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  1. The world is engulfed in crisis. Ever since the first exposure to Element Six, human beings have begun to fall victim to it and inherited unnatural and unexpected forms of abilities and powers. Element Six has been studied for a long time only to be estimated as a material that was not of the Earth they lived on. A material which resleases bursts of essence into the air around it which finds and infects any host it encounters. Scientists have discovered that it is only effective in Humans while Animal's seem totally immune to it. Though speculated as magic, many others who admire the side effects of Element Six see it as unexplained science. Regardless of their outlook of it, should anyone meet and discover someone displaying attributes of the element are feared and treated like threats. Anyone would flee at the sheer idea of a victim of Element Six being around the area. More studies on Element Six have revealed that the dispersing aura that runs through the air is not limited to a radius. By the twenty-third year that Element Six had been discovered, Approximately 10% of the entire world's population has displayed symptoms and their locations have been scattered around the planet. Infected have been categorized and titled as "Wielders", people who have gained supernatural abnormal powers through exposure to Element Six.

    An Organization humbly calling themselves precisely that, "The Organization" has been created for the purpose of preserving the health and the safety of the people. All humans who are revealed to be Wielders are hunted down by agents of the Organization and killed for the primary objective of the group "Purge the land of infection"while civilians who display no Element Six remnants are treated appropriately and are defended by the agents of the Organization. In recent years, the Organization has even resorted to capturing low level Wielders to award them freedom in exchange for their services in hunting down more higher leveled Wielders. Over the years, agents who are unchanged from Element Six have been heavily trained in military tactics as well as weapons and close combat training while also practicing the use of newly engineered tools and equipment created by the Organization that aid in facing Wielders. Present day, it has been over a hundred years since first exposure to Element Six. You as well as those around you are unexpected victims of Element Six which as now polluted the air all across Earth. How will you treat your new found powers? How will you hide it from the 24 hour patrols of Organization operatives who have put the Police, FBI, and CIA out of business? Will you face those who dare to hunt you down or will you cower within shadows with the hope of seeing tomorrow? Needless to say, regardless as to how you respond with your actions or feelings, the appearance of one highly gifted woman/little girl will certainly change your life forever. Welcome to the Sign Up/OOC thread to the newly released Group RP called "Touch" and before I explain the list of Wielders, I will provide you with a list of rules that you must apply and accept before being admitted as a member of the Touch group.


    1. All Iwaku rules apply... please follow them accordingly and responsibly.

    2. Be nice and polite to your fellow players in OOC. No discrimination of ANY kind towards ANY one. Any sign of discrimination will be immediately reported to Admin.

    3. Teenage players ARE allowed and the story does expose rather brief sexual themes but are not to be taken too far. Any acts of libertine must be done partially and then fade to black or otherwise subtly explained.

    4. Yes Character Death is a BIG thing in this rp and if you are uncareful with the acts of realistic and even fantasy physics and mechanics, then your character will be killed off. (Btw, if you do die, it's not personal, even my character can die.)

    5. No god modding or metagaming. Even if you know something that your character wouldn't, DO NOT act IC as though your character does. Your character is not invincible even if you think you've exploited their power. Do not God Mod.

    6. In your FIRST post in this thread, (It doesn't matter where so long as it's in your FIRST post) type "I have my own way of seeing" in a red text color (doesn't matter which)

    7. Character bonds are strong and highly emphasized with me. You don't have to romantically involve your character with another's but the least you can do is connect your character with others to add more depth and give them personality.

    8. Be creative and know your limitations.

    9. Posting restrictions apply to no less than two Paragraphs. A single paragraph or two sentences is not acceptable. Exceptions may vary depending on interactions or in character conversations.

    10. Have fun.

    Players approved w/ characters:
    Vuthra Moon
    Sun Moon

    Players approved:

    Players pending approval:

    Taken Wielders:
    Vuthra Moon - Lifter (All Three Stories)
    Sun Moon - Reaper (First Story), Jumper (Second and Third Story)
    Shadicmaster - Warper, Stitcher (First or Second Story), Lifter (Third Story)
    Shattered♦Secrets™ - Flamer
    Ayla - Shifter
    Vio -
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  2. Reserving! :3 As alway!

    "I have my own way of seeing"
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  3. I am reserving a spot^^.

