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  1. IC Thread ~ Coming soon!!

    "Breaking News! What appears to be angels have been spotted falling from the night sky!" The television chattered from the store windows attracting the attention of several passers. Minus one of course. A teenager in a black trench coat made his way down the street, ignoring the shocking story while everyone else whipped themselves into a frenzy. "Angels? On Earth?" He could hear the whispers. He kept walking through the throng of astonished people, keeping his red eyes trained on his destination. The church.

    "Believers, look up! Take courage, the angels are nearer than you think...."

    The priest cried out, arms up in the air with his face turned towards the sky. He was met with a dark chuckle. "That's not a good thing..." Everyone in the church turned around to see the dark figure of the boy leaning in the door way.
    "Did you ever have a second thought about what you were praying too..?" He asked, stepping into the isle and letting the door slam behind him.

    The church goers looked at him with wide eyes. "Blasphemer!" The priest cried, pointing at the teenager with an accusing finger. He just continued to laugh.

    "Me? Blasphemer?" He chuckled, raising an eyebrow above an eerily glowing red eyes. "Do you have any idea who your talking too, old man?" He asked, coming to a halt in the center of the church. Before the priest could utter another word against the boy, black, feathered wings sprouted from his back.

    To say that jaws dropped would be an understatement. "This.." He said, motioning to himself. His gothic attire complete with chains and spikes, the black trench coat and combat boots. "This is what walks among you. Did you ever think it's not a good thing that we're here? We're warriors of god and we're here for a reason. That doesn't mean you're necessarily gonna like that reason...." He laughed again before disappearing in a swirl of shadows.

    Once they snapped out of their shock, the church goers rushed off to find news reporters. It was true. The angels were here. The question now was why.


    "Whenever God needs to punish someone, he sends an example. But, whenever God needs a killing, he sends an angel. Imagine what a creature like that is like... A whole existence spent praising your god, but always having one wing dipped in blood. Would you ever really want to see an angel?"

    ~Character Sheets~
    Age~ (How old they look. C'mon people. They're Angels!)
    Race~ (Angel, Nephilim, Human. Period. That's it.)
    Back Story~
    Special Ability~ (Aside from basics.)
    Angel Weapon~ (Only angels and nephilim. Only One.)
    ~Archangels List~
    Michael ~ Sanctus
    Raphael ~ MaskedMyth
    Gabriel ~ Free
    Uriel ~ Free
    Damiel ~ Myself
    Raziel ~ Free
    Azrael ~ Princess Poisoned Rose
    Chamuel ~ Free
    ~The Basics~

    Every Angel comes equipped with:

    1) Halo ~ Used for fighting as well as decorative purposes. Are very sharp. Handle with caution. Damage at own risk.

    Wings ~ Minimum number (2) Maximum number (6) Used for flight or other creative purposes. Feathers are very soft and worth a lot of money.

    (1) Angel Weapon ~ Could be any weapon. Unique to each angel. An extension of their soul. Damage at own risk.

    (1) Brain ~ At least we hope.

    Every Angel has the power to:

    Teleport ~ Pretty much explains itself. Disappear from one place, reappear somewhere else.

    Purify ~ Again, explains itself.

    Angel Radio ~ Communicate through mind. Pretty cool sometimes, others you just wish they'd all shut up.



    Name~ Damiel Damien Demented
    Age~ 21
    Gender~ Male
    Race~ Archangel
    Personality~ Damiel Damien is very straight to the point. He is a smart ass who can be quite rude at times. Most people find it hard to believe that he's an angel because of the way he behaves and conducts himself. He enjoys a good fight or argument and is overly cocky and confident about his skills. He despises his angel name and instead gave himself a name more fitting for a demon than an angel. One of his favorite hobbies is scaring the crap out of humans by appearing in dark alley ways at night with his black wings fully outstretched. He is very protective of his little brother, often throwing huge tantrums that threaten the very existence of whatever town they happen to be in at that time if any harm comes to his brother in the slightest. Hell, heaven is even afraid of him sometimes when he's angry. It's the only time when he can use his full power. It's not that he can't use it. It's that he doesn't really know how to. Most of his powers, along with the knowledge on how to use them, is locked away in his mind.
    Back Story~ Not much is unknown about Damiel Damien. It is known that he is an arch angel. It is known that he is the brother of Uriel. It is also known that he doesn't much get along well with Dakota. That's about it other than he's a holy terror. Most of his past is sealed away somewhere in that perplexing mind of his for only certain people to know about or remember. I suppose, everything is uncovered with time though, no?
    Special Ability~ Shadows. Everything Damien does is more based in shadows and darkness than in purity. This is an oddity based solely around him. He is also one of the most powerful Archangels when made, often accidentally unraveling space and time itself around him. Only when he's mad though. He also has a soul familiar named Misty. She is a black cat with red eyes and no matter how many times she scratches him for it, he insists on calling her "Kitty".
    Angel Weapon~ Scythe.

