The walking Dead

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  1. Literally: The walking dead. I know, great imagination but I really wanted one so I created one my self.

    It's currently one year after the initial break out of the infection, all of the walking dead physics apply, (Going off the game) which means:
    • Doesn't matter how a person dies, if they don't destroy their brains to bits, they become a zombie, no bite required.
    • If you get bitten, you may have one to two days left, which you will experience black outs and other dysfunctions through out.
    • If you cover your self in zombie blood, you can blend in, but make a noise or run and you're a goner.
    • If you cut off a limb that's infected straight away, you have a 50/50 chance of surviving.
    Also, You can go quite mental with the horrible concepts etc.
    Just be realistic, a normal person isn't suddenly a amazing zombie killing machine. NO. be realistic!
    No characters from the series or games or comics please!
    I'll add more if needed, just have fun!

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  2. It wasn't right... all smeared and blurred... Some patches were even dark... It was okay though, it was clearing.

    The girl blinked repeatedly as her eyes adjusted to her surroundings. She stared for a few moments, confused. Then her face twisted into a angry frown. "That... Bastard..." She murmured, her voice cracking from thirst. With a bit of effort, she propped her self up.

    She was lying on the floor, smashed glass all around her. Her blonde hair was matted and she had a few cuts and bruises, fortunately, she didn't receive as many as she would had thanks to her protective leather clothing. She was in a abandoned news agents, long since looted.

    Grrr.... ulghhh.....

    "Crap... Not this again..."
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  3. It was quiet in Manchester. Basil would never get over that. That this once loud, bustling city was now dead-er than a grave. Figuratively, of course. He doubted many graves were dead anymore. Padding silently through the streets on the cracked and bloodstained asphalt, the twenty year old glanced around. "After Daph and Nick died and the rest of the group got cut off by the pack, I haven't seen another living soul," he thought to himself. "I wonder if anyone's still alive?"
    There was a soft noise, barely audible from a building nearby, and Basil's hand instantly reached for the knife at his hip. A knife stained with blood. A knife that could crunch through bone. A knife that had crunched through bone before and was probably happy to do it again. The ruined storefront, filled with broken glass and twisted metal, greeted him and he glanced sideways at the brochures strewn around on the ground as he entered the darkened room, skirting around the shelves that had travel magazines and other now-useless things on them.
    Then he saw her. He couldn't tell if she was alive or a damn walker, but she was certainly moving. He pulled out his knife, approaching silently, ready to stab her should she turn out to be one of them. And then she spoke, muttering something that sounded like "not this again." Basil froze. A living person? On their own? "Hey," he called softly."Who the hell are you?"
  4. The girl stood up as quick as her battered body allowed her. She wiped a dribble of blood from her chin and brushed her hair out of her eyes. She patted the pockets in her trousers for her pocket knife and her heart sank as she found them empty. She'd pick something up soon, she didn't have a choice. "Well, that depends..." She whispered to the person who had confronted her while taking a few steps back as a precaution. "Do you know anyone? I know some people... sneaky people..." She mumbled, distracted, looking around for some sort of weapon. She laid her eyes on the shards of glass scattered across the floor. Sharp... Where on earth are my gloves? She returned her attention to the other person. "I've not seen a different person in a while..." She stated, her voice trailing off as her face twisted with worry as if she had just remembered something of great concern. She readied herself as much as she could for any hostility.
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  5. He muttered a curse when she stood up. "God, woman, not so quickly," Basil hissed. "I almost stabbed you." Standing still as she took steps away from him, snarling almost like a cornered wolf, he raised his knife, letting it hang loosely in his right hand. "And calm the hell down, I don't care if you know Jesus effing Christ himself. If I wanted to kill you, I could have done it when you were lying on the ground." Her eyes darted towards the ground at the razor shards of broken glass and Basil shook his head. "You don't have gloves. Don't bother going for a piece because you'd slice up your hands like butter on a knife; I don't want to kill you, but you'd have this blade in you before you touched the ground. Now, don't move. I just want to talk. I swear."
  6. The girl froze. "Lily, Just Lily" She stated. "And I've lost a great deal" Lily continued on. "We've all lost a great deal though, haven't we?" She looked down at herself, analysing the damage. Questions such as "What Kind of medical help do I need?" And "Will it get infected?" cycled through her head. She would've reached down to the once magenta pouch that she had accidentally discarded during her small fight earlier, if she weren't so scared of startling the other person and possibly killing herself. Last time she checked, it was her little supply of medical instruments, the ones she kept for herself rather than sharing, being the greedy person she was. She had to admit though, she wasn't the kind of person who could just live and survive on her own. That was why she had had the group earlier, not that they mattered so much now.
  7. Basil exhaled. "Lily. Great. Great to meet you. Wish it could have been under some different circumstances, but you know how times are." He chuckled grimly, lowering himself to the ground and taking off his backpack, rummaging through the contents before pulling out a roll of bandages and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Almost out. Gotta restock somewhere. "I'm Basil. Do you want to tell me if you were bit, or do I have to examine you and decide for myself?" he asked, tossing the medical supplies over to the girl. "Fix yourself up. Where's the rest of your group? Did you get separated, or are they... you know...?"
  8. Manchester, 12:34, one year since the "outbreak".