    "I have my own way of seeing"
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  4. Welcome, both of you. If either of you have any questions about ANYTHING, don't hesitate to ask.
  5. Okay I will lol. Just waiting around to learn more, then I might have questions. Looks like it's going to be fun.
  6. I am quite certain it will be and I definitely hope that you keep your interest in it. Again I'll be distributing the Wielder list soon, bare with me.
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  7. Oh I will, it takes a lot for me to just drop from an RP. If I really like the idea I will stay around for awhile^^. Ironic that I'm about to log out, sleepy xD.
  8. Ill stick with it to the end! :3
  9. Wielder List

    Restricted: A Wielder type not allowed for Player use.

    Limited: A Wielder type that is not Own Character Accessible. A Player who wishes to play a Limited type wielder will end up playing a pre made character rather than their own. (Details about the character will be discussed further with the player who desires the Limited Wielder type.)

    There are a total of fifteen wielders, all with different abilities and powers. The Organization has categorized each wielder into one of three classifications. These three classes are Divine, Elemental, and Lesser.


    Wielders under the divine category are listed here as more powerful or more difficult to capture. There are five Divine Wielders... They are the Lifter, Jumper, Stitcher, Warper, and Watcher.


    1. Lifter (Restricted): In the entire time that Element Six has been discovered, there have only been thirteen Lifters in recorded exsistence, The last being Paul Mercer (Primary Character in one story/Supporting Character in the other). Lifters are Wielders who attained the power of telekinesis. Most Lifters obtain their power when they've already spent a majority of their life. Every single Lifter has been able to gain their power only AFTER reaching the age of fifty, not a single one becoming a Wielder before that age. With the unbelieveable gift of telekinesis, Lifters can move, levitate, vibrate, feel, lift, push, throw, etc. any type of matter in the world around them just by using pressured concentration in the nervous system of their mind. A Lifter with honed abilities can write a pen on paper without moving their hands, lift a large object into the air, push speeding bullets away from them, feel the world around them to improvise to the loss of vision, sync into the mind of another human being, and even prevent another Wielder from using their own powers. Lifters have the special gift of imprinting on another person. This other person doesn't have to be a mate but can be any type of relation. If it is an imprint of love (Friend, Family, Lover), then the Lifter will become more powerful and in more control of their power the closer they are to that person however at the price of feeling everything that other person is feeling whether it be pain, emotion, etc. If it is an imprint of hate (Enemy, Rival, Opponent), then the Lifter can become more ruthless or cruel or even more dangerous the closer they are to the person imprinted. Before and during the first stages of the Lifter's power (Levels 0, 1, and 2) a Lifter will experience an abnormal amount of bloody noses. The stronger and more control the Lifter has in their power, the less bloody noses they'll have. Bloody noses will stop after achieving Level 3 status.


    2. Jumper: Jumpers are Wielders who gain the ability of teleportation. With a simple still of the mind and hard focus, a Jumper can pop up at the local park or the town library just from siting in their room back at home. Though Jumpers had the case of a more simple ability unlike the Lifter, the range of their teleporting capability can be nearly unmatched. When a Jumper who's trained long and hard uses their power, they can travel to the other side of the world, transport an entire building, escape from a maximum state prison, beat the sh*t out of a large group single handed just by teleporting to the right spots and swinging a bat correctly, and even alter gravity when jumping. People who become Jumpers will experience side effects before and during the first three levels of their Wielder power (0,1,2) resulting in moderate to severe studdering and cases of uncontrolled ADHD. When in possession of Jumper ability, they will also sometimes Jump Studder which is the act of accidentally jumping when they didn't intend to or they studder when jumping and end up at the wrong location they were attempting to jump to.


