The World Ends With You: Another Day {IC}

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  1. Introduction

    Ahh Shibuya in the evening. What a beautiful sight. For everyone this just means another day. Another day in the busy city. Nothing to worry about other than their own thoughts. That's how the realground, or real world, Shibuya works. Not at care in the world. However, the underground is much different. Today marked the next beginning of the seven day long game. Who the players would be, as usual, were picked out one by one by the workers of the underground. Their deaths were inevitable.

    Their bodies laid distant from each other along the Shibuya scramble crossing. There, thousands of people venture through the busy city. Try to speak to them if you wish. None can hear you. None will respond. Interaction between the underground and the realground only take place in shops and stores. Out in the open is not acceptable. That is how the game get's you. You wish you could ask someone for help but unfortunately, you do not exist. Not in their plane at least. As all the players begin to come too, an odd since of danger begins to fill the air. They are not alone.

    Each player is presented with a black and white skull pin. This being proof that they are legal players of the reapers game. It is instructed that no direct attacks will take place the first day. However, the noise are still about. The first mission has yet to be announced. Welcome one and all to the game. Play it safe. Play it cool.

    Kaya Miyuki


    Kaya nervously paced back and forth. Today was the day! Oh how she locked forward to this. For so long she had been hidden away. No one to see except those she commanded. Today was different, how ever. Today she would be able to interact with anyone she wanted without her work interfering. It was like the first day of school for her. She could make so many new friends. Hopefully they wouldn't be too scared to enjoy there time here. She squealed happily as she spun around.

    "Oh Sato, how do my clothes look? Is my make-up ok? Is my hair frizzing?" She said as she adjusted her attire. Oh yes, she had forgotten what her more human form had appeared to be. Her true form, well, that was what everyone was use to seeing. But this, this was her. Her old self at least. She had forgotten what great fashion sense she had. How silly! She stopped her spinning and smiled giving a innocent look to her conductor. A part of her didn't know if trusting everything to him for the week was a good idea but what could she do? A bet was a bet.

    "No remember Sato, don't do anything I wouldn't do. Make sure the game master takes it easy for the first day and gives something like finding a partner as the first mission. Also, the reapers have to be low maintenance the first day as well. Also-" Her ramblings went on and on as if she were a mother leaving her child at home for the first time. Could you blame her? Being stuck in that room was all she knew and now this was a new beginning. It was a shame so much of her power had to be handed over though. She could miss it, temporarily. She sighed. "I'll be texting you through out the days so try not to miss me too much ok~?" She said while turning towards the opening. There, she would make her way to the scramble. She took a deep breath and smiled. This was going to be fun.

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  2. Screams. Noises. Pain. Then silence. These were her last memories before she woke up at a seemingly empty space. There was no one, and nothing, except for herself. She looked around, wondering what had happened, until she met another figure. He... no she... they (?) spoke to her, asking her if she wanted to continue her game called life. She was first struck with surprise, then fear. She was... dead? She refused to believe it, but the place she was at and the figure she was talking to proved otherwise. She thought silently for a moment, and agreed. When they explained the price and asked her once more for confirmation, she took another moment to think, and agreed once again.

    She will pay the price to fight for a second chance.

    The next thing she knew, she was right in front of her body and a crowd of people. She watched as the police questioned the people who were confused. Everyone had no clue why they were there, and who the victim was. She understood that she could no longer turn back, and felt her head spin and her heart speed up. Fear had crept up on her and she felt afraid, her body shivering ever so slightly. She decided that she couldn't watch it any further and walked away from the crowd, finding herself in an empty street. She stared at her reflection and studied herself. She didn't seem any different, and she somehow still had her microphone and its wire, only that it was coiled up and hung at her waist like a lasso. She also noticed a badge that was pinned on the left side of her chest, a badge that was in the shape of a skull. She sighed and tried to relax herself, the fear eating her up from the inside. She had no idea what to do for now, so she wandered, looking for someone else who maybe could give her an idea on what's going on.

    She continued walking around the streets, watching the people go through their normal lives. She had noticed that no one can see her nor hear her, making her feel quite lonely. She then proceeded to take a deep breath and say goodbye to the city that she used to know, and prepared herself to embark on a journey to get her life back.
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  3. M a y b e ______________ s o m e d a y _______________ y o u ' l l
    U N D E R S T A N D__W H Y
    e v e r y t h i n g____ y o u____ t o u c h ____s u r e l y ____d i e s.

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    Welcome to hell kids.