    Name~ Dakota Rayne
    Age~ 19
    Gender~ Female
    Race~ Nephilim
    Personality~ Can anyone say temper? If ever there was a temper to rival Damien's, it would be Dakota's. She understands the word 'patience' about as much as he does as well. She doesn't like to be wrong or lose. Losing is definitely something she hates. She absolutely can not stand to lose to anyone. Well, there are a couple of exceptions to that. Damien is definitely not one of them. She hates him with a passion. It was hate at first sight. No one really knows why either. They just kind of have it out for each other. Dakota is confident in her abilities and rightfully so. She has invested several years into perfecting the art of sword play. She often carries several swords on her being. One in particular is her favorite. We'll get to that later though. She is a very dedicated person, often pouring her all into anything she puts her mind to. Which is another thing. Once she sets her mind to something, there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of pulling her from that course of action.
    Back Story~ Everything started out normal for Dakota. She was a human, she lived a normal life. Well, until she found out that her father was one of the angels. Then things kind of hit the fan. That's all that's really known about her history.
    Special Ability~ Amazing at swordplay.
    Angel Weapon~ Flaming sword gifted to her by her father.

    Name~ Ambriel
    Age~ 20
    Gender~ Female
    Race~ Angel
    Personality~ Ambriel is very.... well, clueless for lack of a better term. She doesn't know a lot about human culture and is constantly screwing it up or asking for help. It doesn't help matters that she's a complete and total clutz. Despite her shortcomings, she is very kind, gentle, and an all around sweet person.
    Back Story~ Ambriel is a rather young angel, being only around 100 years old, and has rarely been let out of Heaven, let alone another angels sight for very long. The falling is her first time being on her own, and she's not handling it very well.
    Special Ability~ Abilities of the mind, including telepathic with humans and telekinesis.
    Angel Weapon~ A small dagger with a pearl white handle.​



    #1. Obvious. No god-modding. Yes, there is a god in this RP, that doesn't mean you're him.

    #2. There is nothing higher than an Arch Angel. I repeat, there is a god, it isn't you.

    #3. This is set in MODERN TIME. Please do well to remember this in your bio. If I read something of biblical proportions set in god only know what time period, and your anything lower than an Arch Angel, prepare for my shit to flip.

    #4. You are not an Arch Angel. Period. There will be a list of Arch Angels in the sign-ups. If you want to be one of them, fine. If not, no Arch Angel for you. Simple.

    #5. Please note that in this RP you may be an angel, a half-angel (Nephilim), or a human. If I see a single fairy, elf, neko, demon, godling, etc.. Once again, my shit will flip.

    #6. Yes, there is hell. No, demons are not involved. No, you can not be Lucifer and get them involved.

    #7. Damn, shit, ass, etc... If you don't like it, don't continue because there is going to be much more of it in the future. Especially with Damien around. He doesn't understand the words "Disney Filter" and neither to I.

    #8. Respect the other people. If your character wants to bitch slap another character and cuss them out, go right ahead. If you want to bitch slap another person and cuss them out, take it out of the thread and preferably to a moderator. I'm not going to handle your petty arguments. At least not nicely.

    #9. Literacy. Learn the word. Love it. Because I do. I'm not going to go all grammar Nazi on you, just please... please... respect the English language... After all. Good grammar is the difference between helping you Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse. I will behave. Until i 2ee 2hiit liike thii2. OR SHIT LIKE THIS. I do not want to feel like I am being screamed at through text. I, however, will not murder you for one or two misspellings. Everyone makes mistakes. I understand this. Just, like I said. Please don't abuse the English language. It is a beautiful thing.

    #10. One liners are the enemy. Can we have at least a paragraph? Is that too much to ask? If I see a single sentence post, I will go beyond flipping my shit. I understand writer's block is a common issue, just please don't drop below three sentences.

    #11. If you have read these rules in their complete glory, please put "Angels are Among Us" in your character sheet. If I do not see this, you do not get accepted. Plain and simple. I will tell you that you can have a place once you've read the rules.