    3. Stitcher: Wielders who gained the gift of life within the palms of their hands. In a nutshell, Stitchers are the miracle workers while the doctors remain as doctors. They can stop a wound from bleeding as well as practically heal a wound instantly. Mostly Stitchers have a gift to just touching a wound and it just magically yet also scientifically heal back up. The healing elements within a Stitcher can even kill and replace skins cells or dead tissue, and even cure sickness or cancer. However the power of a stitcher is not just useful in goodness. They can also do terrifying deeds that would be better preferred not to mention. With a single touch from a well practiced Stitcher, they can increase the flow of blood to produce more blood to head through the body to increase speed of that body's healing factor, reverse the flow of blood to instantly cause the body to collapse and die, numb every single nerve in the body to either prevent them from experiencing pain and agony or to force them into a coma, alter the functionality of the bodies most imortant organs, and even just simply cause the brain to stop working. The symptom of Stitchers before and during levels 0, 1, and 2, they experience an unnatural curse with having a weak immune system (Easier to become ill) as well as have a slow healing factor (Unable to provide self healing until level 3)


    4. Warper: Wielders who have gain the abnormal ability to shape reality. Chaos is a rather unpleasant element and the mind is at times a very fragile thing. Warpers are skilled in the art of illusion. To erase the logic in the real world and shape it in their own way. However, the truth lies within this false reality that it is all illusion and nothing more. Reality hasn't changed though it appears it has. A honed Warper can creep into the mind of any person they meet eyes with, shape reality through illusions to frighten their prey or foe, change their mental state, alter the forms of reality, create worm holes that act as secretive meeting grounds for those who desire unwanted spies, and even cause someone to go insane or torture them. A Warper before and during Levels 0-2 in attaining their power experience a dark and frightening sense of depression and dark thinking. Schizophrenia has also played a role in shaping the attitude and actions of many Warpers.


    5. Watcher (Limited): Watchers are wielders who have inherited the miracle that puts Gypsy Fortune Tellers to shame. Wielders who can see the future may not possess much of a combat expertise, but using their keen eye for the future can cause them to perhaps never be seen, never get caught, never get hit, etc. Watchers are a special type of Wielder as they can see countless endings and sometimes can decipher which one will actually happen. For an average Watcher with skilled practice, they can look and see what will happen before it does, potentially stop a world wide catastrophe, dodge punches and even bullets, know when someone is going to die, and even predict to someone about close to happening things in order to frighten them and mess with their head. The side effect for wielders before and furing levels 0 to 2, Watchers fall victim to almost daily doses of deja vu (And they aren't just brief visions but the ones that make you freak out) as well as paranoia.

    Note: This is only the list of Divine Wielders. Don't reserve for a type just yet until I post the other two category lists so that you've had the chance to look over each one before coming to your final conclusion as to which Wielder you'd like to be. The next listing will be posted some time later today. Thank you for your patience.
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  10. I am happy to see that this rp started up after all and will get to work on the banner as soon as I can, though I have my own way of seeing things. If I am accepted into the fold, I believe my character is already fixed, though I would like to know how many playable characters are allotted per person.
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  11. -pouts- I call jumper...
  12. Welcome aboard Shadicmaster. To answer your question, I don't mind players taking part in multiple roles as it would take a lot less heat off of me for having to manage over a massive character roster but I would encourage and like that the players hold a Primary Character while treating the other characters as Minor/Supportive characters. Your primary character is the one who is the wielder you REALLY REALLY want. As for the other supportive characters, they can vary greatly. Also a note to you Shadicmaster, I regret to tell you that there will be a voting poll that will come up soon that will permit people to vote on a specific story. There are three stories to vote on. The first is about Paul Mercer while the second and third are about Corey Mercer (Paul's son). The "Fixed" character that you have asked me about and WAS approved by me is only realistically exsistant in the third story. If that story is not chosen, then I fear that you may not be playing as the character you'd like. On the other hand, if all goes well, we can actually play all three stories beginning with Paul then to young Corey and finally adult Corey. If that occurs then you are guarenteed to play your desired character so long as you wait through the first two stories. If that is a satisfying answer then I'm happy to answer any more questions you have.

    Btw... Sun Moon, it is fair for you to reserve now. Jumper is reserved.
  13. Woot woot! :3
  14. Such conditions are acceptable. Supposing that I do not have the opportunity to play my preset, will it be plausible to play twins who have two different abilities? Each of them only have one ability, I mean, but the ability is different. I would like one to be a warper and the other to be a stitcher
  15. Certainly a love/gate good/evil style eh? Classy but over all original. I like it, give me some time though, I'm working on the Elemental list and as soon as I can afterward, the Lesser list.
  16. Oh, right, I forgot that you only listed the really high class/rarity ones so far. Eh, I'll wait to see if there is something else that catches my eye
  17. lol yeah. Sorry about that. I'm working on it now. Be patient please.
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  18. Elemental

    Wielders of the elemental category are titled "Elemental" simply because of their more "element" affiliated power. Using that oriented ability, they can do some damage, help in many ways, or just alter the world around them with that attribute. The Attributes are Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, and Earth. The Flamer is the Wielder of Fire, Cooler is the Wilder of Water and Ice, Pusher is the Wielder of Wind, Shocker is the Wielder of Thunder, Lightning and Electricity, and the Shaker is the Wielder of Earth.


