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The World Of Trium.....

In a world known as Trium, chaos erupts.
There have always been many races on Trium, that is not the issue. The issue began when a section of races believed that they were better than the rest. There is no point in mentioning what race started it.
I will continue by stating the events right before ending it.
Those who believed they fit together, formed together and fought together, slowly destroying their world as many before them on many a world have done.
300 years passed and slowly the rest of the world fell to decay as the races moved closer and closer to the center hoping to gain the largest city of them all.
And the largest amount of power.
Dreylien was the largest, most populated city on the world and also the only one to have stayed out of the race conflict.
The city was ruled by one of the most powerful beings on Trium, a being of which we have lost all information on.
How they ran the city, how they kept it peaceful in such a chaotic, racist time, how they kept out those who would do the city harm.....
No one knows, or well truly, no one remembers.
But there in the center of a world at chaos the city sat in a shell of glory. Until the Metatrons.
The Metatrons were a creation by highly skilled humans that found metal to be a form to hold life. Since their creation, the Metatrons had grown enormously intricate, smart and powerful. Being that most of the original Meta's had no true human parts what so ever and still seemed to have a soul, they were strong and easily avoided wounds. They did not feel pain and even though they could die and it was extremely difficult to harm them.
And so extremely hard to control them. But they were found to actually be a peaceful race themselves. Being made by humans they were considered their masters and did their every will. Later in time humans began to take Meta products to extend or help their daily lives. Such examples are a young woman would get a Meta heart when dying so she might live a longer life or a man in the war might get Meta legs so he could run longer without stress and jump farther distances in battle.
When the Meta's began there were two scientists and four Main Meta's. Names of which I will not state as none of us know.
All we know for sure is they created something. Something the scientist's did not know would cause so much destruction. Something the scientists thought would win them the war. They had the Meta's work on this idea for 20 years its told.
And what they brought to the table, would be the death of the world.
A normal day of battle was interrupted by the largest light ever to be seen. Followed by the loudest sound. And then.... it was gone.
They had set it over Dreylien thinking it would cast the people out. But instead, it destroyed everything. Every race around the main city was destroyed, some of them were almost wiped extinct. Some of them we no longer remember. All that remians of tales and memories is the 15 years spent trying to get away from it all.
After the blast of the 'Glassing' every major city around was either killed off by the after affects of the weapon or quickly headed for the only cities left they knew.

And there were only three.
Aotmi - The birth place of Metarons, and the most technologically advanced city in the world. It had been abandoned a few years after the Meta's were created so to make a new city closer to Dreylien. But as those who were drawn to it made their way home, they found it to be only slightly overgrown, and re-population began.

Fae - This ancient city had long been hidden by those of the elven elders. Almost forgotten, it's hidden depths lie in the Great Woodland far to the south of the world. The elders welcomed those of a 'clean' lineage and began taking many races of lore into it's ranks.

And finally...
Dredlin - The once beautiful and powerful city lay in nothing but glassed ash and those who favored darkness fled to it. Renamed Dredlin by those who walk its dreaded streets it's glory became nothing to those who lurked there after. Ever since the glassing the city has been covered in a thick grey fog and the temperatures reach below zero often. Like a barren wasteland of Glass and Ice the feared, the fearless and the fools stayed behind to bring this city a new glory. The glory of Night. The sun rarely shines here from behind it's dense fog and the creatures within rarely leave it's thick embrace. The fools that enter here wishing for the darkness either find it. Or it finds them.

We start our story 20 years after the glassing in a world more destroyed than ever thought possible, where so many races fight to be separate but so many fail by the mere fact that they need each other. If not before our memory was lost, Now more than ever. Can you pass the fear of difference and help all of Trium gain back it's forsaken world?

Ossochanter said:
What I really want to see from this roleplay is people having fun with character creation. Feel free to use pictures, if you like, to enhance your profile. If you’re one of those people who don’t have the patience for image hunting, feel free to ask me for help. I have lots of images already saved for this, anyway, and I might just have what you’re looking for. As for the characters themselves, I do have a few rules.
This is exactly why i made this. Because I notice too many times (Not by fault of the GM) that so many roleplays don't seem to cater to enough rolplayer types. And this is probably far from reaching them all. But hopefully it will give enough roleplayers plenty of reason to join in on something they might not have originally planned. I will also state that if someone wants to join but cannot even think of a character to try, Ask me! I will try my darndest to either find the character type you are looking for and an image to go with it or try my hardest to help you find something else. So for a somewhat Skelly:

If you have a character in mind but cannot either seem to find an image to fit it/do not have the time to look/or simply find yourself lacking in looking for what you like. Let me know as Osso said i have saved LOTS of pictures for the races based and have nothing to do with them. (also if you see a picture up and that is the picture you have for your character or THAT is the picture you must have for the one i am making you. Let me know i can probably post a different one.)

If you feel you want to join in but have more questions for what you're character can do/don't know what powers you should make your character have/or need some ideas for 'powers' Let me know, I can usually help with things like this.

If you come here and go, oh oh oh oh... i wanna join... buuuuuuuuuuut i won't because i have no idea where to start/don't want to waste time creating a new character/can't think of anything cool enough to fit in PLEASE let me know, looking at the pictures i have saved, i have come up with MULTIPLE personalities that would fit just fine but do not work for a character for me.... i can only play so many too. Please if you are interested at all and think you would like to join along TELL me so i can help you have fun too. I have gone to many other RP sites and seen people post things such as,
"Well this role play sounds amazing but I will have to skip seeing as the character i have doesn't fit and i don't want to spend forever coming up with one on my own." I love creating characters, and i typically have no life besides work and sleep so let me do it for you, (now i can't really be having EVERYONE who signs up having me create everything for them. It would take the fun/point out of having it and i am not here to create your story for you. If you already have a character that fits or you think you know what you want, please don't ask me to make you one just so you don't have to. This is for people who REALLY want to join but just can't seem to come up with anything.)
Now away from all the meani comments from me. For now. And also if someone thinks of another way i can help out that i did not post... .again, let me know. I want to be a part of this as much as the people joining me.. and i'd like everyone to be able to enjoy it with my help.