    Walter was slowly walking down the car-flooded street in the commercial district. The place was empty, save for a few walkers lurking around, looking for their next meal. But Walter wasn't worried, since he was covered in zombie blood... again. He sighed. He was walking nonstop for three days now, looking for supplies, since he was running out dry.

    When he was passing next to a hardware store, he stopped and looked inside. Empty. Just like everything in this godforsaken place. He continued his path, checking some store windows from time to time, until he saw something promising. It was grocery store that was barricaded and hasn't been opened ever since. With a bit of luck, maybe he could find something there.

    Walter took out his crowbar, stuck it into the door frame and pulled. The door was opened a cracking noise, but hopefully it wasn't enough to attract any unwanted attention to his location. Walter entered inside, and was suddenly forced to cover his nose. God, that smell... Then he saw them. In one of the corners of the room, there was a pile of bodies, rotting for some time now. There was a child, with an age somewhere around seven, a woman, possibly his mother, and a bearded man, his father. By the looks of their wounds, the were shot in the head with a small caliber weapon, a fact that was reinforced by the gun that was in the father's hand. Apparently they couldn't take the harsh conditions of the new world. Poor people...

    A bit impacted by the scene that was in front of him, Walter quickly regained control of himself and decided to check the place for supplies. Some minutes later, while he was checking one of the drawers, he discovered a good amount of canned food stashed inside. Jesus Christ, finally! By the looks of it, it was enough for a few days for a single person, but since he was a light eater, he calculated that the food will last for almost 2 weeks.

    Relieved by his discovery, Walter stashed everything he could into his spacious rucksack and took the gun that was lying on the floor, which was still loaded with 12 bullets. Then, after double checking the place, he left.
  9. "Thanks" Replied Lily, grateful. "Hard to find some decent people" She gladly took the medical supplies and began to apply bandages on the more severe injuries. She did her best to clean some of the smaller cuts and left them like that, at the end of the day, she could deal with a small infection. She also didn't want to use up too much of the supplies as they weren't hers and her conscience was still intact despite her indecent tendencies. She hoped she'd soon grow out of the old habits, they weren't helpful, she'd found that out the hard way.

    "No, I'm not bitten either, though I'm still glad to be alive" She said once she had finished dealing with her wounds. "What caused this damage was human and still is. Long story short: I'm alone now. So Basil, anything you want to tell me? Or is just Basil for now?" Lily grabbed the small magenta pouch and tipped out its contents. A syringe for insulin; some anti-biotic pills and paracetamol. "Oh and you interested in any of these? I can't exactly replenish your bandages but I can give you something in return. I have no special need for them at the moment, I've just found them along the way...yeah..." Her voice trailed off again and her eyes became distant, focused on something unknown. "Um, yeah, yeah" She stumbled over her words as she refocused on the present time.
  10. Emilie wasn't sure where she was or how she got her. She went from begin in a small group which was made of her family to the only one left alive. 'We were doing so well until.' She shivered, Within seconds of fighting some near by zombies trying to see if there were any survivors her parents were bitten and the infection began eminently. But right when she turned to try and tell them they would be okay her father shot first her mother and then himself in the brains. His last words were "we love you and this is for your own good so you will still have a chance."

