Torn between two Worlds

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  1. Name: Ailina Crawford.
    Age: Early twenties.
    Height: 175 cm.
    Weight: 65 kg.
    Occupation: Adventurer.
    Appearance: Ailina's young facial features show that she is in her early twenties and that she has spent most of her time out-doors. Her skin is rather tanned and her hair has an auburn color, hanging down so it reaches just to her shoulders.
    She wears a soft purple cloth attire with plate gauntlets that reaches up to her elbows and knee-high plate boots made of black steel. She carries a bow on her back along with a quiver and she is always fully stocked on arrows.
    She carries herself with a straight and proud posture, seldom letting anything which troubles her be shown on her demeanor.
    On her left cheek is a scar that runs from her earlobe and almost all the way to the corner of her mouth, it looks aged so it must have been something she received as a young child.

    "War... A word known by well by everyone living in our world, Estheria. The war between the humans and elves has been going on for almost three hundred years. That's the story I've been told all my life, yet I've never quite understood why the war had started and I going that anyone else did either. No one has seen an elf for over fifty years now and no one is certain if it's because they have moved on to another place or if it is because they simply don't wish to be found, but I'm determined to find out the truth about it all."

    Ailina sighed as she walked down the road while leading her horse by the reins. She had purchased it in the previous village she had visited in hope to gain any information about elves. But whenever she asked someone about the forgotten kin, she was either told to leave or merely got no response at all. She was tired from her travels as she had been on the road for several years now and she hadn't gotten a proper night's rest for over a month. She looked towards the woods for a moment and a thoughtful frown formed on her face. She mounted her horse and then steered it in the direction of the forest as it trotted gently before it began to gallop and Ailina narrowed her eyes as she was trying to see if she could discover something. "I hope that I will be able to find out something soon..." She thought to herself.
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  2. Name: Valen Safavious
    Age: Around 130 still very young for an elf
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 186 Ibs. (Sorry I don't know Kg should get around to learning it sometime)
    Occupation: Hunter
    Appearance: Tall and thin with a face that could 'charm' any woman. His long black hair was down to his shoulders with a pair of silver eyes. His lips small but noticeable. He usually wore his hunters clothes about the village which consisted of leather armor and a quiver on his back alongside his composite hunter's bow. He walks like a unconquered elf who's passionate heart is free. Valen didn't have any noticable scars at first but if you could get his shirt his body was riddled with scars.
    "Stay in the village Valen and never leave. Do you understand me? Good outside of that forest are dangers that you can not understand. Men of ignorance and barbaric tendencies lay out their you need to stay and protect your family." Those were the dying words of his father and they never made much sense to him. If humans were as bad as the rumors and legends said why had he never seen one?. Although he had been raised in hateful ignorance he did not feel the same. He longed to see the world beyond the trees in the plains that were rumored of by traveling elves. He was adventurous but he also was very calm and collected. He dared not disobey orders and yet today was a different day. With his mother having a new lover, Sebel, a warrior and his sister in love with the village's greatest hunter, Ablus. Valen decided it was time he left. With about a month's worth in rations and his hunting equipment which included small traps and his bow along with 10 arrows he left not telling the rest of them. He knew that upon announcing the idea his family would put him down and somehow convince him to stay. He set out on the road walking along the path hoping to find civilization along the road.
  3. Ailina pulled gently on the reins to her horse and it slowed down to a gentle trot as it was heading towards the forest and Ailina looked around while she was riding.
  4. Valen was approaching the edge of the forest when he saw it. A horse and on top of the horse was someone it was possible that it could be a elf, or a human he was unsure and hid in a nearby tree and watched closely looking for the ears. He saw no pointed ears and assumed human. He notched an arrow and prepared for a shot but something inside him disagreed and released slowly letting the arrow go and then got onto the ground. He wasn't sure what he was doing or what would happen but he approached the person. carefully.
    "Hello?" He said with a gently voice trying not to seem threatening
  5. Ailina blinked in surprise as she was approached and she pulled her horse to a halt and a disagreeing neigh was heard from the horse before it let out a snort. "Hello." She answered back while she smiled gently. She eyed the man up and down for a moment, studying his facial features and her eyes then widened slightly and her lips parted as she was now speechless.
  6. "You're human correct?" He was caught off guard by the horse but it was fine many eleven travelers rode horses. He didn't want to seem hostile so he holstered the bow. He smiled but continued to watch her closely for any sudden movements that might be threatening he didn't trust her at all
  7. "I-I am, yeah." She said as she looked at the elf, she wasn't quite sure of how to react! She had heard so many stories and now an elf was standing right in front of her. She stepped down from the saddle and held the reins to her horse in her right hand. "You're... Really an elf?"