Now some more about the characters, Considering there are ALOT of different race types I'm not going to set up an exact magic system, because well... It just wouldn't work for all the characters. I will say, please DO NOT make your character some all power god-mod so that if something were to happen in a city were death was eminent, they would just 'magically get away without a scratch.' This world is obviously filled with all sorts of imperfect beings seeing as they've mad war last some 300 years. Then again... they've made war last 300 years which is a long time for some races, then for others not so much. So say you make an elf. Ok this being obviously lives a very long time, so if you're making a war veteran they are obviously going to have badass moves. But please, do not make them god-like to where they CANNOT die and can get out of any situation in ways just unimaginable. Thank you.
On to technology, some of the world is obviously advanced considering there are full fledged Mechs walking around and then other types of robotic fantastic(s). So there were obviously high tech weapons right? Not exactly, think steam-punk meets knights of the round, this world obviously was not destorught with 'laser weapons and bullet holes' . These being were created by a race to be used more for their 'brains'. But now that those brains are no longer useful they must look to other things. And some of them later on were built to fight. I figure these beings will use a variety of metal spears - swords. And though there are some that i have pictures of that seem to have gun-like arms. Please you them for more, cross-bow, shoots giant bolder type of things. Yes i know it might take away from the sci-fi a bit but i AM trying to make a multiform Rp. And huge laser gun's just would not fit with an elf baring a bow? You know.
On to city details. Each city has its own laws and guidlines, most of which are very baised towards non original species who live there BUT there are people who travel to each city regularly to sell wares and such or visit a good friend. These beings are allowed in but for example, a traveling salesman in Fae is NOT allowed to call out his wares to Fae residents, but a Fae merchant may call out his wares to any passerby Fae resident or not. So please before you say you are a merchant from Fae walking around Aotmi look at the city posts and check the Race laws. So you are not dragged to court for silly reasons. And yes a demon can be friends with an angel for any reason specified but please be somewhat logical. A demon who sacrifices girls for offering is not going to be life long frinds with a human girl? And such.

So the rules: (all in one neat little place for you:)
1: Be cool, your character is not a god here and most likely not invincible, (whether a bad ass or not.) So please don't take away from another characters fun by never being able to die and or be hurt.
2: Do not just attack another character because, a; you do not like the character type, b; you don't like the person playing the character, c; you're just being a jerk and want to kill everyone, or d; you just don't care. Don't be a jerk alright?
3: Do not spam, though I am fine with two characters having some conversations with themselves if fitting do not post up a ton of messages in a row. And in this area please don't ask for your character to join over and over and over, if I have not said yes yet it is either because I am at work, working on my game and have not refreshed the page, had to go out of town suddenly, or just have gotten distracted. And AS SOON AS I check it i will most likely add you in. So please wait patiently.
4: Please keep the amount of characters you have to three. IF you think that you can do up to four please only do two at first so i can tell you can handle multiple characters and then if you Really want to add more PM me so i can know.
5: Please keep the extreme violence, cussing and sexuality to a minimun. This will obviously be a somewhat mature area since it is based off a war torn world and a race example IS a succubus. But something along the lines of "She swung her tail around her body fluently smirking a tight smirk as the man in front of her slowly drew a stupid droll across his face and his pupil's swelled." Will work fine to let someone know you are trying to suduce them. Please do not get intricatly into what you plan to do. Be logical. If i need to raise the rating to 16+ let me know and i will.
6: Don't control another character. Just because someone isn't responding or isn't responding the way YOU want does not mean you can control what they say or do. If it gets to where you cannot move forward because it has been SO long since the character you were doing a part with has not responded. Please let me know and i may god-post to fix it. I.e. change the character, changed what happens, have a reason for the character to be missing. But please do not come to me a day or two after they have posted annoyed. Some people have other things they must do. And also you can always come up with a reason for you to join another part of a different conversation. Don't be a jerk.
7: HAVE FUN, i really only want this so people with a variety of characters can join and all interact. I truly want this to be an open, creative place where characters have a huge world to explore. Please above all else have fun!

Now Please do not post until you see 3 more posts of my own with the cities up after this. I will be posting race details for each city along with pictures, races laws, ect. If you think there is a race i should add let me know here in a post. If you think there is a race i should take out let me know. Also i may comment back for the reason why such and such beast isn't there and also: These characters are just a SKELLY of what you can make them. So just because i put up a picture of your typical centaur with a man's head and a horse body, does not mean you can't have one with a cat's head and a scorpion body. Just so long as it fits in with the main character idea. And also i know i said pictures were definitly welcome but please even if you do have a picture, try to describe them as best as possible too.

Thank you so much for being a part of Trium!
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Aotmi -

Welcome to Aotmi, The home of Trium's now technological base. Here you will find Meta big and small, full and partial, smart and strong.
(while thinking of a character for this race please listen to:
The Leader Of Aotmi -
Talos Aotmi,
Metatron - Picture:

The Races:

Metatron - The ones who started it all. These are beings made completely of metal with no humanoid organs at all. They tend to be extremely smart and LARGE. Therefore they are also known as The Titans. Examples:
None of the original four exist today which makes other Meta's wonder if it is possible to die.

- These are known as -full body mechanical beings- and have a large portion of their body that is mechanical. They may be taken originally from a person so may have the persons eyes/heart/face or what not. But most of their body consists of mechanical parts.

Metabots - These are people that have taken large amounts of mechanical parts as there own. For instance a warrior will take a completely mechanical body, arms, legs, hips, and only a small part of say his hands or face is left. He would still have all his organs such as his heart, lungs, kidneys and the like. They are very close in the same with the Mecha except one difference. Mecha is a persons soul (the one peice of their body that is taken with them) placed into a machine or mechanical body, where the Metabots are people that have added onto there body with mechanical parts in large peices.

Metadroid - These are people that have only taken small mechanical parts to call their own. Whether because of lack of money or just not wanting there entire body covered in metal no one knows or cares. Sometimes in surgical needs someone will have a missing arm or leg replaced with a meta part. Some will later add their other leg to be more Meta. Some merely add technical parts to themselves. Such as mechanical eyes to see father or better in the dark, or a screen that attaches to the brain so they may bring it up when it pleases them. This is probably the most various of the Meta's considering most of the beings in Aotmi are made up of them.
MetaKnights and MetaSoldiers -
These are technically two different types of Meta but i put them together because of their similarities and how few there are. MetaKnights are people that took regular armor (not mechanical or technologically advanced really) and covered there body with it. Well that sounds like a Metabot? No there is a difference. Metabots take parts that are mechanical i.e. arms that no longer have skin and bone underneath them and are run through wires to the brain, wings that are attached through the spine, mechanical legs that are feet taller than a normal human. MetaKnights take armor that either they used to wear or just have new actually attached to their limbs. i.e. a MetaKnight will usually have a full body of armor 'attached' to him leaving his entire body, skin, bone, veins, tissue, left beneath and his actual arms will be used. They are usually ejected with a type of steroid first so their bodies will learn to take the extra weight.
Now a MetaSoldier is a person that only takes small parts of armor. Metaroid? Again no, Metaroid - mechanical no longer being of their own body parts, MetaSoldier - taking armor onto their natural bodies so that it is as if they are always a soldier with maybe armed legs or a helmet or arms.

