The Wings of Fate.

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    Name: Lucas Harris
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 183cm
    Looks: (picture above)
    Personality: Lucas is usually a polite boy, but he has a very strong sense of responsibility. He is always seeking out the best outcome of everything, and he fights for people being fair. If he sees a bully, there's a pretty big chance he's going to try to stop them, even if that costs him a trip to the hospital. Thank god it hasn't gone that far yet, because he's quick on his feet and quite sneaky when it comes to avoiding fights.
    Bio: Lucas grew up in a rather large, and kind of rich, family. He has three smaller siblings, and one older who has moved out of the house. He has a little sister named Lily, who is only 3 years old, and a set of twin brothers, Michael and Joshua, who are 11. They're all very good kids and Lucas cares for them dearly. He also has an older brother named Harry who is 23. They get along very well and usually go to places together. Out of all, Lucas was the troublesome child. He was different from others, especially with this strange tattoo-like birthmark that seemed to grow with him, and his jet black hair that turned grey as silver when he was small. They went to the doctor but never figured out the cause, and Lucas refused to have his hair dyed.
    Extra: Lucas is a skilled fighter and quick on his feet, not to mention agile. He's slim of stature and doesn't look that strong, but appearances can be deceiving. He plays the piano and violin in his free time, and he loves to cook dinner with his family.

    Lucas was always the first one up in the morning. When his mother and father left early, he was to wake up Lily, Michael and Joshua from their slumber. It was easy to get Michael up, and after him followed Joshua. Lily was a little harder to get awake because she was so little, and he had to carry her out of the bedroom. His little brothers made their own breakfast as he helped Lily with hers. He got her dressed and made sure that the two boys were too. At 7:30, his older brother, Harry, showed up and picked up Lily. He waved them off and took the hands of his twin little brothers. "Okay guys, this is your first day in the new class, be nice, okay?" The school that the twins had attended had just been closed down and the twins had had to move schools because of that. He was following them to their new school that was very close to his own high school, which also made it very convenient. He set them off with another plea of them behaving, and they both hugged him before running into the school. He ran a hand through his silvery hair as he looked up at the sky. The sun was shining and it was warm and nice. He was wearing a button-up white shirt, a black vest and jet black jeans. His silver hair was swept over the left, falling in front of his eyes. He was wearing dark purple sneakers.

    Once inside the school, he almost collided with another male. Or, well, not just any random guy. It was probably Lucas' only friend, Sam. Sam was a soccer player, and he had fierce, dark red hair and brown eyes. He was a very nice guy, the energetic type that always greeted everyone and anyone with a smile. It was quite an odd pair, him and Sam. They were almost complete opposites, especially with Sam being tanned and colorful, and Lucas being light and pale. But they got along really well, and Lucas thought of Sam as another one of his siblings, as his big brother. Sam also got along quite well with Harry, because they both agreed that Lucas was the cutest being on the planet. Well, there goes annoying big brothers. Either way, this big family was looking forward to some things.

    Lucas' mom had told him about it. Some childhood friends of hers were moving to town, and they had a daughter his age. Apparently this girl was going to go to the same school as Lucas, so Lucas' family decided to invite the newcomers for dinner. He didn't even know them. At least, they hadn't seen each other when he was alive. Harry said he had a faint recalling of them, but he hadn't met them more than once or twice, when Lucas was just an infant. So they hadn't seen each other in over 15 years.. well, that was going to be some reunion. He was curious to meet the girl, though. He hadn't ever had a female friend, and he was certainly not in on the idea about getting himself a girlfriend. He was too busy with his life and his family to think about dating a girl. Of course, a lot of girls liked the mysterious charm that his hair color gave him, but he didn't seem very interested at all. He wasn't like most other boys, because of his total indifference towards girls. Sometimes people thought he was gay, but he wasn't interested in boys either, and he did think of getting a girlfriend - just not yet. He didn't want one yet.
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    Name: Maria Sylvia
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 170
    Looks: (picture above)
    Personality: Gentle and lady-like. A girl of just and always tries to prevent violence. She too has a playful side. Teasing her you her siblings out of love. She seldom gets angry, but when she does, it would be as though all hell was let loose.
    Bio: She had just returned to her hometown. Her father had been posted to work overseas since she young. Young enough to not even remember her old home and was finally able to return. She has too younger sibling, Michael and Michelle, both 10. She dotes on them and loves them very much. Her mother works as a housewife and a bakes just to make extra money, not that it's required.
    Extra: A very gentle looking girl but has just a slightly bit more athletic built. She loves to swim and very good at kicking things, even in fight(which she always prefers to avoid). She doesn't know how to play any instruments but she can sing very well. She loves to help her family out and care for her siblings. As a child, she had thought that she had a very odd shade of blonde. It wasn't golden like her parents, it was lighter. Lighter than platinum. In fact, they were simply white. And on her chest was a wing tattoo which grew with her like a birthmark. Her parents thought began to worry only to find any reason or rhyme as to why it was so from any doctors.

