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  1. "-Over tens of thousands of property damage, but lives saved from the heroic efforts of Iron Giant and Ruth! America's favored pair!"

    CNN, running a news story on the hottest topic for the past several years. That being the emergence of what the press referred to as the New Olympians. The ancient era of the Greek Heroes and larger-then-life figures, reborn in the here and now as the screen showed an image of the two. One, a technological giant standing at twenty feet easily- a relic of World War II. The other, his cyborg sidekick and advanced descendant, the perky and sweet android they called Ruth, human sized. Making the peace sign as she hugged her partner, the robots were merely two of a vast number of others who seemed to be popping up all over the world. Truly, it was a new age and an exciting one.

    For a given value of excitement as the story continued.

    "-While officially not confirmed, rumors persist of this being the work of terrorist organization, SPYDER: Its leader having vanished more then fifty years ago to the day, after fighting his arch-nemesis the Paragon. We'll keep you updated, after the break."

    With an audible click, Lucifer turned off the television and frowned...Getting up, he looked himself in the mirror, made sure his bow tie for his tuxedo was alright and without a further word, left his cabin... Interesting as news of his contemporaries were? This wasn't what he was here for. And stepping out onto the deck, he looked out briefly upon the sea before heading out to the main deck, where the dance was taking place.

    Welcome to the cruise ship Aphrodite.

    What were you doing here?

    @Michale CS
  2. Rin had never been on a cruise before, so when she had been gifted with an all expense paid trip by one of her fans, a local DJ for a news and talk radio station, she jumped at the chance. Of course that meant she was traveling in her Avatar character, because well, giving a reporter her secret ID was a bad idea.

    Not that Rin had anyone to protect anymore... Family gone, team disbanded, dead or depowered, Kuruumi missing. But it would be nice to maintain a normal social life as Rin, an Administration of Justice student at Texas A&M.

    So, here she was, on deck, feeling like a cosplayer on the deck of the ship, debating going to the dance. Of course she would - so many people there to fuel her powers by skimming just a little emotion off the top from. She was at the railing when Lucifer passed by.

  3. Luckily, Rin didn't really look too out of place. As it was, there appeared to be at least three others. White Knight: An armored figure with a warhammer at least three times his size hefted over his shoulder. Hailing from Germany, his last recorded deed was a month ago, when he stopped a dragon from ravaging Berlin. He radiated calm bemusement to Rin's senses, good naturedly posing for photographs with the people at the dance. Second was a woman dressed like she was going to a rave, glowsticks on her belt that Rin knew would explode in flashes of blinding light if cracked and thrown. She absorbed force and turned it into weaponized light and sound, giving her the moniker "DJ Dazzler." Her real name was Sandra and she ran a website, her presence here was to promote herself which she did easily with fans. There could have been more, but for now Rin as Avatar and these two would be the only ones walking openly in costume.

    The party itself, a fund raiser and a way to recognize certain heroes in the fledgling community, bound only by their desires to do good with the abilities they got...For one reason or another.

    And then there was a cool touch against Rin's senses, a taste of cucumber that vanished in the crowd.

    Does she mingle or go to talk to her fellow supers?

    @Michale CS
  4. Rin was intrigued by someone who would be so calm in this situation. She'd expected at least a little excitement or happiness or at the very least curiosity. So she followed that distinct emotional palette to see to whom it belonged.

    She gave passing waves to the other open supers as she pursued this goal, grabbing up some random drink along the way. She needed tons of calories so whenever she could sneak them in she did.

  5. As the music played on by the live band, Rin would be mobbed by a few fans, asking for pictures as well excitedly. Rich heiresses, Company heirs...Some tourists, lucky lottery winners similar to herself-White Knight despite his helm hiding his features, seemed to be amused by it as he nodded in Rins direction. DJ Dazzler didn't even notice, but eventually Rin found him.

    A tuxedo-clad young man, standing in the shadows as he looked over the rail at the ocean. At her approach he turned and for a moment, she could have sworn his eyes were red.

    Up to the point he stepped into the light, revealing them to be blue as he looked curiously at her.

    "May I help you, Avatar?"

