This or That: Nightmare Version

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  1. This game is based on this or that (coke or pepsi) but with a twist and that twist is HORRIFIC SCARY THINGS TO CHOOSE BETWEEN GYAHAHAHA!! Ehm...So yeah.

    Game Play Ex:

    P1: Pit of Snakes or Beetles?

    P2: >_< Beetles...

    P2: Eat a live centipede or live millipede?

    And so on.

    So here's mines;

    Den of giant spiders from the Hobbit or giant spiders from Harry Potter?
  2. Harry Potter Spiders.

    Zombie Apocalypse like ZombieLand, or Alien Invasion where all of humanity is enslaved forever?
  3. Zombieland!

    wake up in a far future where everyone you know is dead, or wake up in a far future where everyone is alive, but enslaved by an insane AI?
  4. Everyone Dead.

    Kidnapped and put in a dark room in an unknown location, or tortured publicly in town square?
  5. Kidnapped and put in a dark room. At least then there's no clause that I wouldn't ever be let out and I could always just sleep away and treat it as some sort of vacation.

    Being suspended deep underwater with nightmarish creatures swimming around or being suspended in the emptiness of space?
  6. Suspended in space. At least I would be alone with my thoughts until I decided to take the helmet off.

    Dropped into a vat of acid, or dropped into a firey pit?
  7. Hm... Hard to choose. Both seem rather agonizing and doesn't really ensure that I'd be dead afterwards. Which would be preferable. But I'd go with fiery pit. Because if I go down, I might as well go down in flames, yeah?

    Be immortal but not ageless, or be ageless but not immortal?
  8. Immortal but not ageless. Can you imagine how much fun you could have with orderlies in your old folks home?

    Branded or whipped repeatedly? Both leave permanent marks and are in visible areas.
  9. Branded.

    Get gutted and your insides pulled out by hand, or get skinned?
  10. Gutted. I wouldn't be able to stand the slow burn of being skinned. T.T

    Finger chopped off or toe chopped off?
  11. toe chopped off

    die of fright or die of bullet
  12. Die of bullet. Do I get to choose where it hits me? Like a 'boom headshot, instant kill'. I'd prefer that to dying terrified (and probably pissing my pants).

    Be crushed to a pulp under a large truck or be stretched until you get torn to pieces?
  13. Hit by a truck.

    Vomit all your insides out or have all of the pulled out through your eye?
  14. Pulled out through my eye.

    Wake up in a pile of flesh-eating worms with no way out, or be stoned to death by all the ones you love?
  15. Wake up in a worms for sure

    Would you rather be cut to pieces slowly with each one sent to someone you love in the mail without any leads to help them find or rescue you, or receive a body part of each of the people you care for most in the mail without any leads or way to help them?
  16. Option A.

    Have all your nails ripped off or survive a scalping?
  17. A.

    Would you rather be buried alive or watch someone else be?
  18. If it's not a loved one or a friend, Option B.

    Would you rather be stuck in a room that will slowly close in on you until you get crushed, or fall through an endless void?
  19. B.

    Would you rather be eaten alive or go through something like the Russian Sleep Experiment?
  20. Russian Sleep Experiment.

    Would you rather die in your sleep, or screaming and cryi like everyone else in the car?
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