Touch: Tragedy of Childhood

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    An ability humans all take for granted. The soft feeling of a warm blanket. The rough feeling of scratchy sandpaper. The loving embrace of another human. These are all things most can't dream of living without. But what that ability was snatched away from you? What if the endearing touch of another human wasn't a luxury afforded to you?

    The Children

    For a group of children living in an isolated research facility, being unable to make physical contact with anyone but each other is a reality. They're inflicted with a newly discovered autoimmune disease named Touch, based on the fact that it can be transmitted simply thorough touching someone inflicted with it. All they know is their toy-filled rooms, the walls that keep separated at all times other than when it's time to eat or undergo testing, and the researchers that experiment on them in claimed hopes of finding a cure for their illness. Their ages range from six to sixteen, and there's at least one hundred of them here. Some thirst for a taste of what it's like to live a normal life, while others have already succumbed to apathy.


    Null is a suppressant drug that the children are given once or twice a day, depending on necessity. It weakens the immune system so that the rate at which Touch kills them decreases, but it also leaves them open to other illnesses that they may come in contact with. Without administration of Null, any given child would be guaranteed to die within a week. Null isn't manufactured or used outside of the facility, so there's no access to it in the outside world.

    The Researchers

    The researchers are those who continuously experiment upon their child subjects. Most of the children were given up willingly by single fathers whose wives gave birth to infants inflicted with Touch. Such a birth always resulted in the mother dying, due to the lack of a cure. Researchers are tested before beginning work at the facility, to determine how long they'd live if they were to contract Touch. Because of their stronger immune systems, most of them wouldn't survive more than a week or so max, even with applications of Null. For safety reasons, they always work in full body suits that leave no part of the body to the open. Some of them treat the kids with kindness, and sympathize with them, while others simply view them as tools for finding a solution to a much greater problem.


    You are but one of a group of seven children that are all connected to each other in some way, be it by blood, friendship, or rivalry. Whether you hate your situation or have grown accustomed to it, what you decide to do is up to you. Will you try to escape from this monotonous life, or will you seek out your own life? The choice is yours.

    [Subject to Further Editing]
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  2. The Rules
    1. As always, be sure to follow all Iwaku policies and guidelines.
    2. No powerplaying, godmodding, all that silly jazz that makes roleplaying unbearable.
    3. Posting expectation is loosely at least once every two days. After the initial escape scene, the order of replies will be based on who is interacting with who, so that Nick and Sally don't have to stop talking because Bob didn't mention how much firewood he picked up while he's out and about. If you won't be able to reply within that time limit at any time, I'll automate your character for the time being. If I don't receive a heads up and a week goes by without a reply, I'll automate your character towards a death scene.
    4. Needless to say, IC drama is IC drama. OOC drama can be taken to PM. If you feel it'll disrupt the roleplay, let me know.
    5. Only one character per person. This got more interest than I anticipated, and I only planned on having up to seven kids.
    6. Remember that character death is a very real possibility here. You'll be playing as kids who have never experienced the outside world before, and, after the escape part in the beginning, a vast majority of the roleplay will involve navigating through the forest surrounding the facility.
    7. As always, have fun!

    [Subject to Editing]
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  3. General Setting

    The beginning part of this roleplay will take place in the facility mentioned above. The security is pretty tight on the inside, but not so much that escape is impossible with the help of a researcher or two. The facility itself is circular in shape, and is about the size of a baseball stadium with a closed dome. The outer walls are lined with rooms for the children, while the inside is filled with rooms for experimentation. There are also rooms where the children are taught, as well as for them to eat and interact with each other. A lot of the children have befriended each other during these times of interaction.

    Outside of the facility is open field for about half a mile, with trees here and there. On the edge of the open field is a forest that surrounds the facility and is a number of miles thick. Within the forest is several log cabins that some of the researchers live in. The time period the roleplay is set in is mid-October. The air is getting colder, and snow is likely as time passes on.