AniMeta - These Meta's are made up of people that have decided to take an animal form so have used a Meta to do so. And also people who have taken their loyal friend and made them into a Meta so they could last forever.

Meta Companions - There are companions for ANY race this is just stating a bit about the Meta companions. Meta companions come in all shapes and sizes, But alot of them tend to be the Meta Titans. Seeing as alot of the people in Aotmi that aren't Meta are human. So being small they generally choose a large Meta to protect them. But a regular Meta of any kind can be a companion. Only by choice though.

City Racial Laws:
A Meta of any kind may not injure a being of living tissue or, through inaction, allow a living being to come to harm. A Meta of any kind must obey the orders given to it by a living being, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A Meta of any kind may protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws. As for races of a differnt city. No being may attack a Meta without extreme reason or cause. If a Meta is attacked by a person of a different city with no reason or fore-statment the first three laws are Void and the Meta my take its own action. A being from a different city is NOT allowed to touch or interact with the parts of a Meta without the explicit acceptance of said Meta. If a companion of a Meta or a Meta with a companion is harmed by one of or not of Aotmi the first three laws are again Void so long as a Meta acting on it's own was not the cause. Meta may fight Meta only if both Meta agree.

(If you would like to have a Companion for your character in Aotmi please state so in either your character bio or somewhere in the character skeleton. This will make it easier for others who are looking for a certain companion to find you. Also state if you and a Meta looking for a human companion or a human (can be a differenct species if you are living in Aotmi) looking for a Meta companion. There may also be Meta/Meta companions and 'person'/'person' compainions. Please don't post if you are an Elf living in Aotmi but are looking for a dragon companion. If you live in a certain city but are looking for a companion from a different city please state so in your skelly. So someone knows.)

Character Skeleton:

Name: That's your characters name?

Race: Though you can be an elf in Aotmi, please don't put "Elf from Fae" here.
There will be a section for that. But is your elf a regular elf or a Metaroid or Metaknight perhaps?

Gender: Male/Female?

Appearance: Pictures and at least some discriptive words please?

Skills/Weaknesses: Is your character terrified of water, is it highly skilled with lances?

Weapon(s): If it is a gun please limit the bullet type to short sort of bolt, arrow, rock, or pellets. No explosive or lazers please.

Personality: What is your character like?

Short Bio: What happened to your character did they survive the war, or are they newer. Why is your character here. Or what are the looking for?

Extra: You don't have to put anything here, but you could put if you're looking for a campanion?

My Character:


Race: Metabot


NIKKO has mechanical ears in the shape of an animals and she can move them at will. She also has a long spine like tail that she uses to grasp things with. Her human arms were bound to her waist and she no longer is able to use them. Instead the long mechanical clawed arms is what she now used. She has tall mechanical clawed boots which make her height 6'2".

Skills/Weaknesses: Since NIKKO does not have the ability to speak she can boast a small mechanical screen from her chest which will post what she wishes to say in the viewers language. She has a large fear of water, and will avoid contact with it at any cost.

Weapon(s): She uses her mechanical tail and clawed hands as weapons. But she also carries a long sword in a deeply carved copper sheath.

Personality: Usually a calm and collected person she can sometimes get frustrated when someone cannot seem to understand her signals and she has to use her screen. It seems to wear her out. She loves exploring new things especially new metals and elements, and tends to get carried away when making new friends. She'll help to guide people around the city if they'll let her.

Short Bio: NIKKO knows she was created, why or how she no longer cares. She only has a few memories, a white sterile room, large tubes full of water, and sand... the sand seems to be the most prominent. Before the end of the war there was illegal research of turning humans into fully robotic beings. Some people say this is what happened to her. Or she was a person turning Meta gone wrong. But why can't she help but get the feeling she used to have three friends?.....

Extra: She likes to be around other people and hates feeling alone. Someone who would watch over her give her a place to sleep would be welcome.



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Fae -

The land of myth and legend where secrets are like chocolate and passion is like water in a stream. This is the land of fantasy.
(when thinking of a character for this race type please listen to:
The Leader Of Fae -
Saelar Eryndor,
Elf - Picture:
Saelar is the head of the elven council which presides over the people of Fae.

he Races:
(I'll go alphabetical for this one)

Centaur - The creature known through legend and time. With a mans torso and a horses body. These creatures like to roam the woodland but also fair well in battle.

Dragon and the Dragon Kind: Dragons are an ancient race, one of the oldest on Trium. Though they are old they are wise. But every race has flaws. They younger have joined in many of the wars using their strength in useless ways. And also mating with the mortals. Which brought Dragon Kind to the world. Dragon Kind are people i.e. elves, humans
, which are born half of their kind and half Dragon. Some of the more powerfully born DK's are known to be able to turn into small dragons, but they usually only have dragon parts. Such as horns, tail, wings, scales. The Dragons on Trium range from everything to wyverns to snake dragons with no wings. Usually a DK will get parts from its sire. So typically if a DK's dragon parent was a snake dragon they will not have wings.

Dwarf - Dwarfs are the creative ones they say. Well its true for the most part, but they love their creating as much as they love battle.

Elf - These beautiful people are considered the purist on Trium. Though they are almost as ancient as the Dragons they have many different views and though they are wise they believe much different than the Dragons. Though they are the two that tend to mate the most. Elven music flows daily through the woodland and their voices are like heavenly battle cries, these the Pure. After the 'Glassing' the last of the elven races all swarmed to The Woodland, which is why they're so many varieties. (Please if you plan on making a Blood/Dark/Night elf leave them for Dredlin. I have nothing against those types they are my favorite actually but considering Fae considers itself 'pure' alot of dark themed elves would just not fit.)
Fairy: A very distant relative of the elves the fairy shares their beauty and softness. Mostly staying out of the war for fear of their size they are very populace and live full lives in The Woodland. These beautiful creatures were one of the beings that were originally housed in Fae.

Faun: The little beasts of deer and man are always ready for a tune. When gatherings collide in Fae's center these are the first to join in the festivities. And they love to play their music if only to have an elf sing to it.

Griffin: The majestic beasts of flight and fight are few and far between. The have dwindled since the 'Glassing' from not wanting to be hidden from the skies with trees. They now stay to the hills of Fae watching the mountains.

