To Hate A Dragon



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I remember now. As I was free-falling through the air at a speed of 13 ft per second, it finally clicked. It took me so long to realize it, I almost laughed: I was terrified of heights.
That didn't matter anymore now. I was about to die. No, wait. Scratch that. I wasn't JUST about to die; I was about to be destroyed by much more than the ground that zoomed towards me. It was too late to scream, but I attempted to do it anyway.

"AIIIIEEE!" I screamed. I was actually proud of myself. That was a perfect scream. Absolutely flawless. What could I say? I was about to be destroyed, so I might as well enjoy the few joys in the tiny seconds of life I had left: by screaming at the top of my lungs. My peach hair whipped wildly across my reddened face as I plummeted towards Earth. "Wait...This can't be happening to me..."I thought. I was only an 18 year old girl, and I was very good at being one! "I didn't ask for this!" I thought, still screaming in reality. Who was I was no use.

That is...until I gazed into the sky above me and saw him.

A large grey-ish mound flew towards me. I scowled. I wouldn't have been in that situation if it wasn't for it. The mound started to gather in speed and I could make it's details. It was royal blue, with 2 giant mustache-like forms protruding from its back. My eyes shut tight. That really wasn't the last thing I wanted to see before I went. A loud growl suddenly broke across the luminous sky and I opened my eyes again to see....a dragon.

The dragon, long, blue and angry, stared at me with its large green eyes. It's teeth were bared as it whipped its tail back and forth like a windshield wiper in the middle of a storm. Surrounding it were dragons just like it, all plummeting towards it. It swiveled its face toward me and blinked.

I continued to fall through countless clouds, but all the while, I returned the stare. Then, I did something I have wanted to do since I first encountered the beast.

I flicked him off.

The beast cracked another ear-shattering roar, and soared towards me. It's wings were bent, giving it an immense amount of speed. I could make out the shape of it's mouth. What I saw almost made me puke. The stupid dragon was smiling!

Half of me wanted to increase the rate of my falling, but I just closed my eyes instead. "I...seriously hate that thing." I thought. As soon as the thought escaped my mind, I felt a fierce lurch as my body was snatched by its claws like a rag doll. My head whipped back sending a shivering pain through my neck. The air around me became stuffy, my eyes watering from the air pressure.

With a giant flap of it's wings, the dragon took off towards the end of my town. The town I was only recently familiar with. I've only lived in Larksdale for 14 months, but something happened that I didn't expect. I started to get attached. To the sights, sounds, and the people. But there was something in particular...I thought about about it as my peach hair slapped my cheek. There was only one reason why I didn't pack my bags and leave while I could.

And that thing was kidnapping me 15,496 feet above ground.

It felt as if we were flying for weeks. My eyes limped heavily. My ribs ached in it's massive claws that grasped me tightly.

"Where are we going?"I spoke. expected, it didn't reply. I already knew that was the outcome, but it didn't stop my tirade.

"Look, we've been flying forever! Do you know what today is? Of course you don't! Dragons don't know the days of the week. Well, seeing as though you didn't realize, today is Thursday. You know what happens tomorrow? We humans go to a little thing called SCHOOL." The dragon blinked a large jade eye, not keeping its focus disarrayed from everything in front of him. I snorted and continued as if it yelled in return.

"Do you know what time I have to be up? 7:15 am, which is ENTIRELY to early for me. And I just BET you don't know what time it is. Wanna know the shocker? NEITHER DO I! MAYBE,if you take me down, I can get to a clock and maybe a bed and go to school! Because education is important!" I yelled. Night began to fall, the air becoming cooler the higher we soared. I shivered and tried to rub my arms, but that was a mistake. The minute I raised my arm, the dragon took a nose dive towards the ground.

"AHHHH! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? ARE YOU MURDERING M--"I shrieked, but air began to choke my lungs, all the while, the dragon blinking slowly.

I wasn't so afraid to die know...while I was falling through the air? But this time was different. THIS time...I was being murdered.

I shut my eyes tightly, afraid to see the ground loom closer towards me. My hair whipped wildly, stinging my cheeks and neck. Was it my fault? Should I apologize to it? My eyes watered as I realized that this was really it. I was gone for good. And the last thing I was going to see...was a giant green eye.

Or at least...that's what I thought.