    @Michale CS
  6. "Maybe. If you know who I am then you know that I have the power of empathy. A lot of different emotional states can be expected at a party on a cruise ship, but utter calmness wasn't high on my expectation list. I think I would have remembered you if I'd met you... We haven't met have we?"
    Rin asked, cocking her head to one side.

    Meanwhile she scoped out his emotional palette again to confirm confirm this fact with her ability.


  7. "It was on the program."

    He said simply, hands in his pockets as he remained under the light.

    "DJ Dazzler of Sydney, Australia. White Knight of Berlin, Germany, Siegebreaker hosting and of course, you. A lot of people look up to you all...Its nice to see you take time out to do this. And to answer your question...No. Not till now."

    He seemed to be looking at her as openly as she was him and as both did so, Rin got a better look at him out in the light. His accent was European. But it was so faint as to be almost unrecognizable as he spoke perfect english. His eyes gleamed with forget-me-not blue, in dreamers fashion and in the tuxedo, he could have passed for a foreign model or obscure movie star with his looks and bearing. Perhaps even minor royalty, there were a few of all three on this ship scattered amongst the guests.

    But nothing but cucumber would radiate off his emotional state and cocking his head, he asked politely.

    "So whats it like?"

    @Michale CS
  8. "Having empathy? Often, annoying. Right now, a little confusing as I should be sensing some curiosity from you at that question. So either you're not really curious, or you are very good at schooling your emotions." Avatar said, with a little shrug.

    "It's hard sometimes piecing out which emotions are mine and which I'm drawing in from everyone else. That's my one drawback. I can't turn it off. Everything else, I can. But the empathy, that's twenty-four seven. Less so when I'm sleeping, but I've been roused from sleep by other people's emotions before."
  9. "Whats there to be curious about? You pull your pants on, one leg at a time, same as the rest of us, right?"

    He queried with a faint smile, though his emotional state remained the same. Peering out at the people in the background he finally asked.

    "Did you...Want to dance?"

    @Michale CS
  10. "See, there it is - or rather isn't again. Pretty much if I can hear a question mark at the end of a sentence, I can sense a little curiosity. You've done it several times and not a bit. But... I would like to dance. Before some of my fans decide to ask me. I mean, I love them for what they are but the bundle of emotions they tend to be when in proximity is just short of vertigo-inducing sometimes."

    In her traditional Japanese style, she stepped back and gave a little bow.

  11. He on the other hand, bowed just as formally, head down as he stepped out of the light to take her hand. Raising it up as he led her into the brighter floor before the song began. Still, he didn't volunteer his name...Nor did he react emotionally as most would. Either by the stares of those amazed at someone daring to ask a super to dance, or even the normal titillation that might spike at his hand on her hip as he led her.

    Around and around...Red flickering with blue as they passed out from under the lights and shadow returned in his eyes. He made no comment though, save to ask the following as they danced. A casual statement of his own.

    "You've missed this. Hadn't you?"

    @Michale CS
  12. "You're very curious sir. You know my name, at least my public one. Might I know yours? At least your public one." Rin replied. "And yes, it's been some time since I've been able to be in physical contact with a person and not be nearly dizzy from the feedback I get. You're a real breath of fresh air, you are." Avatar confided, ignoring the looks she was getting. She knew, however, that she'd probably have to dance with a good dozen normals over the course of the evening now that she'd broken the ice with this one.

    Someone coming out to ask her and with her accepting - well, it would give a lot of people the courage even alcohol wouldn't provide to those wanting the thrill.

    She'd tried it once, going out to a club in Avatar form. One man was especially disturbing. He kept asking her questions like, "You're strong enough to break my fingers easily aren't you?" and "I bet you know my every desire." It was obviously a guy who was at least a bit masochistic, from the feelings that went along with those questions.

    So yes, this was indeed a breath of fresh air for Rin

  13. "Its Tepes."

    He said after a moments hesitation as he spun her around, the first flicker of nervousness in his emotional calm the entire night at something as small as a name. It was quickly overcome as he chuckled, the song coming to an end as he looked Rin right in her eyes and smiled.

    "And I'm not really so very interesting in comparison."