Lycans: There are two factions of the wolf races, the Lycan's who took their ancient shifting magic and turned into their wolf forms willingly. And the Werewolves who thought there first transformation was a curse being as they originally could not control it. And took a darker heart. The Lycan's fled for Fae when faced with destruction. The Werewolves stayed in Dredlin. Both have a half form and a full wolf form.

Mermaid(man): The graceful of the sea cam inland through the mountains rivers hoping for safe haven. Many of their kind have gone, dead from poisons unknown. Now in a smaller area the few that are left have learned to take a someone human form to escape the small lakes and streams of Fae they now call home. But they can only stay in this form for a short time.


Minotaur: Normally feared for there strength and size the minotaurs choose to side with the elves for reasons unkown or forgotten. But the friendship has taken the elves far in battle.
Unicorn/Pegasus: The sister horses of lore. The magical beast or battle and transportation. These horses help in battle alongside on carrying their faithful masters, and though they are senient as well they make wonderful Companions. Fleeing the wastelands after the 'Glassing' the elves welcomed their faithful steeds to join the ranks of Fae with open arms.
Fae Companions:

City Racial Laws: No beast or sentient being from another city may harass or intimidate those of Fae. If thou art from Dredlin you are under strict rules for having reason to stay. No outside citizen may attack a being of Fae, whether provoked or not. Species not specified for entrance are NOT allowed in ANY temple or music hall of Fae. Those who enter without permission will be escorted away immediately with no guarantee of release. No blood is to be spilled on any holy ground whether a resident of Fae or not. Those who wish to have non domestic disputes must first acquire an appointment with the Battle Mage and then they may fight in any arena of their choice.

(If you would like to have a Companion for your character in Fae please state so in either your character bio or somewhere in the character skeleton. This will make it easier for others who are looking for a certain companion to find you. Also state what kind of companion you are search for, are you an elf looking for a dragon, a unicorn, or maybe a lycan looking for another lycan. If you live in a certain city but are looking for a companion from a different city please state so in your skelly. So someone knows.)

Character Skeleton:

Name: That's your characters name?


Gender: Male/Female?

Appearance: Pictures and at least some descriptive words please?

Skills/Weaknesses: Is your character terrified of water, is it highly skilled with lances?


Personality: What is your character like?

Short Bio: What happened to your character did they survive the war, or are they newer. Why is your character here. Or what are the looking for?

Extra: You don't have to put anything here, but you could put if you're looking for a campanion?

My Character:

Name: Eula (loud one)

Race: Griffin

Gender: Female

Eula is a silver white griffin, one of the rarer breeds. Her purple eyes catch everything and she loves to sing. She's smaller compared to most griffins being the size of almost a bird which is why she tends to like to cuddle to the elves necks when they sing.

Skills/Weaknesses: Being smaller her attacks are mostly scratch/attack based but she has a strange maybe magical ability to sing in such a high pitched vibrato that it pierces the enemies skulls and makes they're ears and eyes bleed which causes sight issues. And she can focus it to certain people so not to harm her allies. Being so tiny she tends to easily knocked a way or grabbed. She usually either stays on her allies shoulder, hidden, or high enough in the air to not be grabbed. Which makes regular fighting very difficult.

Weapon(s): None really besides some slight ice and other minor magic attacks. When desperate enough she has an attack that shoots ice shards from her wings, but she can usually only do it once or twice in a long time.

Personality: Being so small she tends to be somewhat hyper and chipper. But she can be very calm and soothing also. Mostly she likes to interact with other beings of Fae and may jump around on them till she either gets their attention or they push her away.

Short Bio: Eula was very young when she arrived in Fae. Her parents had died on the way there and one of the other griffin knights took her in until she could take care of herself. She now stays in the water temple until she can find an elf to take her as their own. Though she seems like a newborn griffins size she is actually now about 15 years old. which isn't very long in griffin years but griffins grow like horses. By the end of their first year they are almost full grown. She will most likely be this small forever. Many have said she is small due to a mutation. And many have said she does not belong in Fae, the griffin knight who carried her here disagrees. And what he says goes.

Extra: She continues to search for an elf or other member of Fae to take her in. Problem is once someone chooses a companion, they may not have another sentient companion. And she is just to small for most of their likings. So she waits... everyday at the temple and around Fae for that certain someone to call her their own.


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Dredlin -

The city lost in fog and glass. Once a city of glory, now a city of gore, the dark and unwanted travel and stay here. Making it their masterpiece. But all is not hopeless. There is a city beneath the foreboding fog. And those that can look past it have put together enough of a system to let it work. There is not just mass mania in the streets. And those that cause such are either cast out or killed them selves. Just because you are of dark linage does not make you above other dark things. But then again, this is survival of the fittest. Welcome to the Ice Hell.
(when thinking of a character for this race type please listen to:
The Leader Of Dredlin -
Freya Fordon,
Succubis - Picture:

Demon - There are many demons on Trium, which form they are is up the the beholder. Some take them form of lore made visions, others are born a certain way gaining abilities from their Sire. The true look of a demon.... is up to you. Here are some that occupy Dredlin.
Gargoyle - The beast of stone and flesh. The gargoyle of Trium used to be a pest. Always having to fight in the dark never being of use during the day. Many races adored them many despised them. Though it was unfair. No one ever knew why the turned to stone in the day. A curse many said. Oh well they no longer care. And at the choice of a city always dark? How could they refuse. (Please if you choose a gargoyle do not be walking around Aotmi or Fae whenever. It's a gargoyle.. At least try and stay to some character design. Unless of course you can make a good excuse ><)


Goblin - Goblins were messengers in the war. Until the met the gargoyle. Goblins and gargoyle fought together in many a battle. But now. They merely drink to there hearts delight. Or steal the nearest traveling merchants gold. They're not bad they promise. Just a little trickery is fun. And they do give it back. If you catch them.

Harpy - The harpy was a powerful fight being able to get above the other fighters made them weaker. But then the griffins joined. After the 'Glassing' the Harpy travel back to their homeland only to find it barren and dry. After a few more years of trying to repopulate they heard tales of Dredlin being brought back. Or well sort of. Desperate to have some sort of home they all traveled to Dredlin. And have stayed ever since.

Mutant - There were those who were affected my the 'Glassing' in ways none could have imagined. Cast out by their own kind they went to a city where no one would care.And here they stay.