A second later (and not a millisecond sooner), the beast's wings sprouted to their full length, stopping our decent. It's large claws scrapped viciously across the surface of the rooftop beneath us. Suddenly, it's menacing claws released me and I fell to the ground with a loud thud! A sharp pain shot through my shoulder as I doubled over in pain. I whimpered, but not too much. I didn't want it to see me cry. Not now. Not ever.

Gathering myself, I wrapped my arms around my legs. I was freezing. I ran my fingers through my hair, shot the dragon a glare, and walked towards the end of the rooftop. It was a beautiful view of Larksdale up there. I could make out the park and the movies that were centered in the middle of the town. If my eyes were even sharper, I could have probably made out the outline of my house.Without warning, a bright green flash interrupted my thoughts. I swiveled around to see that the dragon was gone...but it was replaced by a boy.

I wasn't surprised. Okay, maybe a little, but I knew it would happen eventually. In front of me stood a boy, exactly my age and few inches taller than me. He had a blanket of black hair that ended below his chin, his bangs dangling helplessly on his forehead. He wore a normal teenage t-shirt, with an abstract design in black covering it, and a pair of blue jeans. The most unique thing about him however, was his eyes.

I turned away from him in disgust. "This guy has the nerve..." I thought. I peeked back at him to see large pools of green staring back at me.

I flinched. Yes. Really.

"What?" he said in an abrupt soft tone.

"Nothing!" I shouted in return, and faced the view of Larksdale once more.

"You see that over there?" he said, pointing towards the east. I followed his arm to see a large clock.

"Yeah? And?" He brushed his bangs away from his eye.

"It's a clock. And it says 8:24. The normal human needs at least 9 hours of sleep every night. You wake up at 7:15. Which means you have more than enough time to return to your home." he said.

I glared at him. This guy was something else. He's cocky. He's arrogant.

And, not to mention, from time to time....he's a giant blue dragon.

Hello! My name is Iliana and I m looking for a character to play the role of Kimimako.

NAME: Kimimako Natsuri (or Mako for short)
AGE: 19
PERSONALITY: Quiet and laid back, even in the face of danger.
DESCRIPTION: Kimimako is a tall boy with black hair that ends at mid-neck. He has deep green eyes that grow darker if he is angered. And also, he's a giant blue dragon. He is on a mission to protect "something" that is being tracked. He left a legaue of people known as The Order due to their tyranous ways, and he recently found out that they have found their new source of power. The Order is also made up of a Squad called Klaiz, which is made up soely of dragons. When Kimimako is confroted with the fact that Alonah is the person being tracked, he is determined to protect her.

The story is Fantasy, Romance, Adventure.

If you're interested respond with the continuation of the story!

See ya, Mako. ;)
"Well?" Mako said softly, "Aren't you going to thank me for getting you home in time?"

He made his way over to the edge of the building and sat down, one leg dangling off the side and the other bent with his knee sticking up in the air. He wrapped his arms around his leg and rested his chin on his knee.

"It's a nice view, don't you think? I do prefer it a bit higher up though. It seems so small when you're flying so high.."

He brushed his hair out of his brightly colored green eyes, which seemed to sparkle as he gazed upon the town.
I guess i should change from first-person to Third-person! -_- I'm so dense...

She glared at him. And not that of kind of glare people do when their annoyed but still up for a conversation. She sent him the fiery, death-wish glare. The kind that felt like their eyes were melting the very body part that they gazed apon.

That glare.

"You kidnapped me." she said slowly. "You kidnapped me, nearly broke my ribs, and ALMOST got me killed by a group of dragons. I'm stuck on top of a building, freezing, and just realizing that this rando-street-boy is a dragon. I have school in the morning, which apparently I can't go to because YOU have kidnapped me. And you want me to thank you?"

[Oh, well write in whatever way you want! I just prefer Third-person! ;)]

Mako noticed the intense burning anger in the girls voice and eyes. It wasn't every day where you could see a persons anger in just their eyes. A face altogether, clenched fists, those were normal signs of anger. Most people who had been selected as the target of Alonah's glare would have even cowered in fear, but Mako just blinked and tilted his head to the side.

"Rando-street-boy?" He repeated her words, more to himself to figure out what she meant by them. He scratched the back of his neck. "Anyways... I didn't almost get you killed." He said mockingly, "I was saving you."
Arguing would've have been a complete waste of breath at that point. So, with a large exhale of breath, frustration, and anger, Alonah decided it was best if she remained calm. Looking out over the edge of town, she was brought back to the moment before the dragon raid...

