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  1. It was warm spring night. The full moon lit up the sky, the stars shimmering. This made Mira want to take a walk in the moonlight. Little did she know it was going to change her peaceful life in her own world. While walking through one of the parks near her house she caught the sight of two people fighting each other in hand to hand combat.

    As she got closer the two seemed a little strange to her. For some reason, only known to the two fighting, they had decided to kidnap Mira and take them with her. To where, well to their world. The demon world. Where all the demons that humans believed were only fairy tales live and now Mira was being taken to it. Who would she meet? What would happen? How would she feel about it? And how would it's demon inhabitants feel about her?

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  2. "Didn't I tell you?" The demon growled to his counterpart, "A little spar in the human's world, you said. What could go wrong, you said." Sprinting through with the human girl over his shoulders, he snapped his fingers, forcing a flame into existence in front of the trio. It became a ring, which the three of them jumped through, "Dad's going to kill us, you know. Of all the reckless, stupid things you've talked me into, this is definitely the worst." The travel to the demon world was like falling through a kaleidoscope: a myriad of colors and shapes, mixed with noises one would assume fit in on a trip to Hell. The flames once more appeared, and as they went through...

    ...It was revealed that they were considerably high up in the air. The grey landscape and dead trees appeared to try and reach out and snatch them - an optical illusion brought on in the speed of the fall. The demon male spun Mira around, keeping her in his arms as wings spread from his back - ruining the good, black suit he was wearing. From this side, his horns could easily be seen. The wings slowed their descent, and they landed. He put Mira down, but held onto her wrist with a frown - his wings formed a cloak around him, and he frowned at her.

    He looked to the other demon, "I suppose, like everything, you're going to have me take responsibility for this?" He scowls, looking back to Mira. "It's customary to kill them." There's a long pause. Finally, he asked: "You know where you are?" The demon looked young, and decently unscarred. Irritated, but not angry.

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  5. "Know where I am? Are you kidding me? I don't even understand what is going on?" She shouted out to him, yet kind of scared of seeing this..this..whatever he was. Not only did she not understand what he was or where he had taken her, she was kidnapped. Mira wasn't quite fond of being kidnapped, not by anyone. Although it had never happened to her before. Her heart was pounding in fear, kill her. Crap, what was she going to do. She didn't want to die, why take her in the first place. If she didn't know what they were then she wouldn't be a problem, right?
  6. Standing next to him crossing his arms he chuckles " How could she not know where she is? " he ran a hand through his hand and sighed, bending forward and pointing at her " You ever listen to the old folk tails and fairy tails and all that " he stood up straight looking to the demon next to him " You know...killing not a bad idea " he contemplated it as he ran another hand across his face dragging it downwards and grunting a bit before letting it go and snapping back into place. " Maybe we could....use a slave or something..or or!" he said crossing his arms leaving one finger up as if he was making a point, he obviously seemed goofy, but beneath that was an angry destructive demon.
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  7. Mira's eyes widened. "Killing? A slave? What kind of place is this?" She cried out at them. Fairy tales, what kind of fairy tale spoke of killing people or using them as slaves. She looked at the two brothers more closely. Demons, that had to be some kind of demon. She made a gasp at her Epiphany. She tried to step back away from them. "Take me home." She yelled out at them.
  8. The blond demon sighed, "What my charming sibling means..." He meets the young woman in the eye: "This is Abaddon... The Abyss... Oblivion... Hell. A world of demons - it is impossible for you to get back on your own power. Keep that in mind." He lets her go. "Humans are beacons to many of the creatures here. You'd be a meal or worse. So running off is suicide."

    He looks to his hyperactive sibling, chuckling darkly. "What, more servants? We could get those out of the mortal cults, we don't need to abduct young women for that..." He looks to her: "Your name. What is it? If you fear control, keep your true name secret. Give us a nickname. It matters little to me."

    He looks to his brother, "I'll create a Changeling to put in her place. No one will miss her."
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  10. He spun around and grabbed his siblings arms shaking him " YOU ARE A GENIUS! " he let him go brushing his jacket and turning to look at the girl, He walked towards her and inspected her. walking around her definitely inspecting each inch of her, once doing a full walk he walked back over next to his sibling.

    " Yes...Nicknames...hmm fife, angelica, mariachi! to stupid " he went back into this thinking mode.
  11. Mira watched the one brother. "Don't look at me like that?" She said as he walked around her. "It's weird." She watched him go back to his brother. "So you expect me just to stay here, I have a life you know." She commented. "I have things to do, people to see. I can't just stay here." She paused, then thought of something. "And would you really want to have to deal with me all the time. Wouldn't it be easier to just let me go back to my world. I won't say anything."
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    "Archibond," his name, likely. He turns, waving his hand - clearly a skilled sorcerer, as a creation of dirt, twigs, and leaves form into a perfect recreation of the girl. The intelligent demon looks her over. "Humans carry identifications. This one will not have them. I suppose I'll also deal with my own lack of knowledge." At that, the blond demon walks forward and strikes the clone, bruising it's head. "There. It'll look like she was mugged, and suffered amnesia because of it. Good enough." with a snap of his fingers, the clone was gone. He turned to look at the girl...

    Then to his brother. "I might have an idea on what to do with her. Keep her safe and whole while I get it ready." He then spread his wings, taking flight.
  13. " stuck here babysitting " he looked at the blonde girl smirking, as he sat down on the floor running a hand through the dried grass. His blue eyes seeming to hum a bit with color, as he looked up with his piercing blue eyes inspecting her once again. " You are lucky " he nodded his head .
  14. "Lucky? I don't consider this lucky." She said to him as she crossed her arms in disagreement. "And you wouldn't have to 'babysit' me if you just took me back." She put air quotes on babysit then recrossed her arms. "And stop looking at me like that, I'm a normal girl." She blew a piece of hair out of her face.
  15. "You're lucky because you've been abducted to two of the more merciful demons," Archibond announced, returning to the wood. Once more, his wings formed a cloak behind him. The blonde demon holds a scroll in his hand, addressing the human girl: "This is a Faustian Contract."