    It was difficult to sleep the night before. It wasn't because she had insomnia or anything, it's because she couldn't move and her body felt heavy. Why? Because, that night, her adorable little siblings had begged to sleep in her room with her. Having her siblings sleep with her was nice until they started moving around and lying on top of her.

    At least it was much easier to wake them in the morning. Breakfast was always ready for them by their mother and so was their lunch boxes. Often, she would bath with her siblings only to be scolded by her mother for taking too long in the bath.

    It was their first day of school since they arrived in the neighbourhood. She chose to ride a bike, with her brother sitting behind her and her sister in front of her. She preferred this to riding a car or walking.

    Dropping them off, she watched them walk towards the school hand in hand, nervous and excited. Two feeling mixed together. The exact feelings she was feeling as she thought of going to a new school. As she cycled towards her school, she saw a boy with hair silver like that of hers. She wanted to meet him but decided not to. She'd be late if she'd stop for even a moment and that wouldn't be good for the first day of school.

    She set her bicycle away to its rack. She wore a turquoise blouse and white knee high flowing skirt. She wasn't the type to wear heels, so she didn't and instead, she wore a pair of slipper instead. She adjusted her wing shaped clip on her hair, keeping her fringe from getting into her view as she walked towards and into the school.
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  3. Lucas wasn't the nervous type of guy, but he was timid. He didn't speak other than polite words, and he would always be nice. That was, of course, until he got himself into conflicts. He didn't like fighting, though he had the talent for it. He was always holding back, trying not to show anyone what he could truly do. Because he was stronger than he himself knew.

    And he cared dearly for his smaller siblings. He didn't want to show them violence and he had never in his life yelled at them. Because he knew it would lead to them doing the same to other people. And if they did that, Lucas wouldn't be able to forgive himself for it.

    Lucas loved winter more than summer. He was better accustomed to cold than heat, and he had to wear white all the time because it was so hot. He didn't like wearing shorts, though, but the jeans were also kind of warm to wear for him. But he really didn't want to wear shorts.

    Sam also kept asking him why he wouldn't wear shorts. But he couldn't really tell that he was self-conscious about his legs. And it was really only for one reason. They were pale and hairless. How could he not be ashamed of that? He looked so stupid and kind of girly. He felt a constant need to have his legs covered. He always wore shirts with a turtleneck or another high collar because he didn't want people to glare at his tattoo. It stood out like black paint on his pale torso. It also made him feel strangely girly. Sam decided not to ask more when Lucas shut down on him. He knew Lucas could be difficult when it came to his appearance. He really didn't seem to want to discuss it.

    Lucas came to a halt, instructing Sam to go on without him. He turned around, and a girl caught his glance. She had pale white hair, much like his own, and he simply stood there as their eyes met, not a word coming over his lips. He felt a strange connection with this unknown girl, and somehow he knew that he was going to meet her again. Something in his chest seemed to burn. He tore his gaze away from her, walking towards his class.
  4. Eyes. Eyes that seemed to follow her as she walked down the hallway. Some looked at her as though she were an angel while other thought she was weird. Why? It was the odd shade of her hair. It was a snowy white and it was long. She had though of cutting it but her family thought that it would be a waste. To see such beauty go away.

    She held her books against her chest. She knew her tattoo wouldn't be visible but she felt the need to cover it. She had always wanted to wear something that showed a little bit of her chest but felt too insecure of the tattoo. And she would often wear a scarf or muffler when the season permits it. She missed her bestfriends from her old school. They would stand up for her and made her feel normal and less insecure. They were always the ones to be by her side. They often made video calls with her in the evenings. Crystal and James were two of the most popular girls and guys and had been friends with her since childhood. To think that she still had make new frieds by herself was rather nerve wrecking.

    She entered a class which still had only a few students. She glanced around as the students murmured and whispered at her sight. She sat gracefully in the back by an open window. The curtains were open and she could feel a gentle breeze brushing her face and playing with her hair. She looked down and into a textbook as she waited for the first bell to ring.
  5. Lucas shouldn't have stared at her like that. He felt a bit ashamed of himself and ran to class, passing her in the hallway. When he reached the classroom, he ran inside and seated himself at Sam's side. The other male kept asking him questions as to what he had been doing and he just said that he had been to the toilet to stop Sam's stream of questions in his direction.