She walked briskly down the street, her peach hair tailing her. The warm summer air whipped her hair wildly, and she was not happy with that.

"Alright hair. Cut it out."she said to her hair, stopping her walk down the sidealk. As if on cue, her hair fell to her back. Nodding in approval, she continued her stroll. To no surprise, her hair whipped across her face again. She skidded to a halt, nose pink in frustration.

"I said, cut it--" she started, but her sentence was never finished. Even if it was, it would've been to no avail. Anyone who was crazy enough to talk to their own hair was crazy enough to obey a complete stranger.

So meet Alonah Laos.

With no warning, a boy with black hair zipped towards her. He moved so fast, it was as if he were a blur. The gears in Alonah's head couldn't spin fast enough for the scenario.

"Grab on!"he said, not slowing down.

It was in that split second, Alonah did the stupidest thing she had ever done, which she fet she would regret forever.

She listened to him.

The memory faded in a blur of colors, transformation, and the roar of dragons. Alonah turned to face the boy, shooting him a serious look.

"Who are you? Why are you following me? Who were those dragons?"she questioned.
Mako watched as Alonah went into a deep trance for a moment. Her peach colored hair flowed in the cool nighttime breeze. For a moment, he thought about how lovely she looked sitting there.

She abruptly ended his thoughts with her questions. Her eyes were no longer anger, but instead serious. She wanted real answers. He thought about it for a second, was it safe to give her the truth? "Would she even believe me if I told her?" He thought, "On second thought, she's already seen a boy turn into a dragon..." He then formulated the perfect response.

"My name is Kimimako Natsuri, pleased to meet you Alonah. I've got to go now."

He pushed himself off the edge of the building, and rolled when he touched the ground. He took off running down an alley and took a turn that took him a few buildings away. Though he left her, he was still keeping an eye on her. If the others returned, then he would swoop in to save her again. For now he thought it was best that she didn't know she was being hunted.
Alonah sprinted to the side of the building, watching him jump swiftly from it, as if there were no gravity.

"Wait! You can't just leave me--"she started, but he completely disappeared before her eyes could register where he went.

""she finshed. A small prickle of anger formed like a small bud in her mind, and it was only a matter of time before it grew. He left me up here. On top of a building. At night. Alone. She almost forgot she was afraid of heights for a moment, as she continued to stare down the immaculate edge of the building. The feeling quickly returned, however. Her head started to spin, and her eyes felt as if they were being held down by large weights. The ground and buildings swirled before her eyes like a pool of greys and tans. Backing up faster than she had intended, she lost her footing and slipped, falling right on her butt, hair falling over her face.

Screaming sounded so good at the moment, as she sat there, face shadowed behind her hair. A good, loud scream from atop of a building. Not to anyone in particular. Or maybe to everyone. Her face was a sauna of frustration. Any hotter and she would've passed from a heat stroke.

However, she swallowed her anger instead. I'll play your little game, Kimemasko, or whatever. I'll stay here and probably die up here due to the lack of food and energy. And education. And then YOU'LL be the one going to jail for my murder! she thought, wrapping her arms around her knees.
An hour went by. Two hours. It was starting to get colder, and the wind was picking up... Mako looked into the sky, in the distance he saw a flash of lightning. A storm was coming. He turned his attention back to the girl on the roof he had been watching, and to nobodies surprise, she was still sitting in the exact same position. She hadn't moved in two hours. She's either stubborn or stupid... He thought to himself.

Before he could finish his thought, he noticed a figure behind her. At first it was small, but it seemed to be getting larger... It was still a dark silhouette, but he thought he could make out wings... "They're back!" He exclaimed out loud, and quickly transformed. He flew quickly to the top of the building where Alonah was sitting, grabbed her with his claws and swooped off the other side headed towards the ground. He transformed back into his human form just before landing, carrying Alonah in his arms like a child. He looked up at the figure in the sky, but all he saw was a bird. "Oh.. False alarm." He said calmly.
Alonah looked up at him. For the first time, she noticed how green his eyes were. In the form of a dragon, they were huge, and always looked angry due to the way they slanted down his snout. But as a human, they were...(she swallowed)...a bit interesting. As soon as the thought entered her mind, she threw it out with the memory of him snatching her wildly from the building. It was only a matter of time before she noticed she was staring.