    Emilie did not cry for she did not have time and was in shock. She had a real Katana in hand that she had talked her father into getting her for her sixteenth birthday. She went over to her parents bodies and grabbed her father's pistol and mother's shot gun along with their ammo and then quickly got out of their before more zombies came she went through a forest and just keep running till she couldn't run anymore. Finally she was out of the forest and noticed a hospital. Emilie decided to make her way slowly into the Hospital and began looking for others. 'I need a group... I did better in a group... I'm not sure I could handle being alone quiet yet.'
  11. -the apocalypse had a few advantages and disadvantages, the advantages were that he had freedom now, he didnt have to worry about work money and paying for the rent..... and disadvantages... well it doesnt even need to be told, a lot of happened to him over the yeah, he learnt that he had to destroy the brain to kill the zombie, he learnt that if a person just dies without getting bit or scratched then that person will still turn into a zombie, half of his squad has died because of this. It happened in the night when everyone were sleeping, one of their people died and turned and then bit one or two other guys and the chain started, they had to burn down their hideout in order to escape and that how Mello got the half burned mark on his face, the second big lesson that he learn is that you cant trust most of the people, the other half of his squad died because the trusted some strangers who were mentally ill(psychopaths), he learnt that in order to achieve something you had to sacrifice, he sacrificed his friends in order to escape the psychos-
    -he lives in an abandoned house, he scavanges for food and weapon, all he has right now is a knife and a handgun with only about 5 bullets, it was day time and he was going into a shop to look for food-
  12. "Yeah, yeah. You're welcome," Basil muttered, blushing underneath the layers of grime and blood and scratching his head, causing a sprinkle of dried blood to fall out of his hair. "Oops," he drew back, trying not to get it on her. "Forgot about that. I got in a fight with a couple nasty walkers about an hour ago," he said, pointing to the bloodstains on his jacket. He sniffed it, cringing in disgust. "Smell never comes out. This is the best jacket I own, so I've just gotta deal with it."

    He glanced at the handful of drugs she held out, taking note of the fact that she was apparently 'alone now.' "Alright, well, I guess you can stick with me then." Her group's dead, then. "I had a group too. Years and years ago. I left them because I figured my chances of surviving were better alone." He shook his head. "Why am I telling you this again? Well, anyway, we were running from a huge herd of walkers, and this couple fell behind. Man was shot in the leg by some crazy bastard the week before. The girl was practically carrying him. No one helped them but me." He paused for a moment. "It was my brother and his fiancee. I figure that if humans are such bastards to leave behind their own kind, maybe this damn zombie apocalypse was a miracle. Wipe the filth. New slate. Start fresh. Maybe some decent species'll inherit this planet and fix it up. Anyway, so I've been alone since then. That was three years ago. Never joined up with a group since. But I suppose," he grinned, "I can probably handle one girl, eh? Not that you can't handle yourself."

    He unzipped his backpack, holding it out in front of her. "Drop the meds in here, I'll carry 'em for you. Don't be embarrassed, drop them in. My mum'd be ashamed if I didn't do so otherwise. Let's get out of here and find shelter for the night. I came in here to scavenge for supplies. Planning to leave as soon as I can. If there's one piece of advice I can give you, it's don't stay in the city."
  13. Valen walked down the congested silent street swiftly, avoiding any of the cars with dead in them just in case. She'd been alone for almost two months now, scavenging, learning about the dead and how to survive with no one to have your back, no one except a dog for company. Her azure eyes drifted to the German Shepard beside her as a smile wormed its way onto her lips as she reminisced how she met the dog that had miraculously survived as long as it did. It wasn't smart to daydream in a world where you always needed to be on high alert, she knew this and snapped out of it quickly as the sound of groans reached her ears, her canine companion staying silent as they had practiced, though he was on high alert himself, his ears were perked and his hackles raised as he sniffed the air and bared his teeth at the stench of the walkers ahead, his growls barely audible. "Calico, stay." Valen whispered to the canine as she inched forward in a crouch position, peeking around the corner of the building beside her and observing the two walkers shambling around down the street. She brought her hand to her waist and gripped the handle of her machete as she took a deep breath, she never got used to killing them. She exhaled and pulled the machete from its sheath silently before taking a step out of cover and calling Calico over quietly, her eyes set on the walkers that were now making their way towards them having caught sight of the two. "Calico, kill." She said as she walked forward with Calico already ahead and jumping onto the walker on the left, digging his teeth into its rotten neck as it tried to bring the living flesh to its snapping mouth, though it didn't get a chance to taste as the dog wriggled from its grip and jumped back, a growl erupting from deep inside him. Steel slid between the walker's flesh and bone before it cleaved into the brain, the now dead for good walker falling to the ground with a muted 'thump', where it joined the other. Valen sighed, running a hand through her matted chocolate hair and looking up from the corpses before her with a slight frown before stepping over the bodies and walking on, Calico on her heels.

