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  1. (1960s)
    Charles sat silently at his table. He watched the black and white screen that sat on his counter,some stupid romance.

    The voices coming from the screen hummed softly and mumbled the scripted words. It was getting terribly late, to the point where the shows were boring.

    Charles ears rang as his doorbell made it's high pitched noise. He sat up from his chair and left the tv running.

    He opened the door. His porch light lighting up charles face. Charles' weak grin and curly black hair, his hazel eyes that glared. His eyes. Everybody hated his wolf-like eyes.

    "...can I help you?"
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  2. Her hair was wind blown and eyes fierce as she held onto her bleeding hip. "I'm sure you can." Hazel murmured.

    "I just need some alcohol and then I'll be out of your hair." Hazel had been watching this man and had determined that he did not seem dangerous, at least compared to his neighbors. One of them had been having some sort of argument and there was no sound from the other house.

    Right now he seemed to be the only one up and the only one who might actually help her without forcing her to go to the hospital.

    (If you don't like any of this just let me know and I can change it :)
  3. (Recently I changed Charles gender identity to agender, so please use they/their/them/themselves when charles is being referred to.)

    "...fine." Charles stiffened up.
    They walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer.

    "Is beer fine?" Charles was still spelt oval of who they were dealing with.
  4. (Will do, If I slip up let me know)

    "I suppose, though vodka or wiskey would work better." She admitted as they walked in. "It's not for drinking, I just need to clean my wound."

    Hazel figured that information would help out. She was curious as to why no questions were asked about her. It also seemed almost to easy to get into the house.
  5. "Oh, I have a medical kit." Charles ran to their bathroom and pulled out a small plastic box.

    They returned to the living room, wondering where she got the wound.
    "Are you sure you just need alcohol? That's a pretty deep gash..." Charles said.
  6. She smiled tightly. "It will heal soon, I just can't have the dirt in it." As she stood there some of her blood dripped onto the floor. "Perhaps I should clean it off in a sink or a bathroom? I don't want to ruin your carpet."

    Hazel frowned at the blood drip and then looked back up, into the eyes that reminded her of a wolf.
  7. "Ah,no it's fine." They said, examining here with their eyes.

    "You want help getting to the bathroom?" They asked, sort of worried.
  8. Hazel shook her head. "It's fine, thank you for the supplies. I'll leave once I'm done and you can finish the program you were watching." She reached for the first aid kit with her free hand and started to limp to the bathroom, where they had come from.

    The place looked nice, more tidy than she was expecting. Hazel was slow to make it to the bathroom, but once she was there she sighed in relief. Finally she would be able to take care of the cut.

    As she lifted up her shirt and poured on some hydrogen peroxide a hiss left her lips. "Dammit, it's deeper than it should be." Hazel muttered, closing her eyes before looking for a needle in the kit. She would need to stitch herself up.
  9. "You need stitches? That thing is ridiculously deep." Charles said from the living room.
  10. "Yeah, do you think you could heat up the needle for me?" Hazel needed to make sure it was sterile, if it wasn't then it wouldn't heal like it should.

    She started to rinse out the wound with water as the blood pooled up and waited to see if they would come get the needle.
  11. Charles returned with a lighter, heating it.
    They stayed silent for a while as they saw the blood pooling up.
    " names charles." They handed the heated needle.
  12. She nodded and slipped the thread through the needle. "I'm Hazel." She told them, rinsing out her wound one more time before started to thread it. "I might need that beer after this." Hazel admitted with another hiss. The needle going through skin didn't hurt all that much, it was just that the skin was so tender.
  13. "How did you get it? If you don't mind me asking?" Charles asked, trying not to be rude.
  14. "A fight." She said simply as she tried to knot off the end of the stich. It wasnt that pretty or as perfect as a doctor's would be, but it would pass. "My boyfriend didn't want me to leave, but it was time to go."
  15. "Oh...I'm sorry." Charles felt a jolt go through them as she said the words.
  16. Hazel laughed. "It's fine, not a problem. He looks worse. I'm pretty sure I knocked him out with the book I hit him with. I just didn't see the knife he had in his hand." She admitted, running a hand through her knotted hair.
  17. "Do you have a place to stay?" Charles asked, they took the bloody cloth and ringed it out over the bathtub.
  18. She shook her head. "No, I figured I would just find some sort of motel. I just didn't think they would let me in with the wound."
  19. "Nobody would question, it's your business." Charles smiled as they threw the rag into the sink.
    Charles looked at the blood in their hands, sighing a bit.
    "Well, you're all cleaned up now."
  20. Hazel shrugged. "They might have thought I was trouble and not want to give me a room. Thanks for the medical things Charles, it helped." She started walking/limping towards the door, hoping there was a motel near.
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