Night Elf - There were once many different types of Elves and elf relatives. But when the war began they split almost down the middle. The 'pure' elves and the fairies chose one side. And the Night elves and the vampire chose another. Though many now have forgotten the Vampire as an elf they once walked the ranks with all elves. The night elves have had many names, some coinciding with what some called vampires but they are actually quite different. Night elves actually tend to have dark shades of blue,grey,green and purple. While vampires had the skin of their purer brothers their thirst for violence was like no other and turn to a thirst for blood. Both Night elf and Vampire were cast out against their will so now call Dredlin home.

Succubus - The bringer of a mans glory, the killer of a mans dreams. The holder of a mans wishes, the one to make a man scream. So many tales of their seduction. None of the true love they've had. Most succubi are actually gentle and calm. But there species is broad and growing. So many succubi wish they were different. So many have just gone with the flow to fit in. And others enjoy the work that they do. Which are you?

Vampire - The elves with thirst for blood and dark instead of wine and light. These beings were horrible mutated in a way to when the 'Glassing' took affect it made this species thirst for violence a thirst for blood. Being a rare breed of the elves that enjoyed violence rather than despise it they enjoyed the war to it's full extent, While their brothers watched in disgust. Now cast completely away from the light they feed. Some enjoy it others hate it. But both must live with it forever. Elves live a Long time. Vampires live even longer.

Werewolves - They are like their Lycan brothers, but took a darker side to their transformation. Now that they have grown to know their power their dark heart reflects in the fur they choose. They used to only shift on the full moon, then changed to shift only at night. Now that they lives in a dark city they may transform whenever they please. They also have two forms were and full wolf.

Dredlin Companions -

City Racial Laws:Though violence is accepted here not everyone may murder freely or without remorse. Those who do not have a citizenship are not allowed to murder at all. There are blood banks and orphaned body shops for thos who need them. Most all who are not welcome in other cities will be welcomed here. But we are not a catch all. If you are murdering scum in Aotmi you are murdering scum here. Here there is a modesty to our meyhem. And you WILL obey it.

(If you would like to have a Companion for your character in Fae please state so in either your character bio or somewhere in the character skeleton. This will make it easier for others who are looking for a certain companion to find you. Also state what kind of companion you are search for, are you an vampire looking for a night elf, or perhaps a succubi looking for a demon. If you live in a certain city but are looking for a companion from a different city please state so in your skelly. So someone knows.)

Character Skeleton:

Name: That's your characters name?


Gender: Male/Female?

Appearance: Pictures and at least some descriptive words please?

Skills/Weaknesses: Is your character terrified of water, is it highly skilled with lances?


Personality: What is your character like?

Short Bio: What happened to your character did they survive the war, or are they newer. Why is your character here. Or what are the looking for?

Extra: You don't have to put anything here, but you could put if you're looking for a campanion?

My Character:

Name: Raxun

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Raxun was a somewhat young elf when the 'Glassing' took place so he is still rather young. Only about 120 actually. He has piercing blue eyes, white hair and the dreaded pale skin. Originally Raxun was born a Light elf, but by the age one the council outcast him and sent him to the Night elf clan. Who gladly took him in. He has shorter ears than a regular elf also which gave away his Vampire elf inheritance and he has large round piercings in both. He bares a tattoo on his right cheekbone of the outcast. Meaning he could not hide as a Light elf. He usually wares an open trench coat with fur lining, fingerless gloves, black leather jeans and black heavy boots. He is about 6'3".

Skills/Weaknesses: Every vampire seemed to gain a slight ability when they gained their thirst for blood. His was seeing an enemies attack slightly before they do it. It pleased his strategy side. He also is fairly well skilled with a broadsword. His biggest weakness is blood for obvious reason but he also seems to have an affiliation for strong liquors. Being that a vampire can never be fully drunk you will often find him leaning back a seat in the local club or bar with his feet up and his eyes distant. Unless you ask him to a fight however. But he does not like to kill. Unfortunately he is also weakened by fire. Most vampires actually are not harmed by it but being close to fire drives him crazy.

Weapon(s): He carries around a large broadsword that is split in two half way up the middle.
This is his favorite weapon as he uses the middle to catch an enemies weapon and pull it away from them. He would die if he lost this weapon.

Personality: Very cold and callus on the outside it takes alot to rip his outer personalities skin off. He hides away from everyone except for avery close friend here and there that will drink with him. He can usually be seen with either liquor in his hand or his sword. But if and when you ever get to know him, his a gentle caring heart that will protect what he loves forever.

Short Bio:
Raxun was a somewhat young warrior when the 'Glassing' took affect. It was said he loved battle, enjoyed the strategy of it, the jump to the attack to the final blow. It wasn't like a game. Just like a well thought out board game. And he enjoyed it. What was wrong with enjoying something you were born to do? When everyone around you, everyone you knew was having to fight for something they probably didn't really care about. Shortly after the wars began those who were too dark were cast out. And being that he was born around the middle of the wars, he lived alone most of his life. So he turned to battle, because where else was he to go?

Extra: He doesn't really search for a companion. Not that he'd turn down one if the offer was good enough, but so far none have been good enough. It's rumored that Raxun will go on long travels and leave with no wares and return with none. Some say he goes to see his Elven mother. Others say he goes to kill. No one knows for sure.



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I love everything, but right now want Sci-Fi and/or Horror.
Name: Imari Laceros

Race: Succubus

Gender: Female

Appearance: She normally has on a dark purple cloak that goes bown to her ankles. Under the cloak she wears a black tube top (or whatever it is in the picture), black mid-thigh jean shorts with a purple belt, two (somewhat oversized) purple belts that criss-cross around her waist, and black high-heeled boot that are up to the knee. For accessories, she wears a large black collar with a large gold bell around her neck, a collar armband on her upper left arm, black fingerless gloves that stop about an inch after the wrist, an “x” shaped earring in each ear, a cuff earring on her right ear, two gold bracelets on each wrist, and a black chain with a purple crystal hanging from it on her right wrist. She also has a black fox tattoo that is on the center of her back and a black tribal crescent moon tattoo over her heart. Her tail is about four feet long and has a pointed triangle tip. Her wings are small and black, also they can support flight. She is about 5'4'' in height.

Skills/Weaknesses: Her skills include: seduction, singing, throwing weapons, flexible, and spying/sneaking. Her weaknesses include: a strong aversion to crosses, an extreme fear of Lycans, an aversion to sunlight, and a fear of Titans.

Weapon(s): She uses throwing weapons, such as: shuriken, kunai, senbon needles, small daggers, etc.