It was extremely rude to stare. Seconds passed before she snapped away from his face and stared angrily at the ground.

"And just what was that?"she questioned, a small drop of water falling on the bridge of her nose.
It felt like eternity passed by as the two stared at each other. It was starting to rain, and they were both getting wet, but they didn't seem to care.

"I.. Just.. um..."

For the first time in a long time Mako was tripping on his words. He usually could keep calm in these kinds of situations, but this one was rather unique.

"I thought I saw something." He finally choked out. "It was going to hurt you. But I guess I was imagining things. I'm sorry." He looked to the ground, kind of ashamed and disappointed in his self. He let her know he was watching her...

"It's raining, you should get home. If you want I can take you there?"
The water splashed on her face. Which she didn't mind, really. Her face was already bathed in the heat of her anger, so the rain was actually a plus.

“You've got to be kidding.”she seethed, jumping from his arms. Her clothes became damp, peach hair turning a burnt orange. The combination of the rain and the wind made her shiver in the breeze.

Everything was perfect. She was soaking wet, 4 miles away from her house, and now, she was freezing. Every word that he said to her went through one ear and out the other.

Alonah stepped up to him, pushing his chest repeatedly.“There is NO way, that i will now...or EVER allow you to get near me again!”she snapped, backing him into a wall. Dragon or not, Alonah had about enough with him.
Alonah's words were like knives, hurled at him with great force. Mako was strong though. He knew that no matter how much she would grow to hate him through all of it, he was still going to protect her. He had to protect her. He was now almost completely against the wall, but he grinned.

"Sorry, but you don't have much a choice..." He said quietly, looking down at the ground. "There are bad men out there who want to hurt you. I can't let them do that."

He shifted his feet, and thought about transforming and flying away again, but decided against it. Too many times he had ran away from conflict, and he figured that pretty soon running away wouldn't be enough. He would have to face his problems and fears, starting with this girl.
Alonah stepped back, her nose wrinkling in confusion. He had said that he didn't want her to be hurt. But why? The raindrops danced playfully on her shoulders. It was almost as if the water itself was bouncing around on her body. She looked at the boy again. He continued to look down.

It was a very hard decision for her to make. Whether he was a threat or not, she wasn't heartless.

"Look...thank you. I appreciate, though i also don't understand, your concern. We may have gotten off on the wrong foot. Or...claw." she said, tilting her head to the side. The wind swept against her arm and she shuddered. Time to speed things up.

"I'm Alonah."she said, holding out her hand.
Mako looked up at the girl, who had changed her tone completely. Her hand was out towards him, so he returned the gesture and shook. "Kimimako. But you can just call me Mako."

He smiled. Things would be a lot easier if she didn't hate him. A stream of water was running down his now soaked hair, which began to stick to his face. He had actually forgotten about the rain for a moment. He suddenly realized he was still holding Alonah's hand and quickly let go.

"I know you don't understand, but you will. As for now, you're getting absolutely drenched, you need to get home. You could catch a cold."
The rain was starting to get worse. The droplets now fell with a little more force than before. Heavy rain wasn't something that Alonah enjoyed. It reminded her of an annoying kid constantly poking her to get her attention, even though she was looking directly at them. As the rain picked up, so did her awareness that she should be in bed by now, snuggled somewhere deep under her velvet sheets.

"Sick? I don't get sick."she stated, wiping her forehead to stop the water from traveling to her eyes. Her back faced Mako as she began to walk down the street. It wasn't a big concern to her whether he was following her or not. It wasn't going to make the trip any faster, and she would rather walk then fly through the forest of rain.

"And you're right. I don't understand. I don't understand anything."she said, still not aware if he was behind her or not. "As a matter of fact, you were the one who made me so confused in the first place. May I remind you of only 4 hours ago?"

The continuous roar of rain pelted down onto her head as she was brought back to only hours before.

Alonah walked down the street towards her house, muttering something inaudible. The sunlight blared down on the city, bathing buildings. signs and people in its fiery glow. A pair of large amber-orange eyes squinted up at the sun in annoyance.

"Perfect. It's like you're only burning me."she murmured.

One of two things happened after those words. And it wasn't the cooling down of the sun.