    "This is the same thing that some mortals use to sell their soul in exchange for wealth, beauty, fame... Were I a more monstrous demon, I would ask for your soul in exchange for a way home... however... I won't be doing that. You see, I have come up with something both fairer to you, and amusing to my brother and I."

    He smiles, "This is a Binding Contract." He unfurls the scroll in front of him - the small paragraph is in easy-to-read text. There's no hidden costs or anything in it. "It means you will swear fealty to my brother and I - a knight, not a servant." He chuckles, "This means you might have to defend yourself against our enemies, but less powerful creatures will leave you alone. It also gives us incentive to protect you."

    He taps the scroll: "This contract is magical and binding as it is permanent. While it means you are loyal to us, and cannot attempt any actions to harm or kill us. I find no reason not to offer you some hope to get back to your own world. The first way, of course, is to complete one thousand years of service. You will not age in this time. The second way is to impress us enough to nullify the contract. The third is the death of both my brother and I. Finally, the contract is nullified should you win the love of demonic nobility, such as my brother or I."

    "Like with all contracts, this comes with a boon. In this one, I will offer you a single Wish. My brother will offer you a boon as well." He nods, "Like anything I do, the Wish is with rules. I will not use it to kill someone. I will not use it to bring anyone back from the dead. I will not grant a wish that affects the emotions of others. I will not grant a wish that harms my brother, myself, or our allies. I cannot make you more powerful than myself. I will not grant a wish to send you home. I consider this quite fair - should you use your Wish, use it wisely."

    He manifests a quill: "None of that signing in blood nonsense. Ink will do. This is the most likely way for you to get home, so take it or leave it."
  16. Mira made a sigh, how did they expect her to protect herself in a world full of demons. "I don't see how thats fair really." She admitted. "What do you expect me to do. I don't have any magical powers, I don't know how to fight. How would I be able to defend myself?" She uncrossed her arms and put them on her hips, she made a pout. "And a thousand years, my family would be dead by then. You can't expect me to feel like thats setting me free. You be sending me back when it's not my time anymore." She shook her head. "You demon guys just don't understand human girls at all."

    But what other choice did she have, it wasn't like they were going to listen to her. Perhaps she could figure out a way to get out of the contract before a thousand years. It was her only hope. "But I will sign it anyway." She said, figuring she would try that. She took the pen from the demons hand. She went around to him back and used it as a desk to sigh it. She wrote her name in the ink and then came back around to the front of him. "There, does that work." She said, on the contract it showed the name Mira.
  17. Archibond looked over the contract. "Mira. Yes. That should do." After her questions, he wagged his finger at her. "As for your parents, time moves differently here. It will have been ten years in your world. You and your clone will switch, and you will have "gotten over your amnesia". As for your human weakness... Perhaps you could use your Wish for that." He smirks at her, turning and waving for her to follow. "Or use whatever boon my brother will be giving you."

    "It is true, though. I don't know human girls at all. That's one of the reasons I've decided to spare your life. You see, my brother and I are princes to one of the lords of this realm. Demon women either fawn over us to become our wives, or attack us to show how strong they are. You are different." His footsteps echo slightly. "I am taking you to our home. You will be given quarters next to my brother and I, with the other Knights. Not all of them are demons, as you'll find out."

    He looks over his shoulder, "Surely you have some questions for me? I certainly have some questions about the human world. If I inherit the throne from my father, I intend to conquer or open up diplomatic relations with your world. Perhaps a cult or religion in my image. Depending on your actions, of course."
  18. Mira couldn't help it, she began to laugh, at quite a few things. "Cult or religion? You seem way too fund of yourself." She said to him, in the middle of her laughing. "Although I'd prefer that you don't try to conquer earth." She unfortunately had no choice but to follow them. She made another sigh after she was finished laughing. "And don't worry you won't see me fawning over you two. I don't really care if your princes. I wasn't the type of kid who was into the whole prince charming thing."

    At least the time difference wouldn't be so bad but Mira was still shooting her getting out of the contract before hand. She was pretty sure she couldn't handle that long with all of those demons. "As for questions? Well..I don't know? That's kind of hard...there could be a lot of things different here." She then commented. "I do you guys have things to do for recreation."
  19. " Recreation? " he said jumping down from a tree her perched on, landing while a blue flame erupted from his impact with the floor and then dispersed as quickly as it was made. " You could run away from the hounds a few times " he chuckled lightly before running a hand through his hair sighing " but besides that you definitely would need protection around here...hmm " he nodded and slammed his hands together looking at his brother " perfect idea " he spoke to him before slowly pulling his hands apart, allowing a blue flame to roar from his hands and wildly flow around his arms. he grunt before a katana became visible in the flame, and then became solid as he caught it from falling to the floor. Turning around he looked at her and then held it out " Here...use this until you figure out what you want to wish for...and yes this is my are welcome "
  20. Mira had no choice but to take the sword. "Like I know how to use a katana." She said under her breath. She then looked back at him. "Hounds? You kidding, right?" The fact was that she couldn't really tell whether these two were ever joking or telling the truth. How could she trust demons in the first place. It was their fault she was in this mess. "You think you're so funny." She said to him and poked at his chest. "Well..does it look like I'm laughing. That must mean you're not as clever in your jokes as you think you are."
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