    It was about noon when she came across another walker, she was about to enter a most likely looted store when she saw it walking down the street and hid in the shadows immediately, hand already on the handle of her machete as Calico sniffed the air. Waiting in the silence she felt anxious and peeked out from her cover to find the walker turning the corner onto the street that she was on, though it seemed that it hadn't seen or heard her yet, thank God! She put herself back in the shadows and unsheathing her machete, waiting until she heard the walker's shoes against the pavement before springing forward with her blade aiming for the head but stopping short as she noticed something. It couldn't be....It was....Another person! Valen kept the blade up and eyed the person cautiously despite her excitement, she knew what people were capable of in this world. "Who are you?" She barked, watching the person carefully with a glare.
  14. Walter instinctively pointed his gun at the stranger while holding his crowbar in the other: "Don't move." he said in a stone-cold voice, almost whispering to pointlessly avoid being heard by the walkers (which were already approaching them, since the unknown woman talked a bit way too loudly). "Who are you and what do you want?" It wasn't a good moment for him to be around strangers...
  15. Emilie continued to walk within the hospital. She was looking short of for a group and well supplies. On her back with the gun she had a blue backpack full of the supplies that was for her and her parents. It had food, water in bottles, ammo, and some medical supplies which was about out. 'Hmm... I wonder if there is anything I know how to use it is a hospital.' She went into one of the rooms with her Katana in hand, ready just in case there were any zombies in the next room. She carefully walked over to a shelf and began looking at the small supplies on the shelves. She placed bandages and some ointments, and other medications that would be usually over the counter at a local general store. Finally when she was done she decided it was time to go back out on the street looking for a safe place to survive the night.

    Emilie went slowly out back into the city noticing that the walkers were starting to come back out. 'Great I'll need to keep quiet maybe there's a house that I can stay in till morning.' She slowly walked hoping she blended in thanks to her encounter from earlier that day. She was still staying alert though just in case for she wasn't quiet yet use to begin near so many on her own. Emilie walked trying to seem spy like by staying quiet and hidden from the zombies around. Finally she spotted a house. 'Sadly it's still in the city but I guess it will work for one night.' She slowly began to make her way but then stopped in her tracks. She saw in front of her two others and a few zombies. 'Great....what should I do? Move forward hoping not to get shot or eaten or stay here hoping to not get eaten? I could defend myself for now but for how long. Well people it is.' Emilie walked slowly and barely breathing she got near the two and whispered where at least maybe one could here her. "Hi... Need a hand?" She looked around with a quick glance as though counting how many were around and looked back at the two.
  16. Mondays...I hate Mondays.

    I swear yesterday was Friday.

    Jack lay in bed half awake and half asleep. With his eyes closed he hung onto the last dregs of his weekend freedom as if the day, and the dreaded work week, couldn't really start if he just refused to open them. If only he could force his mind back into a dream somehow. The thought of sitting in traffic just to sit in a cubicle that sat in a green-tinted-overhead-halogen-lit room on an off-white office floor in an a gray cinder block office building in a vast black and yellow parking lot surrounded by brainless bores...

    Ugh. Kill me now. As if there was anything I could do about it...

    Its snooze function expiring, his alarm clock began to moan and groan at him again...


    Jack started awake in a panic, reality slamming home as hard as his heart in his chest now...Terrified that one of the walkers had broken through his defenses while he slept and dreamed about things long passed, he tried hard to gain some composure.

    Stupid, Jack. So stupid.

    Staying so still that his thumping heart felt as though it was jerking him about like a rag doll from within, he willed himself to slowly open one eye to assess his surroundings. Light that was once red as it pierced through the skin of his eyelid now threatened to overwhelm him as his one opened eye adjusted to the increase in intensity. His eye watered making his vision blurred and full of undefined shadows. Thankfully, none of them were moving. Blinking rapidly he opened his other eye and blinked away the tears caused by the sun's full brunt. He wiped them away and focused. Staring at the one door which opened onto the roof he watched it closely for any movement of the thick chain that held it closed. After a good ten count, he was satisfied that his defenses held.

    Then where were the walkers he was hearing...and why were they agitated?

    Letting himself wake up more naturally now that he was sure he wasn't going to die, he stretched aching muscles, yawned, and ran his tongue over filmy teeth. He knew the noisy walkers were on the street below him. He could hear them more clearly now that he was more awake. He could distinctly break out the tell tale mindless guttural rumbling and shuffling of shoes on asphalt. Unbidden his mind drifted into an absurd recollection of a game he used to play and translated the walker's deadly moaning into "Bwains...bwains..." He knew it was ridiculous but he was safe for the moment and he awarded his mind with an exhaled sniff which passed for his laughter these days.

