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  1. Hello and welcome to Tint the Void! This open world cause/effect fantasy setting allows for multiple characters per person if such person wishes to use more than one. General rules are no godmodding, bunnying, metagaming, autohitting, autokilling, and doing overpowered things that other people cannot do (for example, claim your character as a god or something.) Other than that, have fun! Ask me anything if you need help or direction and I will happily provide it~ Just post it here as this thread will deal with Outside discussions about the roleplay.

    This RP is designed to allow any character or player to jump in at any time (speak to me about this first so that I can give you info on what is currently happening in the RP and then you can comfortably jump in)

    Interest Check Thread: Tint the Void | IwakuRoleplay.com

    In-Character Thread: Tint the Void | IwakuRoleplay.com

    Character Signup Sheet (PM it to me first before posting it here)

    General Info

    Manaverse in a nutshell. This is a help section in case you have any questions or curiosities.
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    The manaverse is basically a universe where magic and super powers [called Soul Phantasms] are possible and are usually an accepted facet of life. People have an innate ability to manipulate an energy called Mana, a blue-ish energy that cycles around everywhere including the inner being of someone. It is the primary energy that allows people to use magic, for example. Think of it as a fuel of sorts produced by reality.

    Other energies in this universe are Prana, or spirit energy, and Eon (eternal energy) though a person who can use Eon is immensely rare and usually only a certain race can use it. This roleplay will not feature them or mention them.

    -----Mana stuff------
    Mana is the energy in which you can channel. In one's spirit there are certain pathways or ethereal "veins" known as mana circuits. If you've seen Fate/ then it's a very similar mechanic. In these mana circuits the energy flows and when you use magic it slowly starts to deplete. Therefore a character will often deplete their mana, however, are perfectly capable of "cycling mana" or absorbing more to replenish their reserves.

    Magic is also a big part of this universe, however it is fueled by mana. Spells of any degree eat up a bit of mana like fuel, so keep that in mind. Magic can be a wonderful thing in this universe, however, there are certain mage spelltypes that are not allowed. Anything that is seen as abusable, broken, and otherwise beyond the ability of any character to counter it to the best of their abilities is not allowed. Please no magic that creates life, kills people automatically, controls characters against their will (and the will of the player too.), and stuff of that caliber. It's actually inconvenient for players.

    No time magic (spells that involve manipulating time), reality magic (spells that involve manipulating reality, commonly referred to as Thaumaturgy), miracle magic, life magic, death magic.

    We call powers in this universe differently. Powers are named "Soul Phantasms" and are abnormalities within someone's soul that allows them to manipulate something. For example, if you have a character who is a fire user, they would have the Soul Phantasm of Pyroimpery. Every power has the -impery ending, to imply "manipulation of"

    Powers are very common but the more "powerful" and otherwise broken ones are incredibly rare. For the sake of keeping things fair I won't allow any powers that let a character break some rules [I.e: godmodding, etc etc]. So with that, no powers concerning the manipulation of life/death, reality, Time, or the universe. Quality control is a must for these cases.


    What roles you want your characters to play in. If you have multiple characters then I won't mind multiple guys taking up the same role. Everyone is capable of having a super power, so don't think one class implies a lesser role or anything. Everyone's capable~

    Healer: Self explanatory. The medic of the group.
    Guardian: The protector of members who aren't really combat oriented or otherwise unable to defend themselves.
    Hunter/Huntress: Combat oriented members. These guys could scout the void and identify points in where Aberrations spawn.
    Logger: Member who logs all the Aberrations and keeps the info. A fun thing about this role is that you can name them[The Aberrations] if you wish.
    Mapper: Member who keeps tabs on location and map making. Kind of like a scout too.


    Rafa Grimore Black "Outsider 0" [Player: Rafa Dark]
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    Name: Rafa Grimore Black
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Codename: Outsider-0

    Rafa Grimore Black (open)

    Personality: He's normally calm and collected but when he see an Aberration, he would want to destroy it completely. He's also someone who like to be calm even when he is in a battle.
    Class: Hunter

    Combat Preferences: He usually didn't care too much about things, his only goal is to defeat the Aberrations because of that he usually uses his sword in his hand as he stay stopped in place examining his enemies or closer to an Aberration to like to jump above an Aberration to make it mad.

    Spelltype: He uses the Haste magic, holding an sphere made of mana in his hand, he can destroy it to become quicker, it's duration is of 1 minute but if someone break it with him, the time will be split in two being 30 sec to him and 30 sec to the other. With another mana sphere, he can use his power to turn it from blue to black in seconds and if he throw it in someone, it will break and involve the target in an darkness that is hard but easily to flee from. Using the same dark sphere mentioned early on the group, they get less spotted by Aberrations, it make them more able to do an sneak attack.

    Weaponry: He uses an Customixed Heavy-Sword, it is totally customizable and of course he could use another weapons to mix on it but he would need to use almost all his mana to make it work, for customization, he can use electricity too but it is more effective with mana.

    Trivia: He don't like to follow orders and don't like to give orders to anyone, in other words he's not an leader neither an follower, he is just an normal guy who wants to have some fun destroying some Aberrations across the Void.