    [Subject to Editing]
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  5. Character Sheet

    Name: (Last name is optional)
    Age: (Between 6 and 16)
    Sex: (Self explanatory)
    ID #: (this number represents when your character was brought in, i.e. the first would be 001; quite a bit of time has passed though, so try to pick something above 100 but below 200; older characters will have lower ID #s)
    Life Expectancy: (in weeks; implying use of Null; from RP start, not date of birth)
    Other Conditions: (Let me know if your character has any other ailments; try to avoid anything too serious, as Touch is already taxing enough)
    Appearance: (Description or anime representation, but nothing too flashy; remember the setting; all children wear a white, short-sleeved smock like outfit, so don't worry about clothing)
    Family: (Mention if any relatives are also in the facility, either as researchers or children; you can be related to another person's character if they agree to it)
    Feelings about Situation: (Just describe their feelings about the facility and their condition here, in paragraph form)
    Short Bio: (Use this space to tell us a little more about your character's personality, their quirks, etc; one paragraph is fine)
    Character Theme: (This is optional, but it can be used to represent your character)
    Other: (If there's anything else you feel the need to add, feel free to do so here)
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  6. [ FINISHED ]

    SUBJECT #138: KOU
    Age: 16   Sex: Male   Date of Birth: November 10   Life Expectancy: 24 weeks

    » Clinical depression
    » Anxiety disorder

    No other known ailments.

    Kou stands at 5’6” and has a rather slim build borne out of anxiety and stubborn resistance to food. He is a sickly boy, with skin as pale as snow from lack of exposure to the sun. Because he cannot bring himself to care about most things, least of all appearances, Kou’s jet-black hair is often unkempt and his nails grow long enough for grime to accumulate underneath. There are bags below his eyes, as he is no stranger to nightmares and, as a consequence, can have just four hours of sleep at most before it is violently disrupted by disturbing thoughts and images. His eyes are a dark brown, so dark they are almost black, and are the only proof--aside from his beating heart--that he is still alive.

    » Sister (Subject, deceased)
    As a result of all the traumatic experiences he has gone through, Kou hardly remembers his past, much less the people he once knew. Only snippets of mostly trivial memories and information remain. Vaguely, he remembers losing something--or someone--dear to him. He can still feel the gnawing hole that is loss and desperation. Sometimes, he can see the vague outline of a girl, but no face. There’s just her voice and a despairing emotion. These, of course, are memories about his little sister, though he has no recollection of this fact nor does he remember her name.

    It is with a jaded attitude that Kou goes about his day-to-day life in the institution. That is, if an existence behind its walls would even be considered a life. Nothing interests Kou, nothing stirs in him a will to live. For days on end, he feels only an all-consuming abyss deep within… until another one of his episodes begin, and he winds up in a corner, crying and breaking things like it’s the end of the world. Eight years cooped up inside a research facility has done this to him. Eight years, he has lived here with no one for company except other Kou’s--the same, lifeless souls--only, with different faces. His life has been an endless cycle of experiments, fluorescent lights, and more experiments. Warmth and happiness have been reduced to vague memories, buried deep within the recesses of his mind. After all the drugs that have been forced into his system, after all the experiments he has been made to go through, it is a wonder how he has survived until now. But the end is near. He can feel it in his fingertips: he can feel his life slipping away, and he is happy to welcome it. Over the course of the years he has spent holed up inside the facility, Kou has begun to feel stretched--like a rubber band in danger of snapping. As such, death, perhaps, will be a relief to him.

    However, it is not as if Kou has always been this desensitised and aloof. Years ago, he despised the facility with every fibre of his being. Where there is now nothingness, there was once hatred and sorrow. He took out all his fears, anger, and inhibitions on the researchers. He was notorious for his rebellious nature. In fact, once, he had almost managed to escape--almost--until security brought him back and knocked him out with drugs. It wasn’t until the death of his sister that his hatred dissipated. In its place, inevitably, a huge hole grew, for he had lost all hope of ever escaping the facility and living a normal life.