    You're an idiot, Jack.

    Honing in on which side of the street the noise was coming from, he slowly crawled over to the four-foot tall ledge that formed the perimeter of the store's roof. As he expected, there was a pair of walkers dragging their decrepit bodies down the road. They were intent on something and had a quickened pace. He followed their gaze down the street but whatever had their attention was around the corner and out of his sight. Probably another mindless walker who tripped over a hubcap or something and...Suddenly emerging from behind the blind corner a dog leapt at one of the walkers ripping at its throat. Just as suddenly a woman came into view after the dog. Dispatching one walker she then buried a machete into the walker the dog had just attacked turning it into a crumpled heap of twice dead flesh and bones.

    Not too shabby, chick-a-dee. And hunting with a dog...that's a new one.

    He watched her walk down the street toward his building then hide in one of the doorways not 40 feet directly below him. People never thought to look up when they were so busy looking around. He heard another walker and turned his gaze in its direction when suddenly the woman spoke....

    "Who are you?" she said in a demanding tone.

    Had she seen him?

    He quickly slouched down pulling his head back from the edge of the wall and out of sight.

    Seriously. Did she see him?

    He was about to ask her something to that effect when he heard another voice. A man's voice...

    "Don't move. Who are you and what do you want?"

    Guess she wasn't talking to me after all.

    Ever so slowly he inched his head back over the wall to look down on the conversation and the two new strangers.
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  17. Fear broke out on her body in a cold sweat as the man's gun was revealed, her nonchalant facade faltering for a second as her brow twitched and she felt her throat constrict. Schooling her emotions and repairing her facade, she glared back at the strange man, a challenge in her stare as she became aware of the moans drifting ever so slowly toward them. He wouldn't shoot, she knew any sensible person wouldn't, the sound would draw walkers from god knows where. Though the real question was, was he sensible?

    "Put the gun down, now."
    Valen growled in a whisper, her nerves on edge as a moan drifted to her ears. She quickly glanced down at Calico, his ears cocked and his head tilted up for some reason instead of toward the approaching walker. What the hell was he looking at? Her own eyes darted upward for a second and catching a glance of something on the roof before it disappeared.
    "Wha-" She was cut off by the sudden (loud) bark that erupted from beside her and echoed down the empty street.
    "Calico!" She hissed under breath, bringing her alarmed eyes down to her dog. Her brows knitted as she looked at the canine, his flattened ears and bared fangs causing dread to flood her. She snapped her eyes up and watched in horror as walkers filed out of the abandoned buildings around them, a grimace planting itself on her features. She looked back to the man and
    slowly drew her weapon back and put her hands up with a glance to the walkers inching closer, they were slow but they would get to them eventually.
    She cursed under her breath as the moans became louder and the smell of decaying flesh made her cringe, Calico's soft growls growing louder as they advanced. Damn! there were too many...she wouldn't even kill half of them down before they got her. Her heart sped at the thoughts and she felt panic rising in her like a fire, leaving her nerves hot as her mind blurred from the smoke. She took a deep breath and stamped out the flames within her, this definitely was not the time for a panic attack. She calmly darted her eyes from building to building, trying to find a place that could shelter them safely. She finally noted that the only place with walkers not trailing from was the one they were currently standing beside, perfect. She brought her eyes back to the man and nodded toward the the building beside them, a quick hand motion ordering Calico in before she spoke.

    "We can talk once we're safe, I for one don't want to die just yet." She said with a small smirk before darting inside the building and trying to push the surprisingly solid (and heavy) doors closed.

    "You gonna just stand there or are you gonna help?" She asked the mysterious man, her eyes meeting his for a second before she darted hers to the wave of walkers that was closing in from all angles.
  18. Walter held his gun aimed for a moment there, but then he decided to stop. It's better not to attract any attention now, while he still was undetected by the walkers (since he didn't make any loud sounds or quick movements... yet). But he couldn't leave this woman to die, no matter who she was; a lot of good people have died already...

    "I will help you to open this door, but do not expect me to come inside. I don't want to have any kind of business with you." he whispered with his still-cold voice while slowly but steadily approaching the door the woman was trying to force open, crowbar at hand. When he was in front of the door, he has stuck his weapon into it and pried it open without as much as a slight cracking sound. Then, when the door was open, he left towards the horde of walkers, saying to the girl: "You're lucky that I don't have time to deal with you right now." Although he wouldn't do anything bad to her if he could (unless she proved to be a serious threat to him), Walter threatened her to show that it was better not to mess with him (and you can be pretty dang sure of that).