    Celina Songblade "Outsider 14" [Player: Red Revolver]
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    Name: Celina Songblade
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Codename: Outsider 14

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    (To be played out)

    Class: Healer

    --Synesthimpery: Celina's strong point is her ability to manipulate her own perception and that of others. A quick mind boosted by such ability allows her being to alter the forms of perceptual reality to spot, exploit, and create opportunities and chances.

    Combat Preferences: Her somewhat calm demenor does not allow her to engage in close combat. Celina works best with distance.

    Mending: When it comes to severed limbs, lacerations, or anything of such nature, Celina uses ethereal yellow threads (turns red during certain times of the day or when her synesthimpery is being used along with it) to mend and boost up healing processes. Outside of healing purposes, this spelltype acts as a link chain to either enemies or allies for her to properly use her Synesthimpery.

    --Laso of Perception: A laso of sorts enchanted and imprinted with a mirroring image of Celina's soul. It is highly durable and receptive to energies when used, most of the time it can never be defined by outside sources, usually never visible, and moves quicker than normal when in motion.
    --Command Gauntlet: A standard piece of technology used to introduce concepts to the dimension. Depending on the hour it is used upon, it can achieve various levels of commands in order to smooth out the transition of a concept or item properly.

    Kaiyō Uxizui "Outsider 64" [Player: Red Revolver]
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    Name: Kaiyō Uxizui
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Codename: Outsider 64

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    Personality: To be played out.

    Class: Guardian

    --Osteoimpery: The ability to manipulate bones. Kaiyō can manipulate their shape, density, state, and sharpness, though the boundaries of manipulation cannot be measured as this power rarely shows itself. Combat-wise he can strengthen his own bones and store in "pressure points" around his inner bone structures. When active, this can lessen the force of attacks and in an offensive asset, bolster his own physical moves.

    Combat Preferences: He can be considered a tank who will withstand damage for the rest of the team.

    Spelltype: None.

    --Command Gauntlet: A standard piece of technology used to introduce concepts to the dimension. Depending on the hour it is used upon, it can achieve various levels of commands in order to smooth out the transition of a concept or item properly.
    --Unknown Sword: "Basic is as basic gets." A mysterious blade with a history almost heavily felt by the user. It responds to nobody else but Kaiyo and has an otherworldly glow to it. Kaiyo protectively keeps the blade which was stored by his family for generations. Although nothing of note has happened yet, Kaiyo intellectually knows this blade has a way of getting what it wants.
    Trivia: N/A

    Allen O'Dell "Outsider 11" [Player: Ziolang]
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    Name: Allen O'Dell
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Codename: Outsider 11

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    Artist: Rosuuri

    Class: Logger

    --Soul Phantasm: Ergoimpery. The inherent ability to manipulate energy.

    Combat Preferences: Energize powered items to devastating degrees. Examles of this concept include over-charging a flashlight to produce searing levels of light and in more concentrated forms, effectual lasers.

    Spelltype: Overcharge. A technique to super-energize objects, especially those that require or are a power source.

    Weaponry: Long-handled Flashlight, pocket flashlight, Portable Floodlight, laser pointer, batteries, anything using or is a power source.

    Luna Hodges "Outsider 27" [Player: Ziolang]
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    Name: Luna Hodges
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Codename: Outsider 27

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    Artist: Fuji Choko

    Class: Mapper

    --Soul Phantasm: Crassimpery. The inherent ability to manipulate material density.

    Combat Preferences: Throw commonplace writing tools, or other readily available objects and apply refined or improved density to add damaging properties.

    Spelltype: Compound Manipulation. A technique where the material structure can be enhanced, sharpened,or strengthened to degree normally beyond its capacity; or to decrease, weaken or degrade the compound to provide a lighter weight, lessened defenses and so forth.

    Weaponry: Pens, pencils, brushes, crayons, anything one might use to write with.

    List of Characters by Class:
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  2. I call the logger!

    In the mean time I'm fairly certain there is no limit to how many of a certain class can be had as each player may have more than one character. Am I correct Starr?
  4. Hey, can I join?
  5. Of course! Welcome aboard :3
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  6. Thanks! ^__^ I'll just need a time to make my CS maybe I'll post it tomorrow. ^^
  7. Make sure to PM it to me first to check it out, then you can post it here~
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  8. Um... I can't make a class for myself? I was thinking on something like an warrior, Attacker would be the name, he/she/it would be able to defend the others with their devastating attacks because if there is a fight, they charge in without looking back, be it with an weapon or spell, it would be almost like the Guardian.
  9. I think Hunter would still fall upon that if it's combat based. I'll edit that in for the Hunter class
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  10. So now I know what to choose Thanks! ^_^ and thanks for using one of my ideas, now to my char *3*.
  11. Seems pretty interesting! Question: If we were to use a picture, would it be anime or...?
  12. Could be anime, could be anything, so long as it represents your character how you like ~
  13. Well, this rp seems fairly interesting. I'll consider it. I'm just not a huge fan of group rps but I'll think about it.
  14. Hey guys, this roleplay still running cuz I want to join :D
  15. This RP starts this friday-saturday so there is still time to join, yes :)
  16. For those joining: be sure to have your character sheets done by friday, saturday the latest. If you need help you can PM me and I can walk you through it~
  17. Name:






    Class: Healer

    Combat Preferences:



  18. ???? Before anything, you gotta PM me your character sheet first before posting it here for quality check please
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