  8. "If you're really an human, yes" He smiled and brushed hair behind his ear revealing it a little more. This was strange. He had set off to find humans and other types of civilization but he didn't realize that all it took was a few minutes of his time.
  9. Ailina looked at him and she smiled softly as she saw his ear more properly. "Amazing..." She said as she looked at him. She flinched slightly as her horse face out a dying neigh when an arrow dug through its neck and the horse fell to the ground. She turned around and saw a few mercenaries that were coming their way! "Have they found me already?!" She thought to herself while she drew her bow.
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  10. "Found you?" Great out of all the humans he could have met he had to meet a wanted person. He pulled his bow and notched an arrow preparing for an attack from the mercenaries. Hired killers no better than the blood lusting orcs to the south who preyed on the weak and ravaged towns left defenseless. He hadn't traveled outside the safety of the village and he was already in danger. Perhaps his father was right humans were reckless and dangerous the first one he had to meet was wanted but for what? He asked himself.
  11. She looked at the elf before she looked forward as she notched an arrow on her bow. "If I were you, I would get our of here." She said and she frowned deeply. In one of the cities she had been, she had been told that it was forbidden to ask about the Great War between the humans and elves, yet despite the warning she had still searched for information and was now being hunted for it. She pulled back the string on her bow and she then shut one eye as she took aim before she fires the arrow. It soared swiftly through the air and buried itself in the right shoulder of one of the mercenaries, yet he kept running. Ailina's clothes were of fine quality so the quickest assumption to why she was hunted was most likely because she was a runaway noble.
  12. "I don't think so." He smirked, he wanted to listen and run he had no place mixing himself in the affairs of this young woman. He shot his arrow and flew meeting its target the neck of one of the mercenaries. He didn't know what drove him to defend the human but it was something unordinary as if it just felt right. He didn't know why the mercenaries wanted her dead perhaps she killed someone but it mattered not to him for he soon notched a second arrow and sent it into the windpipe of another man.
  13. Ailina looked towards the elf and she raised an eyebrow as he stayed to help her but she soon focused on the mercenaries and one by one, they were steadily brought down. After they were all on the ground, she turned towards the elf while she put her bow on her back again.
    "Why didn't you run like I told you to?" She asked as she looked at him.
  14. "Might say I'm not good at taking orders." He bowed slightly with a slick smile which faded. "Honestly I have no idea." In all truth he didn't. He should've and could've ran but he didn't and he didn't fully understand why. Something brought him and her together and wanted it to stay that way. If he even remotely believed in fate it was this.
  15. She smirked slightly and then let out a brief chuckle at his first words. She placed her right hand on her hip and she studied the elf before she looked around at the corpses. "We should probably move before someone finds them." She said and then waved towards the elf as she started to walk. "Thanks for the help and I hope I'll see you around." She said and he then began to walk along the road, she didn't stay to chat because she was worried that more might come after her and she didn't want to involve an innocent person. She looked up at the sky as she was lost in thoughts.
  16. He nodded slightly before going to retrieve his arrows. Then he looked at her as she spoke. See him around? His first contact with a human and she was already leaving? He began to wonder if all humans acted like that.
    "So soon? We've just met? I'm coming with you no matter what milady." He began to follow her hoping that would led to not only answer the questions raised in his youth but the adventure his body was aching to find.
  17. She came to a halt and blinked as she turned around and looked at the elf. "It's not safe with me, people are after me, -dangerous- people." She said as she looked at him and then down at the ground while a small sigh escaped her lips. "It's better if you'd just forget that we ever met, you shouldn't get into trouble because of me."
  18. "You're missing the point. I left my home village for danger. To met new people, see new things, expand my knowledge of our world. Milady there is nothing you can do to discourage me. If I simply walked away from danger then I would be a frail elf made of nothing but skin. Every hunt I've gone on has had its dangers. Bears, wolves, and other hostile creatures lurk the woods. If you are going through that forest take me because I know those woods and can help you." He was serious as he looked at her. He didn't know why he had to follow her he simply felt compelled to as if he was destined to follow.
  19. "I'm being hunted because I asked some questions about the Great War between our people and now the guards want me dead." She said as she looked at him to see if he was truly being serious and she looked him straight in the eyes.
  20. "They hunt you over simple questions?" He was confused by her response. Why would someone hunt you down over simple questions? It made no sense but a lot didn't make sense to him right now; like why he was still following her after being told to leave, and that didn't include the mercenaries after her.
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