"Who are you talking to?" a voice asked. Alonah whipped behind her, surprised by the sudden question. Standing before her, pushing hair from his eyes, was a teenage boy with black hair and green eyes looking peculiarly at her.. The first thing she noticed about him was the lack of a school uniform that was replaced by a white and black abstract shirt and blue jeans.
So...he's not from the school, she confirmed internally, staring at him.

" one. Why? What business is it of yours?" she shot back. Regardless of whether he was a stranger or a friend, he was in her business, and Alonah put privacy very high on her pedestal. The boy lifted a single eyebrow and brushed his black hair away from his eyes in annoyance. He walked past her as if she was nothing more than a piece of street litter.

"Just checking on you. Making sure you weren't going insane yet. Too little too late, I guess." he replied as he walked down the street.

The nerve. The pure unadulterated nerve of this guy! she thought, glaring at the back of his head. The wind started to pick up, but the sun beamed down harder than ever. It was as if the stranger and the sun were tag-teaming to piss her off. 'Never talk to strangers' wasn't something Alonah's mother used to tell her at night. Larksdale was a relatively peaceful town, so any strangers were potential friends.

Except for this guy.

"Hey! Hey, you! Stop!" she yelled. The boy took a stuttering step forward, and stopped walking.
Well, he's very good a taking directions, she thought, walking up to him. When she caught up to him, he turned and met her amber eyes with his green ones.

"What?" he said with no emotion. Alonah blinked once, getting a better look at him. He had the face of an everyday teenage boy; soft jaw line, a relatively normal-sized nose, and a blanket of black hair that fell down to his mid-neck. He wore the teenage-boy-type clothes, teenage-boy-type shoes, and even had the teenage-boy-type walk. The thing that stumped Alonah, however, was his attitude. He didn't seemed to be phased by anything that he came in contact to. A smirk formed on Alonah's lips.
This should be fun.

"I don't know who you think you are, but--" she never got to finish. It was as if he was made of wind or something of equal high capacity speed. An arm met her stomach, shoving her against a rock wall. Hard. She tried to let out a scream of pain or fear or anger, but he clamped his hand over her mouth just as quickly. Alonah's mind raced wildly.
Am I being kidnapped? Or worse?

Alonah blinked into the boy's eyes, fighting hard to bottle her emotions. He was scanning the area with an essence of tranquility. Like he wasn't bothered about anything that happened to him.

"They found you." he said. Her eyes grew in size, still cornered behind the boy and the wall.
They? Who are they? Even though he maxed her strength, she attempted to fight her way out of his grasp. Or away from that place for that matter. Struggling and squirming were proved useless after she sent her last kick to his leg. The guy was strong. Really strong. He shot her a dangerous glare.

"Stand still, human! You're going to get us caught!" he whispered through clenched teeth. Anger was something Alonah was used to at that point. Whether it was unintentional, intentional, or just plain necessary. A lot of things could be said about the girl against the wall. She had been told that she was smart, beautiful, and even funny at times. Of course, in her eyes, none of that was true. People only say that to get on the other person's good side. Which she didn't necessarily blame them for. About almost everybody wanted to get on Alonah's good side. But the black-haired, green-eyed boy screwed up. Bad. Alonah's eyebrows burrowed and she did the only thing she could think to do at that moment.

She licked his palm.

He shot his hand away from her in disgust a puzzled expression was drawn across his face.

"What was that--" he said and stopped abruptly. His head shot to the sky.
An owl, she thought. This guy is a freakin' owl. She secretly followed his eyes, trying to get the salty taste from her mouth.

"Quick, grab onto my neck." he commanded.

"What? No way, I will not!" she stuttered, trying to keep up the 'bad girl' act. The boy, on the other hand, had just about enough of it. He grabbed her collar and pulled her close to him, green eyes slowly darkening.

They were practically nose to nose. Practically.

"Listen to me. You have 2 choices: Either you grab onto my neck or perish. And by perish I mean die. Slowly." he snarled. Alonah, despite her efforts of remaining calm, was terrified. His eyes burned into her own amber ones with such intensity. Intensity that a 18 year old boy should not have at this time of day in Larksdale.

That's when she nodded in obediance. Mistake number 1.

The boy relaxed for a fraction of a second, and snapped back into business-mode. "Do it! Now!" he whispered harshly. She obeyed instantly and threw her arms around the stranger.

