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Premise: 3000 C.E.
A great and terrible war has broken out between Earth, Luna, and Mars.
The Solar System is on the verge of total destruction as the three factions battle for supremacy.

The United Nations has comfortably ruled mankind's homeworld for centuries. However, it only grows more oppressive with time.
Luna has become a bustling capitalist utopia for numerous corporations, yet is deeply corrupt and rooted in oligarchy.
Mars is now a safe haven for revolutionaries. A union of socialists, Marxists, and anarchists maintain control on the red planet.
Through the fires of war, a victor shall rise to dominance...

Introduction: The Interregnum universe can be observed as a sort of parody for the modern political climate of our time. This story arc, known as Titanomachy, is a prequel/spin-off to the Interregnum of Sol. Therefore, many of the features integral to that RP's setting will be altered or removed. This is a universe that takes heavy inspiration from European history, retro science-fiction, and Warhammer 40K to some extent. The technology and aesthetic is not much different from what you'd find in a space adventure novel from the 1960's. A hint of Steampunk may arise too, as a handful of weapons and vehicles are reminiscent of those from WW1.
1. Thou shalt not insurrect the OP.
2. Thou shalt not god-mod.
3. Thou shalt not harass or bully other players.
4. If you wish to become a co-GM, please notify me.
5. You have permission to suggest any idea that you may have. However, please use this power responsibly.
6. Please wait for approval when submitting characters, or any other feature that you want included.
7. OP is the sole arbiter during disputes or arguments (my word is law).
Lore: The downfall of the United Nations began in 2055 CE, when the Earth Cooperation Treaty was signed by the major superpowers following a catastrophic meteor impact. This treaty culminated in the dissolution of national sovereignty, granting the UN virtual supremacy over the entire planet. Natural disasters became so frequent that colonization of space was the ultimate priority for what remained of humanity. However, a discovery made in 2243 changed everything. Scientists learned how to harness the power of Dark Matter to achieve the impossible. Antigravity and sub-FTL (1/10 light speed) technology were but a sample of what this strange substance had to offer. No longer did colonists have to worry about losing muscle mass above Earth, or getting crushed on larger planets, or spend years drifting between distant worlds.​

This boosted population growth and greatly expanded the reach of the UN. Pushing farther and farther, this progress was halted with another discovery. The Oort Cloud, just beyond Neptune, contained unknown particles that disabled Dark Energy, at least when it was processed artificially. No one could explain this phenomena in any reasonable capacity. Confusion turned to fear when explorer ships disappeared in this region, once again baffling experts. The decision was made to prevent all future colonization effort outside of the Solar System, and more focus was placed on developing already-existing colonies. Earth served as a gigantic farm, mostly due to the fact that the other planets lacked infrastructure for growing large amounts of crops. Luna was initially popular as a tourist destination, slowly accommodating luxury shipyards and real estate. Mars was the manufacturing giant that Earth had been during the Industrial Revolution.

During this era of uncertainty, a growing amount of anxiety arose as the planetary colonies increased in population to unimaginable levels. There was a strong desire for autonomy, something that had been deprived from the nation-states of ancient history. Workers on Mars were discontent with their low wages and high competition for jobs. Socialist leaders capitalized on this resentment, and compelled others to secede from the Earth government. Luna was next after experiencing a hike in taxes following the Martian Revolution. Suddenly, the entire Solar System was divided between the three major spheres of influence. All were forced to take a side in one way or another.

The initial fighting of the Titanomachy started at the Battle of Alba Mons, where UN forces were repelled by Martian guerillas, yet the bloodshed was ponderous on both sides. A subsequent battle between the UN and Lunar mercenaries ended in a grueling stalemate. No one is sure who will claim victory in this new, violent millennium.​


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I have multiple points to bring up about something that came to mind while reading this. Hello btw for those who are reading the thread. I am Green, I RPed originally in that dead RP that this was based on, you can say I am a fan of the whole set. I even ran a D&D game on Io. So you can say I enjoy this retro-scifi mess. However, It seemed more important at the time about the period of history around 3000 the time when the interregnum took place. As it was was the name of the RP I felt it more important. However exploring these other time periods seems crucial to the development of the world as it seems an untouched subject and something left widely vague.

For this was due to the fact that the in character the Solaris Church heavily restricted this knowledge so it wasn't much needed to develop the ideas beyond the UN fell and the Terran Kingdom Arose. I would like to see how that had happened, how this vast solar empire came to be which was something that wasn't touched on in the RP.

These are my questions/points:

Triton Development and Legitimacy
While discussing to yourself we were talking about Triton and how it may have housed the remains of the Americans who opposed the UN. This can include other nations as well, perhaps reinforcing that idea of a multi-ethnic state. However, I remember you have the idea that they were, in fact, more xenophobic.

This can be a point of dividing for the Triton's politics maybe there are people who want to keep the nation to itself and others who want to open it up to other people of earth or other nations. This is a bit too reflective in of what we have known so I prefer not to do that. It was just an idea though.

The Legitimacy can also be questioned, I see Triton having its highest point at this time period unlike the rather lowly insignificant time for them. However, it is obvious the UN wouldn't see them as their own nation. This isn't the focus of this RP, however, I would just want to bring it up.

Hyperbolic Extension of Modern and WW1 Battle
I'm not a military scientist but it seems in the tides of war, it is ever-changing, but a factor remains the same for combat. I'm not sure it this is true, but as we progress the battles seem to get longer more drown out. This is less influenced by the weapons but more so the resources at hand. It seems that if a two nation-states had a lot of resources, it would be likely that battles would be more drawn out. These battles would be hyperbole drawn out to show the grit and reality of what future battles may be like.

I remember watching a video and it said that wars are fought then 1 or more sides feel they have a chance to win. So would this be a factor in the case of Luna and Mars? Do they feel together they can win the war? Or is this more out of desperation (at least for the Marian side) It seems more of an event for the Luna to see it less of a stuggle and more as opportunity. As they may be less targeted since they are corporations with fewer responsibilities and can get away with a more things.
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