    He sighed as he sat there. He was so self-conscious. He hated when people saw sides of him that he didn't like showing, such as his tattoo. It was hard to be conscious about your chest when you were a guy. There were many instances where someone had almost seen the tattoo. He felt so ashamed of it and he wanted it to go away. It made him feel like some sort of freak that he had it. Not even Sam knew about it, only his family did and actually, out of them it was only his parents and Harry. Lucas didn't have many friends. He had only Sam and no one else that he really trusted. Of course, he got along with most but Sam was the only one who knew some things about him that others didn't. Sam had been his friend since kindergarten. Sam had saved him from a group of bullies and they'd ended up fumbling into a lake and becoming sick for a week. After that, there was no separating them. Because Sam remembered that little boy in Lucas, he was very protective of the other male. He always stood up for Lucas if someone would rake down on him, and he'd always take Lucas' side.

    They were sitting in the classroom. Lucas was sitting by the window, his eyes focused on the school yard. Until, of course, he heard the door open. He looked over and it was the girl from before. She sat just in front of him. Again he felt as if his heart was burning. And it was just around where his tattoo was, too. It was a little too strange. She had white hair and pale skin like him, and his tattoo burned whenever she was near? He didn't even want to think about what that could mean.
  6. She was too engrossed in her book to notice a girl calling out to her. When she finally noticed she smiled and spoke softly.

    "H-hi! Umm..sorry. I was just too occupied with reading. Umm...m-may I help you?" The few people that watched her with curiosity turned into staring. And for some reason, they felt embarrassed at her smile. The girl was no exception. She stared captivated for some reason until she spoke and thrust out a hand.

    "I'm Annie. And you're obviously new here. I don't think I've met you before and trust me, I've met everyone in the school"

    Marie took her hand and shook it. The girl, she liked her. She reminded Maria of Crystal with how peppy she was. Oh, how she missed the girl and James.

    "I-i'm Maria. Maria Sylvia. I had just moved here. Nice to meet you" she tilted her head slightly and smiled again which had made Annie shriek and hugged her.

    "Kyaaa!!! You are so adorable! I've decided, you are now my baby sister. My little porcelain doll!"

    "U-umm..o-okay(?)" Maria didn't know what else to say. She was surprised that the girl had suddenly jumped and huggled her. As if she had first noticed, her chest started to ache and sting as though it was burned by poison. And from the corner of her eyes, she saw him again. The one with the hair like hers. She spoke no words and made no move but stared directly into his eyes as she felt a pierce in her chest where her tattoo laid. She didn't mean to stare but she couldn't look away. As to why, she had yet to know.
  7. After class, Lucas simply couldn't hold himself back any longer. He went over and took her with him out of the class, leading her to a secluded hallway. He let go of her wrist and looked into her eyes. "Who are you?" He asked as he looked into her eyes. He hated the pain and the aching. When he had taken her with him, he had pulled her sleeve and uncovered the top of a tattoo on her chest. He stared at it. "What's that... on your chest?" He asked as he looked at her with a half frightened, half curious expression. He moved a hand to his chest and held it tightly. He wanted to ask her more but he couldn't move his body. He felt his heart wrenching but he couldn't do anything. He didn't want to ask her about something that would make her run away from him.
  8. "Hey, Maria. Wanna have lunch" As soon as the bell rang, Maria was pulled by the boy. Surprising both Maria and Annie.

    Maria's heart ached at the his very touch. Her heart was itching and was beating loudly in her ears. Who was he? Why was he pulling her? He appeared so fragile yet he pulled with such force. Was he really strong or was she simply weaker than he was?

    When he asked what her tattoo was, she was shocked, embarrassed and felt insecure and pulled her sleeve back trying as hard as she could to cover the mark.

    "I-it's nothing. Nothing important." She took a step back ready to flee but just waited for the right moment to do so.
  9. Lucas looked at her with a serious expression. "It's not "nothing". It's been bothering me since I first saw you." He said as he looked at her. He took off his jacket and opened his shirt to uncover his chest. He pulled it aside on the left to show his tattoo.

    "It looks a lot like this, you see. Who are you and where did you get that tattoo?" He hoped that she knew where it was from, because then maybe, just maybe, he'd know why he was such a freak. He wanted to know what was going on, he was so tired of walking around in confusion any longer.