    The sound of polite applaud suddenly filled the air, curiosity prevailing over the crowd and washing over Rin as did other emotions. Excitement, joy, surprise and even a few risque ones. Though it had been fifty years, the woman they called Siegebreaker had only aged gracefully. A streak of white in her black locks was the only indication, her solid form curvacous as she stepped onto the stage in a black dress, elegant and setting her natural charm off to perfection. Her makeup was subtle, a touch here and there as wrinkles in the corner of her eyes indicated her true age and another important fact.

    She was a smiler and so she was now.

    "Thank you all for coming here tonight. Though it has been forty years since the disbandment of Watchtower and fifty since the death of Paragon, we honor them tonight by our actions everyday. Life and the pursuit of happiness, with the aid of these heroes you see around you. As the metahumans return, so too I pray does the spirit that marked our era. One of responsibility, to do the job that must be done, to assist those who cannot. Thank you for being here....Thank you for coming."

    And she clapped and everyone clapped alongside, DJ Dazzler in particular whistling sharply with two fingers in her mouth in appreciation. In the confusion, Tepes appeared to have stepped away, though Rin would see him heading for the lower deck stairs.

    Around this point, a wave of low level malevolence from over the side of the ship would register on Rin's senses...

    @Michale CS
  14. Rin of course clapped along with the others, and while she didn't want to make a fuss over just a feeling, she didnt want to go it alone either. So, before she left toward the source of the disturbance, Rin tossed a barely visible curiosity kanji at the White Knight, to catch his attention as she moved off toward the malevolence.

  15. There was a brief ripple in the crowd as White Knight followed after, Warhammer over his shoulder before peering at Avatar before speaking slowly, in a thick accent, barely discernible over the applause.

    "Ello. How you looking?"

    Basically just 'what are you looking at?" It was a legitimate question from his perspective. Nothing but water met the eye here, yet that feeling only intensified on Rin's senses. Something was out there, circling the cruise ship.... The only question was how to approach it.

    @Michale CS
  16. German was one of the languages in which Rin was fluent, so she switched to it now, with one of the strangest accents the White Knight might have ever heard, however. "Ich bin ein Gefühl Leser, und ich kann im Wasser kreisen um dieses Schiff Übel spüren. Entweder es ist intensiv oder sehr groß. Ich konnte es dort machen Licht ab, wenn Sie denken, es würde helfen?" - Which roughly translated to relaying to him that she was an empath, that she felt something either very intense or large or both in malevolence circling the ship, and asked his opinion on whether or not she should light up the side of the ship to see if she could reveal whatever it was.

  17. White Knight, despite his fame was a janitor in his private life...The hero thing was accidental, but upon being asked he looked swiftly across the crowd before raising a hand to wave DJ Dazzler over, who did so. With a grin, the aussie asked cheerfully.

    "Whats going on?"

    White Knight pointed to Avatar to explain and upon doing so, DJ frowned and considered.

    "Well, if it turns out to be nothing we'll have caused a panic for nothing. Hey, I got an idea. Gonna do a lightshow- Think that'll give you the chance to look around? As for you-"

    She looked at White Knight.

    "-Go tell our host?"

    White Knight nodded and turned away, power-walking for the stage area. DJ Dazzler winked at Avatar, radiating confidence like a second skin.

    "Ready for a flyover- You can fly, right?"

    @Michale CS
  18. "Yes, I can fly." Rin said, the wings of light popping into existence as she floated a few inches above the deck - which was a balancing act really since the ship was moving and she had to pace her speed to the ship's movement. "Ready as I'll ever be."

  19. The plan was set.

    The lightshow lit up the sky as the bass dropped, DJ Dazzler living up to her stage name as she used her powers to entertain the crowd. Euphoria and joy radiated like a heady, intoxicating cloud overpowering any other emotion more low key. As Rin did her flyover around the ship though, she would see the following.

    The shadow of something massive beneath the water, dwarfing the cruise ship and at least three times its size. Unseen beneath the waves but there...Revealed by the light flashes from the show for anyone with a birds eye view.

    What does Rin do?

    @Michale CS
  20. "Oh wow..." Avatar landed back by DJ Dazzler and gave her a quick description of what it was quietly so no one else could hear. "I can get big, but nowhere near that big! We have to get the ship out of the way of that thing, but how? It's super huge and I'm not sure we can outrun it. I can try to listen to it more deeply with my empathy but all I've gotten from it so far is pure nastiness."

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