    #12. I know there are a lot of rules, but bare with me. I'm trying to prevent stupidity before it happens and we can prevent many shit flippings and problems this way. If the problem is in the rules before it occurs, than I might not have to repeat it twenty two times in the posts below. Trust me, it's happened before.

    #13. All characters must be approved by me before joining the role play. This is to prevent stupidity and, once more, to prevent shit flippings.

    #14. This role play is NOT for children. 18+ PLEASE. I expect there to be cursing ((see above)), violence, and maybe other things. I am not getting kicked over a child seeing this. Simple.

    #15. This is the end. This isn't really a rule, it's more of a guide line... I wanted to end on a multiple of five. Sue me. Anyways. Don't make more characters than you can handle. If you can handle three, good for you, if you can't and you know it, don't try.​
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  2. Name- Sam
    Age- 23
    Gender- Male
    Race- human
    Personality- Sam has suicidal tendencies and wonders why he still lifes. After that, his mood can change on how he is feeling or doing at the time. He has a tendency to talk about time and looking up and talking to god or looking down ant talking to the other guy.
    Back Story- He left home do to all the fight him and his family did. He new that if he stayed there he would had kill himself or tried to kill his family. So, he left to find a better life and found out that the world was no better then his home. When he failed at killing himself several time, he decided to yet again walk around the world trying to find an answer. "Why do we life." Few year past and he still have not found it.
    angels are among us
    Special Ability-
  3. Approved.
    I'm not posting the IC thread until we get more people though.
  4. OK. How many do we need?

  5. Name: Markus Simmons
    Age: 26
    Race: Nephilim
    Personality: he's a cynical guy, he cares for no one, whether they be angel or human, mostly from the fact no one cared about him. He seems to be always relaxed, as if he sees nothing around him as a threat, not even the angels. Finally, he's blunt he will tell someone the truth about he feels about them, no matter how much it will hurt them.
    Backstory: His father was an angel, who when being chased down by the angels to take his son left him with Markus's mother. However, his mother quickly developed a bad case of depression and drove her car off a bridge with Markus inside the car when he was 8. He managed to escape the sinking car but his mother died. He spent the next years on his home, going from foster home to foster home, but he would always escape and they'd find him back in his old house even when a new family was living in it. He lived like this until he was 18 when he was allowed to leave the foster homewhcih he quickly did. At this point he had learned of his father and what he was and began to seek out more answers, learning all of his powers on his own until 26 when the fall happened, now he just moves from town to town, avoiding the angels.
    Special abilities: he's able to manipulate fire, actually caused a few fires in his foster home
    Angel Weapon: chain link
    Angels are among us
  6. Name~ Petrial. Goes by the nickname of Knight Angel, much to his annoyance.
    Age~ Appears to be around twenty-one years old, though boyish looking. In actual fact he is two thousand years old.
    Gender~ Male.
    Race~ Angel.
    Halo~ Blue, made of electricity. Can be used as a chakram, like most other halos. Can also be used in combination with his ability to expel electrical energy in bursts.
    Wings~ A pair of two wings, both black with a blue underlining.
    Personality~ Calm. Sure of himself but over confident. Quiet, having little need of words other than to tell other angels their sins and their punishment. Takes very little enjoyment from anything. For that matter he doesn't feel anything, other than a divine righteousness to continue judging fallen angels. Shows a mild annoyance for pests (humans) and a similar annoyance when called "Knight Angel".
    Back Story~ Before the fall, in Heaven, he had a very specific role. Petrial was a judge who specifically judged fallen angels. His ability, to store energy and unleash it from his halo or his glaive (his weapon of choice), allowed him to execute those who had been given the death sentence. Since the fall he has been lost. With no purpose but to hunt down the other fallen angels and either execute them for descending from Heaven or restore them to grace once again. He has yet to learn of a way for restoring an angel back to Heaven, so he executes them for disobeying God's commands. Such is his nature.
    Special Ability~ Capable of storing up energy from a variety of sources. This energy can then be released in an electrical discharge from his glaive or from his halo.
    Angel Weapon~ A glaive made of black metal. Can be used to expel electrical energy in bursts.

    "Angels are Among Us"
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  7. Name~








    Back Story~

    Special Ability~

    Angel Weapon~

    Reaper Scythe


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  8. A couple questions.
    1. I was just wondering if this was still open?
    2. I feel like this is a dumb question, but I'm assuming the special abilities are for angels only? Correct me if I'm wrong though~
  9. Do I repost my Muse here?
    And is there a link to the Thread where we rp?
  10. Evening, if possible I would like to claim Michael's spot. I will put together a profile soon.
  11. @Yorika Yes, it's still opened. I just vanished for a little while since I was spending time with my siblings before they went back to school. And that would be correct. Well, Angels and Nephilim, actually.