Personality: She is generally calm and collected, but there are times when she snaps. Normally she gets angry quite easily, but keeps it hidden. Whenever she wants something, she just turns on her succubus charm to get it. Most of the time she tries to distance herself from others, but is attracted easily to men she finds interesting or just generally attractive. She has some hyperactive moments when she is hardly recognizable.

Short Bio: Being born about half a year after the glassing, she was a creation of a lab experiment in Aotmi to create a new bread of mecha succubi, which failed, making just a normal succubi with smaller than normal wings. After being labeled as a failed experiment, she was locked in a cell until she was about fourteen then sent away to spend the rest of her life in Dredlin. Not long after being sent away on her own, she was attacked by Lycans before she got to the city. They did not harm her, but scared her to a point of extreme fear. She has lived peacefully in the city of Dredlin for the past six years, but wishes to try and find a better place to live.

Extra: She mostly seeks out a companion who is from Dredlin, but prefers vampires.


Name: Princess Miki Sakura

Race: Cat-girl

Gender: Female

Appearance: Miki usually wears a simple pink and red priestess kimono, small red ribbons tied in bows with three gold bells at each end of them, and no shoes. Her kimono is a little over sized and is sometimes falling down her shoulders. Her black cat ears and tail have a slight purple hue. Miki's hair goes down to her waist and is usually not put up, her eys are a red-violet and dark orange color. When she goes out in public she normally has to wear a formal kimono. The formal kimono is a light pink-lavender with a gold peacock pattern printed on it, also it has two long red strings tied off in a droopy bow in the middle. She also wears a gold crown that has decorations hanging from it. Only when she wears her formal kimono does she put her hair up in a ponytail with a large pink-lavender ribbon tied in a bow. Underneath everything she wears bandages around her chest and from her waist to her upper thighs. She is only about 4' 3" and ten years old.

Skills/Weaknesses: Her spear wielding skills are amazing for her age. One of her greatest strengths is her learning capabilities, she can learn three times as much in a day than a normal person. Loving water and trees are more of the odd skills she posses, she can move around and fight in water and trees just as well as the ground. Her biggest weakness would be her fear of canines of all sorts, she simply can't stand them and avoids them completely. Height is obviously another of her weaknesses, it makes it harder for her to strike taller enemies in vital areas. Catnip is one of her main weaknesses, give her catnip and she'll love you forever.

Weapon(s): She uses a snow white spear called 'The Spear of Frozen Blossoms'. The spear is about two feet taller than she is, but she can wield it better than most due to a lot of practice. Miki hardly ever uses it, mostly because she doesn't fight that much. When she does use it, it has a tendency to give off a scent of cherry blossoms and a freezing cold aura.

Personality: She's very quiet and shy around strangers and acquaintances, but fairly outgoing and carefree around her friends. Miki has a habit of getting into trouble because she loves to explore anywhere that seems fun. When she is alone or around her good friends she will act like a normal ten year old girl. If she's around her family, other high standing nobles, or out in public she will act like a mature young noblewoman.

Short Bio: Miki was born a decade after the glassing, but had to learn about it in her studies. She lives in a Japanese style mansion (I realize that Japan doesn't exist here, but it's for description) surrounded by cherry blossom trees that are almost always in full bloom, except for the winter. Being born a child of the spring, she was deemed a great gift and made princess of her race in Fae. She grew up knowing only the inside of her mansion until she was seven and had to go out and sit through a noble's conference. As the years went by she was forced to study all the books in Fae and was given some of the best tutors. The one time she actually got away from the mansion alone, she almost fell off a high rocky cliff.

Extra: She seeks a strong companion to take her away from the life of a noble princess in Fae. Yes, the cat, Roku (male), in the picture is always with her, just assume that. The cat isn't all that important, it's just a nobility thing.



Original poster
Name: Tantris Nimore

Race: Elven Warrior

Gender: Male


Young in age, Tantris has youthful features still which does no justice to his mature and level head. He is tall, having caught up to the men of his family before he was fully grown. He now stands taller than most men, with a lithe frame that is nevertheless imposing. His pale features are whispered to be a curse of the Glassing, since his mother only barely missed the fallout, traveling from the main city to another place. His silvery hair and gray eyes are unique among his lineage, which has caused him no small embarrassment since he was young.

Skills/Weaknesses: Despite his hostile appearance, especially when armed with a sword, Tantris is widely known to be a patient fighter. This is a strength and a weakness. He will rarely make the first move to attack and instead wait for his enemy to initiate.

Having grown up in a community of elves, he is unwilling to face another elf in battle. This extends to his dark cousins, especially because their coloring reminds him strongly of himself.

Despite this, Tantris is highly skilled with a sword and lance.

Weapon(s): Carries a simple broadsword with him, as well as a studded leather buckler.

Personality: Tantris is hardly an aggressive person, instead opting for a more peaceful and laid-back attitude. His skill in battle is honed for defensive reasons though, if he thought about it, he would be quite capable as an attacker. However, being of a placid and thoughtful temperament, he has never contemplated attacking anyone. He sees himself as a guardian of purity and is rather caught up in being fair, chivalrous, and noble.

Short Bio:
Born shortly after the Glassing, his mother had already made her way back to Fae at that time. The newborn child's appearance was a cause of great commotion, since he had the soft fawn skin of the forest elves but his hair and eye color more closely resembled that of the dark elves. The midwife who delivered the baby told his mother that it was likely he would "brown up" within a month or so. At most, his silvery eyes became a touch darker gray.

As Tantris grew, he became more and more cognizant of the things that people said about him. Some of them even feared him, for he bore the touch of evil, they said. At first, it upset him and he often retreated to his mother's arms to cry about the fear that the others bore for him. His mother would coddle him, stroke his hair, and tell him that his looks were nothing that he could help.

When he was older, Tantris decided that he would change the way that they viewed him. He had no skill with weapons at first, due to his easygoing nature, but his patience prevailed. Through endless hours of practice, he became a marvelous swordsman. His height lent him the added benefit of intimidation over those who had once spoke ill of him.

Having proven himself, Tantris chose to become one of the guardians of Fae. He helps to patrol the city borders, keeping out those who are not allowed into the peaceful fold. In his dealings with others from different places, Tantris has become curious about the outside world and has recently been speaking with village elders about a travel of the world, before taking up the mantle of his family permanently in Fae.

Extra: Possibly looking for a traveling companion, someone who can hold their own and aid him along the road.


Original poster
I just was lurking, and I must say your idea, concept, pictures, plot, EVERYTHING.
Everything is absolutely stunning.
Fantastic job.~ And good luck in the game!