    Flamer: Wielders of the flame are people who possess the art of throwing a blaze of heat around them. Other than being short tempered and overly aggressive, Flamers happen to be very dangerous with the ability to let even the smallest pinch of fire to emerge from their hand. Concentrating heat through their body and then allowing it to come out of their pores like sweat, they can use it effectively. A well practiced Flamer can perform simple bursts of a flame for lighting, can burn or melt a wide variety of metals, call a wall of raging fire or suffocate others in an overheated room. The side effect of a Flamer before and during levels 0-2 result in heavy sweating, running fevers, feeling hot in cold locations, as well as heat exhaustion or stroke.


    Cooler: Practically the opposite of the Flamer, Coolers house the power of water and ice. Cold temperatures are their expertise while the flamer is of course the more hotter side of things just like their sometimes harsh and cold personalities. Not needing an external element to use their power as their body consists of mostly water, a Cooler can deploy water from their body and channel the temperature into it or the air around them. A well trained Cooler can channel a wave of water so high on a wall that it's like a Tsunami, create powerful and strong sharp ice shards that can fly and cut almost anything, freeze people internally or eternally in a room or atmosphere, cause it to briefly rain, or even extinguish fires. Symptoms of a Cooler before and during the stages of levels 0-2 are runny noses, anemia, rapid body shivering, or hypothermia.


    Pusher: Masters of the wind element, Wielders who become Pushers inherit sort of a more lower level of the Lifter only they don't gain the abilities from their mind but their body as well as all movements are caused by the wind external from them instead. Pushers though they aren't Lifters can be efficient with the wind ability and find themselves to be more of a calm and easygoing lot. A pusher of high control can use the power of air to strongly push large objects forward or upward, burst a swireling vortex that eats up anything in it's wake like a tornado, throw living beings a certain distance, float in the air briefly though flight is not possible, and even absorb the air around them to cause oxygen to be only faint in the room providing only minumal amounts of air to the people around the Pusher. A Pusher before and during levels 0 to 2 will experience shortage of breath, vertigo, whiplash, and sensitivity to change in atmosphere.


    Shaker: Wielders of Earth, Shakers have the ability to manipulate rock and stone. Whether it be to use rocks around them as a weapon or shield or to make themselves a source for an earthquake tumor, they can use their power well. Though their nature is a form of kindness or gentleship, Shakers can become just as aggressive as Flamers or just as cruel and cold as Coolers. A tuned Shaker can feel the ground beneath them to feel for a footstep a distance away in the hopes of hunting a certain target, bend rock formations to use against enemies, throw stones blunt or sharp, cause earthquakes, or even level an entire building to rubble. Shakers levels 0, 1, and 2 endure a high case of being allergic to several types of plants or earthy things. Sometimes even a cloud of dust will cause the worst coughs and sneezes from a Shaker. They can also suffer motion sickness.


    Shocker: Wielders of Lightning can heat up the palms of their hands to generate and then disperse blasts of electricity. The source of the lightning being the plasma from their blood which flows through out their entire body. Shockers are walking generators being able to electrocute a person by simply touching them, power up an electronic device with a touch without needing batteries or a generator, cause a thunderstorm, purge all electrical appliances, fry a human body, and even use their hands like a defibrillator. Levels 0-2 shockers experience unexpected shocks, mild seizures, as well as accidentally short circuiting devices around them and falling victim to turrets.

    Note: Another list down and the Lesser list will be coming soon.
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  19. also, another question. is it possible to have more than one power? Even on a minor scale such as having more than one power from one of the elemental or lesser categories? (lol, i might as well ask since someone is bound to ask at some point anyway.)
  20. Nope I can tell you that two ability weirder don't exist
    Execpt Miranda and their is a reason for her and is the major key part character in story options 1 & 2