    Olivia couldn't find it in herself to care much about the odd normalities that occurred within the game, seeing that she's already been through such things herself. At this point, she was just waiting for further instructions from the Game Master himself, but otherwise, she was pretty darn bored. Now, what was a little reaper to do? Would she have to keep playing the antagonists of this game over and over? There's nothing wrong with that of course, those in the game needed to see what life really was. Not something that they could just throw away, but this was a lie. Frankly, she couldn't care less about how others viewed life. Seeing that the girl so easily threw away her life to become a reaper, she was only promised that she'd be able to witness more and more reactions. That moment naivety turns into despair and hopelessness.. That's what she signed up for. Pray tell that this week's batch of suckers would satisfy her, lest she would willingly have those players erase her without a second thought.

    Hah. This makes you wonder why someone so willing to throw away her life would win in the Reaper's game.

    It was probably just to mess with people.. If anything, she would think that she's best suited to be a demon for her deeds. If, of course, demons were a thing.

    Slender arms wrapped around the body of a hooded plush that she personally sewn herself out of pure boredom. Perhaps it would have been cute if not for the huge foreshadowing of being a reaper were showcased through it. A bandaged face that was affected by heterochromia, the result being a single red eye paired beautifully with a burnt golden iris. Ah, yes. Wasn't today, day one? That would mean that she would have to attack a couple of players once they get their mission. Ughh.. If only the game master would hurry it up already. Certainly there were other lesser reapers like herself she could ask in order to learn the ropes of it all, but Olivia wasn't the most social child of the bunch. "Hurry it up old man.." She grumbled, the petite girl crossing her legs on the edge of the roof top. Olivia looked down on the crowded streets below, the chattering of people. Pray that these players weren't going to be idiots.

    Her golden locks were flowing in the breeze, with near lifeless sapphire eyes scanning the area around her in hopes that some player won't be too surprised and try to hop off the roof for whatever stupid reason. Even if they tried that, they probably won't die. Summoning Noise.. Was something that she would be needing to practice. She was, after all, a new reaper.

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  4. "Hey, brother."


    "Ah, it's nothing. Don't worry about it."


    "This is nice, is all. I'm sorry it's so sappy, but I love you, bro."


    In the dark and dirty alleyway, Tomo stirred, opening her eyes to see what was going on. Her glasses were on the ground next to her, and on her lap was her game console. She shifted and something fell from her hand. A pin with a skull on it, and it didn't seem too strange at first glance, but she pinned it to her shirt, knowing that it was a part of this Game. What strange rules.

    She put away her game, and picked up her glasses to put them on and inspect the area. Same dirty alley she died in, unsurprising. She stood up to brush the dirt off, and moved out onto the street. A few passerby were walking, but they didn't seem phased by her appearance. Who would; she was a nobody in life. In death it was more so, according to the rules, people couldn't see them at all.

    Tomo waved her hand in front of some businessman's face and he didn't stop walking. She left him alone, walking out to somewhere more full of people. More than likely, she'd find someone to make an alliance with there, as more often than not the more people there are, the more likely someone died. So far, the rules were unclear, their objectives were... less than descriptive, and the only thing she had to go on was instinct.

    Something fell out of her pocket. Tomo turned to grab it before it got trampled, and managed to snag it out of the air. She celebrated her victory, only to notice that she was in the picture with three other people. A boy a few years older than her, and a couple of older people. When she tried to focus on the image, her mind filled with static.

    "Pfft, whatever," she said as she tucked the picture back into her pocket. "If they were important, then I wouldn't have forgotten them, I think."

    Still, racking her brain proved fruitless, all she remembered was going to school, and sitting alone at her desk, eating her bento. Playing whatever game she hadn't beaten yet that week.

    A sense of loneliness asked her if it was worth coming back to life if she'd wasted it like that.

    Whatever. She pulled out her game and sat down to play, knowing she'd be undisturbed until whatever happened, happened. More than likely someone would come bug her, if they could see her. Tomo briefly wondered if she could stick out a leg and trip someone, but she doubted it.

    She turned back to saving the princess in her game, and the sound of eight bit music played as she effortlessly tapped at her game, the motions almost memorized.
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  5. "Don't you want to save her?" The only thing Azuma remembered about the person whom the voice belonged to was that toothy grin, as if taunting him. Was it wrong of him to want to save her? Maybe it was.

    He woke up in the middle of a town square, flat on his back. He looked up to see the building towering over him, a bitter grin on his face. "C'mon, forcing me to wake up where I died... man, our parents must be devastated at this point." He reached out to his side, grasping hold of the pin with the skull symbol on it. This was his proof of participating in this "game".

    He patted his pockets to see what he would have in there, ending up with a picture in his hands. It was a picture of himself with an arm around a girl. Somehow, he felt that this girl was important to him, but when he looked at the picture, trying to make out her face, it was blurry. His head filled with static as the memories of her flooded his mind. He wished that he knew who she was, but he couldn't remember it.