Original poster
@ichigo thank you for that. I was writing this late at night and half asleep so i wasn't paying attention. i will go and correct that now. ^^ i'm glad you told me i had forgotten they had a name difference. @stacisaur thank you so much ^^ it took quite a few hours to try and figure out everything for this but luckily it kind fit together smoothly. I'm very shocked and happy with the results as well ^^. I'm glad you like it. If you'd like to join please do ^^ if not good luck with your games also. Hopefully this will turn out well XD
Ichigo and Kitti i am SO pleased with your back stories. I was hoping people would grab hold of the creation and you displayed wonderful ideas. I hope other look at yours and realize they can come up with something great. Thank you and hopefully more people will enjoy it here >:) i think i am going to re-post with my own characters. I will try to have one in each town just to keep things even. ^.^ please if anyone see's anything that could be fixed let me know.


Original poster
Name: Leila

Race: Metaknight (Human)

Gender: Female


stupid_female_paladin_by_swerc-d3lklej.jpg (Leilas face.)

Hellgate London (14).jpg (Leilas armor, but without the helmet, i want her face to be seen)

Skills/Weaknesses: Leila is very flexible, her armor is light making her very agile. She is also very skilled with a sword that's why she carry's one on her back. She can fight without a weapon but she isn't very good.

Leila's weakness is in her armor, cuz of her armor being very light and it allows her to be very flexible with it, her defense is very weak, even the slightest cut from a sword can get through her armor.

Weapon(s): Leila Carries a energy sword on her back.

abyss_swords.jpg (The first sword on the picture is how the sword usually looks, but when she puts the energy from her armor and from herself to the sword it gets bigger and looks like the second one on the picture.)

Personality: She is a very flirty person, when she is in a battle she uses her beautiful figure to distract the man and win the battle, but when she is fighting with a women she uses her skills to win. She is also very friendly but doesn't like getting close to the peoples. She is also very stubborn.

Short Bio:Leila was born in a rich family, having everything she wants in her life, being rich spoiled her, everything she wanted was given to her by her parents even if her parents didn't have enough resources to get it. That's the reason they got poor, Leila was feeling very guilty and run from her home, leaving everything her parents gave her so they could take their money back.

Leila was old enough to live on her own, but she had no money. That's why she started robbing peoples, but she didn't robe them normally. Her victims were usually men and they were men for a reason. First she seduced the men that had money or something that she can use, then she lures them to her home and then as they least expects she kills them. That was the way she got money.

But one day the police found out that many men were disappearing and no one knew where they were, all of them were last seen at a bar close to the centre of the city. So the police send men to check the situation there.

Leila was in the bar looking for her next victim when she saw that the police came in. She was sitting on a chair next to the bar, a female Metaknight was sitting next to Leila she was looking wired at Leila like she liked her. Leila saw that she was wearing a armor and a sword that was on her back, Leila though that this was the way to get out of this place without the police noticing, the police couldn't do anything to the metaknight so Leila started talking with the metaknigh, the metaknight was a lesbian so in a few minutes Leila and the metaknight got out from the bar and went to Leilas home on the way to Leilas home she could feel that her armor was filled with energy like the armor wanted Leila to wear it. Leila was going to use her same tactic as she used to the men she killed. Leila waited for the metaknight to take off her armor in her home and then stabbed her with the sword that the metaknight had.

From this day on Leila wore the metaknight's armor without anyone knowing what she did. From this day on she never killed anyone again and swear to protect the peoples with her new powers that the armor was offering.

Extra: Leila isnt looking for a companion, and even if shes offered to have one she wouldnt want it.


Original poster
Ill be making a character tomorrow cuz im very tired now.

Spot Reserved.
Lol don't worry there's not a limit to slots here. I just want to wait until we at least have a few people in before i start it. You will not lose your spot. There are PLENTY to go around ^.^ hope to hear from you tomorrow XD And hope i found the picture your looking for this time!


Original poster
Ok im done with my character i hope everything is okey with it.


Original poster
It sounds fine ^^ i like the double change of heart. First to killing and then to helping others with what she's gained. It shows how desperate a person can become in a time like this in a world like this. ^^ and it's nice to have a human in the ranks XD To bring the feel of a somewhat normality to it. I think she's perfect >:)

Edit- I probably won't be on till much later tonight seeing as i'll be going to my first concert. So feel free to add characters but i most likely won't check them till later ^.^


Original poster
Ops i forgat to put what my chracter race is, fixed it. :P


Original poster
kk i'm back ^^ lol concert was AWESOME


Original poster
Hey guys i hate to say it but i will be gone for about two days, i have a doc's appointment in my old town 2 hrs away and will be staying the night with my mom to visit my little sisters. Please if you have any questions or want to go ahead and post a character PM me or leave the reply. I will just not be able to check them until sunday sometime. Thanks for the understanding. See you guys soon.


Original poster
Name: Nove (No last name)

Race: Meta Solider

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has pink hair and blue eyes. Her height is 5’ 11” and is around 19 years old. Her hair is worn in a pony tail that is tied up with a white ribbon. She wears a dark red, sleeve-less battle dress along with a white cape that rests on her waist. Silver, mechanical gauntlets and greaves are the only armor she wears. Her sword, despite its size, is attached to two leather belts and rests on the back of her waist.
View attachment 8454

Skills: Due to extensive training she is able to use any bladed weapon but prefers to use her sword. She is incredibly strong because of the experiments that were done to her when she was younger. In addition to her strength she also received incredible speed and endurance.

Weakness: Due to her shyness/quietness she does not interact well with others she does not know. She also cannot swim and fears to go near large/deep bodies of water for this reason. For an unknown reason she is unable to use long-ranged weapons. Her lack of armor also makes it easy for her to get hurt if she is not careful in battle.

Weapon: Her sword, Verteidiger (means Defender), is her primary weapon.

Personality: She is quiet, shy, and reserved, thus meaning that she rarely displays any emotion to those she doesn’t know or trust. If you gain her trust, however, she will protect you until her dying breath. She does not charge into a fight without a plan and will only engage in a fight to defend herself or those who cannot defend themselves.

Short Bio: Found unconscious and heavily wounded near the outskirts of the city of Aotmi, she was taken to the closest hospital in order to treat her injuries. There, after she had recovered, she learned that she had lost all of her memories up until that point. Not knowing who she was, or where she came from, she was put into the custody of the largest of Aotmi’s R&D laboratories. Since she could no longer remember her name she was given the name Nove by the scientists who worked there.