    In the beginning, Kou and his sister led a normal life. They lived with their parents, had a proper home--everything was good. The future was in their hands. The future was bright. Nobody would have ever guessed that tragedy would soon befall their family. But such is the nature of tragedy: it happens when you least expect it. It crushes all your hopes, dreams, ambitions, dangling the whole universe and all of its wonders right in front of you only to yank it out of your reach. Kou’s sister, at just six years of age, was infected by the disease and doomed to spend the rest of her life quarantined. Her tragic fate, from then on, was already written on stone, but Kou was too blind to acknowledge the truth.

    Shortly after, Kou himself was infected, and by none other than his sister. It was all intentional, although not a lot of forethought was put into the plan, with Kou only being eight years old at the time. However, he had an unconditional love for his sister and was willing to be a martyr to pain and suffering, despite his limited understanding of such, if only to accompany his sister through her own trials. Their parents, broken-hearted, were never heard from again.

    Years passed and, as Kou’s hatred for the institution grew, his relationship with his sister became unstable and tumultuous. The two were constantly fighting, which often ended up with his sister in tears, for Kou had grown to despise his situation. Ultimately, his heart was filled with regret for ever deciding to sacrifice a life of normalcy. More than anything, Kou found that he hated being imprisoned, pitied, and treated like a fragile thing. He was fed up with it all. And if they won’t let him out, he was going to make them. His old, rebellious ways is proof of his stubbornness and unwavering determination, which arises once he is given enough incentive to care. But all that was momentarily shattered when his sister passed away.

    Kou’s sister had just turned twelve when her body gave way. It was a restless evening, with many researchers rushing to the scene and trying to resuscitate her unconscious body, but failing despite numerous attempts. All the while, Kou looked on with shock written all over his face. He could not believe it when they said his sister had died. He could not accept it. And in the months that ensued, the hatred inside of him seeped out, replaced by sorrow, and then… nothing. He became reclusive and hostile. He has spent so many years avoiding people and just writhing underneath the burden of his sister’s death that he forgot how to sympathize and be decent. And now, with only 24 weeks left for him to live, will he find meaning to life once again? Or will he continue his slow spiral down to an early grave?

    » Kou scratches the nub of his nose when embarrassed or ashamed.
    » His eyes tear up easily.


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  7. @FieryCold, it would seem you were almost /too/ good with it, haha. I don't see any problems with it. Just remember that people outside being infected is rare since the quarantine started. Other than that, it's perfect. I look forward to RPing with you.~
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  8. @FieryCold, I actually just remembered that, because he came in at 8 instead of when he was born, his ID # would be higher. I think something in the 130s or 120s would work fine.~
  9. I try ;u;
    And thanks, looking forward to rping with you too!

    Alright! Edited. ^^
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  10. Looks good! Thanks!
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  11. Name: Isabella
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    ID#: 133
    Life Expectancy: 11 more weeks, in the facility with treatment.
    Birthday: November 11th
    Other Conditions: asthma
    Appearance: a rather tall slim figured girl, long black hair and emerald green eyes stand out against her pale white skin.
    Family: She was orphaned by the death of her parents shortly after the birth of her younger sister, who was infected by touch. She was taken to the facility along with her sister, her sister died shortly after reaching the facility.
    Feelings about Situation: she only wants to help find a cure, to save lives and prevent future deaths, she hates being trapped but doesn't think she deserves any better, seeing the children that have been here their whole lives and all the new arrivals that have trickled in over the years only strengthens her resolve to find a cure.
    Short Bio: She battles with anxiety and is rather insecure about herself, she is shy and often strays away from interacting with anyone.
    Character Theme
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  12. @Aois asked me to link my resource on how to make fancier character sheets, so here it is. ^^ It's not much, but I hope it helps those who are interested!
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  13. @FieryCold, can you increase your ID# by 10? I have to account for younger characters that came in at birth as opposed to a later age.
  14. Done. ^^
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  15. Div boxes are way cool, but I keep looking at the code and blanching. xD I think I'll stay simple for now, especially given my limited amount of time on the computer each day.
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  16. No need to do anything fancy. The only requirement for your character sheet format is that it contains the required information and is legible.~
  17. [​IMG]