    He tried to remember what had happened when he was pacing through the streets. He'd gone to school like always, although begrudgingly. The day had been nothing special. He came home, and... he remembered his parents. They were making these faces, like their lives had just been shattered. He didn't remember what they said to him. He remember storming out of the door, and then... what?

    "I guess it's part of this game to forget why you died..." Azuma had killed himself. He knew as much. He ran to the very top of that building and threw himself off the edge. But he had no memory of what had driven him to do it. When he tried to recall it, it slipped from his grasp, covered in static. He eyed the skull pin in his hand, deciding to pin it on his jacket.

    After a few more moments of standing around, he decided that it was too boring for him and started walking. He noticed quickly that he was invisible to the average citizen. He wasn't too bothered by this fact, though, deciding to make the most of his alone time by pacing around without having to mind people's stares and the guys he would probably end up fighting. He had brawled quite a bit in his high school years, beating up anyone who wanted a piece of him. He had never once lost a fight.

    But now none of those bastards were even looking in his direction. Quite relaxing.

    "Huh, I didn't know being dead would be this pleasant."
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Sebastian Salvatorez
    Location: On top of a building in Shibuya
    Activity: Musing Internally/Speaking with Olivia
    Mentions/Interactions: @Cinnamon Bun

    The breeze that began flowing atop the buildings of Shibuya was nice. Sebastian was currently standing on the very same roof that held Olivia, but he had yet to make his presence known. Rather than get right into the mission giving to these new players, he took a moment to size up the new Reaper he'd be ordering around. She may have been small and petite, but her attitude made up for her lack of size. There was something about her that struck something in Sebastian. Maybe this new recruit had potential. Well... We'll just have to see how well she handles all of this.

    Taking a few steps forward, he appeared next to the girl, standing precariously on the edge of the building. "I do ever so hope that 'old man' remark wasn't meant for me," he joked as well as he could with his very monotone and emotionless voice.

    Day One: One of the most fun days for Sebastian as Game Master. While he may not have his emotions anymore, he still remembered what they felt like. And the happenings of Day One were the ones he assumed would make him feel happiness or joy.

    "The new Players should all be waking up. I suppose it's time for a Mission, no?" He asked out loud, mainly to himself as he walked to a different side of the building. "Hmm.. Perhaps I'll be nice. Make this Mission just to find their partner; it's amusing to watch them all scramble around frantically as the clock wears down." Deciding on what he was going to do for today, he walked back over to Olivia. "As you know, there can be no direct attacks by the Noise today. But, that doesn't mean there can't be an abundance of them as kind of.... roadblocks. Today will be a good day to practice your Noise summoning. You'll need to have that almost perfected within the first few days, lest you be a step behind the other Reapers."

    A soft sigh left the pale lips of Sebastian. "Maybe I'll wait just a bit longer. Make sure all of them are awake. But soon, very soon," he began as he stared out over the entirety of Shibuya, "shall the fun begin."
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  7. ARATA

    #BB0000 Shibuya(Underground/The Ring, where he died) Player #3 Lucky Boxing Gloves N/A
    While other people might talk about having an out-of-body experience, Arata actually was having one. He was staring at his body in the Ring; his manager/coach had ran into it to see what what was wrong with him. There was nothing that could be done to save him, he was already gone... or was he? He didn't know what to make of it when a group of mysterious figures came to him and told him that if he played some game, and won, he might be able to come back to life. He would have a second chance at life. The only downside, that he knew about, was that he had to give up something very special of his. He would only get it back if he won. He WILL win and that's that.

    Arata was fully motivated to win the entire thing and get back to the real world. Someway, somehow; he would finish what he started and he would become the greatest Boxer ever. He also wanted to see and hold his mother again. He knew that without him she probably wouldn't be able to go on with her own life. He didn't want to see her suffer because he's gone. Whatever it took; Arata was willing to do anything to get his life back. He doesn't trust any of those mysterious people and he knows that they would probably love to see him fail. He wasn't a failure and he DEFINITELY wasn't going to start now.

    He didn't know what to do, but he did find a badge in the shape of skull pinned to his bright red boxing shorts. "If I knew I was going to die in the ring, I would've wore a damn shirt." He shook his head. He would be half-naked the whole time; that was going to be just great. "What do I do now?" Scratching the back of his head, he looked around at his surroundings. Nothing stood out and it looked like no one else around him could see or hear him. If he didn't move around and find something or someone else that was dead soon, Arata knew he would start to freak out. Fixing his lucky gloves, that laid on his shoulders now that he removed them from his hands; he started moving forward. He didn't know where he was going, but it was always smart to keep moving forward and out of the Boxing Area.

    No One​
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