    While he was walking amongst the walking dead, he couldn't help but feel uneasy, even though he did this a lot of times already. A few minutes later, Walter lost the sights of both the woman and the horde surrounding her, so he went back to his hideout near Manchester's town hall. Yes, that zone was overcrowded with those "things", but at least he was alone in there (the idea of staying in the outskirts of the city was a really popular choice these days, he thought). Besides, he was living there for almost a month now, slowly clearing the building he was in from any unwanted visitors and the surrounding streets, so the place was somewhat safe for now (this kind of activity almost costed him his life when he was almost bitten in the leg by a walker that was hiding under a bed), and the high population of the zone provided a good amount of "guts" to cover himself with.

    When Walter was in the back alley of the building that was his base, he climbed up a dumpster as quietly as possible and jumped to get the grasp of the cold piece of iron that made the emergency stairway, aiding himself with the crowbar (it had small leather straps covering each end of the iron pole, but without obstucting the sharp ends that he used to pry the doors down). When he was hanging from the ladder, he climbed up to the 7th floor (the building had 8 floors) and entered through the furthermost window to the left, ending up in a bedroom that once belonged to a young man. The room wasn't big, but it had enough space to accomodate a single bed to the left of the window, a desk with a (now dead) computer to the right, and a wardrobe next to the door on the opposite wall from the window (the door was to the right and the wardrobe was to the left). The walls were covered with posters of various rock bands that Walter barely even recognized (them kids and their weird tastes... by the way, Walter was 36 years old at the time of these events).

    After checking the whole apartment just in case (it wasn't big, it only had a small but spacious kitchen-living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms, all of which hinted that a pair of students lived here before the outbreak), Walter dropped the rucksack near the wardrobe and went to the bathroom, where he had a small stash of clean water, to clean himself up. Even though he had to cover himself with blood in order to survive, he has still couldn't bear the smell of it. When he made sure that he was clean enough, he went back to his bedroom, locked up both the door and the window, and fell on the bed, trying to sleep. It has been a long day today...

    ((I suppose that as long as I don't make a lot of noise or sudden movements while I'm still in disguise I should be fine, right?))
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  19. ((Yeah ^-^))

    With a small nod she watched as he pried the door open and made to leave, his words making her feel a mix of nervousness and annoyance, empty threats were so hollow you could hear it in the tone, though his cold voice made up for that and succeeded in having her not call out to the man as he walked into the hoard. Truth be told she wanted him to stay, she hadn't talked to or seen any living people at all for two months and it would've been nice to actually be around another person. She sighed silently as she pushed the door closed and leaned against it, feeling a little better that she was safe, though she was still quite shaken. She'd seen a lot more walkers than that before, but never had she been so reckless and ignorant, it was even a little embarrassing....

    " least we're safe now. Right, Calico?"

    Her dog looked up at her with a kind of wolfish grin, her own lips tilting upward. It might have seemed a little weird she supposed, a teenager ((19)) and a German Shepard just smiling at each other while dead people banged on the door behind them. The image made her chuckle before she walked deeper into the building, checking each room and office. It looked like this had been a corporate building from all the nice furniture and nicely designed layout, she felt a little out of place being in the state she was in. After tediously searching for anything useful on a couple floors, and getting too lazy to check all of them, she got to the roof. It was strange that she hadn't come across any walkers yet and it made her a little suspicious as to why. She gripped her machete and placed her hand on the door to the roof, whispering to Calico to stay before she pushed on the metal barring her way. It opened only slightly, a thick chain rattling noisily as it drew taut and denied her entrance, much to her chagrin.


    She muttered curse after cure under her breath as moans echoed up the stairs, coming from other floors, that she was stupid enough not to check. Calico growled at the dead slowly climbing up, his hackles raised as the first came into view. Valen huffed as she unsheathed her machete and buried it in the walker's head, her eyes darting back to the door every so often as she and Calico fought off the couple walkers that had ambled their way up to them. She couldn't hold up forever though, it wasn't like she had unlimited stamina or anything. She went back to the door and tried to open it again, but the chain laughed at her and refused entrance. The walkers were getting closer, she could hear them slowly walking up each step.

    "Seems like this bad day just keeps getting worse..."
  20. (The one in the town with the zombies and the boy is pointing a gun near the girls head with a zombie.)

    Emilie watched the girls reaction. 'Is it as though I'm not here?' She followed not sure if she was seen or not by the two and went inside the building which she had her eyes upon earlier.