    He closed his shirt and looked away, biting his lip as he averted his gaze from her. He felt horrible.
    "Won't you please just tell me what's going on...? I've been in horrible chest pain ever since I saw you... why does my tattoo burn like boiling water on my skin when I'm near you?"

    He felt horrible. He looked away as he sunk against the wall, clutching his chest. Even now, it hurt as if he was going to fall apart inside. But he didn't want it to go away. He wanted to know why.
  10. The sight of his own tattoo gave her a shock. It was almost identical to hers. The only difference was the side and colour. His was a black left wing whereas hers was a white right wing.

    As much as she wanted to tell him what they were, she couldn't. She didn't know the answer herself. She had wondered the answer all her life herself.

    "I...I don't know. I want to know too. But....but I don't."

    The mention of his heart pain had brought back the heart ache of her own. It was stinging and it ached. She clenched her chest trying as much as she could to sooth the pain. It was unbearable. Unconsciously, she took another step back in hopes the pain would subside. Even just a little but an inch would make no difference
  11. He could see the shock in her eyes and knew that he was right. The mark on her chest had been a tattoo as well, and it probably looked a lot like his own. It made him widen his eyes just slightly. Why did their tattoos look the same?

    Somehow he knew that she didn't know. That her answer would be the same as his own thoughts. He didn't know, couldn't tell, he wanted to know. But how could they even figure it out?

    "I understand... I'm sorry for being like this, I just... I couldn't get it out of my head.."

    He looked at her apologetically, his eyes widening when she moved away from him. He looked down and tried not to appear as if he was sad, but something in him broke at the thought of not being able to meet her again. "I don't think the pain will change anymore. Until we figure out what's going on, I think it's going to hurt. Even if we're apart. My... my chest has been hurting ever since I got up this morning. And we weren't together there, now were we? We gotta figure out what's going on here..."
  12. "Y-you're right. I guess...if we were to figure it out, we're going to have to do it together."

    She realised that his words were right. Aside from the weight and discomfort from sleeping with her siblings, there was also the aching in her chest that kept her awake.

    She decided, she was going to stay with him and endure the pain. She was going to do so in hopes to find an answer as to why they were the way they were. With that decision, the pain in her chest had slowly subsided. It was not completely gone but it was still there.

    "S-so...what should we do now?" She looked up at him and straight into his eyes with her very own wide-eyed greys.
  13. "It'll be alright, somehow. I think that this somehow means we're not supposed to part from each other before we figure out what this is about."

    He looked at her, knowing that they'd have to spend more time together from now on. They had to figure out what was happening with them and why they caused each other pain but wasn't able to part from each other. Was it some sort of curse?

    Lucas sighed and ruffled his hair. He didn't know what to do about this. He was certain that he was right when he said it had something to do with them both, but where did they go from here? Everyone would misunderstand if they were suddenly friends. But something in Lucas didn't care about that. He just wanted to spend some time with her, some time with this girl who was so strangely similar to him.

    "Let's go eat lunch together. We've made enough of a mess already. I'm sorry for dragging you out like that, I don't know what got into me." He sounded awkward as he looked at his feet, taking his bag and waiting for her to follow him.
  14. It'd look wrong if people were to see them together. They had only just met. The things that people would say. Would she be able to stand it? The eyes that would follow her and the whispers and murmurs or these creatures called humans.

    They didn't really have a choice. And even if they did, she might not change her mind. She still wanted to stay with him even if it meant they'd be the hot topic of the school.

    "Lunch. Okay!" She smiled and followed him. As they walked out of the empty hallway and into a busy one, heads started to turn in their direction. "M-maybe we should think up of an excuse. Like we were childhood friends or something."

    She thought they looked like freaks, a couple of people with white hair from the roots to the tips. Little did they know, that instead of freaks they appeared more like a couple of angels that had fallen and lost their wings.
  15. Lucas knew that they made all kinds of wrong signals by being together. They had stared each other down, and on top of that, he had dragged her off to somewhere unknown and they'd done something that no one else knew. Obviously people would get the wrong idea.

    It was so odd. That he didn't really, truly care about that. He really just wanted to spend his time with her, talk to her and make her smile. Just one smile would be enough for him to be satisfied with himself, and he didn't know why.

    "Right..." He said as he took her with him. He could feel all eyes on them, almost trying to calculate what they had been doing. "We look more likely to be twins, you know... people are probably wondering whether I have a sister that they don't know about..." He smiled over at Maria. "I have my share of siblings, you see."