    Name: Aiden

    Age: 10 (November 13)

    Sex: Male

    ID #: 126

    Life Expectancy: 1 week

    Other Conditions: weak eyesight (near sighted), possible mental disorder

    Appearance: tall for his age despite Touch, very pale, has shaggy hair and round blue-grey eyes, freckly nose and cheeks

    Family: single father outside the facility, possibly doing his own research but nothing too official

    Feelings about Situation: Aware that the scientists are working toward a cure, Aiden has generally positive feelings about the facility and his life in it. He trusts the researchers very much and cares little about the outside world if not for the melancholy state of some of his friends. He doesn't have a personal reason to leave the facility, but his undying loyalty to his friends makes him eager to assist them in any way.

    Short Bio: Raised in the facility since birth, Aiden sees the researchers as surrogate parents and the other subjects as a large group of siblings. He is polite and loyal to everyone and is optimistic that if they all work together, a cure can be found. He's just a little afraid of that because it might mean everyone will part ways. He seems to be a sweet mannered and energetic kid, but he's terrified of being alone, often crying and screaming himself to sleep if he has to be. Sometimes he also hurts himself. The scientists are looking into the possibility that Aiden has a mental disorder and he became one of the subjects that are being examined to understand the cognitive and psychological effects of Touch. Aside from keeping him alive, Null also keeps him positive and happy.

    Character Theme: Sky of Fantasy by K-run

    Other: It seems he is quite intelligent for his age, too. His memory is very good, he can remember everyone's birthdates. He can be a little precocious.
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  18. Character Sheet

    Specimen ID # 120


    November 11


    Life Expectancy:
    4 WEEKS

    Other Conditions:
    SENSITIVE SKIN that needs SPECIAL SOAP to prevent rashes

    A brunette with wavy locks that stands at 150CM and weighs 30KGSwith hazel eyes with pale white skin.

    Her father had basically sold her to the scientists as her mother had died giving birth to her in heartbreak. She may have heard that he remarried and had more children, but she never heard from him and he never became a part of her life.

    Feelings about Situation:
    AMENA herself is content to live out the rest of her life in the labs. Though most of the scientists aren't nice, one of them had been kind to her every time he came. He was a stable representation of a father figure to her that told her what it was like outside. When AMENA met Aiden, whose
    TOUCH progression was worse than hers, she felt a sense of responsibility of bringing her somewhat younger sibling to see the outside world before her and his time ran out. She's not entirely sure what to after that. To come back or simply wait out their time outside, all she knows is their time is running out and she wants him to see the sky and moon and stars that the fatherly scientist had mentioned.

    Short Bio:
    AMENA is a mild tempered girl that takes things a little too seriously at times. She has a gentle and pleasing personality that along side her soft spoken voice equates as someone one couldn't help but adore. She was the youngest that was brought in for two years before Aiden and due to their close age gap, AMENA has taken it into herself to become his elder sister in every sense of the word. There are times when she's cuddled close to Aiden that she wonders what touching feels like. She often wonders what it would be like to feel the skin, warmth and softness of Aiden's hugs. But often times, she's just worried for him.

    Character Theme:
    Against the World by Kagamine Len & Rin

    AMENA loves her tea, something as a treat to her as TOUCH progressed faster in her system.
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  19. @Mippu, @Boss Megu
    Were your characters brought in at birth or at a later age? Please specify the age if the latter. Your ID# will change accordingly.
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