The boy seemed satisfied that she obeyed without question or retort.
Well, what does he expect? He just threatened my life if I don't do what her says. What choice do I have? It was in that moment she realized she had a thousand different possibilities. Instead, she clinged to the neck of a 18 year old stranger.

The boy looked at her, and, if she saw right, his eyes softened a bit. Never mind. Scratch that. She was losing her mind. This boy was just as insane as she was.

Alonah snapped from her memory in a matter of walking head first into a stop sign.
Mako followed the girl as they walked down the sidewalk in the pouring rain. She was facing away from him, and he was one or two steps behind. The loud rain made it difficult to hear every word she way saying.

"May I remind you of 4 hours ago?" He barely made out the question through the hard rain.

"No, I remember it alright." He responded, and looked over his shoulder. "I-" BONK. His sentence was interrupted by a large banging sound; Alonah had walked straight into a stop sign. The blow knocked her to the ground. Mako quickly ran to where she was and knelt down. He was having a hard time trying not to laugh.

"Are.. You.. okay?" He said, between fits of holding in laughter. "You should really pay less attention to your day-dreams and more attention to where you're going. You could seriously hurt yourself like that."
Alonah struggled to open her eyes. The pain wasn't the problem; it was the embarrassment. Never had Alonah EVER ran into something. A pole, a wall, or another person. She was usually always aware of her surroundings due to her keen sense of sight and presences. It was a gift given to her noone, actually. She just had a very immaculate sense of awareness all of the time.

So when her face flew straight into a stop sign in the pouring rain with a boy she barely knew, all of her awareness flew right from her head and was quickly replaced with the soft tickle of blood rushing to her cheeks in embarrassment.

"Ow..."she whispered, a small cut forming on her forehead. Alonah couldn't really make out what that Mako boy was trying to tell her. She was too busy noticing the clenching of his jaw to stop himself from laughing. Even though it normaly would've made her angry, it actually made it much more embarrassing. Seconds passed before she hoisted herself from the cement, swaying unsteadily.
"I'll take that as a yes." Mako said as Alonah stood up. She swayed and looked like she would fall over again. "Or maybe not. Here, are you sure you can even walk?" He said as he grabbed her arm to hold her steady. He led her like that until they reached her house; he needed no help in getting there. He had been watching her for a while.

"I do believe this is where you stay, is it not?"


In the distance, a dark figure was standing on top of a light pole. He smirked and spoke to nobody in particular. "Mako, you are the fool we thought you were, after all." In a flash the ominous figure had gone away into the darkness of the night.

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Even though Alonah could walk perfectly fine, she didn't argue when Mako helped her to her house. She was a little surprised that he knew where she stayed. But he was also a dragon, so there really wasn't much else he could possibly surprise her with.

When she reached the door the rain started to let up. Her hair, clothes, and body were completely drenched, but she was just relieved to be home at last.

"Yes. This is it." she said, turning to face Mako. Suddenly, it felt as if a giant rock had hit her as she looked at the boy in front of her. His black hair was soaked and appeared darker (if that was even possible) to her now than in the sunlight. It stuck to his face as water droplets slid from the ends of each clumped strand. His white and black shirt clung to his chest like skin-tight under armor. A small trickle of blood flowed into her cheeks.

Goodness, she thought to herself, blinking at him. Her mouth opened but nothing came out. All of the words she wanted to tell him before flew out of her head and was replaced with a blank white sheet. She was honestly at a loss for words. Even 'goodbye' didn't come to her mind as she stood there in front of her door, bathed in the dim light of the porch light. She just stood there, trying to find something to say that won't make her look like a complete idiot in front of him.

Too late for that, a voice in her mind said.
Mako felt a little odd as the two of them stared at each other without words for what seemed like forever. He wanted to say something, but he didn't want to leave. He knew that whatever they would face in the next few weeks, it would be dangerous. He was risking his life, and she was risking hers. However, he knew that if he didn't stand up to The Order, nobody would, and Alonah would die a painful death, and he wasn't about to let that happen.

"Alonah." He finally started speaking, though it was very soft. "Take care. I'm not going to let anything happen to you, so don't worry." He knew that she didn't know the entire situation, but he would have to tell her very soon. It wouldn't be longer before the battle was going full swing. With those words, he transformed and flew off into the night.