    What he had failed to realize was that it was not freaks that people saw. They were so bright, light, and it was both of them together. People almost saw them as if they were angels walking on earth, beautiful, divine angels with purity and the most shining appearances.

    ((What if they are angels?? Wouldn't that be cool?))
  16. "That's a great idea. Being siblings and all but i doubt we can be twins. We don't look very much alike with the exception of our hair only."

    They reached the cafeteria where again, the heads turned and and a quiet uproar of whispers began. Unconsciously, she held the sleeve of the boy. She felt completely insecure and simply wanted to flee. To run home and lock herself in her room. But another part of her wanted to stay with him. She wanted to be with him, not because it would hurt her chest to leave him. She just wante to be there witgout any rhyme or reason.

    She scanned the large hall for empty tables and the only taboe empty was right in the centre. Would she feel comfortable with that seat? Would he? It didn't matter to her anymore so long as he was fine with it.

    ((Erhg mah gerd!!! You're right. That would be so cool. I can just imagine not one, but two angels accidentally(?) sent down to earth. So should we be?))
  17. "Fine by me. If anyone asks, you're my cousin from wherever, and you came here with your parents. That way, people won't get the wrong idea of us. Just so they won't get funny ideas."

    Lucas was rather calm despite all of the eyes on him. He kept steady, and the only place that his anxiety showed was on the inside, where he was quite fucked up for the day. But today, he was skilled at hiding it, and no one could see that he was actually a bit terrified. When he felt her hand on his arm, it was like warmth spread from her fingertips and into his body, and he instantly calmed down. Even if he wanted to run home, there was something about Maria that prevented him from running from her.

    When he found the only empty table, he took her there and sat down, never letting go of her arm. He stroked her hand lightly as he took out his lunch with his other hand, always glancing at her to make sure that she was okay.

    ((Yeah, and then angels with a matching set of wing tattoos are soul mates))
  18. "Okay." She walked with him, hand still gripping his sleeve. They reached the table. It was rectangular with four seats and was fairly sized.

    As soon as she took a seat, Annie appeared and took a seat across her.
    "Hey, where did you go? I was worried and looked everywhere for you. Anyways, wanna hang out after school later? I heard there's this new ice cream shop not far from here"

    Maria took out her lunch box. It was a bento today; rice, egg rolls, mini sausages and vegetables. The idea of going to an ice cream parlor had seemed intresting. It made her feel almost want to go but she still had that dinner with her family and family's friend.

    "Sorry, Annie. But I have dinner with my family tonight. Maybe some other time, okay?" She said apologetically to Annie. Marie glanced at the boy and took her hand back, realising that she was still holding him. "S-sorry about that"

    She had only then realised that they haven't really introduced themselves. He must've at least heard the girl speak her name not long ago but she still didn't know his.
  19. It was strange to have a girl at his side, but he didn't mind it. He didn't mind the gripping of his sleeve either. Something in him warmed up when she was close to him, and he didn't want it to end.

    Lucas didn't say anything to Annie, mostly because he didn't want to impose on their conversation. Instead he focused on unpacking his bento, taking out his chopsticks as he waited for them to finish their conversation. Besides, he would really like to talk alone with Maria.

    He noticed that she had a bento too and smiled just slightly. How strange, they had such similar lunches. He shrugged it off and began eating. The more time they spent together, the less his pain became. It didn't hurt as much as it had when he had first seen her. And now they were holding each other and still fine.

    He blinked at her rejection to Annie. Dinner with her family? He remembered what his mother had told him. Was this really... the girl that she was talking about? Lucas blinked. How could that be possible? "Uhh, it's okay. Don't worry about it, I didn't mind it. You... don't need to apologize."

    He realized they hadn't yet made their introductions and stretched his hand out to her, smiling just slightly to calm her down just a little bit. "I'm Lucas. Lucas Harris. And you are?" He asked as he kept his hand out for her to take.
  20. She looked down at his hand and gently took it and shook. It wasn't as though she was felt the need to be gentle on him, as though he was more fragile than she was. She just couldn't help being gentle as it was in her nature. She wondered if she was being too gentle though.

    "I'm Maria. Maria Sylvia." She stared into his eyes as though a familiar feeling had came to her. Has she seen those eyes before? Somewhere... With our hands still held together, Annie interrupted with the clearing of her throat trying to include her presence and smiled innocently why Maria turned to face her as though she just remembered that Annie was still there.

    "Hey, you were that guy who pulled my Maria away. Why'd you do that so suddenly? Do you know her or something? I doubt that since you just introduced each other."
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