with other individuals within the Inn. Their head was hung low, with their facial features softly hidden unless one desired to intentionally peer into their face. They carried a noticeably large staff to their back, that held tightly to their body.

    As she approached the bar, she raised her head and scanned the interior of the room. It was homely, but something was not quite right. A sort of presence loomed in the air. The same presence that loomed in the dark alleys she had just walked past. Her eyes set on a woman with long black hair.
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  11. "Welcome ma'am, would you like anything?" Anorona asked, pouring the other two a drink to settle their minds about choosing. She looked at the staff on the newcomers' back, and then the rest of her, observing everything for the sake of having something to do.
  12. Sam walked into the town called Anarona in pursuit of some assassination jobs. Looking at an inn, he grinned and walked inside. There were a bunch of people sitting in the inn, most particularly a woman on sitting on a barstool talking to the owner. The human sat down next to the woman and ordered a mug of mead. He chugged the whole mug of alcohol down very loudly and gave the most startling belch ever. ''S-sorry! Excuse me.'', he said.
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  13. Lissa was pretty quiet as everyone entered the Inn, and she was quite impressed by the number of unique creatures present. She'd never seen this many in one place, and she wondered why there's was such a sudden gathering of critters. "Anorona, do you have any nectar, ambrosia, or sweeter ales? I have extra money if you need more in exchange." She says, unsure about exactly what the Inn had available today. Sometimes they had a large variety, and other nights, you were lucky to get decently clean tap water.
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  14. "Tonight, we have a special summertime Ale from the western lands of Motima. The absolute sweetest around. Feel free to have a few sample mugs, as we kinda have an overstock of the stuff." Rona said, filling Lissa's mug. She looked around at all that were in there, it was really packed tonight. most had heard about the Ale coming in, and were patiently awaiting its arrival. "Oh, by the way you all can call me Rona, or Ano, for short, if you'd like."
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  15. ((OOC: I've only just joined @_@, so I'm still learning the ropes of the forum. So if I'm doing something wrong please let me know! Wasn't sure if I could rewrite another character's actions into my post.))

    [Location: Chivalry Inn]
    [Coins: 5000]
    "Something light," she enquired "and a room for the night if you can". Her voice rolled off her tongue, but her tone was indifferent. She was not sweet, nor stern and she spoke slowly, as if she made time to choose her words carefully. "Nothing fancy," she continued. "Just a bed and something warm to carry me the night will do." The woman pulled her hood forward, to shield her face a little more. She anticipated the steps of the man behind her. She percieved his voice to be uncertain, in comparison to her firm tone. He apologised as he sat by her, but she simply looked down once more at the counter. She made quick awkward glances at the Innkeeper, she acknowledged her presence as politely as possible, but did not break the wall between them.

    She rested her hands on her lap, peaking out was a small critter. An infant of its kind, and small for its age. It nudged at her finger tips. Shhh, she cooed, under her breath. "I'll take some water too, something small for my companion. Tap will be fine." Her voiced faltered, and a tone of warmth slipped through her lips. Her companion was far too young for her, many had grown with theirs. But the young sorcerer had lost her loved one in battle, and found the runt broken on the edge of that battlefield. She smiled slightly to herself, a little cyclical, she thought.
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    "Ok, rooms are free so, here's your drink, room key, and some spring water for the little one. That'll be twenty-five for the mead, and the water is free as well. Feel free to stay as long as you like." Rona said, shifting her attention to the man, "Is your ale to your liking, sir?" Ano asked, as someone from the back walked up to her, whispering in her ear.
  17. Allegretto smiles "North Moutain Ale please." He said enthusiastically. "Just like your old man! I wouldn't be surprised if you opened your own guild too!" Laughed the raven.

    "Shush, you speak nonsense Allister." The young faux Fox said softly the faux Raven.
  18. Armor (open)
    5'10 with no beard! My character is new to the world of assassination! 4848.modern_future_assassin_by_bombopaul-d4v1uck.jpg-610x0.jpg

    (OOC: Currency Change: 5000 > 4950)
    ''It's great!'' he said. Lowering his white hood, he looked at his sides to check for his ''electro-cutlasses'' and sighed in relief that no one had taken his prized possessions. The young assassin asked for a refill and put his coins onto the counter. He looked to his left and saw a sorcerer. Deciding to spark a conversation out of randomness, he asked, ''What brings you here? My name's Samuel.''
  19. Rona filled his mug up again, as well as buying herself a drink with her own personal money. Though it was policy not to do so, she couldn't help it, as she'd only told people what she heard. Her first sip was met by a bitter taste that was quickly followed by sweet delight beyond anything she'd ever drank. Rona stood there, trying to figure out what caused the bitter taste to suddenly change its tune, but no ideas seemed to make sense. So she decided to just go with it, and drank down the rest a little at a time, noticing the bitter taste had gone after the first sip.

    "Attention, everyone! As of now, through the rest of the day tomorrow, all Motima Summertime Ale is on the house," Rona shouted, holding up a big bag of twenty-thousand coins she'd saved up over the past seven months. She was basically left with a hundred coins in personal money, and none in her savings, with all money she had put in the Inn-vault being enough to cover three or more extra shipments of the stuff if they had them. "From this point forward, all orders of Motima Ale will be accompanied by half-off price per customer per order at any of the towns' shops." She exclaimed.

    Usually, she didn't get excited for anything, but this called for a celebration for the hard work the Motima Meadery had put in on this drink.

    ((Please note that half off per order, means when you buy stuff, everything in the order is halved. so you wont be getting things elsewhere for free, but definitely at a lower price. ALSO WE NEED SOMEONE TO RUN THE CLOTHING, MARKET, AND ARMOR STORES. ONE PERSON PER STORE))
  20. [Location: Chivalry Inn]
    [Coins: 5000 > 4975]

    Vera, the sorcerer, paid her fare to the innkeeper and quietly hushed her young one. She held the spring water, before lowering it down for her companion to suckle on heavily. Hungry again, she mused. Vera smiled as the little one rushed, but only let it drink to half way. She poured the remaining in a feeding bottle she had bought before her arrival, and slipped it into her strapped bag. The woman looked up to the innkeeper, and smiled emptily. 'Thank you' she said, and sat up to make her leave. She twiddled the room key around her finger, and began to part her lips.

    Before she could speak, she was interrupted by the joyous celebration of free drinks and cheap items. She lingered in her steps for only a moment, contemplating the sweet taste of Motima Summertime. However, Vera did not like to be surprised. And she knew that the Ale was known for its quick change of taste. She also was not sure where the rooms were, it was good enough that they were free, so she did not expect much in that regard.

    Vera nodded to Anorona, "Rona, was it? Just put the room name under Vera. I take it the rooms are upstairs, yes?"