    @Secret Angel Yeah pretty much. And not quite yet. I'm holding off for a few more people.

    @Sanctus Alright. Consider him reserved ^.^
  12. [​IMG]
    Present Incarnation

    Past Incarnation

    Name: Micheal
    Alias: Layth
    Age: Looks early twenties, actually centuries old.
    Race: Angel
    Halo: Crimson, cackles with righteous flame. When transformed into his past incarnation the flames transform into a brighter azure hue. Micheal's halo serves as a link of power for himself, adding on more energy then he already has. He can also transform the halo into a buckler to use in defense, once struck by anything the buckler transfers that force into a blow he can deliver back later.
    Wings: Ivory in color, gold undertones.

    Personality: Outwardly stoic, serious and to the point, Micheal believes in getting things done quickly and efficiently. Although most angels view humans as annoyances, Micheal instead views them as family, younger siblings he must protect. He is a very caring and just man with a innate passion for striking down wicked beings. He is perhaps too caring... And this is a fault that has betrayed him before.

    Back Story: Before the fall Saint Micheal, who was the chief protector of humans and angels alike found that the world was just. With no sin, no evil, he had no work. A soldier without the need to fight, there could be nothing better. Yet, like most things this would pass. Lucifer, Micheal's close friend and ally grew tired of god's favoritism for the first human's he create. Lucifer rebelled, and in doing so took half of heaven with him. This broke Micheal's heart, to see his close friend fall so low... To see his brother become someone that he now had to bring to justice.

    Leading the heaven's military, Micheal met Lucifer on the battlefield of earth, and it was there that he struck down his friend. About to deliver the final blow, something stopped Micheal... His love for Lucifer. The stabbed the blade into the earth nest to Lucifer's head, giving Lucifer enough time to retaliate. Lucifer summoned up his strength and cast Micheal aside before escaping into his new domain, Hell.

    Time passed and Micheal was left with a sense of emptiness he could not fill... He himself was cast down to reasons he does not wish to explain, perhaps in time.

    Special Ability:

    -Holy Flame-
    Ability to control Holy Flame, a fire that torches those with wicked intent, mostly demons and the unholy. Once activated the fire will spread consuming any evil it touches until there is nothing but ash... That uses Micheal's own energy and can drain him heavily.

    Layth can revert back to his much more powerful past incarnation Micheal, but doing so requires a lot of energy and will leave Layth unable to fight for the next couple of hours. In this form he is stronger, faster, more durable and is able to wield Virtus Leo.

    Angel Weapon: Virtus Leo (Might of the lion), a crimson scimitar that inflicts grievous wounds against the unholy.
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  13. Thank you very much! Still waiting on more takers?
  14. Is Raphael still open???
  15. Name~ Raphael
    Age~ Looks 24, but is actually centuries old.
    Gender~ Male
    Race~ Angel
    Bright white. His halo is made from the fire of the Holy Spirit. It also helps with his defending ability. His wings are made from the same.
    Raphael is normally quite silent. He speaks his mind though and when his Father asks him too. Speaking his mind isn't always a good thing since he doesn't have a filter and just says whatever he wants. It's why he mostly keeps quiet or gives short answer. It keeps him out of trouble.
    Raphael doesn't like humans. They're stupid and annoying. They cry out to God and then they "fuck up"; like Lucifer always used to say. Raphael tries to stay away from them, only goes to them if the Father tells him too which is more than he would like. But he loves his Father and hold his complaints. He loves to please his Father after all.
    Back Story~
    Raphael is the angel of healing. His name also means "God heals" or "God, please heal". Before the fall God would send him to heal and keep humans safe from demons send by his brother Lucifer. He wasn't like Michael who was the warrior, he was the medic, not that he minded. He gladly helped his angelic brethren, humans though, not so much.
    Special Ability~
    (The time a wound needs to heal depends on the severity. The worse the wound is, the longer it takes to heal)
    Defense shield
    He can put a defense shield up with the power from his halo, but he can't use his healing power at the same time. The bigger the shield,the more fragile it is.
    Angel Weapon~
    A long silver chain with two sharp blades at the ends.

    Angels amongst us
    Sorry if it's not the best. On my phone^^

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