During her stay she was subjected to biological experiments instead of mechanical ones, although she did test experimental mechanized armor and weapons. These experiments increased her strength, speed, and endurance. She was trained to fight with any weapon starting not long after her arrival, but it was discovered that she was unable to use long ranged ones.

At the age of 16 she received Verteidiger, an experimental mechanized sword that was designed for her based on her fighting style, in addition to mechanized gauntlets and greaves. When she turned 18 she left the laboratory, after months of trying to convince the scientists to let her leave, and began her journey to find out who she once was. For the last year she has traveled extensively and has yet to find any information.

Extra: She does not actively seek out a companion but would welcome anyone who wishes to travel with her on her journey.


Original poster
I'm reserving a place here for a character, if that is alright.
I have a strong feeling it will be either a wyvern or some sort of dragon. (Fae)

Bullet you got a lot of energy! I spent days thinking about how to make my rp and you pulled out kilometres of stuff all of a sudden...

CS will be up tomorrow because I'm too tired to think now.


Original poster
@Selenite Lol, I dunno I've always been a writer so I guess when my brain decided it wanted to make a cumbersome RP it did. But thank you ^.^ I'm glad you like it though!

Hehe that's fine i just got back from a weekend trip and a 4 hr drive all together one way so being tired is understandable, can't wait to see the character though.
I was hoping we'd get a couple more resident's for Fae. But I may actually get this thing started tomorrow if I can get a certain person to join. Wyvern sounds awesome.


Original poster
Name: Vexrei BlueRose.Known as Vex.

Race:Shade Demon/Succubus
Gender: Female
She may be half succubus but she lacks the tail and horns due to her joint heritage.Taking a more human looking for you would notice her long pointed ears ,however they look like an elves you can tell the difference with how round her ears actually are.She does not resemble a creature, but you can see the shade marking on her arm which signifies she belongs to a family of shade.Being a hybrid has also given her eye color a strange glow,a bright violet color with silver streaks throughout them,causing them to glitter a bit.

Skills/Weaknesses: Vex can feel one's emotions and thoughts but this is very limited and rare on her part,as if to feel but not seek.She can control shadow movement to darken a room, she can lose her corporeal form to hide in the shadows of objects of living things, size is unimportant in the Shadows that she can hide in. Time being in there is generally undefined, but she needs to come out to maintain the corporeal form..A mass of malleable darkness which she can channel to various effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance. Vex being born of succubi kind also gives her the tinge of seduction.Her powers in this area consist of her being able to charms creatures with some success.She has a constant alluring aura which makes it all the more easy to enchant another creature.However a weakness to her would be any power source of light that is the exact opposite from darkness,[say a magic elf's control over solar energies or white magic.]Also she can sub-come to an incubus or any creature with the power to charm,depending on their will.Also voice has the effect of hypnotism, seemingly making it hard to resist her, she can easily have you at her mercy.

Weapon(s): Scythe [one in the picture.]
Personality: Vex is often seen with a doll on her shoulder who she is constantly trying to keep out of trouble.Vex can come off as cold and harsher than the bitter winds that blow with blizzards,she tells the cruel truth and without a doubt does not stand for arguing.Vex knows no fear and does things without any doubts or hesitations-- one thing she's known for. Under that hard crunchy an even harder and crunchier exterior one that is hard to penetrate due to her mistrust of the general public . Though she has a soft spot for a certain few so maybe its not so hard and crunchy...Maybe. She is a puzzle to be put together, and vicious like that of a feral dog if you nick her nerves enough.Vex is not the talkative type, she likes to keep things to herself. But she will talk if she is required to, always responds to question without hesitation-- now how she answers it is a total different subject. She is a mystery, not liking the idea of giving a straight answer...Likes to keep things as a mystery much like herself.

Short Bio: As far back as she should remember BlueRose,before the 'Glassing' was only but a mere shadling as her father called her anyway,but she was old enough to understand the dealings of Trium.Creatures lived and died,others came and went.She had seen enough death to last her three life times ,but she never grew tired of a good fight.Her father,a highly powerful veteran shade demon who lived his life in the city Dreylien brought her up with an innocent nature ,but she was never at peace with herself.Vex came to develop herself to try and balance that peace that was growing into a war within,her intellect became that of a scholar and that of an strategist which gave her more of an advantage in difficult situations,all this she learned when she would often study with her father .But she longed for the kill,there was always a desire,a need...And she in the end gave in due to the destruction ,her innocence was losing the fight when she herself had to put her father out of his misery.That was her first taste of the kill,which her father tried to keep her from. Vexrei was constantly battling with herself after that.But after the destruction the battling had halted for she had ended up killing others in her panic to survive.She was one with her soul,and her innocence spirited from her like it was never there to begin with.But due to her having to kill to survive she was still in a sense traumatized she ended up blocking out her past,and remembering none of it.Vex left the city Fae ,where she had fled to and took place for where she truly belonged,Dredlin.Vex took up bounty hunting,staking her claims to the most dangerous jobs around Trium satisfying her dark desire and is famed for her work.With nightmares,or reoccurring visions of things that happened in her past haunting her with flashes,she seeks to find the truth,but really to bring peace.

Extra: Looking for someone to watch her back.

Name:Agony Havoc
Race:Night Elf
Personality: Little 'Miss' Havoc is hardly lady like, the thing is loud and childish and likes to rip off her dress yelling inappropriate things , and on top of all that the thing cusses like a sailor. The only thing lady like about it is the purple dress wrapped around it's small body. Though the thing is a hassle for Vex, she adores her for some odd reason.With Agony always clinging to the dark fiend like a child does it's mother,a twisted yet loving bond has grown between them. But the small doll is truly an evil little thing,as it helps with the murdering of Vex's victims.
Truly odd to say the least.'She' is a male!

Bio: Agony had once been in a Night Elf form,being the blood thirsty being he was he once night was out for blood that his much purer brethren too much disgust in.While outside of city walls he had come across a Magic Elf and it was one of particular dark practice.A Necro Elf.During battle Agony had nearly lost his life but it was spared with a curse to follow behind,imprisonment to wander the world of Trium as a doll.If life was a Jester this would be the cruelest joke of all.In his imprisonment he could not serve out his ways and live a normal life and as a fragile doll he was seen as a child's toy,thrown about this way and that.Luckily Fate gave him a way out of soaked days and crying children,by chance a woman by the name of Vexrei had come to lay her blade to the parents for some reason unknown to Agony.In his desperate situation he revealed himself to her and she hesitantly took him in,but she had a soft kindness to her that he had never seen in any creature that is not part of the City Fae,she under some conditions agreed to help restore him to his former glory.